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Video Services create and edit a variety of video products across many different platforms. Whether you need a series of professional video clips for a commercial, animation for a website, or even just music to accompany an existing video, a Videographer can create the content that you need. Videographers have experience in capturing footage, creating special effects and animation, editing and adding music, and using many different tools to produce the final product. Creating videos for advertising and marketing opens up the possibility for more creative options such as tutorials, animations, product tours, promotional videos and social media posts.

Here's some projects that our expert Videographer made real:

  • Professional promotional clips
  • Animated tutorials
  • Edited extremely short clips
  • Put together an animated advertisement
  • Added background music
  • Created Video ads for Social Media campaigns
  • Edited Youtube videos
  • Produced main page feature videos
  • Extracted short clips from long raw footage

From creating professional commercials to editing music with realistic animations, our experienced Videographers are here to make your idea come to life. By designing something that appeals to your target audience, it can increase sales and engagement with your brand. If you have an idea in mind and need help bringing it to life then why not post a project and hire an expert Videographer in With access to some of the most talented freelancers globally, you can get the content you always wanted without breaking the bank.

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    abbiamo 30 video di circa 1.45 minuti da editare in modo leggero, le riprese sono in stile podcast quindi inquadratura fissa sul soggetto con sfondo sfocato, abbiamo possibilità di fornire video già sottotitolati, la consegna è per martedì 18/06/24. Conoscenza dell'italiano fondamentale poiché i video sono di natura tecnica. Definizione del prezzo dopo aver fornito una risposta al video di bozza da editare.

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    Cerco un video editor maker per montare un videocorso Sono circa 3h e mezza di girato, necessita di tagli e di inserimento del logo. Verrà inviato un video comparativo di un altro videocorso

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    Cercasi Video Editor per la produzione di video YouTube da Live Twitch, possibilmente mediante Premiere Pro ma nessuna specifica software richiesta. Solo utenti italiani, a causa della natura italiana del progetto Verrà fornito file grezzo dalla durata media di 3h30, da cui andrà prodotto gameplay narrativo dalla durata di 18 - 25 minuti (2 gameplay prodotti da ciascuna live, se il contenuto è sufficiente) Inoltre viene richiesta, se possibile, la produzione di almeno 1 short dal file in questione Editing ridotto al minimo, solo tagli che permettano di escludere i momenti di "pausa" e chiacchiere, e che mantengano il ritmo del video incalzante ed interessante da vedere. Verranno forniti inizialmente 1 live a settimana, con la possibilità di espand...

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    Realizzazione canale you tube 1 giorno left

    Devo creare un canale you tube con video di cucina divertente stile How To Make Introduzione Breve presentazione della ricetta e degli ingredienti. Introduzione con una battuta o un aneddoto divertente per catturare subito l’attenzione. Preparazione degli Ingredienti Mostra la preparazione degli ingredienti con tagli rapidi e commenti divertenti. Usa testi sovrapposti per evidenziare i passaggi chiave o fare battute. Cottura Spiega i passaggi della cottura in modo chiaro, con pause per battute o osservazioni umoristiche. Usa accelerazioni (time-lapse) per i momenti di attesa, magari con una musica divertente di sottofondo. Presentazione del Piatto Mostra il piatto finito e assaggialo davanti alla telecamera. Concludi con un commento divertente o una reazione esagerata. Tagli ...

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    I'm in need of a video spokesperson who can fluently speak English. There's no specific gender preference, anyone is welcome to bid for this project. The key qualities I am looking for include: - Proficiency in English language to ensure clear and meaningful communication. - An ability to convey a professional and formal attitude while delivering the speech. - Previous experience in a similar role. This job would ideally suit someone who's experienced in corporate video presentations or has previously worked as a news presenter. You'll be required to portray a formal and professional persona in your delivery, similar to that of a newscaster or corporate spokesperson. I encourage any freelancer with relevant experience and the above-mentioned skills to place a bid.

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    I'm seeking a talented video editor proficient in creating captivating wedding videos. The completed videos should encapsulate the emotional essence, ideally tralers of 5-6 mins & long films of 20mins each Key Responsibilities: - Edit and optimize assorted raw wedding footage - Focus on emotion-capturing shots Ideal Candidate: - Exceptional skills in emotional storytelling - Proficient in latest video editing software - Familiarity with Indian wedding rituals and themes - Adaptive to feedback and revisions - Prior experience with editing wedding films is a plus.

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    I'm seeking an experienced iOS app developer who can update an educational video modeling app. The key feature the app must host is customizable video templates. The app is called wordtoob. Ideal candidates will have: - Experience in educational app development - Proficiency in creating customizable video templates - Proven track record of successful iOS app development Your role will be crucial in ensuring user satisfaction and driving engagement among education-savvy tech users. A keen eye for detail and robust problem-solving skills are essential as I am looking to develop an app with seamless navigation and an intuitive interface.

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    Seeking a skilled video editor with a strong understanding of basketball to create engaging clips from our weekly NBA podcast. The ideal candidate should be able to identify key moments that resonate with sports fans and optimize them for social media platforms. Proficiency in After Effects, Video Editing, or similar software is required.

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    Preciso de um frelancer para criar vídeos animados para minha empresa. São vídeos para Instagram e YouTube.

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    Engaging Soccer Footage Editing 6 giorni left

    I am in need of an experienced video editor to work on a short soccer football footage, less than 1 hour, to make it engaging and visually appealing for my social media followers. Key Responsibilities: - Color correction to enhance the overall video quality - Apply slow-motion effects to highlight key moments and add a dynamic touch to the footage - Compile a highlight reel to showcase the best moments in a captivating sequence Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in video editing software - Strong understanding of color correction techniques - Previous experience in sports video editing, specifically soccer, is a plus - Ability to create engaging and dynamic visual content - Excellent attention to detail to capture and highlight key moments The ultimate goal of this project is to...

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    60 Second Human Style Video Ad 6 giorni left

    I'm looking for a professional to create a 60-second video advert in a human style to explain a concept or process. The ideal candidate will have experience in creating engaging and high-quality video content and a good understanding of marketing strategies. Key Requirements: - 60-second video advert - Human style (live-action, no animation) - To explain a concept or process Ideal Skills and Experience: - Video production and editing - Experience in creating video ads - Ability to convey a message clearly and effectively - Basic understanding of marketing strategies The video needs to be engaging, clear and able to explain the concept or process effectively.

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    I need a talented and experienced video editor for my YouTube videos. These videos are typically longer than 10 minutes for long videos and also for YouTube shorts, demonstrating the need for someone who can maintain viewer engagement over longer durations. Key Responsibilities: - Reviewing content to create a seamless and entertaining final product - Incorporating creative input to enhance viewer engagement - Adhering to YouTube's content guidelines Ideal Skills: - Competency in editing software - Video editing experience, specifically with extended content - Strong sense of timing and visual awareness - Creativity and storytelling skills Here is a sample task that has to be submitted for review of the work and imagination process of the Person. "Creating a YouTube intro for...

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    As a music artist and podcast host, I'm in search of a proficient videographer to create a powerful 5-10 minutes long, cinematic-style video capturing the essence of the music concert I'm hosting and featuring insightful artist interviews. Key requirements: - Ample experience in recording live performances and conducting artist interviews - Ability to capture high-quality audio and video under varying lighting conditions - Proven expertise in editing to create a cohesive, engaging narrative - Aesthetic sensibilities to capture the concert's ambiance - Professional-grade equipment - Ability to deliver within a stipulated deadline Ideally, you have a portfolio of similar work showcasing your ability to tell compelling stories through your lens. I'm looking forward to...

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    Jasa edit gameplay 6 giorni left

    Gameplay mu bagus? Jago? Pamer dkit lah dengan membuat video gameplay jago mu semakin menarik

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    I am looking for an expert Adobe Animator to help me create an educational animation. The primary goal of this animation is to educate, so it's crucial that it's engaging and effective for a broad, unspecified audience. Key tasks and requirements: - Create an engaging educational animation using Adobe Animate - Work quickly and efficiently to meet an urgent deadline - Prior experience in educational animations is a plus Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Adobe Animate - Previous experience in creating educational content - Ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines

    €11 - €29
    Sigillata NDA
    €11 - €29
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    We are looking for a TikTok Viral Video Editor to work long-term with us. Base salary 300$/month, minimum 20 videos. As a TikTok Viral Video Editor, you will be responsible for creating potential viral videos and promoting our mobile apps through those short form video contents. Your goal will be to increase mobile app downloads with millions of views on the social platforms. In every time you hit more than 10k views you will start getting more bonus $$$$. Responsibilities • Create and edit high virally video contents for TikTok using CapCut • Engage with followers and respond to comments and messages on TikTok Requirements • Know how to use basic CapCut and TikTok style video edit • Strong understanding of TikTok trends and algorithms • Understanding about the ...

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    I am seeking a qualified video editor for a personal project. The task involves editing footage from a travel video. The specifics of the job are: * Editing content from a rough cut of travel footage * Enhancing video quality and making necessary adjustments Ideal Candidate will have: * Proficiency in video editing software * Ability to interpret my vision and ideas * A flexible and creative approach as the editing style isn't fully decided yet. All experienced and new freelancers are welcome to bid. Looking forward to working together!

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    Professional Dance Video Editing 6 giorni left

    I need an experienced professional who can edit dance videos. I'm looking for a capable video editor who can: - Create a seamless flow between different dance sequences - Make the video visually appealing and engaging - Add necessary effects that enhance the overall presentation The ideal freelancer should have: - Experience in editing dance or performance videos - Proficiency in video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro - A keen eye for detail and creativity to bring out the best in the dance performances Please share your relevant portfolio when bidding.

    €7 - €20
    €7 - €20
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    I'm seeking a talented team to help me bring my unique vision to life. The project involves creating a pilot episode of a Black sitcom blending elements of comedy, romance, and music. The plot will be set in various locations, such as a house, a restaurant, and a performing hall. The SCRIPT is already written! Key Requirements: - Skilled in setting development to bring to life the diverse locations of the plot. - Experience in directing or producing sitcoms is a plus, showcasing your ability to bring the script to life through sound. This project is a great opportunity for those with a passion for filming and a flair for creating engaging content across various genres. If you're excited to be a part of a groundbreaking project and possess the necessary skills, I'...

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    As a client seeking exemplary work, I am looking for a talented video editor who specializes in motion graphics and animation. While the style of animation has remained unchosen, rest assured I seek a professional touch in translating my vision into a captivating video. Here are the specifics of my project: - Your creativity will be tasked with producing a short, less than 1-minute video. - Your expertise should ideally include hands-on experience with various animation styles, as the particular style to incorporate is yet to be finalized. - Advanced editing skills are vital. Your bag of tricks should include not just trimming and transitions but be extensive to color correction and special effects. Animation and motion graphics may form a considerable portion of the video. Therefore,...

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    Classy Intro & Outro Videos Needed 6 giorni left

    I need a professional and classy set of YouTube introduction videos and end videos for my small business. The first part of this project is to create 4 unique introduction videos, each being 10-12 seconds long. They should be engaging and captivating, setting a positive tone for the content that follows. For the second part of the project, I need an end-video. This should be concise yet effective in closing the content, and should be 5 seconds long. Key Requirements: - Your video should be professional and classy in style, adhering to the theme I've chosen. - Incorporate my logo animation in a visually appealing way. - Include my contact information in a clear and legible format. - Use background music that complements the video's tone and content. - Stick to the color sche...

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    I'm looking for an intermediate-level stock video editor, highly proficient in DaVinci Resolve, to help refine and enhance stock footage. You should be able to work remotely on a restricted budget. Key tasks: - Clip selection and organization - Color grading and correction Ideal skills/experience: - Intermediate to advanced skills in DaVinci Resolve - Strong grip on photo editing - Prior experience with stock footage - Understanding of sequencing - Sharp color correction skills In order to be considered for this role, please provide your portfolio and your rates. Let's create something spectacular together!

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    Video Basic Editing 6 giorni left

    I'm looking for a skilled video editor to assist in the creation of a gaming video. The primary goal of this project is to ensure the video is engaging and interesting to viewers. The video duration is less than 5 minutes. Specifically, the tasks for this project include: - Basic editing, such as - cutting - trimming - merging of video segments - Ensuring the final video is under 5 minutes The ideal freelancer for this job should: - Have experience in video editing, especially for social media platforms - Be creative and have a good eye for detail - Be familiar with gaming content and trends, potentially to suggest edits that could enhance the video - Deliver the final edited video within a reasonable timeframe Your role is crucial in making this video visually appealing and ...

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    Trophy icon Schnitt, Ton Youtube-Film 13 giorni left

    Hallo, ich möchte gerne einen Film bei Youtube veröffentlichen und brauche Hilfe bei der Postproduktion. Ich habe für den Film 5 Aufnahmen von mir gemacht. Hinzu kommen Grafiken und einige Zitate. Ich brauche jemanden, der diese 5 Aufnahmen aneinander schneidet (sind alles schon passende Aufnahmen), störende Geräusche entfernt, passende Soundeffekte hinzufügt, Grafiken einfügt (die ich zur Verfügung stelle s. Anhang) und Zitate einfügt (auch die stehen schon fest s. Anhang). Ich stelle mir folgendes vor: Der Bildschirm ist vertikal in 3 Teile aufgeteilt (so als würde man 3 Youtube-Shorts nebeneinander haben). Ein Drittel zeigt ein Zitat, das nächste Drittel zeigt mich, das dritte Drittel zeigt die Grafik. Da es sich um 5 Aufnahmen...

    €700 (Avg Bid)
    In primo piano Garantito Concorso top
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    I'm looking for a skilled and creative individual with a keen eye for capturing dynamic and engaging content. The project involves creating documentary-style video reels and photography, within a half-day schedule. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in producing high-quality documentary-style content - Half-day availability for a planned shoot - Ability to capture evocative stills and video sequences Ideal skills/background: - Extensive experience in documentary style videography and photography - Strong portfolio showcasing past projects of a similar nature - Uses top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the highest quality output - Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills to adapt to any unforeseen shooting conditions. Participation in this project would not only reflect ...

    €17 - €139
    €17 - €139
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    Trophy icon Video Editing ----- fix video cards 29 giorni left

    Instructions: 1. Download 3 video cards 2. - Make them better - Two of the cards are too loud, turn down the volume 3. Add or remove FX and SFX to make these cards better Maybe use A.I to help Maybe add a beginning and an end 4.. Xedrik - This card needs the most work. Maybe change name. Font, color of writing. Change sound Slundge - Change the writing at the top. The Sound FX and Visual FX might need some help, add a beginning and end. Maybe change the font a a larger graffiti style font Inferno - This card needs help in the beginning of the video. The second half of the video is perfect. Maybe change sound.... change Doomonic wrath to some other fire attack.... maybe a Graffiti style font. Create a version with the name: Pyro

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    I need someone to help me edit a video for a promotional purpose. The video is less than a minute long and I need a professional touch to make it engaging and effective. Key Requirements: - Simple & Creative Editing: As this is a promotional video, I need it to be simple and creative to help convey the message effectively. - Attention to Color Scheme: The video must follow a specific color scheme which will be provided to you. - Time Management: The video should not exceed a minute, so editing skills to keep it concise and impactful are crucial. Ideal Skills: - Video Editing Experience: It's important that you have experience in editing videos, especially promotional content. - Attention to Detail: The ability to stick to a specific color scheme and ensure the video is concise i...

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    I'm looking for a skilled video editor with experience in advanced video editing, specifically tailored for Instagram. Key Requirements: - Advanced Video Editing: I need someone who can go beyond basic edits to create engaging, attention-grabbing videos. - Canva Videos: Familiarity and proficiency with Canva for video editing is a plus. - Premier Pro: Proficiency in Premier Pro is a must. The ideal candidate must have a good understanding of social media dynamics and be able to create appealing content that fits Instagram's specific requirements and user expectations. The video will be utilized for social media purposes, particularly on Instagram. Please provide samples of your previous work, specifically any videos you've created for social media platforms. Your bid...

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    I need a skilled video editor experienced in advanced editing techniques such as color grading, effect creation, and motion graphics. This project involves creating engaging videos for social media promotion on Instagram. The ideal candidate should be: - Proficient in advanced video editing skills - Experienced in creating engaging content for social media, specifically Instagram - Have a strong understanding of Instagram's platform and requirements for video content - Able to deliver high-quality, professional-level videos that tell a story with limited guidance Please share past work samples that demonstrate these skills and abilities. This will aid in making a well-informed decision about your fit for this production project.

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    Cinematic Wedding Highlight Video 6 giorni left

    I'm seeking a skilled videographer to create a cinematic style wedding highlight video, approximating 5-7 minutes. It should encapsulate the most memorable moments of the wedding in a creative, storytelling video. Ideal Skills & Experience: • Expertise in creating cinematic style videos • Extensive experience in wedding videography • Excellent storytelling abilities • Proficiency in video editing • Strong attention to detail and creativity is essential The final deliverable should be a high-definition, engaging, and enchanting video reflecting the wedding's best and heartfelt moments. Attention to detail and capturing the vibe of the event are crucial aspects.

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    I'm in need of a skilled editor proficient in Adobe After Effects to create a concise, engaging motion graphics video. Key Points: - The video's primary purpose is versatile, so creativity is encouraged. - Time frame should not exceed one minute. - The video should be engaging and professional, designed to captivate the viewer within the short timeframe. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Adobe After Effects is a must. - Strong portfolio demonstrating prior work in motion graphics. - Ability to think creatively and adapt to varying project needs. - Excellent understanding of video editing principles and techniques.

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    I am in need of an expert video editor with a knack for fast-paced, dynamic editing. My focus is predominantly on Facebook, specifically utilizing unique, engaging reels. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in premier pro and Canva is crucial - Understanding the art of less than 1 minute videos ideally for Facebook platform - Experience creating fast-paced and dynamic video content is a must. Your primary task will be editing short videos, optimized for engagement, and following a fast-paced, dynamic style. Providing premiere pro or Canva files upon completion will be desirable. Let's create some engaging content together.

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    I'm in need of a video editor who can transform my pre-recorded gameplay videos into engaging TikTok content. The final videos should be ready for daily posting on the platform. Key Requirements: - Skilled in effects: I require special effects that can add value to the content and make it more engaging for TikTok's audience. - Smooth Transitions: A strong knack for creating seamless transitions between my gameplay sequences. - Music and Sound: Proficiency in choosing and editing music and sound effects that fit the mood of each video. For this project, the method of editing can be discussed and decided upon based on what's most efficient for the project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in a professional video editing software - Prior experience creating TikTok...

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    I'm in need of a skilled 2D / 3D animation artist with a knack for creating kids videos having cartoonish, human-like characters and animal characters for an upcoming kids YouTube channel. The project is to create these characters and then create animated videos from them using jingles/ rhymes of kids. Important project details: - Animation Style: We're going for a 2D / 3D animation style. Your skills and experience in this style of animation are essential for this project's success. - Art Style: Breathe life into this project with a playful, cartoonish art style. Previous work in this style will define my choice of freelancer. - Character Features: These characters need to convey human-like / animal like proportional features. If you have a portfolio demonstrating your ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled video editor specifically proficient in motion graphics. I have raw footage available for you to work with, but I need someone who can take this footage and turn it into a high-quality 1 to 3-minute video reel. Key Requirements: - Expert in using motion graphics - Able to edit a 1 to 3-minute video reel - Proficient in enhancing video quality and aesthetics - Ability to understand the overall objective of the video and deliver a visually compelling result

    €11 (Avg Bid)
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    Modern & Dynamic Video Editing 6 giorni left

    I'm looking for a skilled video editor to help me with my reel and advertisement video content. These videos will be used on my Instagram and YouTube accounts. The ideal candidate will be able to edit these videos for an upbeat, modern and dynamic feel. A sense of pace and eye for detail is key. Key Requirements: - Experience in video editing - Proficiency in video editing software - Ability to adapt to a modern and dynamic editing style - Proven track record of creating high-quality, engaging video content I'm looking for someone who can work with me over the long term as my content creator. Open to creative input and suggestions. Please provide examples of previous projects that align with my requirements.

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    I'm in need of a proficient video editor to bring my 5-10 minute educational content to life. The project involves: - Adjusting video clips to form a cohesive narrative - Adding voiceover to reinforce the concepts. You're the perfect fit for this project if you: - Have experience in handling educational content - Are proficient in synchronizing voiceovers with visuals. I expect the final product to be informative, engaging, and professionally done. Let's create something that will truly resonate with my audience.

    €27 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a proficient video editor to bring my 5-10 minute educational content to life. The project involves: - Adjusting video clips to form a cohesive narrative - Adding voiceover to reinforce the concepts. You're the perfect fit for this project if you: - Have experience in handling educational content - Are proficient in synchronizing voiceovers with visuals. I expect the final product to be informative, engaging, and professionally done. Let's create something that will truly resonate with my audience.

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    Amazon Product Photo & Short Video 6 giorni left

    I'm in need of high resolution images and a 15 second video for my Amazon listings. - The primary focus here is on creating exciting advertisement imagery for my earbuds. - For the photography part, I'm looking for professional shots of people wearing the earbuds. These should be high quality and really highlight the product in a positive light. - For the video, I want it to be short and impactful, so a 15-second clip that emphasizes the features of the earbuds would be ideal. Potential freelancers should have experience in advertisement photography, creating product-focused videos and ideally have worked on Amazon listings before. I'm looking to create content that will really make my products stand out and generate interest. Feel free to reach out if you're interes...

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    Reels vedio editor 6 giorni left

    I'm looking for a skilled video editor to assist me with a project that involves advanced editing for social media content. The video will be less than a minute in duration and will require various elements to make it engaging and appealing to viewers. Key responsibilities will include: - Implementing professional transitions to ensure smooth transitions between clips. - Adding advanced effects to enhance the overall visual appeal of the video. - Color correcting to ensure each scene is visually consistent. - Ensuring the final video is of high quality and optimized for social media platforms. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in advanced video editing, particularly for social media platforms. - Proficiency in using video editing software and tools to achieve hig...

    €3 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a video editor with a range of skills suitable for editing home videos, corporate videos, and music videos. The focus is on medium-length productions (5-10 minutes), requiring a skilled hand in documentary style editing. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Significant experience in editing a variety of video types (home, corporate, music) - Proficiency in documentary-style editing - Ability to effectively edit medium-length (5-10 minutes) videos - Efficient and reliable, ensuring timely project completion.

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a creative and skilled video maker with a knack for crafting compelling explainer and tutorial videos, targeting various audiences from children to adults. Key project details: - The videos should fall within a 5-15 minute timeframe, captivating the audience with clear instructions or informative explanations. - Your work will be centered around designing and producing unique and intriguing content that appeals across the age scope - children, teenagers, and adults. Requisite Skills: - Experience in creating high-quality explainer and tutorial videos. - Ability to engage different age groups with tailored content. - Precision in delivering messages clearly and succinctly within the prescribed video length. - Strong storytelling skills with the ability to translate compl...

    €9 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Chica para canal de Youtube 6 giorni left

    Necesito a una chica no mayor de 25 que pueda grabarse haciendo ASMR (no es necesario que salga su rostro) durante 15m sin editar para canal nuevo de youtube, yo editare los vídeos y hare el guión, debe de tener una buena calidad de video (puede ser de celular) y buen audio, si estás interesada me gustaría saber de ti. $10 por video, aumentara cuando se empiece a monetizar el canal.

    €14 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a skilled video editor to bring a cinematic flair to a variety of video types. - Video Types: The core of my project will be wedding, corporate, social media and event videos. You should be able to adapt your editing style to suit the specific context of each video type. Ideally, you would have some experience with all of these types of videos. - Duration: The videos will range from 3 to 10 minutes, and sometimes 15 minutes+ so you should be comfortable handling mid-length projects. The raw footage is usually 3-4 hours - Editing Style: I'm specifically looking for a kinda cinematic style, so you need to have experience in creating this kind of mood and effect in your videos. I also don't need color grading - Tools and Experience: Proficiency in Davinci ...

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    I'm looking to create a 3D animation for our company logo to be used as an intro for our educational videos. I'd love to see your previous experience in this field.

    €35 (Avg Bid)
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    Edición de videos 6 giorni left

    Edicion de videos para tik tok e instagram, cuanto por video o como trabajariamos

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    Modern Animation for Book Summary 6 giorni left

    I am seeking a skilled animator to create a 3-minute video to accompany a book summary. The animation should be modern in style, with a focus on character animations, text animations, and background animations. Key Requirements: - Modern, aesthetically pleasing animation style - Captivating character animations - Engaging text animations - Well-executed background animations The video's primary goal is to inspire viewers. The narrator will be summarizing the book "Blood Out of a Turnip", and the animations should flow seamlessly with her ideas, enhancing the overall message and keeping the viewer captivated. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating modern animations, particularly for video summaries - Strong character animation skills - Proficiency i...

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    7 Slides talking presentation 6 giorni left

    I have Canva talking presentations. I'd like the talking person head to be moved to a different area to see the screen slides. I also need a some edits with words on the presentation itself. This will save me having to re do the talking presentation completely Need to be in mp4 see example

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    I'm in need of a professional 3D animator to create a realistic 3D video for product demonstration purposes. Key Requirements: - **3D Animation Style**: The video should be created in a realistic style, ensuring that it showcases the product features and functions in a clear and engaging manner. - **Purpose**: The primary goal of this video is to demonstrate the product, helping potential customers understand its functionality and benefits. - **Voice-over**: English voice-over is needed to accompany the video. The voice-over should be clear, professional, and engaging. Ideal Skillset: - Proficiency in 3D animation, with a specific focus on realistic style - Experience in creating product demonstration videos - Ability to synchronize video with a professional English voice-over - St...

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