REDESIGN our WEBSITE and convert it to WORDPRESS from joomla virtue mart

WE are currently running a contest for Website Template for you to use

Here are the requirements

1. CRAWL our site (and subdomains) using XENU LINK SLEUTH or SCREAMING FROG

Once you crawl our site, export those reports and make sure everyone involved understands the website structure and the URL’s that need to be migrated (or redirected).

2. Perform an Inbound Link Analysis

do NOT lose powerful inbound links if you change our URL structure. Know the pages linking to our page, and where they are linking. Make sure our developers understand that those pages MUST be migrated. And make sure you utilize 301 redirects when pointing your old URL’s to your new ones. Perform inbound link analysis using Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO Tools. Get familiar with them, and don’t skip this step during a redesign or migration.

3. The 301 Redirection Plan

make sure all of your older pages 301 redirect to their newer counterparts. 301 redirects will safely pass PageRank from your older pages to the newer ones, and will maintain our Search Equity. Don’t botch the 301 redirection plan.

In addition, and this is extremely important, in order to prep for the migration, your developers should become familiar with .htaccess, mod_rewrite, and ISAPI_Rewrite. You will need to understand how to use them in order to issue 301’s, rewrite URL’s, etc.


Quick Tip: If you can keep the same URL structure as your original website when redesigning or migrating a website, do it! It will make your life a lot easier. If the URL’s remain the same, you don’t need to issue 301’s. Since we have a large site this can save you a lot of time and pain.

4. Have an SEO Audit Conducted, Understand What Needs to be Improved

It can help us identify the strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities with the current website. We can figure out what should be migrated, and what can be left behind, find problems that need to be addressed, and risks that can potentially penalized us. build a road map of changes leading up to the redesign (and beyond).

5. Analyze Site Reporting

analyze our current site reporting. Focus on the top content, landing pages, and referring sites reports. If we have landing pages receiving referring traffic, then that means there are external links pointing to those pages. Be certain these are transferred. Once you analyze these reports, export our analytics so everyone involved knows which pages have to be migrated to the new site.

Quick Tip: Want to export over 500 records from a report, but Google Analytics is limiting your export? Edit the querystring parameter [url removed, login to view]%3D50/ to a higher number. Then export your report. You’ll be able to export more than 500 rows. IE, [url removed, login to view]%3D1000/ would export 1000 rows.

6. Don’t Drop Optimization During the Redesign or Migration

Understand the power of on-page optimization, keyword research performed in the past, uniquely optimized pages, etc. Then the new pages either have the same general optimization across the site, or a scaled down version. You can use several tools to analyze content optimization, including browser plugins like SearchStatus, SEO Site Tools, etc. You can also view optimization via the crawler tools I mentioned earlier, like Xenu Link Sleuth. Your on-page analysis at this stage is also a great way to find potential optimization issues.

7. Set up Webmaster Accounts!

for Google and Bing. be sure to tell them both when we are moving domains

8. Vet Content Management Systems (CMS) be sure wordpress is the right platform for us

9. Understand the impact of programming and SEO. example, AJAX, JavaScript, forms, [url removed, login to view], the use of the canonical URL tag, meta robots tag, etc. can damage a site learn more on this link[url removed, login to view]

OUR SITE IS [url removed, login to view]


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