Develop a linear parametric model inMatlab programing



A) For the following systems develop a linear parametric model and develop an

adaptive linear parametric model. Also Simulate an MRAC for the second transfer

function. The MRAC should have settling time less than 0.3 seconds and a rise time less

than [url removed, login to view] seconds.





B) Next simulate the adaptive systems (all 3, the two adaptive linear parametric

models for 1) and 2) and the MRAC for 2)) using C or Matlab. Plot the adaptive

parameters. Plot the output of the plant y and its estimate. Plot the estimation error.

Assume the input is a unit step.

a) Use 3 different cases for the initial conditions.

b) Do the initial conditions affect the simulation?

C) Repeat B) using the input of sin([url removed, login to view])

D) Repeat B) using the input as sin([url removed, login to view])+cos([url removed, login to view])

E) What conclusions in your own words can you develop based upon your analysis

in B)? What conclusions can you make based upon the results in C), D), and E)?

Competenze: Matlab and Mathematica

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