XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a set of specifications for encoding electronic documents. XML standards are produced by the W3C and these are open standards. XML is a textual data format and it is used widely in web services. If you need help working with the XML standards or XML documents, then you can definitely make use of freelancer help for the same. Simply post your XML job today and get started. Assumi XML Developers


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    Hi there, We have some basic screens for our android app, we would like to add 12 screens which are already designed in Adobe XD. These are simple screens and most are a white background, the menu has already been built, so it's just added the content. We do not need to add logic, just the pre-designed UI. Please send me an example with the XD file AND the app link (ideally on playstore for Android). If the UI is built well for multiple screens/resolutions there will be more work. Thank you

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    I am looking for someone who can marge this ( ) upcoming html homepage template to this () existing theme and create wonderful website as per guideline given in this doc below. Technical Condition C1 - Thoroughly all device and screen responsive especially for mobile as 70% plus our audience will come from mobile. C2 - Page speed must have a similar score as existing themes have on google page speed. C3 - Coding must be completely SEO friendly For more details.

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    Trees management project 6 giorni left

    The project is a management program for multiple trees each representing an object. All objects have the same header information and different body -defined by another XML file. The project creates the trees and enables the user to link objects and subtrees from a specific tree item to a different tree object by reference ( all defined in XML) The work is all about Front End work. The data is read/written into local XML files. I would like to see work examples containing tree operations.

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    World Of Warcraft Addon 2 giorni left

    I need a simple world of warcraft addon written in LUA. The addon that I would want would a tool which helps mythic players to be able to more easily view the current affixes at all time at the right side of screen in a transparent frame that when hovered over would display the information for each affix. Furthermore, the addon would also be able to detect when an enemy engaged in combat may be interrupted by the user with an alert notifying the player so. The addon should also be able to store the users completed time and mythic level of completed runs in a slash command. Additionally, for every buffs or debuffs applied on enemy on allies should be highlights above the targets head Lastly, the addon should have a configc UI which can rescale and move each frames or disable certain funct...

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    An interface for the transmission of orders of an online shop is to be developed. You are the modeller of the associated file format, which is to be mapped as an XML model. The orders are queried several times a day, but not always after each order. It should therefore be possible to transmit several orders in a single file. If there is no new order data since the last query, the export file will not contain any orders. Each order contains a unique order number, an order date, an optional order comment and the corresponding customer number. It also contains at least one order item. An order item has an item number and a description. It can be either a service or a product. Services and products can in turn themselves contain further products and services (e.g. in a product bundle). The exp...

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    notusesaveas 6 giorni left

    using java for pdfs, some code written that will gray out in the drop down menu, not allow save as to be used in an interactive pdf using adobe acrobat reader

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    I'm working on an eCommerce platform, and I'm in urgent need of a Magento 2 Developer, who can take over some work and start working AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please message/contact me ASAP !!!

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    Need PHP Developer 5 giorni left

    Hi All, We are looking for a PHP developer with experience in building LMS, Psychometric data tools, MYSQL, SOP API, and XML. Further details of the project will be explained over an online meeting. Please let me know if you are interested in this project.

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    Need PHP Developer -- 2 5 giorni left

    Hi All, We are looking for a PHP developer with experience in building TAO, LMS, Psychometric data tools, MYSQL, SOP API, and XML. Experience with TAO is a must. Further details of the project will be explained over an online meeting. Please let me know if you are interested in this project.

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    Build an AS2 project in JAVA 5 giorni left

    want to build a java project that read, write and delete files using AS2 protocol.

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    Looking for a Actionscript3 developer who can help me to fix few bug fixes.I am very new to this technology and iam not sure about the bugs the bugs are like excel shows warning when i open the downloaded the excel file from the application.i use as3xls library, for writing the excel. We can discuss more on the payment if you wish to continue the project

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    Zinio - PDF to XML Automation 5 giorni left

    Skill Requirements: Sr. .Net Developer 4+ years of experience with Asp.Net, WCF and XML. Good to have OCR engine knowledge (e.g., ABBYY FineReader) Sr. Tester (Manual Testing) 5+ years of experience with XML. PDF knowledge is an added advantage.

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    Hi everyone, We need a someone to help us make a System to get information from our Mercadolibre account and display it in a user friendly, easy to understand format. Basically, Mercadolibre have an Api that gives a lot of account information by Json, we want to get some of this info and display and sort it in our convenience. The main feature we need, is to be able to select and item (or several) on our store, select a time frame and the system will show us all the sells that that item has in that time frame, and more important, the amount in $ that that item has made in that selected time frame, and the most important feature is that the system needs to give us an average of the price we sold that item on that time frame, for example: 1. Select 1 month time frame, and select just o...

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    Website and Travel App 5 giorni left

    Website for Travel Agency, including frontend/backend and api integration into booking platform and payment gateway. There is also a need for a customer portal and mobile app. This is a large project and requires a team of developers.

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    Build simple pixel rpg game in java android. It should have following features: 1) everything should be in pixel art. 2) there should be 20 different enemies and 5 bosses (get animation gif from google) 3)10 swords and 10 shields 4) player should be able to attack selected enemy . player and enemy should be show under their animation 5) it should have gold system 6)skill tree , skill points from level up 7)portions 8)your imaginations and ideas like achievements , quests etc. 9)battle log/battle results 9)save everything on closing app . image idea is attached below if work is good i will rate 5 stars!! :)

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    Have a php ecommerce website, need to create dynamic xml product feed for google and facebook catalog

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    simple movie booking system -- 3 2 giorni left

    Design and implement a simple movie booking Web application using Java based Web applications, mainly 1-Servlets, 2-JSP, 3-MVC, 4-HTML or XML, and Web Services.

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    SCORM VIEWER 3 giorni left

    I would like to develop a .NET scorm viewer and backend consumer

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    I have to setup 2 API / XML Data exchanges between Woocommerce webshop and 2 external programms. Wordpress with woocommerce ist the webshop -> one API to warehouse management SANICONCEPT -> one API to invoice and customer management BMD

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    Hello I am looking for a person who will perform a service for me like The application works on such a principle that it connects via API with the Polish auction portal A person listing auctions on Allegro, where the subject of the auction is a phone top-up code, license code, etc. The seller listing the item in the form of a code or the like. He registers at and adds his auction and loads his codes (he sticks them in the rubric with the line under the line or loads them from a txt file). Automater detects that the buyer has bought the item and paid for it, the system will automatically send him a message with the code. You can go to the website , choose the English language and check how the application looks like. Allegro developers Price to be agreed It can be a WordPress plugin ...

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    i need a professional help on xml web application

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    Greek MyData Connection 1 giorno left

    built a custom xml in php with mydata connection

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    I need expert to help on prototype and xml

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    I need helper to help on prototype and XML

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    Credit Pull - XML 1 giorno left

    We pull credit, save as a PDF and manually input this data into an Excel form. Image of Excel form attached. The credit system we use has an API that utilize XML. Our CRM is HubSpot. Initially we just need the Excel filed filled out with the data coming through the XML request. Beyond that, we'd want some of that data put directly into HubSpot.

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    i need professional to help on XML coding

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    I'm looking for someone who can help me to create a punchout catalogs for coupa system

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    Sample Source Code : Introduction: This is for Loan application project, all loan appreciation regulated by BOT - Bank of Tanzania, so all banks and organizations that provide loans to individual or company should submit loan history to Credit Info, and the time we need to search client we will get all the loan history of that client that can help us to make decision of approved or reject the Loan request. We need to fetch all customers information and save in one DB and show in table format. Type of search we will use is not company.

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    core php work 9 ore left

    1 fetch order id from supplier website 2 change order status after send order on supplier website 3 set yes when order send to supplier website using api 4 add condition do not send order to supplier website when fields not match with supplier website and show message fields missmatch

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    We are hiring 3 full-time bubble developers to take over our platform from the original developer. He will provide transition support. A Product Manager will be the team lead. We have a 2-sided marketplace (2 systems that interact) with an admin/reporting system, each engineer will be response for one of those 3 systems and be responsible for creating initial documentation and then enhancing the systems per the product roadmap. Our platform is for proptech, realestate tech, marketplace, lead generation, crm, financing, and more. There are a lot of functionalities on our platform already, too many that codemap will let us list out. You will need to have: - Multiple years experience with Bubble (advanced role) - Javascript/Jquery experience - Database/SQL experience - JSON, GET/Post API ...

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