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Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering that involves the study of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. An electrical engineer knows how to deal with a host of electrical appliances and devices. To ensure that your electrical device is compliant with the set standards, you need to hire a professional electrical engineer. For this, all you have to do is hire a professional electrical engineer. Once you have an experienced electrical engineer onboard you can hope to add a fillip to your business.

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    PLC Programmer 6 giorni left

    We manufacture bulk material handling solutions for the food and pharma industries. We recently lost our PLC Programmer and find ourselves in urgent need of a programmer for a Double Pedestal TOTE Bin Blender system using ControlLogix PLC and Panelview Plus 7 HMI. The design is based on our MicroLogix 1400 system.

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    UAV / Drone Lidar build 6 giorni left

    Hello freelancers, I'm seeking a Lidar expert who is familiar with aerial applications ( drone / UAV / UAS ). Specifically, I need someone to help me build a turnkey solution, or consult me on buying a turnkey solution. Please, you absolutely must have a very deep understanding of aerial lidar as I will be asking you very technical questions. When bidding, so I know that you read this, you...

    €17 - €34 / hr
    €17 - €34 / hr
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    Plc ladder diagram design 6 giorni left

    Design a smart irrigation system using logo software plc ladder diagram

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    I am looking for an Electrical Engineer who has good knowledge about electrical optimization. I need to do a project about Microgrids using MOPSO.

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    Ocpp ev charger app 6 giorni left

    We have a electric car charger we need a app to work with charger to start stop charger give charging data time charge history etc.

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    It is a report on a E-Bike Retrofit

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    in my project ,I am going to include topic on computer aided designs

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    Circuit and PCB Design 6 giorni left

    Looking for a circuit and PCB designer for an IoT purpose. We need someone to design the circuit to withstand a harsh environment, such as high heat and humidity because in the end the device will be installed in a vehicle (Car). The requested design will be the initial one,

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    I would like to carry out a small project. engineering of a product + design of printed circuits + verification of electrical circuits, making a prototype + welding of electrical components (about 50 electrical components, plc, resistors, capacitors, etc.) what would the cost be 2-3 weeks

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    SAS board simulator 6 giorni left

    We nead to made a program for SAS board Simulator, based on arduino nano

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    The Module will contain micro chips to remotely control ( ON/OFF ) more like to cut off supply incase customers don’t pay or meet their monthly repayment plan . What to Achieve 1) Cut off supply remotely 2) See all devices remotely through a server and an application . Also I need to roll out in mass ( Mass production)

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    PHOTOMETRIC PLANS -- 2 6 giorni left


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    i want long term employee. if you have quartus software, please bid here

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    Looking for someone that knows and understands the practical knowledge of a Microwave Transmitter and components. Be ready to design a real life system and design the circuit of it. Please only bid on project if you understand this very well.

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    I need a person to make a report for our project. sofar i have added some content to my report. you have to add more content to my report and sent me same.

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    Hi, Seeing some assistance debugging the C++ firmware for the STM32. CAN signals are being sent, but not recieved by the processor.

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    House Single Line Diagram 6 giorni left

    Prepare the single line diagram of a house.

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    Synchronous Reluctance Motor design 6 giorni left

    I need a skilled electrical engineer (with electrical machines experience) that is able to size and design a motor based on performance specifications. It has to be 94%+ efficient in the 100+kW region whilst wheighing less than 40kg. Torque, power, voltage, current, efficiency and mechanical stress simulation and charts are expected for validation; no permanent magnets use is allowed.

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    Matlab and writing job 6 giorni left

    I need someone who can do following job. 1. Do coding as per the paper in the share link 2. Make a document about work.

    €25 - €210
    €25 - €210
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    I'm looking to do quantitative research on the European Solar Mounting equipment manufacturers. Only Freelancers based in Europe applications will be looked at. 1. Who are the top 10 or top 20 racking manufactures? 2. Their revenues, and profit; 3. Their market segment in European counties. 4. Market position/ brand awareness in Europe. I will supply the brand names when we assign th...

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    I need to build a solar module which enables user control use of power remotely

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    Hi guys, we have the HW for our transceiver programmer, but we need the sofware. I'm relating below some samples: • FS Box (transceiver tool kit): [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] (see attached [accedi per visualizzare l'URL]) • Integra optics Smart Coder: [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] • Solid optics MULTI-FIBER-TOOL-3: [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] &bul...

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    MPPT CIRCUIT DESIGN 6 giorni left

    my circuit is mppt charge controller. to be designed in proteus professional

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    Aerospace and Aircraft Dynamics 6 giorni left

    Hello, I am looking for anyone who is an expert in aerospace and aircraft dynamics. If you fit in this subject , please contact me as I will have a job for you .

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    Find me a PIR motion sensor that gives a 24V DC digital output signal. The operating power of the sensor should be between 5V - 24V. The covering cap diameter of the sensor should not exceed 2.5 cm approximately. Except for the following model, as we have tried it before, and it didn't work:

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    electrical engineering project

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    We are small startup with team members in 4 continents. Most seniors that are doing one last startup. We are developing some small super cost effective electronic instruments nd tools for DIY and professionals. So products need isolation and we have segregated the design so we can have common input isolation stage and then product specific post regulation. We need some one with lots of SMPS mag...

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    Vance Street 6 giorni left

    I need a stamped electrical drawing for Lakewood that details the new panels/meter bank for a triplex and upgrade for each units subpanel's. Ideally, update each panel to 125amp service. Need to be a licensed electrical engineer in the State of Colorado.

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    I am looking for someone who can help me on Electrical Power Network design and implementation in Python. I will help by providing the tools names and examples.

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    Custom Raspberry Pi Carrier Board 5 giorni left

    I am looking for someone to design a custom raspberry pi carrier board. The carrier board will have the following: 1. For use with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ 2. Solid state relay for control 3. 5v Barrel Jack connected for power 4. Wi-Fi Module 5. Ethernet RJ45 Connection 6. HDMI Connection 7. 1xUSB 3.0 Connection 8. Standard 40 pin GPIO Header The form factor of the board is important...

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    PIC18F4550 DESIGN PROJECT 5 giorni left

    This is a project on PIC18F4550 using MIKRO C and physical components as well as Proteus (not 100% essential) From reading the text, designing the code and building it in physical. It´s an exam so it´s time measured and starts in 22 hours. (Thursday 24 at 07:00 am Mexico time) It lasts 3 hours I attach SAMPLE proyects and solutions, the project is really similar.

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    Matlab, Sound processing and Music 5 giorni left

    I would like to hire a freelancer with knowledge in Matlab/ Octave to do a series of music/ speech sound processing projects. Fourier, DAFX, parametric division to phasmatic areas, formants etc. Reviews or Past experience record are required. Analytical details in chat, this is an ongoing project Best wishes

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    Electrical engineering design and review for a camp project for the oil and gas industry.

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    Pump and Motor Sync 5 giorni left

    Hello, I need someone who can make a code for running a step motor and pump controller together. I am using Arduino Uno, Zaber X-RST-DE and IVEK Digispence 3009. The Zaber motor has a M8 4 Pin female connector and runs with binary or ASCII; The pump controller has a bunch of connections, choose whichever is easiest. Attached is literature on all of them plus a diagram of what I need roughly. I wa...

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    PCB shield for stm32 board 5 giorni left

    need to make a pcb shield for stm32 hz45zi-q board connection following modules 1) max 3865 temperature module ( 2 sets ) 2) Rdl 4-20 ma loop transmitter module ( with power connections ) 3) Eeprom 4) Rtc battery 5) memory card

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    Searching for a specialist who has a little bit of free time and can design a scheme of properly working Address engine control unit with integrated LIFEPO4 battery (with protocol management and testing) on Altium (included library and Gerber files). As the confirmation, that the module works properly you will be asked a video demonstration, also the results of testing. If some materials are neede...

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    Barcode scan reader - basquet 5 giorni left

    I'm looking for an expert in Barcode Scan and electronics, I need a box with barcode readers inside this box to be able to read objects automatically. When I put one object into this box, this object should be identified using a barcode. This box should be able to identify this barcode in any position.

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    Searching for a specialist who has a little bit of free time and can design a scheme of properly working AC/DC adaptor (output 12VDC=2A) on Altium (included library and Gerber files). As the confirmation, that the adaptor works properly you will be asked a video demonstration, also the results of measurements. If some materials are needed for testing the scheme - we'll cover the cost. Find at...

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    Dear Experts, I am Robin, born 1983 in Bern, Switzerland. I live in Berlin. I am looking for a hardware engineer who can help me built a beta prototype for testing. The hardware is for sport use cases/application to monitor health etc. The hardware has a set of features provided by a microcontroller and a sensor board. It is battery driven. I am looking forward to get in touch and discuss further....

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    Electrical Power Network in Python 5 giorni left

    I am looking for someone who can help me on Electrical Power Network design and implementation in Python. I will help by providing the tools names and examples.

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    Analysis and fault detection system for 3 phase Induction Motor / Motor Using some sensors and a controller which I can monitor remotely.

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    A speed limiting device that includes so many engineering section like control engineering and as well as mechanical and automotive engineering. So firstly We have to build a local map that contains the speed limits of roads, Next we have to take a gps and connect the gps to server of speed limit the we created after that we have to locate the position of car via the gps and have to sense the sp...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - Power Experts 2 giorni left

    POWER Experts is a local Qatari MEP company with grade 1, specializes in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) and ELV services related to building & industrial services. POWER Experts is a part of AAR Group of Companies. PEX is mostly working as MEP installer for most of the GS main construction works. The old logo is attached. We need a new logo with a monogram which indicates the compa...

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    Need a METLAB developer urgent 5 giorni left

    Must have 5+ experience in MATLAB Programing. Show your recent work link ? Available within 1 hour when requested. Are you certified ? More details will shared with right candidate

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    Need some one who have experience in development for vibration monitoring application along with FFT from scratch.

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    NRF9160 Antenna tuner expert 4 giorni left

    Hello, anyone who has worked on NRF9160 Antenna interface with MIPI RFFE interface, antenna tuner.

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    We basically want a device that can send a frequency into the body between 1Hz - 1000Hz and measure the impedance value for each of the frequencies. Then, I would like a list of the top 10 highest impedance values and their corresponding frequencies. We would then send those 10 frequencies back into the body with a frequency generator until those impedance values drop.

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    The project is simple. We have a working Matlab code, but there is fewer data points at some sections of the plot. We need expert help to increase the data points to make the plot smoother. Serious freelancers ONLY.

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    Biomechanics -- 3 5 giorni left

    hello i have a Coursework in CLINICAL BIOMECHANICS and i need your help its analyses some data by using data processing in QTM and Visual3D if you have idea please tell me and i will share more details with you .

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    Signals and control system midterm Exam

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