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How to Get Your Lost or Stolen Data Recovered on Freelancer

Read our guide on how you can get your data recovered swiftly and comfortably
20 ott 2022 • Lettura di 5 minuti
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Have you found out that you have lost your significant data from your computer, phone, or website? Or have you realized all the content of your computer is gone, or your website’s database has been attacked and everything is fully gone? Don’t worry, sit back, relax and keep reading through as you will be guided on how you can get your data recovered swiftly and comfortably. 

The Scenario And The Burning Question

It could be enormously horrific if your drive ceases to continue functioning. It may be the case that your very own files are endangered or your corporate data is on the verge of being at risk, you're most certainly wondering: What would be the expenditure of perfect data recovery, regardless if you take the help of an expert freelancer or you try to do it by yourself? The second one isn’t recommended at all. Why? You’ll get the idea behind this by reading the article thoroughly. 

Why You Should Hire A Freelancer for Data Recovery

You need to understand what aspects to consider before drawing a conclusion. There are some factors that are compelling for you to decide the expenditures for recovery of data, and hiring an expert data recovery freelancer, and getting the job done efficiently. Despite the fact that a home-based solution may sort out the cases of data being lost, we highly reckon that your damaged or lost files should be recovered by a professional. Professional Data Recovery Experts have the best experience and understanding, ensuring a higher likelihood of data recovery avoiding the chances of further damage. And you should understand that data recovery software costs much more than hiring a freelancer, and doesn’t guarantee you results. Shall you take such risks or do something reliable?

Probable Reasons for Data Being Lost from Any Device

You do need to learn these before hiring a freelance specialist. Imagine this: You are at work or you just woke up and opened up your computer, with a view to uploading something important, perhaps as an attachment to an email, and you see the regarding file is missing or the partition containing the file is corrupt or missing. But why? There are some causes that may be working behind this inclusive of:
✔ Logical Failures Such As Unintentional Deletion, Damaged Directory or Formatting
✔ Malware or Ransomware
✔ Sudden Increase of Power or A Power Loss
✔ Data Corruption due to Improper Disk Operations or A Virus
✔ Firmware Failures
Not only ordinary computer users but also skilled ones face problems handling their hard drives from time to time. Many accidentally delete a file or even a partition. You could certainly be infected with malware or ransomware which may have possibly corrupted the files or a partition or an entire volume. In lost or corrupt data sketches, usual symptoms of the virus include:
✔ Deleted Documents
✔ A Random Letter or Note Being Shown on The PC
✔ File Extensions Have Been Changed
✔ Some Files or Data Are Password-Protected

Things to Address Before The Big Move (Employing)

Alright, so you have made up your mind that you are going to either post a project and end up selecting an ideal candidate to get your data recovered or you are going to hire directly. Congratulations, that’s your first bolt-move! We are praising you on this move in light of the fact that recruiting a specialist is both a financially savvy and effective way of finishing the errand- as they will work for extended periods, constantly, to wrap up the responsibilities or work you have allocated to them. 
When searching for a freelance data recovery consultant, you should think about how productively they tackle their given errand. Specialists work nonstop, constantly, and can even work odd hours to do the jobs given to them. Select somebody who would be fully committed to your project exclusively.
Do research on which tools and/ or operating systems you want them to use (eg. Kali Linux, Stellar Data Recovery Technician et cetera).
An Ideal Freelancer Should be Able to…
✔ Answer Related Questions During The Chat (if Any)
✔ Follow Directions & Meet Requirements
✔ Be Greatly Committed
✔ Hold A Magnificent Attitude
✔ Communicate Effectively

Why You Should Choose to Get It Done

✔ Freelancer Is A Powerhouse of Cybersecurity Experts Who Recover Data Efficiently
✔ It Is One of The Best Platforms Where Employers Can Avail The Best Services
✔ Every Monetary Transaction Is Protected & Done Swiftly
✔ Effortless Exploration & Usage of The Website Could Be Done Comfortably
✔ For Easier Communication, A Proper Chat Tool Is Offered
✔ Worldwide Accessible Freelancers. Work in Accordance with Your Own Schedule

How to Directly Hire or Post The Project on Freelancer

It is immensely easy to hire someone or to post a project on Freelancer. altFor hiring someone directly, search ‘Data Recovery’, and click ‘View All’ adjacent to ‘TOP FREELANCERS’. Check the profiles and portfolios of the best matching freelancers and select the one that meets your demand and budget, go to their profile, fill up the details, and simply click ‘Hire’.
altFor posting the project, log in to, or sign up if you do not have an account already. Then simply click on ‘Post a Project’ from the top-right corner. Choose a name for the project. Keep it brief and to the point. Write the required details in the ‘Tell us more about your project’ section. Add relevant files (if any). 
Select skills such as Certified Ethical Hacker and/ or Computer Security. Keep going with the flow as required, and then select a budget range or set a custom one. Afterwards, select the project type, review the details and simply click on ‘Yes, post my project’.
SAMPLE FOR ‘Tell us more about your project’
Hi, I use Windows 10 as the operating system of my computer. A few days ago I had installed video editing software, and after that, some important files from a local disk are gone, I tried every possible method and help I could find online but I failed. I am looking for an expert in data recovery, especially a certified ethical hacker who can assist me get my files back.

The Bottom Line

As already described, check the profiles and portfolios of the best matching freelancers and select the ones that meet your demand and budget, you may ask them further questions in the on-page chat tool. Make sure you choose the best freelance data recovery specialist that matches your criteria even if he or she doesn’t have much or any review. Do a double-check on all the requirements before employing the person as the deserving candidate. If your data is lost, corrupt, damaged, or hacked, get your lost or stolen data recovered on Freelancer now. We wish you the best of luck and very best wishes!
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