Python is a powerful, versatile programming language known for its simplicity and ease of use. It's widely employed in various industries for solutions ranging from web applications to data analysis and machine learning. Python Developers have the expertise to create, modify, and enhance programs using this language, offering a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs. Hire Python developers on to bring your project to life with their technical expertise and creative problem-solving capabilities. Here's some projects that our expert Python Developers made real:

  • Developing custom APIs for seamless integration between diverse software platforms
  • Building browser-based apps with elegant user interfaces for various industries
  • Creating automated tools for data gathering, cleaning, and analysis across datasets
  • Designing specialized applications for tasks like audio mastering and chatbot deployment
  • Modifying existing systems like Odoo or Django to deliver improved functionality or customized reports
  • Developing web applications using frameworks such as Flask and Django with full-stack support
  • Implementing machine learning algorithms for advanced data processing or recommendation systems

The vast array of successful projects completed by our skilled Python developers demonstrates the limitless potential of this programming language. Hire Python developers on to turn your ideas into practical applications that suit your unique requirements. Our platform offers instant access to a large pool of talented freelancers who are ready to take on your project and deliver exceptional results.

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    Buongiorno, Questo fornitore è tra i migliori, vende i prodotti a tutti ma non ha un feed da dare a chi vuole rivendere. Mi serve quindi un sistema in grado di prelevare i prodotti da quel sito in tempi logici e che crei quindi un feed excell come da esempio in allegato, il tutto senza che l'ip venga bannato per le continue richieste necessarie al prelievo dei dati. Il feed deve essere uguale ma nel prelievo mi interessano solo le colonne evidenziate in giallo. Il sito in questione è questo: Attendo riscontro solo di gente in grado di farlo bene, in passato qui avevo trovato chi lo faceva ma il sito è cambiato molto quindi va rifatto. Grazie. Prodotto di esempio per capire ii riferimenti da inserire nel feed:

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    Hi Please read through my job description carefully. If i feel you are submitting your proposal without reading it, I will hide your bid. Thanks! I am looking for a skilled data scraper who can help me automate the process of collecting job listings from and uploading them to my job board website. I need a reliable solution that will allow me to run the scraper repeatedly to continuously gather up-to-date job information. Here are the key requirements for the project: Job Data Extraction: The scraper should be able to extract relevant information such as job titles, descriptions, locations, company names, and any other important details from the job listings on Automation: I need the scraper to run automatically at regular intervals, ensuring that the data collection proc...

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    Hello I need an expert in Python and Cyber Security Analysis. We use a standard shell code payload. Padding with NOPS. Please apply if you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

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    Snapchat bot 6 giorni left

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a Snapchat bot that will automate messaging for my account. In particular, I need this bot to have these functionalities: 1. be able to add users back after a preset time, 2 be able to send preset snap videos after a certain preset time. 3. be able to run without being banned (snapchat does not allow 3rd party tools and can block ip addresses if too many requests come from one ip). Ideal skills and experience for this project include proficiency in Python and experience creating Snapchat bots.

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    Form Parser using OCR, ML, NLP, etc I need a developer to create a Form Parser that can handle Invoices. The ideal candidate should have experience with Java programming language and be familiar with Google Cloud Vision API. The project should include the following: - Ability to extract data from Invoices using OCR, ML, and NLP techniques - Integration with Google Cloud Vision API for OCR - Use of ML and NLP libraries to extract relevant data from Invoices - Output data in a structured format, such as CSV or JSON Skills and experience required: - Strong experience with Java programming language - Familiarity with Google Cloud Vision API - Knowledge of OCR, ML, and NLP techniques and libraries, such as Tesseract and OpenCV - Experience with data extraction and output in structured format...

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    I am looking for an experienced image processing developer to help me with a project. The purpose of the image processing is for object recognition, and I prefer if the developer has experience with Python programming language. The deadline for the project is 1-2 weeks. If you believe you are a suitable candidate, please contact me.

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    Collision Avoidance 6 giorni left

    Are you an experienced freelancer looking for a new project to take on? If so, I’d love to speak to you about my collision avoidance system. The system needs to be implemented on a drone. To be successful your application should clearly highlight your experience and specialization in collision avoidance systems. The preferred implementation method would be an integrated hardware and software solution. If these criteria fit you, I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Seeking an experienced ML-DL expert with computer vision skills for a project involving image and video analysis. The goal is to achieve high validation accuracy and low loss. Must have expertise in object detection, image classification, and video analysis. Proficiency in popular ML frameworks required. Tasks include model development, generating accuracy and loss curves, and presenting results of multiple models in a single image. Strong Python programming skills and effective communication are necessary. Please provide examples of relevant work and approach to achieving high accuracy in image and video analysis.

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    I need a Python code for option trading and a trading bot that can execute my trades based on my analysis. The specific options strategy that I want the code to implement is the 'spred' strategy. I prefer a trading bot that allows me to make manual entries for my trades, while the bot provides me with automated analysis. The ideal platform for the trading bot should be compatible with dhan, angle one, or zerodha. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in Python programming, option trading, and developing trading bots. They should also have a good understanding of the 'spred' strategy and be familiar with the platforms mentioned.

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    I am looking for a Python developer to create a script that can calculate Particulate Matter (ug/m3) from baseline voltage. The project requires knowledge of air quality and the ability to work with sensors. The specific model being used is Airviz. The desired output format for the calculated data is CSV. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience with Python scripting, familiarity with air quality and sensor technology, and a strong understanding of data formatting. Please write a Python code to calculate Particulate matter (ug/m3) and signal voltage from baseline voltage. I have attached an input and output, how the result will look like, but I have no idea how the output has been calculated. You can get some idea from this open source from git, but script in Elexir prog...

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    Odoo biometric device integration 6 giorni left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can integrate my Fingerprint Scanner with the Attendance module in Odoo using Python. The ideal candidate should have experience in the following areas: I want to use zekto device please tell me which device I should buy. I want to fetch the in and out from the device to the Odoo directly. Please let me know which model you had done before . - Odoo development - Python programming - Biometric device integration The project requirements include: - Integration of the Fingerprint Scanner with the Attendance module in Odoo - Development of custom code in Python for the integration - Testing and verification of the integration If you have experience in Odoo development and biometric device integration, and are proficient in Python programming, please apply ...

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    Dear Prospective Developers, We are seeking talented individuals to join us on an exciting new software project involving the use of Large Language Models (LLMs), including OpenAI's GPT and Google Bord. This is a long-term project, and we are looking for developers with experience and availability to make a substantial commitment. Key Technical Requirements: Backend development: Proficiency in Python is crucial. Knowledge of libraries such as FastAPI is essential. Frontend development: We're looking for someone adept at using Vue3. Experience with libraries such as Quasar is required. Database usage: Familiarity with SQL or NoSQL databases, their design, implementation and management, is necessary. The ideal candidates will possess the following skills and characteristics: ...

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    python Food suggestion application 6 giorni left

    Your project will be graded based on the following components with an equal number of points for each component: Project Purpose - The goal is that the project means something to you and holds merit in your own opinion, the README below will help me determine if that is the case. Application of Course Material - I expect you to apply at least one topic from the textbook, something more interesting to you. For example, adding while loop input validation, modules, etc. Correctness - If your code does not run based on your instructions, you will get marked off so I suggest having a third party individual try to test out your project. If there are obvious syntax/semantic errors in your code that disrupt the functional purpose of your project, you will lose points for this category. I am looki...

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    I am looking for an experienced individual who can build a video analyzer that uses machine learning to detect if a baseball player is chewing tobacco. The analyzer will be analyzing both live video streams and recorded videos. My specific requirement for the ML model is accuracy level, as it is crucial that the model can accurately detect chewing tobacco. The expected size of the dataset for training the ML model is more than 5000 videos from the MLB official youtube site. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Machine learning expertise - Experience building video analyzers - Knowledge of video processing - Familiarity with training ML models using large datasets - Strong problem-solving skills - Excellent attention to detail

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    Hey experts, I have attached a sample data here. I need you to provide the following information: 1.) Home Team's Last 5 Match Results (H/D/A); eg, HHDAH 2.) Away Team's Last 5 Match Results (H/D/A); eg AAAHD From 1 & 2 above, calculate total points for each team by adding: 3.) Home Team's Last 5 Match Points (H=3, D=1, A=0) = 3+3+1+0+3 4.) Away Team's Last 5 Match Points (H=0, D=1, A=3) = 3+3+3+0+1 Provide 1-4 in new columns. Note: if the current match row has a date today, the last 5 matches began yesterday.

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    I am in need of a script to update over 50 devices running on MAC OS to the latest version. The devices are currently being managed using Connectwise Automate, although we are using a version other than 11 or 12. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience with scripting in Connectwise Automate and be familiar with updating MAC OS. Additionally, the following skills and experience are preferred: - Proficiency in scripting languages such as PowerShell and Python - Knowledge of MAC OS update processes and best practices - Ability to troubleshoot issues that may arise during the update process - Excellent communication skills to provide regular updates on progress and any potential roadblocks.

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    We are looking for a Python web developer who specializes in back-end development. Our project requires the following: - Building and maintaining server-side applications using Django framework - Designing and implementing efficient database models - Integrating with third-party APIs - Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge of Python and Django framework - Experience with Cassandra databases - Familiarity with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, Tailwind, and react - Experience with version control systems such as Git - Ability to write clean and maintainable code - Familiarity with Agile/Scrum development methodologies The estimated timeline for completing this project is more than 3 months. We are look...

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    python - Twitter Oauth2 6 giorni left

    Looking for someone to create OAuth 2.0, and v2 of the Twitter API python - i need returned access_token, refresh_token, twitter_id, twitter username, twitter name

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    I am looking for a Full Stack Developer to build our Web Interface for our API. The ideal candidate will have experience with JavaScript and React, Python. Skills and Experience: - Full Stack Development - JavaScript - Python - React//MERN - ONNX Framework - Nvidia Triton/Nvidia NGC - Understanding of UI/UX Web App control methodologies and frameworks - Docker We have all of our proprietary documentation that provides a guide on how developers can build a web interface for the WebAPI. By following these steps, you will be able to create a user-friendly web application that interacts with our API to generate predictions based on user input. Dev must have understanding of how stable diffusion apps work.

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    Pine code with API connection 6 giorni left

    Dear Esteemed Developers, We have an exciting opportunity for an adept programmer to undertake two distinct assignments: 1. Firstly, we require the development of a Pine Language code, a tool that will play a pivotal role in backtesting the efficacy of our trading system within the TradingView platform. While the code structure is straightforward, it is nonetheless pivotal in generating vital trading signals. At present, it employs a single indicator for this task. However, we seek to augment it with a second indicator, specifically engineered for money management objectives. These include, but are not limited to, determining position size, setting stop loss, and establishing take profit levels. We also envision an additional feature which enables a "set and forget" strategy, com...

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    We would need help from expert in the SDV package to generate data for relational database. The expert should be familiar with all types like Single table, Multi table and Sequential. You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal: What are the steps to create synthetic data for a relational database? What are the challengies creating data for a relational database?

    €33 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    15 offerte

    We need to create Detailing Templates in SDS2 for Cleanup. SO that we can increase the productivity.

    €638 (Avg Bid)
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    Convert Pine Script to Python 6 giorni left

    Convert TradingView Pine Scripts to Python

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    The objective is to develop a new connector for Llama Hub that will interface with WordLift's GraphQL endpoint. This connector should allow for seamless and reliable data exchange between Llama Hub and WordLift Knowledge Graphs, promoting interoperability and data integration. The connector should be able to handle the WordLift GraphQL endpoint and execute queries to fetch data according to the provided parameters. For the initial version of the connector, we will focus on obtaining articles from WordLift's Knowledge Graph (KG). The connector shall be able to query also other classes such as schema:Products, schema:FAQpage and schema:Thing. The goal is to translate data in the KG into a docstore in Llama. See the attached requirement for more details.

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    You need to perform sentiment analysis on a data and classify using machine learning. After that, you need to deploy in Flask. In Flask, there should be a dropdown menu from which user can able to select 2 to 3 ML models and predict and then compare the performance between different models in Flask itself

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    pilot proptech 6 giorni left

    I am looking for a pilot Proptech project that will provide analytical tools specifically catered to investors. For the pilot I have some data in an excel spreadsheet and need some additional data to be input by reading pdf files from a public database and extracting specific information from the pdf files. The red columns in the attached excel file need to be filled in with data. the pilot will be b/w 2,000 and 4,500 record (will figure exact number soon). Would like to have it completed within 10 days. Software skills needed are perl, python, etc

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    Elixir AI 6 giorni left

    Welcome to my AI-based image generator project! The main goal of this project is to use advanced AI technology to create realistic images. These images are moderately customizable, providing the option to modify the design according to your specific preferences. With this technology, you will be able to get creative and create the perfect images for any specific project! It is my hope that this technology will provide users with the ability to make their projects come to life with realistic-looking images. Thank you for taking the time to consider working on this project with me.

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    Data science 6 giorni left

    My project requires data science support. The main goal is to complete the project, and I have both structured and unstructured data. For this project, I prefer to use Python as the programming language, with any other necessary language/tools. I need a data science specialist to help me take my project from its current state to completion, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. I am looking for a freelancer who is knowledgeable in data science and has experience in predictive, descriptive, and diagnostic analysis. If you have the skillset necessary to complete this project successfully, please consider applying. My goal is to have a successful and successful completion of my project.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can create a text-to-speech software for Windows that caters to the Hindi language. The software should have the following features: - Ability to convert written text into spoken words in Hindi - Option to choose between male and female voices for the software - No additional features like voice control or recognition required - Target audience is individuals who need assistance with reading and understanding Hindi text i want Voices Like that is using by ( ) or Please see hindi voice samples on both platform. or check it out in this project's attached audio files. Note: Don't be confused, I don't want to use the API of these online applications (fliki or elevenlabs), I want a complete Hindi Voice Module Package in my softwar...

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    Selenium project for 3 websites 6 giorni left

    Selenium project for ad posting on 3 websites. The ideal freelancer should have experience in automated testing, web scraping, and data extraction. The frequency of ad posting is flexible, depending on the user's needs. The expected outcome of the project is to shorten the time it takes to enter ad information. I have login credentials, we prefer c# but python is also okay. program lifecycle is: 1. login 2. go to ad posting page 3. enter ad details (depends on category 10 to 100 inputs) 4. publish ad all sites have similar inputs and we want to merge 3 of them to one and control it.

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    Full Stack Software Engineer 6 giorni left

    Phenotype is a fastest growing fashion tech startup based in NYC on the cutting edge of the first co-authoring design method where we create visual assets and merchandise based on brain waves. We are seeking a highly skilled Full Stack Developer to join Phenotype's engineering team. We need someone with special focus on graphic languages and experience interfacing with Unity to translate EEG data into graphic transformations. Qualifications Language Proficiencies: HTTP, HTML, PHP, Python, Java, Graphic Proficiency: OpenGL or GLSL, Unity or Unreal API Proficiencies: Shopify API 10+ years of experience in software engineering 5+ years as a tech lead Experience in developing and deploying scalable and fault-tolerant systems Strong understanding of software development principles and exp...

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    Liver Segmentation Project Using UNET Model I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with my project to segment liver images using a UNET model. The ideal candidate should have experience in medical image processing and machine learning. Image Type: CT Scans I have CT scans of liver images that need to be segmented using a UNET model. Preprocessing Required: Yes I require preprocessing of the images to improve the segmentation accuracy. Output Format: Colored Mask The desired output format for the segmented liver images is a colored mask. Skills and Experience: • Experience with UNET model for image segmentation • Expertise in medical image processing • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms • Proficient in Python programming language • Familiarity with...

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    Entrada de uma imagem pela webcam Pré processamento da imagem Tratamento da imagem por conta da imagem ser de ambiente natural, ou seja pode ter pontos escuros, como pontos claros. Orientação da imagem para que a imagem que seja recebida, indiferente da forma que ela foi tirada, o programa corrige para que a mesma fique no formato vertical que normalmente Lemos algum livro, assim facilitando a leitura do OCR. ROI região de interesse, criando caixas retangulares sobre os caracteres para retornar apenas cárteres com um nível de confiança acima de 50 ou 60% Extrair as informações do retângulos então após feito as caixas extrair as informações contidas nos retângulos. Seleção de...

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    I am looking for an experienced developer to create a software automation using YOLOv5 and OpenCV with Python in ML Tech. The main goal of the automation is object detection, and it will be deployed on a desktop platform. The object detection model requires advanced customization, so an expert in this area is appreciated. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in Python programming - Expertise in YOLOv5 and OpenCV - Experience in object detection and model customization - Strong understanding of ML Tech - Ability to work independently and deliver high-quality work on time. The software should include licensing management and account management, also has to be considered to secure the output binaries. Timeframe is around 1/2 months.

    €2330 (Avg Bid)
    In primo piano NDA
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    PINESCRIPT 6 giorni left

    hi,i am looking for PINESCRIPT coder who can help to make a strategy can you help make a strategy 1. there must a big swing up or down ( point A to Point B) 2 after this swing there must be a retracement swing in the fi. range of 0.238 (min.) ---0.618 (max) Point C , otherwise strategy doesn't apply 3. now after Point C price has to start reversing must . 4. As soon as there is a reversal , there must be a auto trendline drawn from Point A to Point C , ( remember by this time Point A & point C are fixed and will not repaint at all) 5 this trendline from point A to Point C need to be extended towards right. 6 Now whenever price breaks this extended trendline on closing basis & RSI must also be in same direction, our trade gets executed . Following parameters yo be defined on...

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    can you help me with my machine learning assignment, It's a simple assignment about- you have to download a dataset of tweets describing US airlines. (Note: she will need to create a free account on Kaggle to be able to download the data.) and then You should create a Google Colab notebook, upload the data, extract the tweets and class labels (positive/negative/neutral) from the CSV file and then train (and later evaluate) one or more linear classifiers (e.g. Logistic regression on an SVM) on the text as we did in the second tutorial.

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    Please see attached document/video for detailed instructions.

    €492 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a skilled data scientist to help me build a Federated Learning Model using a Healthcare Dataset from Kaggle. The deadline for completing the model is 1-2 weeks. The ideal candidate should have experience building Federated Learning Models and working with healthcare datasets. The detail description of the project is attached herewith.

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    Arbemi is a boutique DevOps consulting firm. We help companies and startups implement cutting edge DevOps & cloud solutions. Our vision is to be the default place companies go to when they want to build great software and make it easy for them to develop, build, and run code. Arbemi is run by a small team, who bring a ton of expertise (and fun!) to their work. This is an amazing opportunity for you to have a meaningful direct impact on our client's solutions and help them scale their infrastructure and operations. Some of the roles and responsibilities you can tackle: -Implementing CI/CD pipelines -Working with production environments -Creating professional IaC deployment solutions -Working on Kubernetes clusters -Manage all aspects of cloud infrastructure, including dat...

    €41 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Discover the power of color QR code scanning with JabCode Scanner, a cutting-edge iOS application that revolutionizes how you interact with QR codes. With its proprietary decoding algorithm, JabCode Scanner can effortlessly scan and decode color QR codes, unlocking a world of possibilities. My budget is $50 for this

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    Time Sensitive Email Dispatcher 6 giorni left

    The contractor will develop a full fledged software which will use SMTP service of an email service provider for reaching the target email inbox at a particular time. The emails must reach the target inbox at a specific time window - the time window may be open just for a second. No sooner and no later. Basically you have to reach the inbox earlier than anyone else.

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    LTE quectel EM05-G 6 giorni left

    I am looking for a developer to help with the integration of the LTE Quectel EM05-G module. This is for a project involving Internet of Things (IoT) devices requiring communication over LTE. My desired protocol for the IoT devices is LTE, and I am expecting a data transfer rate of more than 1 Mbps. The successful candidate should have experience working with LTE modules and implementing communication protocols for IoT devices. If you think you can provide the expertise necessary to help get this project off the ground, please reach out. I need some additional help with AT commands and getting the connection correct

    €29 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a developer to build an Openstreetmap website with Python / Flask for me to host. I want to be able to use it as a starting point for me to further develop. It doesn't need to be very user friendly, as I will be the main user - to select map areas and coordinates for another project. I am looking for something similar to this: but I need to be able to - lock the aspect ratio of the selection box - show more than the bounding box coordinates i.e. the center coordinates and total dimensions of the selected area. Optional: ability to select layers to display in the map, for example OSM tags like this: {'building':True, 'landuse':['residential','commercial']} Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of Python and Flask ...

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    I am looking for someone experienced with machine learning to help me develop a project to understand Indian dialect. The main objective of the project is to improve language translation. I require assistance finding the appropriate data sources, and the accuracy I need is moderate (70-90%). The ideal freelancer for this project would have extensive knowledge in machine learning, have experience working with data sources relevant to Indian dialect, and the ability to generate a model with moderate accuracy. If you fit these criteria and can help me with this project, I would love to hear from you. Thank you.

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    Remote Part-time or full-time live video technical trainers - Python, Javascript and DevOps. Your camera must be switched on at all times with your face in full view while teaching the course. We have Part-time and full-time roles. Please indicate your preference in your application. Changing your bid may disqualify your application. Part-time hours 6pm-9pm Mon-Fri BST timezone Full-time hours 9am-5pm Mon-Fri BST timezone Monthly pay. Essential Skills: Well and clearly Spoken English Python Javascript AWS Kubernetes DevOps We are looking at minimum 2 years verifiable working experience with the above skills. All times are in British Summer Time (BST)

    €204 (Avg Bid)
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    i need the machine learning coder for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed.

    €6 - €50
    €6 - €50
    23 offerte
    Scraping a table Darwinex 5 giorni left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me scrape a table from Darwinex website. The table URL will be provided in the project description. The desired output format for the scraped data is CSV. The scraper only needs to run one-time. URL: Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in web scraping and data extraction - Experience with Python or other relevant programming languages - Familiarity with Darwinex website and its table structure - Attention to detail and ability to ensure accuracy of scraped data - Good communication skills and ability to provide updates on progress.

    €11 (Avg Bid)
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    25 offerte

    Looking for an experienced web scraper that can scrape the airline website and extract the flight data and flight prices. Requirements / Specs: - Create an API(JSON) or a js/php file that I can use - Must in Javascript or PHP - Must use simple http request (axios, fetch, guzzle, ...),Puppeteer, Playwright, jsdom, cheerio, Symfony DomCrawler - Result must be returned under 5 seconds, please tell me if you can’t return the result in under 10s, for example the website is too slow - Recommended scrap their mobile apps with figure out their API - I need the source code to run on my system - I will provide input format, expected output format, test cases and more details URL

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    I want someone to automate orders based on trading view signal. If the condition specified matches, place a buy signal on Angel One with stop loss and target. Can share video for more details.

    €106 (Avg Bid)
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