Fabulous custom artwork-for incorporation in website-needed

Design Note:

The design needs to be designed specifically for Ubercart 2 / Drupal 6. There will need to be specific block regions that can be viewed at [url removed, login to view]

The site width needs to be 960px, fixed and in a layered PSD format

The images are in the two documents attached together with this document (and can also been seen at: [url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

Alternatively, and preferably, all images/graphics could be custom drawn (in similar'ish style to the examples given in the 2 accompanying documents), as this would avoid payment of substantial Shutterstock fees!


(please provide as panel frames) (ie first page of website)

* Girl & dog (IMAGE 1 – left-hand side character) to be on left side of screen. They both walk towards the shop front graphic (IMAGE 2 – remove girl on left-hand side of this image 1).

* Add the words “The Wag Trade” to the canopy above the store windows (Image 2)

* Add the stripes and roses images (IMAGE 3) to the top of the page/splash screen

* Also add the splashes of watercolour effect , as seen in the coffee shop diagram and the cake counter pictures (IMAGE 4).

* Consider adding a dog and/or dressmaking icon graphic to the ground floor window/s, the 1st floor balcony or the 1st floor window of the above picture

* Add the word ”Entrance” on door sign which is seen hanging on IMAGE 1

* Add the slogan “A complete capsule collection of charming canine couture”, so it resembles a road surface for the girl and dog (Image 1) to walk on

Computer instructions:

* (Please include a SKIP button, or a way to autoskip if browser does not support flash)

* This forms the main splash screen

* Splash screen will take up the whole browser window, (size to be defined)


* The doors opens when loaded and the girl and dog (IMAGE 1)walks into the shop (IMAGE 2, save for the girl on the left side of this image). This should run for 4 - 5 seconds

* Example of this can be found, [url removed, login to view]://[url removed, login to view]


* This will be based on the Laduree shop-interior site ([url removed, login to view]) .

* Please convert the Laduree shop interior diagram ([url removed, login to view]) into more of a line-drawn image/effect. Use the coffee shop diagram (IMAGE 4) as an example of this.

* Please keep the stripes and roses (IMAGE 3), in the same position at the top of the page.

* Please place the top half of the girl (IMAGE 1 - (right hand character) behind the counter - the counter should be covering her legs so that the top half only is visible. The counter should be based again on the diagrams on ([url removed, login to view]), again more of a line-drawn effect.

*Staircase graphic (from IMAGE 5) is to be added to the right-hand side of this shop interior scene. Please convert stairs into same style (i.e. a line drawing effect), again as seen in IMAGES 4

* Into this shop-interior scene, also add all/some of the graphics in IMAGES 6 (see separate document), as per the instructions in those pages.


*Character will wave and greet visitor and say: “Welcome To The Wag Trade, come upstairs and have a look at our collection"

Catalogue Pages

* As a wallpaper to these pages use lots of small, varied pastel coloured, dress-making icons from IMAGE 3. However exchange some of these dress-making icons with some of the small icons from IMAGES 3 SUPPLEMENTAL.

* Please again keep the stripes and roses (IMAGE 3), in the same position at the top of the page.

* Essentially the entire page should look just like IMAGE 3, but with some of the dress-making icons from changed for some of the small icons from IMAGES 3 SUPPLEMENTAL.

* The graphics on these catalogue pages should be faint, or have a degree of transparency in order to allow it to come through slightly, but for the text/product photographs to be readily legible.

* Frames to surround the product images need to be IMAGES 6

I would like to see a mock-up of at least the Secondary Loading page (ie the "shop interior scene" page). This does not need to be coded, but will give me an idea that we are on the same trach as regards the drawings etc.

Note there are TWO accompanying pages of numbered Images, which in turn are respectively referred to in the Brief Note above.

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