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    Dando in input dei dati da webservice api o altro ci deve restituire i il costo della manutenzione

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    Simple Microsoft Access Timesheet 6 giorni left

    ...and it should be exploded on a daily basis. Therefore, you have in input some tables (I'll provide an exsisting database on MS access) describing the resources, a list of projects and how resources are allocated on each project (on monthly base). I need to have something to input the daily allocation of the resources and some cross-checks with the

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    I have a script, that takes an XML file as input, then creates a pricetable, adds a price to it, and then create a WooCommerce product and link it to the PriceTable. But the script is using Array_flip to match categories - That gives me some issues, as I sometimes want same category to be matched with more categories. Also, the script doesnt check

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    ...public domain • Site Monitoring • SFTP logs • Malware Scanner on Server/SFTP Application Details : • Application/Modules should be accessed though restricted users only • A input file will be downloaded in Calculation Server(Windows) with third party application and transferred in one Read + Write SFTP from / or User can upload via GUI • SFTP Accounts

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    Looking for a Magento Developer 6 giorni left

    ...one-page checkout: Whenever the customer adds an address to customer/account or in the checkout process and hit the „buy now“ or „next“ (depending on one-page checkout or not) button there should be an API call to validate if the address exists (Its just a JSON API call) When the address is invalid, the customer see an error and should correct the address

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    Trophy icon COVID-19 - Safe your family! 2 giorni left

    ...umprove our medical care infrastructure. You can help cutting down these costs. We can assist you personally for any matter and anytime. Just get in touch with us. <WhatsApp Button - Get in touch> All the best to all of us in this hard time. Stay safe! diaspoCC Team -------------- FRENCH: Salut xxx, La situation sanitaire que cause le virus corona

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    I need some Data Structural Modelling and Analysis. I mainly looking for someone to do the data input and analysis. Refer the attached files. *** Bid only if you can do this

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    ...this link. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083FR3762/ref=psdc_348967011_t2_B083KBKJ8Q i want the improve this prodcut. improvements includes allowing for higher PV solar voltage input, wireless remote bluetooth speakers that can be placed away from main unit, wireless connectivity to unit, proximity sensing and motion sensing and ability to locate unit. let's

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    AD Rewards 6 giorni left

    This app will take input, the invoice of the buyer and provide them points based on the invoice. This point will later be redeemed by the buyer

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    ...2.5.0. Attached is the data table in plain CSV format. The Shape file can be downloaded here: [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] (Click the "Download" button below the map on the right hand side.) THE COMMON FIELD TO JOIN THE TWO FILES IS "GISLINK". In order to finalize the job, I need a working Shape file that has all data fields

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    ...experience of working in Adobe Captivate. Please note the features i am looking for in this. - It should work on mobile and web - It will have a form which will have the user input his or her details. These details should be captured and i should be able to access them later in the form of google or excel sheet on my email or gdrive. - It will have interactive

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    VBA expert - Budget Sheet 6 giorni left

    ...view how my income changes over a twenty for day period. I need monthly budget that will include only a total of 24 days worth of entries. I also need a section where I can input daily miles driven and track them over the twenty four days of the budget term. Categories should be easily editable whereever possible to change them in the near future to

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    Have page where price is is hardcoded as javascriipt variable. The page use to hav...page where price is is hardcoded as javascriipt variable. The page use to have a Paypal button, need a Stripe Checkout button now using Redirect to Checkout. Stripe will handle form collection and processing. Title is an error, this project is for a Stripe button.

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    VBA expert - Budget shop 6 giorni left

    ...view how my income changes over a twenty for day period. I need monthly budget that will include only a total of 24 days worth of entries. I also need a section where I can input daily miles driven and track them over the twenty four days of the budget term. Categories should be easily editable whereever possible to change them in the near future to

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    TDL for Tally 6 giorni left

    ...date field & expiry date field all in separate fields. Also it gives me a button on gateway of tally to check balance of a ledger immediately, to check stock item immediately and auto emailer to send invoice as they are created and email ledgers by click of a button. Also a button to auto whatsapp invoice, receipt, ledgers in pdf format on designated whatsapp

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    ...per second. A smaller version of the network, Fast Rcnn, processes an astounding 155 frames per second. The input is the image of the plate, we will have to be able to extract the unicharacter images. The result of this step, being used as input to the recognition phase, is of great importance. In a system of automatic reading of number plates. Segmentation

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    ...view how my income changes over a twenty for day period. I need monthly budget that will include only a total of 24 days worth of entries. I also need a section where I can input daily miles driven and track them over the twenty four days of the budget term. Categories should be easily editable whereever possible to change them in the near future to

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    ...users, membering, submit products. The base of the app is already existing. It's about optimizing the existing app. FRONT Splash page (logo) List of products Bar code Scan button Scan result page (image, various informations) + Alternative products Membering (form and payment) Product Analysis Result Detail Page (automatic graphics depends of the consumption

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    Basic clean up of website 6 giorni left

    ...plugins. I have built most of the website but due to COVID-19, I have very limited time to invest into the final touches. Project objectives (mobile & DT): Arrange a single button location from the left to center, standardize cart/checkout page (currently have two different UI designs - both with stripe however), wire up homepage to signup page which

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    i want a css code or js for removing scroll to top button

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    ...*argv[]){ int C_SIZE = atoi(argv[1]); // Size of Cache passed by user ref_page cache[C_SIZE]; // Cache that stores pages char pageCache[100]; // Cache that holds the input from test file int i; int totalFaults = 0; // keeps track of the total page faults for (i = 0; i < CACHE_SIZE; i++){//initialise cache array cache[i]

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    Wordpress developer 6 giorni left

    We are looking for an experienced senior Wordpress developer to help us implement a recent redesign...and JS animations where needed - Add, update, and remove site elements where needed including header, footer, navigation buttons, links, and menus - Provide suggestions and input on page UI and layout modifications for both desktop and mobile devices.

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    websight changes 6 giorni left

    ...all the products that are for sale B2B it will have a button in the sellers dash board to take you to it it will have its own front page and sliders and banners we need a way to change them im thinking the button to go to the wholesale section up hear and big to stand out SHOW WHERE THE BUTTON IS all the products that sellers list on tootta will

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    I need someone to add a UI canvas to my Unity project. I want a button that records the screen, saves the file for sharing. I have the scripts to record the screen and save/share files. I also have image targets that I have placed on a UI canvas that I want to make links to launch the ground plane stage. I can give you an outline of how I want the UI

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    ... the mobile must have: A nav bar menu having different games, after picking a game, then the user gets redirected to pick a game server. the user can see a ping button. The ping button do: Ping that given IPv4 (Each game server have its own predefines IPv4). Note: The ping mechanism must give the same ping as the windows cmd "ping [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] -t&...

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    ...requirements from a requirements file. -The javascript front end(chrome extension) The button on the extension pop-up takes you to the options page for login. The login for the Saxo Bank portal is already implemented in the options page. The user clicks the login button, signs in to Saxo and then authorises our python backend. Currently if an alert is set

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    Data Embedding for Video Streaming 6 giorni left

    The employer wants to embed data in JSON format from an input of SDI HD baseband which has embedded audio. The input is a Video stream, which will then be passed to an Encoder. The encoder must be able to insert metadata in a JSON format with a minimum size of 5kb and the employer must be able to make calls through an API to the encoder. The information

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    ...the buyer with a help of personal messages between them. It means that, instead of normal "add to cart" buton next to the product, there should be a "Ask about the product" button. This should open a chat window with the Vendor of a procuct buyer is interested. In the chat window, there should be a possibility to send pictures. Shopping cart and payments

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    chess activity set-up using TinyMCE 6 giorni left

    ...use TinyMCE to create the chess activites. We use LT-PGN-Viewer for phpchess ([accedi per visualizzare l'URL]) and are hoping that we could allow tinymce to have a button to permit the utilisation of LT-PGN-Viewer. I am happy to help with understanding the activity system and provide an online environment where phpchess is installed, so you

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    Outlook Macro and Ribbon Button 6 giorni left

    ...a preformatted email. Now I have to make this macro work at the click of a button that I have to add on the taskbar of corporate users and I also have to make the macro work when the Macros are not all enabled. So I need 2 points: 1 - a way to distribute Macro and Button for all Corporate Users; 2 - a way to get it working with a certificate. Thanks

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    ...step checkout form for our online shop. In our online shop we buy gold and jewellery from our customers. The plugin needs to calculate the current gold price of the customer input. You can see a similar website here: [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] We want to display a chart with the current gold price and the customer can put his amount of gold

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    Hello, I need some hel...operations and a print preview with my Kendo UI grid. This will use an existing API, you just need to get it to be able to add/edit and delete records and as well as have a button in the edit form that will let you preview a completed record as a pdf. I need someone really good with javascript that is able to complete this.

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    ...modern darker color scheme (black, red, violet, etc..), not some safari colors (orange, pink, yellow, etc.) :) - reset button - text or some kind or icon - score text - it will be label with moves count - so I need font - icon / or some button to buy opt-out ads - there will be banner with ads in the bottom of the screen - everything linked together with

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    ...with managing their own websites. This order page only needs to have the items available for purchase, fields to enter customer information, and 'order' button to submit the order. Once the order button is clicked, an automatic email will be sent to the seller with the order details (NOTE: payments will be processed separately, outside this page as the

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    ...state/centre Government. The project should also include information on the type of machineries with their capacities to be purchased, processing performance, cost and other relevant input and output costs with their description. Based on this, the total cost of the project, margin money to be provided by the entrepreneur, requirement of bank loan, estimated annual

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    Trophy icon Animated logo in several format 2 giorni left

    ...needs to be as GIF, mp4 and in hd on dark background, white backround and transparant. (if possible) I need this asap, looking forward to your input :) UPDATE: One designer gave me a great tip to give more input so: 1. It should be a flat design 2. The crown should be animated first and the words should come after. 3. It should end with a sparkle.

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    ...no function. 3. 8 buttons fill screen 4. each button has a random number from 0-10 5. A voice repeats a certain number. 6. if a button is pushed that is not the certain number then a "Wrong" screen appears Then goes back to the screen with buttons and a voice repeat a new number 7. If the correct button is pushed the screen feels with video from the

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    Web developer 6 giorni left

    I need some changes to an existing website. i just need need you to change color of a button on my website.

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    ...components if you find <v-btn color="red lighten-2">Button</v-btn> all the parameter will come from JSON like : {"submit_button_color:" "red" lighten_num: -2 .....} etc. and rerender using axios. each CSS and each param of the components including editors menu and menu items , forms forms' input chart chart data also within ...

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    Excel Spreadsheet 6 giorni left

    I am looking...entered, I am looking to have the appropriate rows that represent the appropriate agent automatically be filled in the appropriate sheet within the workbook. Basically, the only input would be on the general ledger on Sheet1 but each tab/Sheet within the workbook would hold the appropriate entries that relate to the appropriate agent.

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    ...random person who is also actively also using this same chat app. They can choose to stay and continue to chat with that person, or move onto the next person by clicking a button. Kind of like chatroulette. It will always be random. We would also like a user to be able to filter other users by age/gender/country so it will only search for other users

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    ...a service provided by User B. The service is a discussion btw user A and User B. Previously the user B has to enter his credit to get access to the service by clicking on a button. At the end of the discussion the User B requests the payment. - The payment can be made directly from the User A to the User B or - The payment is sent to us first and then

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    Config Big Blue Button Software 6 giorni left

    BigBlueButton Software is already been installed you just need to config it

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    Create an ecommerce site 6 giorni left

    ...hostpapa.com. This will be two pages. Landing page, and product inquiry page. Basically landing page will include all general info and product information, there will be a button for place order. Then customer will fill the product inquiry form with Customer name, company name, email, phone number, choose product from dropdown, quantity and submit form

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    ...determine the next area they need to click or the next input field they are being instructed to enter information. (Given what I initially tell the overlay to do) AUTO STEP OPTION: Where we can add an option for “Auto Step” that will automatically navigate click the buttons and fill in input fields for the user without them having to click anything

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    Big Blue Button white labeling 6 giorni left

    ...Blue Button before to do fast white-labeling both for the system itself and for its Greenlight front end. We want to replace that with a different brand name. Such "customization" means none of the mentioned brand names or links will exist in the system after performing the customizations, which includes, AS AN EXAMPLE: 1. Remove Help Button 2. Remove

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    ...Admin add users (create / delete) • Can view each user's chats (screen2) User screen: • Screen1: Queue (all users can see chat msgs in queue) Features: [TAKE THIS CHAT] button, [Move to (users list)] • Screen2: Ongoing = after clicking [TAKE THIS CHAT] only the user who clicked it will see this chat. Features: [Solved] [Move to user (users list)]

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    I need t...course) and to be able to delete this user from my server including all his data. and one more thing, my app includin in app purchase, so I want to put inside the specific user button that allow me to open for him the premium section, open it and close it. Using spring boot and java Ill give you all the exactly information in private chat.

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    Convert PDF to Word 6 giorni left

    Hi, I need a PDF document converting into Word, including all the drop downs and the repeated text input. Also need the index page to navigate through the document.

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    ...user level login and those users should see a form, where they should enter the product, quantity(price should be preopulated) and few other details. 3. Upon click of print button, the bill should be printed(printer is same as the one used in any regular retail shops like big bazaar) Detailed requirements will be given for the selected/hired candidate

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