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Software testing is an essential part of development process to ensure that the end product created is functioning as expected. A software tester will use various techniques, skills, and processes to assess the quality of a product or in other words the software tester helps to find defects and eliminate them before the product is released to customers for usage. A professional software tester has great command over coding, software development principles, along with an analytical & critical thinking approach to ensure that the software works precisely according to its specifications. Software testers are responsible for making sure that end users do not encounter any technical issues when using the product.

Here's some projects that our expert Software Testers made real:

  • Tested and reviewed psychometric test apps in the app store
  • Built temperature conversion microservices with REST API and JavaScript
  • Conducted vulnerability & penetration tests on mobile applications
  • Performed usability testing for Android apps
  • Provided user friendly experience via mobile apps for web application
  • Installed and configured Odoo Community 16 along with its apps
  • Setup up Selenium Test Environment and tested templates
  • Updated Wordpress websites along with their plugins
  • Developed a SMARTPASS/MIPS Attendance Software with MySQL_57
  • Designed and Coded a Windows desktop app for detecting repeated calls and printing addresses based on user Caller ID

When it comes to Software Testing, our highly skilled professionals prove time and time again that their expertise in this field is unparalleled. Our team of experts has a track record of successful projects that proves our high level of commitment when it comes to delivering quality software testing services. We invite you to post your project on Freelancer.com and hire specialist Software Tester today for your project that will be tailored to your specific needs!

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    I am seeking a skilled and detail-oriented Software Developer to join me for a project focused on updating the confirmation link timeout settings from 12 hours to either 24 or 48 hours on client side. The ideal candidate will have strong programming and coding skills, along with experience in web development and backend systems. Responsibilities: 1. Analyze the current system to understand the implementation of the confirmation link timeout. 2. Modify the existing codebase to extend the confirmation link timeout from 12 hours to 24 or 48 hours. 3. Test the updated timeout settings to ensure they function correctly and do not introduce any new issues. 4. Document the changes made to the code and provide clear instructions for future maintenance. Qualifications: Proven experience as a S...

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    In need of a Botium expert who can provide sound guidance on the implementation of a chatbot on my website. The chatbot is not yet implemented and its primary functionality should be offering customer support. Essential skills and Experience: - Expertise in Botium and chatbot testing in WebdriverIO - Experience testing Responsibilities: - Aid in chatbot testing framework development for conversational testing

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    I'm in need of an individual who can test my custom web browser on a variety of top websites. The project involves testing the following browser functionalities on the top 50 websites as per : - Login functionality - Navigation functionality - Form submission functionality - Opening in new tabs - Printing and saving I will provide the custom browser to the tester. The task is to ensure the browser seamlessly handles these functions across a wide range of popular websites. Ideal skills for this job include: - Proficient in browser testing - Attention to detail - Familiar with the most common websites - Ability to document findings accurately - Problem-solving skills in case of any compatibility issues - Understanding of browser development and its functionalities Your work will ...

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    Witam, Posiadam stronę, która wiele pozostawia pod względem strony graficznej jak tez swojej funkcjonalności. Szukam programisty, który wskaże błędy. Praca budżetowa - myśle, ze nie zajmie więcej niż 1,5 godziny

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    I am seeking a developer to create a stable and fast application for Windows that will interact with Telegram chats/groups. The application should be able to read messages from these chats/groups and perform specific actions based on predefined criteria. Key Requirements: - Platform: The application should be exclusively developed for Windows but can be also done in Linux if it makes the application faster and more stable(better). - Message Handling: The application must be able to: - Identify specific keywords or phrases within messages. - Consider the length of the message content. - Automatically reply to messages based on defined rules. - Forward messages to another chat or bot. - Perform actions(click buttons) to another chat or bot. The ideal freelancer for this projec...

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    I'm seeking a proficient QA Tester to conduct comprehensive and rigorous testing of our web applications. Key Responsibilities: - Functionality Testing: Assure each element operates as expected and verify our apps' features and capabilities. - Performance Testing: Evaluate the speed, stability, and scalability under various workload conditions. - Security Testing: Validate the robustness of our security measures and fortifications. Required Testing Platforms: - Windows and Mac Main Areas to Test: - Login and Authentication: Confirm these procedures work smoothly. - Navigation and User Interface: Test user interaction elements for optimal usability. - Data Input and Validation: Check if the apps handle data accurately. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in funct...

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    I'm seeking a developer with experience in XML text and proficiency in German to validate a feed on my site. Your job is to ensure that the existing XML text content validates accurately and free of errors. Key Requirements: - Strong proficiency in XML - Ability to read and understand German text - Prior experience in feed validation - Excellent debugging and problem-solving skills You should be able to precisely validate the data feeds and rectify any issues if found. The validation needs to be done in a way that guarantees zero errors in the feed. Required expertise in German language is crucial for the successful completion of the project. Your role demands a keen eye for detail and great quality assurance capabilities.

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    Solana Smart Contract Development 6 giorni left

    As an entrepreneur seeking to maximize the opportunities presented by blockchain technology, I am looking for an experienced blockchain developer capable of creating a Solana smart contract for my business. Smart Contract Responsibilities: - Handling financial transactions specifically involving payment transfers. - Triggering these payments transfers when predefined conditions are met as well as providing automatic execution of agreements. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in programming smart contracts on Solana's blockchain. - Strong knowledge of financial transaction processes within smart contracts. - Expertise in setting up automated transactions and conditions-based triggers. - Understanding of agreement execution mechanisms. The goal is to have a smart con...

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    I'm in the process of implementing a Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) for my small business, which has fewer than 50 employees. I am looking for a professional who can assist with the configuration and customization of the HRMIS to meet our specific needs. Key Requirements: - Implementation of Employee Record Management, Leave Management, and Attendance Tracking modules - Highly customized system to fit our unique business processes - Configuration of the software to cater to a small-scale operation The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proven experience in HRMIS implementation, with a focus on small businesses - Proficiency in software customization - Strong communication skills to understand our specific needs - Ability to deliver a user-friendly...

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    I am looking to increase the code coverage and quality for the business logic classes of my current project. The main objective here is to enhance the code maintainability by identifying potential flaws early on. Specifically, I need test cases that will provide a more in-depth check, focusing on detailed and complex test scenarios. In other words, rather than simple unit tests, I'm looking for a candidate who can dig deeper into the complexities of the system and provide a more thorough examination of potential issues. Ideal skills for this project: - A strong understanding of Java, Junit, and Mockito - Proven experience in writing complex test scenarios - Previous work with business logic classes will be beneficial - Keen attention to detail and a dedication to thoroughness.

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    I'm seeking a proficient Thingsboard specialist to manage my existing IoT system. The tasks involved are multi-faceted, requiring a range of competencies. Key Responsibilities: - Configuring and setting up the existing Thingsboard system to ensure optimal functionality. - Customizing the system to better suit our requirements. This includes creating new widgets and dashboards. - Integrating the Thingsboard system with various other platforms and systems. This specifically involves integration with IoT devices and mobile applications. - Developing custom plugins and extensions to further enhance the system's capabilities. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience with Thingsboard system management, configuration, and customization. - Proficient in integrating IoT systems, and mobile...

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    I'm in need of someone who can configure Nodemailer with my existing Office 365 account. The goal is to enable my desktop application to start sending emails through Office 365 SMTP. Key Requirements: - Setting up Nodemailer with Office 365: You should be experienced in configuring Nodemailer with Office 365 SMTP. - Desktop Application Integration: The ideal candidate should be comfortable working with desktop applications.

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    I have multiple website projects that needs to be thoroughly tested. The project is still under development, but I need someone who can look at it as a user and provide detailed feedback on its functionality and usability. Key Responsibilities: - Test the website as an end-user - Report any bugs, issues, or improvement suggestions - Verify that functionality is as expected Ideal Candidate: - Experience with website testing - Strong attention to detail - Excellent communication skills - Ability to provide constructive feedback - Familiarity with different types of websites Note: Please ignore the questions about the website's purpose and target audience, as they were skipped inadvertently. Your primary role in this project will be as a tester.

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    I need a Quality analysis/ software tester tutor for training. I am new to Quality analysis/ software testing and looking for training to get a job in this field. Someone expert in Quality analysis/ software testing and good in communication can apply

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    I am in need of a skilled software engineer for setting Up OJS(Open journal System): You need to install and configure OJS on a web server, by following the installation instructions provided by the OJS documentation. will need the login details

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    I need a Quality analysis/ software tester tutor for training. I am new to Quality analysis/ software testing and looking for training to get a job in this field. Someone expert in Quality analysis/ software testing and good in communication can apply

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    Aruba Core Switch Specialist Needed 5 giorni left

    I need an expert in Aruba core switches who can help me with a new implementation. The tasks required are configuration, troubleshooting, and network design. Key Requirements: - Configuration: Your job will include the setup of VLANs, QoS configuration, and ensuring high availability. - Troubleshooting: I need someone who can troubleshoot any issues that might arise during the installation. - Network Design: You will be responsible for the design of the network. Ideal Qualifications: - Proven experience in configuring Aruba core switches. - Troubleshooting skills in networking. - Strong understanding of network design and architecture. - Previous experience in setting up VLANs and QoS configuration. - Familiarity with ensuring high availability in core switches.

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    Virtuelle coin 4 giorni left

    to be created, the creation of virtual coins eth erc20

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me find a suitable OCR software specifically designed for Windows or Linux. It should be capable of reading the text on sample images provided in attachment and converting them to editable text. Your main responsibilities include: - Research and find an OCR software that is optimized for Windows or Linux - Present me with the best free or paid options. Ideal candidates should: - Have extensive experience with OCR software and can provide examples of past projects. - Remember i just need software so i myself can do it. the images are provided as sample so you can find correct OCR software. Please include your relevant experience in your proposal.

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    Custom Strategy Integration: The strategy will be based on a custom VWAP with strips indicator. Each strip will have an associated button for placing buy or sell limit orders. Orders will be attached to and move with the selected strip. Automatic handling of limit orders, take profit, and additional orders if the price moves against the initial order. Trade Management: Long Scenario: When a limit order is hit, place a take profit limit one line above and another buy limit one line below. Short Scenario: When a limit order is hit, place a take profit limit one line below and another sell limit one line above. Trade Close Logic: If a second limit order is hit (price moved against the trade) and the first take profit is subsequently hit, close the next average limit order. When the fina...

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    Welcome, I have some live TV that randomly displays the serial number every few hours. I need a video filter that can remove the serial code (hash code). This serial is unique for each stb so the solution must include a way to change which serial it should be removed from Stream. There are many devices that did not work. I can give you some important points Your offer is my budget.

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    I require the unique expertise of a seasoned penetration tester who can skillfully assess and enhance the security of my web applications, network infrastructure, and websites. Key Duties: - Conduct rigorous penetration testing on a specific application or network, with an emphasis on identifying vulnerabilities and assessing system resilience. - Provide strategic recommendations for improvements. Skills and Experience: The ideal freelancer for this role should have significant experience in implementing an array of penetration tests and a robust understanding of web applications and network infrastructure. Proven ability to accurately identify vulnerabilities and recommend strong security measures is paramount. Additionally, a solid understanding of potential attack scenarios and syste...

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    I'm seeking to find potential clients, specifically small businesses and larger corporations, for my software company. We specialize in an array of services, ready to cater to various corporate needs, such as: - Web development - Mobile app development - Custom software development The main value we aim to provide is improving the customer experience. Whether it's developing interactive and easy-to-navigate websites, creating mobile applications that are user-friendly, or working on customized software to address specific needs, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our agenda. Ideal partner for this project would be those with: - Proven experience in business development and client acquisition - Background in software industry, specifically in development services - S...

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    I'm in need of a tailor-made automation tool with specialized functionality. This tool should be capable of: - Using Python for automation due to its readability and wide range of libraries. - Identifying errors within test implementations, aiding in the quick and efficient correction of any issues. - Operating through a Command Line Interface, allowing for a lightweight, flexible, and versatile interaction. Ideal candidates for this job should have significant expertise in Python, a clear understanding of test case development, and experience in creating Command Line Interface tools. Experience in quality assurance and error detection is key.

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    Anunț de Angajare: Specialist IT pentru Studio de Webcam Descrierea Postului: Suntem un studio de camming online și căutăm un Specialist IT pasionat și experimentat pentru a ne sprijini în gestionarea și optimizarea tehnică a activitatii noastre. Dacă ai cunoștințe avansate în domeniul IT și o reală preocupare pentru industria de streaming online și cunostinte despre functionarea platformelor de streaming online, vrem să te cunoaștem! Responsabilități: - Gestionarea și rezolvarea problemelor legate de software, proxy-uri și VPN-uri. - Optimizarea și monitorizarea traficului online pentru a asigura o performanță maximă. - Implementarea și gestionarea software-urilor de streaming. - Cercetarea și aplicarea trendurilor din industria de streaming online. - Administrarea și...

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    I'm in need of students from 16 to 30 years old based in South Korea to thoroughly test and review a new online English teaching platform targeted towards South Korean students. The website mainly focuses on enabling live video classes, as well as providing an interactive space for students to provide input and feedback on questions. Key aspects to be explored in the testing and review include: - User Interface: Ensure it's intuitive and user-friendly for our target audience. - Functionality: Check all features are working correctly, with special attention to the live video classes. - Content: Ensure the teaching materials are correct, engaging and suitable for the target demographic. The ideal candidate for this role should have: - Based in South Korea - Prior experience in Q...

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    I'm looking for a talented developer to create a comprehensive web application for my accounting firm in South Africa, with the long-term vision of extending it to other firms. The web app should be seamlessly convertible into a mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms. Key Requirements: - **Client Management:** The app should have robust client management capabilities. - **CSV Transformation:** It should have the ability to transform CSV files into a specified layout that can be saved or printed as PDF. - **Mapping Code:** Each category should have a different mapping code which can be applied to the PDF. Please note: - The mobile app should mirror the functionality of the web app. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web development - Experience in mobile app developme...

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    I need a skilled developer to resolve consistent application crashes and connection failures in my Kubernetes / PHP Spark (CodeIgniter 4 ) environment. Key Tasks: - Investigate the root cause of the reported issues - Apply relevant fixes to ensure stability - Implement monitoring solutions if necessary Access Details: You'll be given full access to the development Kubernetes cluster and the backend code repository for troubleshooting and resolution. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Kubernetes environments and PHP Spark - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills - Experience in resolving consistent application crashes and connection failures - Ability to work independently with full access to the environment.

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    I'm seeking a proficient developer to help integrate my small chit fund business data with WhatsApp. Key Requirements: - **Data Management System**: I currently don't have a system in place for managing my chit fund data, so the integration should include setting up a data management system. - **Automated Communication**: The primary goal of this integration is to automate communication, specifically by sending automatic notifications and payment reminders to customers via WhatsApp. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with integrating data management systems - Proficiency in working with WhatsApp's API - Previous experience in developing automated communication systems - Knowledge of chit fund businesses or similar financial services would be a plus This project is...

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    I'm seeking a fitness platform developer to create an advanced platform similar to Fitbudd. The primary focus of the platform will be workout tracking, with additional features for an enhanced user experience. Key Features and Requirements: - Workout Tracking: The platform must have a robust workout tracking system that can monitor and store user's workout data. - Personalized Meal Plans: I require the integration of a feature that allows users to access personalized meal plans based on their fitness goals. - Community Forum: Implement a community forum where users can interact, share experiences, and motivate each other. - Video and Audio Call: Have the ability for users to communicate with their couch. - Workout Plans: Users should have access to a variety of workout plans to ...

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    I'm in need of a highly-skilled Full Stack Developer with a keen eye for aesthetics and knowledgeable in Frontend technologies (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and Database management (MySQL/MongoDB/PostgreSQL). This project requires: - Expertise in User Authentication systems - Proficiency in Data Visualization, integration of data analysis, and reporting tools - Experience in File Uploading and Downloading mechanisms The main purpose of this project is to develop an e-commerce platform. Candidates should have previous experience in developing similar type of platforms bringing together user experience and data management. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Solid understanding of web application development processes - Experience in E-commerce platform development - Strong Frontend (...

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    I'm in need of a talented manual testing professional for my project. Note-5 + years Experience Key Requirements: - Testing experience in RPA (Blueprism, Uipath, Power Automate etc.). Experience in JIRA or similar tool for creating system Integration test cases, UAT test cases. Experience in creating test plan and test run execution for providing test evidences. Single point of contact for SQA, PO, Business owner for closing JIRA tasks. Involved in designing, planning, delivering End-To-End automation solution and producing detailed release note documents. Experienced in gathering the required information related to Functional Requirement Questionnaire (FRQ). Creating Technical User Stories for the Sprint Tasks and updating the efforts in JIRA. Implementing change requirements as pa...

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    Project Overview The Comprehensive School Management System is designed to streamline and automate various administrative, academic, and financial processes within a school environment. The system includes a robust web-based platform complemented by fully integrated iOS and Android applications, offering seamless access and functionality to administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Key features of this system encompass student information management, attendance tracking, timetable scheduling, fee payment processing, and communication tools, ensuring efficient and effective school operations. Additionally, the system includes an online registration feature that integrates with the fee payment process, allowing new students to be automatically added to the system upon payment. Key Fe...

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    As a leading consultancy company that specializes in both Financial Consulting and HR Consulting, we seek to expand our service offerings and client base. Our primary objectives are to increase client profitability, enhance operational efficiency, and improve employee performance. Our target audience includes small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies. We're looking for a skilled and experienced developer who can help us create a comprehensive software project to support our consultancy services. The software should ideally include the following features: - Tools and modules for Financial Consulting - Tools and modules for HR Consulting - Capabilities for comprehensive data analysis and reporting - Client and staff management features - Decision support systems for...

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    EXP- 5 -6 yrs BGV - No We have an immediate requirement for senior QA personnel. The project is related to Data Engineering & RPA Automation, and we are looking for someone who has experience in QA from both of the areas or at least on the RPA automation are looking for Manual + RPA Automation Testing experience with 5-6 Yrs. of Experience. The project will start by this week and it will be a remote opportunity. 5+ Yrs Testing experience in RPA (Blueprism, Uipath, Power Automate etc.). Experience in JIRA or similar tool for creating system Integration test cases, UAT test cases. Experience in creating test plan and test run execution for providing test evidences. Single point of contact for SQA, PO, Business owner for closing JIRA tasks. Involved in designing, planning, delivering...

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    t-display-s3 amoled 2 giorni left

    I am seeking help in order to flash a sketch into the board and make the screen work. Very simple.

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    IMPORTANT ONLY BID IF YOU CAN WORK TODAY AND FINISH IT TIDAY I have a complete C++ code that runs successfully and is aimed at user interaction. However, I'm facing challenges in ensuring the correct inputs are matched with the correct outputs. Key tasks include: - Reviewing the code: I need an expert to go through my code meticulously and identify the areas where input-output pairs need to be accurately matched. - Debugging: Make necessary adjustments to the code to guarantee the outputs correspond correctly with the inputs. - Testing: It's important that you perform thorough testing to ensure the user interaction is functioning as intended post your changes. The ideal freelancer for this project would: - Be a skilled C++ developer with a strong understanding of user intera...

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    Web App Prototype for User Feedback 2 giorni left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a functional web application prototype. Its main purpose is to gain user feedback on its operation. The skills required for this project include: - Proficiency with prototyping tools and software - Knowledge in web application development - Experience with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design The prototype should incorporate significant features including: - Money transfer - A functionality for creating posts - Group chat capabilities - Bill payment feature - Wireless payment options Please note that the prototype does not have to be perfect. However, it should work well enough to collect meaningful user feedback effectively.

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    Secure C/C++ Coding Project 2 giorni left

    I'm seeking a freelancer with experience in secure coding, particularly in C and C++. Four labs and one assignment. Must be done in a week. Desired skills and experience: - Expertise in C/C++ programming

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    Document Management System Development Requirement Introduction This document outlines the requirements for developing a Document Management System (DMS) tailored for managing construction projects. The DMS will cover the entire lifecycle of construction projects, from planning to operation, ensuring seamless integration and transition between phases. Table of Contents Introduction System Overview Functional Requirements Plan Phase Bid Phase Design Phase Construct Phase Operate Phase Non-Functional Requirements Technical Requirements User Interface Requirements Security Requirements Data Management Requirements Integration Requirements Conclusion System Overview The Document Management System (DMS) aims to streamline and automate the documentation processes involved in construction projec...

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    I need a skilled software tester who can perform both manual and automation testing on a software built for Windows and Salesforce. The main focus of testing will be on user login/authentication and data validation. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct both manual and automated testing on the software - Test the software's user login/authentication process thoroughly - Evaluate the software's data validation capabilities - Report bugs and issues in a clear and concise manner Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in software testing on Windows and Salesforce platforms - Strong understanding of user login/authentication and data validation testing - Experience with manual and automated testing tools and techniques - Excellent bug reporting and issue tracking skills - Attention to detai...

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    I want to have an SMM website, but it will be based on advertising campaigns and not through automatic programs, bots, and fake accounts. The site will be private to me. This means that I do not want my website to be linked to another website. No, I want a website that will be mine so that I can sell all the social media services on my SMM website. Through advertising campaigns and not through automatic programs, bots, and fake accounts. At the same time, I can make the server work even if the computer is closed, because I do not want it to be, for example, that the computer must be open for the server to work.

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    I'm in need of a seasoned Java developer who can build a Windows desktop application. My project requires: - Extensive experience in Java and desktop application development. - In-depth understanding of the Windows operating system, and ability to make the software stable and easy-to-use on this platform. - Knowledge in software testing to ensure the application works flawlessly. - Remarkable problem-solving skills. The ideal candidate should demonstrate past work examples pertaining to Windows desktop applications. Looking forward to sparking collaboration.

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    UPS API Label Creator App 2 giorni left

    WE HAVE SELECTED TWO candidates. HOLD ALL BIDS. ********************************************************

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    In need of a Minecraft Forge Mod Developer to join our Dev Team! You'll be a partner of experienced developers. Key Features: - Experience with Forge - Experience with Minecraft Deliverable: - A fully functional Minecraft Forge Mod with the aforementioned features. Additional Information: - I'm looking for a professional who can work efficiently with a team, as this project will require effective collaboration to meet the desired goal. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Java and Minecraft Forge API - Experience in creating mods for multiple Minecraft versions - Strong understanding of game design, particularly in the realm of Minecraft - Effective communication and collaboration skills to work with a team. If you think you have the required skills and experience, I'd love...

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    There's a sign-in problem with our Laravel website. The issue has been persistent for a while now. When users try to sign in, the php log reports the signin success. but the browser kicks user out and user stays not logged in. The issue occurs randomly with about a 20% chance of happening. Key Aspects: - Sign-In Problem: The primary task is to identify and resolve the underlying cause of the sign-in failures. - Random Occurrence: The issue happens randomly, but approximately 20% of the time. The aim is to reduce this percentage to zero. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Laravel Development: A deep understanding and experience with Laravel is essential for troubleshooting this issue. - Debugging Skills: The freelancer needs to be adept at debugging and identifying the root cause of so...

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    I'm in need of a Python developer with strong REST API experience to support the development of a web application. Key Requirements: - Ability to troubleshoot and fix bugs in existing code. - Capable of developing new features for the application. - Experience in performance optimization for web applications. Please provide your experience with REST APIs and Python development in your proposal.

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    Chating OF 1 giorno left

    Quiero una persona experta con el tema del chating para una cuenta de only fans que tenga experiencia mercado serio.

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional to create a Load, Functional testing, Security testing LLM to test our internal websites. Key Requirements: - Operating System: The LLM must be compatible with Windows. - Reporting: The LLM should report test results through an integrated dashboard. - Testing: The LLM must be capable of performing Load, Functional, and Security testing. - Test Cases: The LLM must be able to create tests cases based on the current state of the website. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in creating and working with LLMs. - Proficiency in load, functional, and security testing. - Familiarity with Windows OS and dashboard reporting systems.

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    I'm looking for a skilled full stack developer who can design and build a modern E-commerce application for me. Key Features: - Push Notifications: The app should be able to send push notifications to users. - To integrate the payment system in the platform. - The e-mail communication system between the user and the platform, the OTP system for mail and phone - Social Media Integration: It is important that the app has integration with various social media platforms for ease of use and sharing. - Offline Functionality: The app should be able to function even when the user is offline. Ideal Skills for this project include: - Proficiency in developing cross-platform mobile applications - Experience with designing and implementing E-commerce applications - Strong knowledge of integrat...

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