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The Officer Performance Report (Air Force Form 707) is an annual requirement for all Air Force officers, and the single most critical document related to career progression. This document summarizes the officer\'s work year. The challenge every officer faces when writing their OPR is the ability to condense a year\'s worth of accomplishments into a single form, and in a way that still has a major impact and more or less looks clean.


Convert government form into a wizard program that walks users through the AF707\'s separate sections and questions, some of which have a limited range of answers, others which have a limited length of summary sentences. You will need to develop a complex script/algorithm that uses guidelines from the provided supplemental data to convert raw data to a completed Form 707, generated automatically, and more accurately and effectively that the customer could have done on his own. To accomplish this, the program will ask the customer questions and use the answers to formulate into an effective final product, a completed form 707. The program must also be easy to use and graphically appealing. When choosing colors, please use the Air Force color scheme, which is blue and silver. These colors can be obtained through simple internet searching.


1. A web-based wizard that will generate a complete PDF form capable of accepting electronic signatures. If you are awarded the project, I will send you all details necessary to set up the website properly.

2. The program/application packaged into an .exe application complete with licensing/registration product keys to prevent piracy. The application must be compatible with Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

3. The program/application packaged into a mac compatible application complete with licensing/registration product keys to prevent piracy. The application must be compatible with OS Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Tiger.

4. Also, the web based application, the .exe file and .app file must be available for purchase on the website and must be set up in an effective way that enables customers to purchase, download and register the program.


This program will give officers the opportunity to automate the daunting process of filling out their OPR in an effectively. To accomplish this, the officer will input his year\'s worth of accomplishments into the program, and the program will use this data to effectively and automatically generate clear, concise and effective bullet statements that fit perfectly into the specific form blocks.

Officers struggle with listing their greatest accomplishments for the year in a bullet form... its difficult because the bullets need to fit perfect so that no white space is seen, and that is done through carefully choosing the right action verbs, abbr. certain words, and choosing the best way to illustrate the impact the task had on the organization. This program would be a stress free way to complete this form, because the program would guide them through the process through a series of steps that would ask the questions needed to analyze the data and use it to create the perfect bullet statements outlining the officer\'s accomplishments with the right action words and appropriate way of quantifying the results of the accomplishment. I\'m leaving the GUI to you because I am assuming you know what works best, and I don\'t want to constrain your creativity.


All of these attachments are needed to create the complex scripts/algorithms needed to guide the officer through the process of completing his form 707 faster, easier and more effectively than he could have ever done on his own. -- *AF707 (Sample) *AF707 (Blank) ((*GUIDLINES *WRITERS_GUIDE *Writing for Impact) (needed to create scripts/algorithms to convert raw data to effective bullet statements in Form 707.)) *AFI26-2406 (Contains additional guidelines on properly filling out the Form 707) *OPR_Example_AF707

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