Finance is the art and science of managing money. Finance involves three primary areas namely business finance, public finance and personal finance. Finance also includes saving and lending money. Various factors are taken into account in the finance field, such as time, money and risk. There are specialized professionals whose job it is to deal with finance, banking and budgets. You can hire freelancing finance experts to do the book keeping or accounting tasks of your business. You can find qualified talented freelancers on this site by posting a finance job post.

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    I would like some support in providing my details outputs for my tax filing.

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    Build an Trading related app 6 giorni left

    I have a Trading View account and zerodha account. I need a freelancer to develop a software. This app will set up algo-trading for the strategies. The signals will be generated on Nifty Spot chart using Trading View. The execution will happen on option strikes. This software will be for my personal use.

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    Financial part needed 6 giorni left

    Hello I need the financial part of my business plan. I only need the sections: Project Cost and Investment, balance sheet, cash flow

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    Need a Fundraiser Expert -- 2 4 giorni left

    We currently opened a Training Facility that is geared toward sports training. Need to get funds to get started.

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    Quick Books for Manufacturing Help 6 giorni left

    We need a Quick Books expert to help us set up a new business process from sales order through inventory, through manufacturing, packing, shipping and invoicing. We would like most if not all of these processes to be within quickbooks. We also use Smartsheets across our businesses and could use this tool to supplement areas where quick books can not support us.

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    NEXTERA ENERGY 6 giorni left

    Need to sell our products and download registration, real-name verification, check in every day, you can receive money and participate in our projects, you can have extra income, participate in our projects, and you can also receive points in exchange for prizes

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    Looking For CA for Filing ITR (Indian) Looking for individual person for this work, Person should have good knowledge for saving the Tax. Budget under 2k INR

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    4000 word corporate report for business firm.

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    I am looking for a business accountant who can assist me in setup business project in US.

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    Looking for someone that has extensive knowledge of 3115 filings and reviews for inventory method change and doing sampling and analysis of data with a write-up of the process for inventory calculations.

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    Accounting in Dubai 5 giorni left

    Looking for certificated or chartered accountant in dubai to collect invoices monthly and report to government.

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    stock trader 5 giorni left

    need a expert equity and derivative stock trading

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    I need to find a consultant to help with Hungarian Individual Income Tax. I am a non-Hungarian resident

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    investment 5 giorni left

    feasibility study market analysis financial modelling

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    We are building a gaming app, we need someone to help us with the economy flow, distribution according to players, pool management etc.

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    I need someone who expert in finance

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    Portfolio Management Part require to complete: Step 11 only

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    We are looking for Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Bank fund raising and TEV supporting

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    I need a writer 4 giorni left

    Im not the best at writing and I need a formal letter to write to the ATO about my current financial situation, looking for someone to give me a hand

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    Quick book accounting 4 giorni left

    Categorize transaction, book keep and reconciliation This is ongoing assignment

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    Regulatory filings 2 4 giorni left

    Need to have a range of ABC and TTB filings completed.

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    Cash flow statement 4 giorni left

    I need help to prepare cash flow statement for 1 month only. I already have all the details need to complete by tonight. Prefer indirect method , can help me to prepare with excel template link to p&l and balance sheet as well

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    Hi, I need help in rewriting an article that touches various dimensions of finance (inflation, interest rates, etc). The task is quite urgent (32-48h max)

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    Hi We are looking for a business analyst who can help us to standardise processes in our business. We run a age care.

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    Necesito una persona que me ayude a sacar los precios de los servicios que ofrezco en Colombia

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    Hola buenas, es IMPRESCINDIBLE tener un buen nivel de conocimientos/estudios sobre finanzas/economía. necesito a un redactor para hacer guiones para vídeos sobre finanzas y economía mundial, con tono informal, nada de lenguaje técnico, de 3000 palabras que se han de entregar en 24horas desde la recepción de la temática a redactar. Ej: -La crisis energética e inmobiliaria de china -10 secretos que los bancos no quieren que sepas -Cómo ha cambiado la cadena de suministro por la guerra Serían dos guiones a la semana. Este es un vídeo de ejemplo: Son temas complejos pero explicados con un lenguaje muy sencillo y tono conversacional. Imprescindible enviarme textos escritos por ti. Gracias

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    I need a writer 4 giorni left

    Im not the best at writing and I need a formal letter to write to the ATO about my current financial situation, looking for someone to give me a hand

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    investment management 4 giorni left

    You should be at the master's level to accept this assignment

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    This is a 3 hour work based on financial derivatives. The candidate should have knowledge of pricing of Futures, Swaps and Options, and should have a thorough understanding of the book Options Futures and Other Derivatives by J.C Hull. More will be discussed with potential bidders.

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    Excel expert 4 giorni left

    Excel expert to model some data sets. Will need to have experience with macros and V-look up tables. Finance knowledge a bonus

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    Require an account. 4 giorni left

    Accountant who can work part time to manage our accounts. Preferably in Vadodara, Gujarat.

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    Australian Accountant - Bookkeeper 4 giorni left

    Hi, I am looking for a Qualified Accountant/Bookkeeper, who is very familiar with Australian Tax Obligations Ideally you will have experience in construction and understand job costing. Long term full time position

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    I need someone to help me get a trade finance facility where I can provide differed notes of payment in the form of LC's and SBLC and BG's? Anyone who can help me will be rewarded with a commision. I need someone to get the deal for me not just show me a bank or financial instituation?

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    Eleving Group is an international fintech company offering vehicle finance and consumer finance services across 14 countries around the globe, with HQ based in Riga, Latvia. Further information about Eleving Group and Eleving Consumer Finance can be found here Eleving Consumer Finance is currently looking for opportunities to expand its business in new markets, including Thailand. We would like to ask for your assistance in clarifying some questions regarding non-bank Consumer Lending services in Thailand. I have attached the documents with the questions we wish to be answered; please let us know if this is within your scope of expertise and can assist us. Additionally, we anticipate this task to take 8-10h.

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    Annual Return 3 giorni left

    I need an accountant to prepare an annual return

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    we are about to launch our startup. we need a business development manager as a partner in our company on equity shares.

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    ACCOUNTING 3 giorni left


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    Bookkeeper Philippines Cebu 3 giorni left

    I need a bookkeeper to help me with my small business regarding taxation and other government obligations.

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    Puerto Rico Accounting 3 giorni left

    Looking to setup a business in Puerto Rico and need guidance in accounting

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    The product creates detailed report of personal life risk of a person which is based on the 67 questions of health, social and finance of the person. Please refer to for details. I want to do trial of the product, so I require help from consultants to get persons to give me data for trial of product.

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    Dynamic hedging strategies developed in vba excel. Delta, Delta-Gamma and Delta-Vega hedging based on the Black-Scholes Model.

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    BWL Nachhilfe 3 giorni left

    Ich suche einen deutschsprachigen BWL affinen, der in den unten angefügten punkten Nachhilfe geben kann --> online. Bezahlung zwischen 20 und 25 euro die stunde, kommt auf Qualifikation an.

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    Hi, We are very experienced creating web2 and nft marketplace apps. But for topics above we have not experience yet. The app will work like this: A user goes to an exchange office, deposit USD. In the system, user can purchase coins listed below and then, those purchased coins will be transferred to his/her wallet/wallets. Users has to view real time coin prices without a lag. Users pick a coin (for now some specified coins will be used, listed below). User selects a coin and buy/sell/withdraw. In this process users will view and use our app but at the same time they will be connected to a CEX in order to purchase crytpo coins. There will be only one price for each coin. After that we will add some commission (like 1%, the commissions will be holded in a specified cold wallet). Then tr...

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    I am trying to import Virtual digital asset to India. But TDS and TAX is very high. Who ever help me lower Tax will get this job and be my company parthner.

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    I am trying to import Virtual digital asset to india. But TDS is very high. Who ever help me lower Tax will get this job and be my company parthnner.

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    Market Research Financial 3 giorni left

    I am looking for someone doing market research about the details I have mentioned on my website for 2 more brokers.

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    Accounting staff as account payable and analysis in account payables. Work in report daily, monthly and yearly. Also check on tax too. By using program Erp and can use excel too. Can speak English between oral and written. Controller report AR AP AAP. Make journal entries by system. Make recontiliation between AR AP AAP. Understand about tax. Make report salary. Make detail of account. Repair daily transaction by system.

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    FelxCube Training and Consultation 2 giorni left

    Need online Training Basic FlexCube lesson and take Consultation regarding same subject to implement

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