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Circuit Design is the process of designing electrical circuits to create a complete electronic system. A Circuit Designer is responsible for designing circuits, testing the board and components through simulations, troubleshooting any errors, and even prototyping the board by manufacturing a few before completing the entire circuit accurately. Through this intricate process, a Circuit Designer will be able to optimize the design with their expertise and creative talent to push out an efficient product.

Circuit Designers are knowledgeable engineers with a high level understanding of electronics engineering and components that can be used in a circuit. They also possess analytical skills as they must be able to calculate loads, power consumption and sophisticated circuit architecture that involves cause and effects to produce sound results. With extensive knowledge of hardware engineering, Circuit Designers are responsible for hardware selection, board sizing, and routing of signals.

Here's some projects that our expert Circuit Designer made real:

  • Automation systems built through electronic schematics
  • Electrical systems concepted through hand sketches
  • PCB designs implemented through industry standard software
  • High level radio networks designed through detailed concept papers
  • Power efficient circuits delivered with noise reduction features

These projects use both beginner and advanced electrical engineering techniques that our expert Circuit Designers are capable of delivering. With creativity, knowledge in engineering disciplines and product optimization experience, our Circuit Designers create reliable and innovative solutions for our clients’ projects.

We invite you to post your project on so you can experience what our group of expert Circuit Designers have to offer. With their strong background in electronics engineering and creative problem solving, our freelancers can create dependable and optimized circuits for your project.

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    Project Overview: The goal is to design a device with a target cost of less than Rs 1000, maintaining the form factor of a current transformer (clamp-on type) to ensure ease of installation. Below are the key specifications and requirements for the device: Device Power: Energy Harvesting: The device will be powered by energy harvesting from the secondary CT current. We are considering circuits such as the Texas Instruments reference design TIDA-01385. CT Specification: Current: Supports installation in the range of 20-100A. Phase: Designed for single-phase connections, common in most Indian residences. Voltage: Supports the normal Indian voltage range of 230V. Line Frequency: Supports the normal Indian frequency range of 50Hz. Mechanical Design: Size: The device should be as small as p...

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    I'm looking for a skilled electrical engineer or PCB designer to help me create a medium-sized PCB circuit for prototyping purposes. The main component that should be included in the design are capacitors. Key Requirements: - Design a PCB circuit for prototyping purposes - Medium size PCB - Must be suitable for prototyping - Main component: Capacitors Ideal Skills: - Proficient in PCB circuit design - Prior experience in creating medium-sized PCBs - Understanding of capacitor integration

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    In this project, we're developing a cellular network device with the goal of enhancing the communication experience for residential users and rural areas. Our focus is on: 1. **Signal Strength Improvement:** We are specifically seeking to boost the signal strength, resulting in better call quality and data transmission. 2. **Coverage Extension:** The device should extend network coverage, making services more accessible in distances and terrains that typically struggle with connectivity. Our ideal device will feature: - **Multi-band Support:** For diverse frequency capabilities, the device must support multiple band ranges. - **Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Capability:** For crisp, clear communication, the device should be VoLTE enabled. For successful execution, we are looking for freel...

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    I'm seeking a skilled PCB designer to develop a prototype for my project. The circuit requires a moderate level of complexity, including microcontrollers and multiple inputs/outputs. It's crucial that the design is optimized for low power consumption. Key Points: - PCB Design: You should have a solid background in designing PCBs, especially for prototyping purposes. - Complexity: The design will involve microcontrollers and multiple inputs/outputs, therefore, experience with moderate complexity projects is a must. - Power Optimization: The design needs to be tailored to achieve low power consumption. Experience in power-efficient design will be a significant advantage. This project demands a professional who can deliver a high-quality, efficient PCB design that suits the para...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Electrical and Mechanical Engineer to help with a multifaceted project that requires expertise in software development, PCB design, and prototype creation. The ideal candidate will have experience in the following areas: - PCB Layout: You will be responsible for designing the PCB, ensuring it meets the specified size and dimensions, and implementing optimal component placement and routing strategies Needs to be wifi accessible - Firmware Development: You will need to create software that enables the control and monitoring of electrical components, integrates seamlessly with mechanical components, and features a user-friendly interface for easy operation. - Prototype Design: You should have prior experience in building prototypes, understanding the importance of...

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    I am looking for an electronic engineer who can modify the KC868 Kincony board according to my needs. SCH drawing file available -I want a list of Gerber and Boom. I want the -PCB drawing file.

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    I need a professional to help me diagnose the power output issues in my recently designed and fabricated 65W USB-PD charger PCB that employs PAG1P and PAG1S components from Infineon. Your task is to debug the system and ensure the charger outputs the intended power. Key responsibilities include: - Reviewing my existing PCB design - Identifying the root cause of the power output issues - Providing consultation to troubleshoot and resolve the issue I need this work to be done as soon as possible. Required: - Proficiency in USB-PD charger design, especially with PAG1P and PAG1S components from Infineon - Prior experience in debugging power output issues - Capacity to provide prompt and effective troubleshooting solutions - Strong communication skills to assist me in understanding and impl...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Electrical Engineer to carry out meaningful electrical design and power distribution for a healthcare facility of less than 10,000 sq ft. Your role will include, but not limited to: - Developing an efficient electrical design for the facility - Designing a reliable power distribution system Compliance with National Electrical Code (NEC) and Healthcare Facility Guidelines is crucial for the successful execution of this project. Ideal Skills: - Sound knowledge of NEC and Healthcare Facility Guidelines - Proven experience in electrical design and power distribution - Experience with similar projects in healthcare sector would be a plus. Please ensure you provide relevant portfolio/examples of prior work. Let's create a health facility that is not ...

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    I need help with upgrading my current electrical system. The primary tasks will involve: - Redesigning circuit layouts: The upgrades need to be targeted at delivering improved circuit design, ensuring better electrical flow, and minimizing losses. - Enhancing system capacity: My current system has about 1-3 circuits. I'd love to see an upgrade that maximizes the capacity of these circuits, making them ready for future expansion and more efficient electrical consumption. Expertise in ETAP is mandatory. Experience in handling similar projects and a good understanding of electrical system upgrades will add to your advantage. I look forward to working with professionals passionate about energy efficiency! Urgently need to short circuit calculation with VFD in source along with selecti...

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    I'm looking for a skilled electrical engineer to design a circuit for power distribution. The primary purpose of the circuit is to support consumer electronics. I also require the design to have short-circuit protection in place. Key Requirements: - Designing a power distribution circuit for consumer electronics - Including short-circuit protection Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in electrical engineering and circuit design - Previous experience in designing circuits for consumer electronics - Knowledge of incorporating safety features like short-circuit protection $50 Budget

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    Simple PCB Design 4 giorni left

    I'm looking for a skilled PCB designer to create a PCB design using Proteus 8. Check the attached file for the System schematic. Please Don't bid If you are not familiar with Proteus 8. Please Don't bid If your budget exceeds 1000 INR. Please Don't bid If your delivery time exceeds 30 Hour. Please include in your proposal any relevant experience and a basic outline of your approach to this project. I'm open to discussing the specifics of the project further with the selected freelancer.

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    I need an experienced electrical engineer to assist in the design of electrical systems for consumer electronics and industrial machinery. You'll be primarily focused on: I have a device described in several different research papers, I am happy with the theoretical premise require a practical engineer to specify the components and possibly assist on the build and possible improvement of the design

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    I need a detailed and optimized design for a PCB Stator motor. The key specifications are: - The magnet/PCB Stator configuration should fit within 250mm OD and 170mm ID circle dimensions. - The motor should be battery-powered, maintaining an ideal balance between energy consumption and power output. - The motor's primary application will be for electric vehicles. Thus, it should be durable, reliable, and efficient. - The motor should run at a low RPM range (0-2000 rpm). - Applicants have to demonstrate by providing a sample design that they have knowledge of and access to software such as or similar. Freelancers with experience in PCB Stator motor design, knowledge of PCB electronics, and proficiency with battery-power systems are strongly preferred. A familiarity with efficient ...

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    PCB Design 3 giorni left

    I'm looking for a skilled PCB designer to create a PCB design using Proteus 8. I already have the simulation working for the project. Please include in your proposal any relevant experience and a basic outline of your approach to this project. I'm open to discussing the specifics of the project further with the selected freelancer.

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    I'm seeking an experienced professional in electronics. We need to develop prototype for movement senzor gate that trigers alarm if gate is turned on. Im looking for someone that can bring idea of what existing parts should be used for assembly of this, or preferably someone that can assemble it and send it to me. The Prototype Gate - It will be used in climbing industry as a signaling device to signal if people forget to clip themself to the rope. Key Project Details: - The project is focused on the electronics field, specifically in the development of a prototype. - Your main task will be to bring this prototype to life, so extensive experience in this area is essential. Successful Freelancer Profile: - Demonstrable experience in prototype development. - A solid background in e...

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    I need an experienced electrical engineer with a deep understanding of industrial equipment, specifically welding machines. • Main Task: The essential job would be troubleshooting the electrical systems of the welding machines. If you have the ability to identify and rectify issues regarding its function, you are the perfect fit. • Necessary Skills and Experience: You must possess a strong grounding in circuit design and power distribution, on top of your knowledge on welding machines' workings. You will need to feel comfortable working independently and solving problems directly. • Specific Machinery: In this job, you will solely focus on the welding machines in our industrial setting, making your intimate knowledge of these machines an absolute must.

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    I need a seasoned PCB designer to create a double-layer PCB design for an electronic device prototype. Key Objectives: - Develop a double-layer PCB design - Ensure optimal functionality for an electronic device prototype Ideal Skills: - Experience in PCB design for electronic devices - Knowledge in prototype development - Proficiency in using PCB design software - Understanding of double-layer PCB design complexities The design process should focus on delivering an efficient, scalable PCB design that would hold up in subsequent testing and prototyping stages. This project requires a precise and reliable design - any expertise in similar projects would be immensely valuable.

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    I'm seeking a skilled electrical engineer with experience in electrical layout design, load calculation to create a 16 circuit board for power distribution in a single phase, 230V system. Load types are split into three categories: small power, lighting, HVAC and Pump/Motor. Key features for this board are surge protection and overcurrent protection. Key Tasks: Electrical drawing includes: - Device wiring - Protection devices - Terminal devices and diagrams - Energy Meter - Numbering of wires and cables - List of parts for all developed Ideal Freelancer: - Has extensive experience in electrical engineering, particularly in distribution board design - Familiar with single-phase systems and the nuances of these systems - Understands the importance of safety features like surge an...

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    Electrical and Battery Engineering 2 giorni left

    I'm seeking a seasoned professional in electrical engineering, with notable experience in battery specification, testing and analysis, and design of electrical systems for 2W and 3W mobilities. The scope of the project involves: 1. Battery and BMS specification for 2W and 3W mobilities. 2. Develop and conduct battery performance test on e-mobilities 3. Review supplier proposals for charging station and make recommendation 4. Work with supplier to develop charging station specification for Africa 5. Conduct e-mobility electrical system testing and prepare test reports. 6. Perform quality assurance testing of e-mobilities at suppliers. Ideal skills for this job include: - Proven experience in LiFeP04 batteries - Demonstrated ability in troubleshooting electrical systems ...

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    We are seeking an experienced PCB designer to create a compact and efficient PCB layout for a project incorporating the following components: ESP12 Module: The PCB should accommodate the ESP12 module, ensuring proper connectivity and signal integrity. Driver Circuit for ePaper Display: Design a driver circuit tailored to interface seamlessly with the ePaper display, ensuring optimal display performance. Power Circuit: Implement a power management circuit capable of handling battery connections (3V) and charging via USB (5V). The circuit should include necessary protection mechanisms and ensure efficient power distribution. GPIO - LED Connection: Integrate GPIO pins for LED connections, allowing for easy interfacing and control of LEDs. GPIO - Push Button: Include GPIO pins dedicated t...

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    Flashing Firmware in MSP430F5529 1 giorno left

    We need a freelancer experienced in flashing firmware on the MSP430F5529 microcontroller using the MSP-EXP430F5529LP LaunchPad. The task involves updating the firmware on an external MSP430F5529 chip. Previous experience with Texas Instruments tools and MSP430 microcontrollers is required. Please provide your relevant experience and availability.

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    I'm looking for an experienced trainer to help my intermediate level team delve deeper into analog circuit design. Key Requirements: - Coverage of key topics: I'd like the trainer to cover Feedback Systems, Amplifier Design, and Filter Design in their curriculum. - Project Focus: Although it's a training exercise, the intention is to apply the lessons learned to real-world scenarios. Specifically, the focus will be on developing Sensor Interfaces. Ideal Candidate: - Proven Experience: I'm looking for someone with practical, industry experience in analog circuit design, particularly in the areas of sensor interfaces. - Teaching Skills: The trainer should have a clear and engaging teaching style, able to explain complex concepts in an understandable manner. - Tailoring...

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    I'm in need of an engineer to design a simple circuit board for data processing, expressly focused on analog signals. This board will be primarily used for sensor reading. The freelancer should ideally possess: - Deep knowledge in Electrical Engineering, specifically in circuit board design. - Experience in processing analog signals and sensor reading. - Proficiency in necessary CAD tools, and preferably Eagle or Altium Designer. The deliverable will be a ready-to-manufacture PCB design, along with all necessary files and a bill of materials. Familiarity with FCC certification is a bonus. Prospective providers should demonstrate previous experience with similar projects in their proposal. Cement your bid with proof of your ability to design intricate Printed Circuit Boards.

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