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Objective C is a powerful programming language that enables developers to create compelling apps and extend existing applications. It lies at the foundation of many popular iOS, macOS and tvOS apps, providing developers with an efficient, high-performance platform. An Objective C Developer can provide customized app solutions to meet nearly any requirement. From a user-friendly layout, to tight security protocols, Objective C can be used to create nearly any application with any feature set.

Here's some projects that our expert Objective C Developer made real:

  • Creating mobile applications with features such as authentication methods, tracking capabilities, displaying views, CarPlay integration and map route drawing
  • Developing social/shopping experiences akin to Uber, as well as in-app video sharing
  • Designing and building unique learning platforms to aid in mastering Asian alphabets
  • Adding functionality for google & apple logins for compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms

An Objective C Developer is capable of providing innovative solutions for custom app designs and any desired feature set with swift development timetables. Our developers are experienced in debugging so your project will be completed on time & within budget. With Freelancer.com, these professionals can be available to help make your app concept a reality. Post your project now and find the perfect expert developer for your project!

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    I have this script Please read the script and see if you can do this language it is in native The script is a taxi app what I am looking for is when a driver contacts a customer and it should go to voice messaging so the both driver and passenger can contact each other via voice messages. This is what I need. Both apps, android and iOS the code must be neat and tidy with bug free. I will check it and if everything is okay then I will pay you remember this do not start to cry and say that I need the money now

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    I need a swift installation of Visual Studio Code on my Linux server. The server is remote, running Apache 2.4.59. I desire this task to be done as soon as possible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge on Apache servers - Experience in Linux server administration - Proficiency in using Visual Studio Code - Strong capability in task completion under tight deadlines The job will require: - Remote access to the server - Linux server setup and configuration - Installation of Visual Studio Code Please note that quick and proficient execution of this project is of utmost importance.

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    Linphone App Customization 6 giorni left

    We need to customize linphone's windows/macOS/iOS/android apps with regular PBX features, sms,sip Presence,BLF,etc. Needs to be customize with our company logo/colors. Change colors and logos to match our theme. Sleek and professional design. Login screen to accept username and password or scan QR code Incoming and outgoing calls. Call Transfer (Blind and assisted transfer) Hold Call Transfer Call Attended Transfer Call End Call Conference Call (merge the calls) Video calls Presence and IM features Call history Smart contact list, with address book synchronization for smartphones Audio/video conference calls and scheduled meetings Call transfer and multi-call management (pause and resume) One-to-one and multi-participant conversations Intuitive message delivery ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced app developer to create a high quality hybrid app that supports both iOS and Android platforms. The core functionality of the app should include: - User Profile Creation: Users should be able to establish their own unique profiles utilizing phone verification for authentication. It's crucial that this feature is secure, fast, and seamless for all users. Ideal candidate for this project must have: - Skill and experience in developing cross-platform or hybrid mobile apps - Expertise in user profile creation and phone authentication implementation - Attention to details ensuring high standard output - Exceptional problem-solving skills to efficiently fix potential glitches.

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    Resolve Yum Issues on React Native 6 giorni left

    I'm currently experiencing some issues with yum on both iOS and Android platforms within my React Native application. Unfortunately, I can't specify the exact nature of the problem as I've no clear understanding of it. Therefore, I need a skilled React Native developer to: - Inquire about the nature of the issues I'm encountering - Identify and troubleshoot the cause(s) of these issues - Propose and implement effective solutions. With no specified deadline, patience and careful attention to detail will be more valuable assets for this job than speed. Additionally, prior experience with resolving yum issues and good communication skills to simplify complex technical explanations for me will be highly beneficial.

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    I am seeking an experienced iOS App Developer from Pakistan who can assist with bug fixes and further development of my application. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Swift, Objective-C, or C++ - Experienced in iOS app development - Able to effectively troubleshoot and fix bugs - Comfortable with ongoing development tasks Ideal Applicant should: - Have a strong portfolio of past work - Be able to provide proof of experience in iOS app development - Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively - Be comfortable working in an environment with continuous development iterations Please include your experience in your application.

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    I'm seeking a talented developer to create an application where users can upload video reels. I need an artificial intelligence feature integrated into the app that can analyze these reels. Moreover, the AI should also be capable of scanning texts that users input and turn them into a document. The app needs to be monolingual and doesn't require support for multiple languages. The app will let users upload revision notes with a point system and have a dashboard of how long they've spent doing it. I want to eventually make it into an app which teachers, parents and students can use to check their childs activity and help others. i want a spot for brands to post student discounts and eventually earn commision off it the app sould also have a pro subscripion which has access to...

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    Hello! I'm looking for an experienced Person who can build the mobile device management (MDM) Server for iPhone device. Specifically, I need someone with expertise who can create a custom MDM solution. This solution must be capable of advanced user access control, including full control of devices, remote wipe capabilities, and more. The MDM functionality I need is for iPhone device enrollment and management. I do not have an existing solution that needs to be integrated, so will require a new solution to be built from scratch. Before showing interest on this job, Please read the below link and then you can bid for this job FYI: The ideal candidate has extensive experience developing mobile device management solutions and can create a solution that meets my needs in terms of th...

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    I need a skilled mobile app developer, experienced in creating dynamic, user-friendly social networking apps. The main focus is to create a platform to promote meaningful individual chats interactions: - User Profiles: Develop a feature that allows users to create and manage attractive user profiles. Experience in designing user profiles for other social networking apps would be advantageous. - Messaging: Mainly, the app should support individual chats. Your expertise in integrating seamless, bug-free messaging functionality would be desirable. Your knowledge of both iOS and Android app development is critical for the successful completion of this project. So, ensure you can translate an app concept into a high-quality, user-friendly interface. Please bid if you can turn my innovative s...

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    I'm in need of an experienced and creative mobile app developer to craft an innovative mobile application for me. The mobile app should serve the general public and combine some specific features to make a user's experience convenient and enjoyable. Key functionalities should include: - Social media integration, allowing users to connect the app with their various social media accounts - In-app messaging, enabling users to communicate with each other within the app - Push notifications, informing users about important updates or messages even when they are not actively using the app Timing is crucial for this project as I'm looking to have it completed within a month. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in mobile app development for both iOS and Android pl...

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    As a client, I'm in need of an experienced mobile app developer who can help me deploy a cross-platform app. The primary goal of the app is to facilitate online food delivery, catering to users across different platforms. Key Features: - User Registration and Login: The app should allow users to create accounts and log in securely, with options to save their preferences and order histories. - Restaurant Selection and Menu Browsing: Users should be able to browse through a list of restaurants, view their menus, and select items for their orders. - Order Tracking and Delivery Status Updates: The app must provide real-time order tracking and push notifications for delivery status updates, ensuring transparency and convenience for the users. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in...

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    Social App Development 6 giorni left

    As the owner of a start-up aiming to connect individuals, I'm seeking a professional app developer to bring my vision to life. The platform should be available on both iOS and Android. Key Features: - Messaging: A secure, user-friendly messaging system is essential for users to communicate effectively. - Profile Customization: The ability for users to personalize their profiles with images, information and preferences is key for building a social identity. - Friend Request System: A seamless system for users to connect with others is crucial. It's important that both existing and new connections can be made with ease. Skills and Experience: - Demonstrable experience in developing and launching social apps, with a portfolio showcasing your work. - Proficient with both iOS and An...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Swift developer with experience in implementing in-app purchases in macOS applications. The application is already built and functioning, but I require assistance in adding a subscription-based in-app purchase feature. Key Requirements: - Have access to the Apple Developer Program and experience in submitting in-app purchase features to the Apple Store - Proficient in Swift, as the application is built using this language - Ability to implement subscription-based in-app purchases seamlessly - Experience in the development of macOS applications and complying with Apple Store guidelines Your responsibilities will include: - Implementing the subscription-based in-app purchase into the existing macOS application - Ensuring the in-app purchase feature is fully op...

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    I'm struggling with the latest version of Evernote on my Mac. Can you help me with the following issues? - User Interface Changes: The new version has a different interface, which I'm finding confusing and disruptive to my workflow. - Syncing Issues: I'm having trouble syncing my notes across my devices. It's causing issues in terms of accessing and updating my data. - Note Organization Changes: The way notes are organized in the new version has also changed. I need assistance in understanding and adapting to this new system. I'm looking for someone who is experienced with Evernote, especially the latest Mac version. Your job would be to help me understand and effectively use the new features, as well as troubleshoot any syncing issues.

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    I'm in need of a mobile application for both iOS and Android that allows users to capture the food additives list (code numbers) on a product packaging using their phone's camera. The core functionality of the app should involve the following: - Image Recognition: The app should be able to accurately scan and recognize the text from the image of the additives list. - Text Analysis: Automatically provide the official and layman descriptions of all the additives. - Health Impact: The app should also have a feature that provides known health impacts of each additive. Key Features: - Cross-Platform: The app should be developed for both iOS and Android, ensuring a wider reach. - Minimalist Design: The user interface should be simple and minimalist to ensure ease of use and focus on ...

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    I'm looking to create a custom CRM platform that leverages NFC card technology, and an accompanying iOS app. Here's a breakdown of the project's key components: - **NFC Card Interface Features:** - Payment Processing: Users should be able to make purchases directly through the interface - Access Control: Secure access to certain information or features based on user roles - Loyalty Program Management: Implement a loyalty program to incentivize user engagement - User Portfolio: Users should be able to customize their interface with links, contact information, and product displays - **iOS App Development:** I need an iOS app to complement the NFC interface and provide a seamless user experience across different platforms. Ideal candidates for this project ...

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    We are seeking an experienced mobile app developer to create a robust application for reselling data eSIM on both Android and iOS platforms. The app will enable user registration, data plan selection, eSIM activation, payment functionality, and additional features as outlined below. Requirements: Platform: The app should be developed for both Android and iOS platforms. Functionality: User registration and login features with secure data collection (Name, email, phone number) for marketing purposes. User consent for data collection and Terms & Use agreement mandatory. Social media login options (Google/Facebook) for simplified registration (optional). Data plan selection and eSIM activation within the app. Integration of payment gateways for transactions. Data Usage Tracking: The ap...

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    I'm searching for a talented developer to create an application that caters to a non-profit organization's needs. This application will be downloadable on both IOS Appstore and Google store, seamlessly interacting with both Apple and Samsung devices. The key features should include: - Task/Event Management: The app should provide an avenue for the creation and assignment of tasks or events. It will be fundamentally used for administrative organization and must hence accommodate this featured component efficiently. - Notification System: Having a reminder and update system is crucial for the app’s functionality. Timely notifications about upcoming tasks or events should lead to seamless organization. - RSVP Functionality: Incorporate a system that allows users to RSVP or si...

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    iOS App Swift Developer Needed 5 giorni left

    We're looking for a developer to add functionality to a Swift library Here's an explanation of what we need to do. We need to add this functionality (), to this Flutter package in the iOS part (), because we need to export the result of VNDocumentCameraViewController as a PDF with the text printed on it. Do you think you could do it, and how long would it take ? Please put it in your bid

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    I am looking for an experienced iOS app developer who can create a modern e-commerce application for my business. The app should be designed with a modern theme in mind. The main features that we need included in the app are: - Product catalog: The app should be able to display our products in an engaging and user-friendly way. - Shopping cart: Users should be able to add and remove items to their cart as they browse through the app. - Payment gateway: The app should have a secure and reliable payment gateway that supports various payment methods. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Extensive experience in developing iOS applications, especially e-commerce apps. - A strong understanding of user experience and modern design principles. - Proficiency in integrating payment g...

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    Multi-platform user App Development 5 giorni left

    I'm seeking an experienced app developer capable of creating an information sharing application for both iOS and Android systems. The primary aim of the app surrounds the exchange and access of information. A key requirement is the incorporation of specific features such as: - User reviews: App users should be able to leave and view reviews. - Product search: To facilitate easy information access, the app should house a well-optimized product search feature. An ideal candidate should have extensive experience in both iOS and Android app development, with a focus on creating user-friendly interfaces and robust search functions. A familiarity with integrating user review systems would be beneficial. These combined skills will contribute dramatically towards creating an app that pro...

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    I'm in need of a proficient mobile app developer with a strong understanding of both iOS and Android platforms. Key functionalities to include: - Integration with Google, Apple, and Facebook for seamless login experience. The ideal candidate should have: - Previous experience in creating and integrating social media logins on a mobile app. - Proven expertise in both iOS and Android app development. - Experience with e-commerce features would be a bonus. The end goal is to create a user-friendly app with easy social interaction capabilities, including secure login options through popular social media platforms. Your specialist knowledge will be pivotal in achieving this.

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    I'm looking for a skilled app developer to create a social networking app like a dating site for both iOS and Android platforms where people can connect , chat and video call randomly but it must be paid for the users. Key Requirements: - The app will primarily serve as a social networking platform. - User profiles should be fully customizable. This means users should be able to edit and personalize their profiles to reflect their individuality. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing social networking applications is highly desirable. - Strong proficiency in both iOS and Android app development is essential. - Prior experience implementing fully customizable user profiles is a big plus. - A keen eye for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design wi...

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    I'm seeking an experienced iOS app developer to assist with bug fixes and future feature implementation on my existing application. Key Responsibilities: - Addressing UI/UX, performance, and functional issues that may arise. - Implementing new features based on provided specifications. Ideal Freelancer: - Proven track record of iOS app development. - Proficiency in Swift and Xcode. - Experience with bug tracking tools. - Ability to translate user feedback into actionable development tasks. Please include your experience in your application.

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    I'm in need of an expert to help me transfer my WhatsApp chat history from an Android device to my new iPhone. Key Requirements: - Transfer WhatsApp chat history from an Android device to an iPhone - Reliability and quality, keeping in mind the importance of the data Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in both iOS and Android systems - Experience with WhatsApp data transfer - Understanding of encryption standards Note: Preserving chat encryption is not a priority in this case.

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    iOS xCode App for Voice Notes 4 giorni left

    I'm seeking an experienced app developer for a project. The task is to create an app on the iOS platform using xCode. This unique application will allow users to send short voice notes to their friends via the internet, with the ability for these notes to be played through notifications. Key Features: - The app needs to have an ability to send voice notes, with a maximum duration of less than 1 minute. - Upon receiving, the voice note can be played automatically or manually based on user settings in the app. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience with iOS development and xCode is a necessity for this project. - Experience with online communication features, such as voice note sending/receiving, will be highly beneficial. - Knowledge in user-interface design to implement a set...

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    Two-Way SMS App for iOS and Web 4 giorni left

    I am seeking an experienced developer to create a two-way SMS app that is compatible with iOS and web-based platforms. The app should enable users to: - Send and receive SMS messages - Manage contacts - View message history Moreover, I'd like the following features integrated: - Push notifications - Message search functionality - Support for attachments Proficiency in iOS and web development, experience with SMS-based applications, and understanding of push notifications, search functionality and attachment support are crucial for this project. Your insight and suggestions to optimize the user experience would be highly appreciated. similar to

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    Opinion Collection App Development 4 giorni left

    I'm seeking a proficient developer to create a unique opinion collection app without a user registration feature. The primary aim of this app will be to collect user opinions on specific topics while maintaining the anonymity of the users. The interface should be user-friendly and intuitive to encourage consistent engagement. Key Features: - Anonymous opinion sharing - User-focused, simple design - Topic-specific opinion collection The ideal freelancer for this project would have a strong background in mobile app development with particular experience in creating apps that revolve around anonymity and user-generated content. A good understanding of user interface design would be appreciated. Your input on ways to enhance the user experience will be vital, so I value effective com...

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    I need a mobile app suitable for iOS and Android where users can freely share their opinions anonymously, without the need for authentication. Key Features: * Anonymous Opinion Sharing: Crucial feature where users can freely express their opinions without identity verification. Ideal Skills and Experience: * Proficient in iOS and Android app development. * Prior experience in apps with anonymous posting functionality. * Understanding of user privacy in app development.

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    I'm looking for a skilled web developer to create a tournament app for BGMI and Free Fire. The app needs to support Android, iOS, and Both Android and iOS platforms. Key Features: - User Registration: The app should have a seamless and secure registration process for users to sign up and participate in tournaments. - Match Scheduling: The app should allow for efficient scheduling of matches, ensuring a smooth and organized tournament experience. - Leaderboard: A comprehensive leaderboard for tracking and displaying participants' progress and rankings. - Live Streaming: The app should support live streaming functionality, allowing for real-time viewing of tournament matches. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in web development with experience in creating mobile apps. - Strong knowledge...

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    I'm seeking expert app developers capable of creating a comprehensive e-commerce platform for iOS and Android devices. Key functionalities required are: - User registration and login capability - A detailed product listing and search function - The ability to add items to a shopping cart and proceed through checkout Ideally, I need someone experienced in integrating payment gateways into apps, as this will be a crucial part of ensuring a seamless user experience. Prior experience in e-commerce app development is highly desirable. Developers need to showcase their ability to create easy-to-use interfaces that facilitate a rewarding buying experience for end users.

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    Comprehensive Taxi App Development 4 giorni left

    I require a skilled mobile app developer to create a comprehensive taxi app. The app's primary functionality will be for taxi services, and it must be accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. Essential Features: - Share riding feature for flexibility and economic options - Real-time tracking for seamless navigation - Online payment option for easy transactions. The payment is through a money wallet. - Driver and Rider profiles for user management - Feature in-app trip charge negotiation MVP, Wireframe and prototype is required. Freelancers with experience in GPS-enabled app development and secure online payment integration will have an advantage. Knowledge in user profile management and the ability to implement a ride-sharing feature is a must.

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    I require a proficient developer to create a comprehensive service app to be deployed for both iOS and Android platforms. I drew the design of the application in figma, I will attach a link with the drawing to see everything that is needed for the application. The app's chief function is to provide a service, bolstered by several key features: - User account creation: The app should support an efficient and secure system for user registration and login. - Messaging system: An integral communication network that allows for direct messaging between users is required. - Ticket Scanning system: A robust ticket scanning algorithm implemented for service accessibility. Ideal skills for this project are Swift and Kotlin for iOS and Android respectively. Other necessary skills includ...

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    Mobile APP Development 4 giorni left

    Mobile APP development for a property listing , buying and selling business. Basically the user should be able to list the property , upload the property images and video. The transactions involve the following 1. Property Listing for sale or rental , 2 Post images and videos of property , 3 Admin approves the listing , 4 Location based search, 5 property type based search, rental or sales based search , Price range search and type based search. User should be able to list the property for sales or rental. 6. Shortlisting of property. Wish list or keep an eye on property.... User notification and any new listing.

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    Apple Account and code is ready . Just upload to existing app update only.

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    Desktop AI App for Mac 4 giorni left

    I am seeking a proficient developer to build a a Mac desktop application, primarily assisting with generative AI by allowing users to call both proprietary LLMs like OpenAI, Claude , Gemini and open source self hosted LLMs using ollama, LMstudio. The expected functionalities should include: • Image Generation: The app should be capable of rendering unique creations from existing databases, or random generation with specifications. • Music Composition: The app should generate original music based on selected parameters, showing its understanding of various music theories. • Text Generation: The app should produce coherent and relevant texts depending on the context provided. The ideal candidate would have prior experience in building Mac desktop app, AI apps and a solid un...

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    I urgently need an experienced iOS app developer for a social networking application. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a fully functional social networking app for iOS - Implement essential features like user profiles, messaging system, news feed, etc. - Ensure the app is user-friendly and engaging - Regularly update the app based on feedback and requirements Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in iOS app development - Previous experience in developing social networking apps is a plus - Strong understanding of user interface design and user experience - Ability to work with minimal supervision and meet deadlines - Excellent communication skills to understand and implement project requirements This is an urgent project, but there's no strict deadline. I'm looking for a ded...

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    AI Age Estimation Mobile App 4 giorni left

    I am in need of an expert in AI development to create a mobile application that accurately predicts a person's age based on their facial features. Key points: - Aim is to deploy the AI model as a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. - The model should be highly accurate in terms of age estimation. - The app should have a simple and user-friendly interface. - The ability to analyze a photo and provide an age estimate is crucial. Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in AI development, particularly in age estimation from facial features. - Prior experience in creating mobile applications for both iOS and Android. - Strong understanding of user experience, to ensure a seamless and engaging interface. - Knowledge of image processing and analysis would be beneficial. ...

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    As a client looking for a skilled Flutter app developer, I need you to fully deliver a cross-platform mobile application with the following features: user authentication and in-app purchases. The primary requirement is to ensure the app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Your application should focus on showcasing your experience in Flutter development. Please provide examples of relevant past work you have completed in this space. Experience developing apps with user authentication and implementing in-app purchases will be highly valued. The successful freelancer will need to demonstrate: - Proficiency in Flutter with a strong portfolio of previous work - A good understanding of mobile app development, especially in user authentication and in-app purchases - Experience...

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    As a client looking for a skilled Flutter app developer, I need you to fully deliver a cross-platform mobile application with the following features: user authentication and in-app purchases. The primary requirement is to ensure the app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Your application should focus on showcasing your experience in Flutter development. Please provide examples of relevant past work you have completed in this space. Experience developing apps with user authentication and implementing in-app purchases will be highly valued. The successful freelancer will need to demonstrate: - Proficiency in Flutter with a strong portfolio of previous work - A good understanding of mobile app development, especially in user authentication and in-app purchases - Experience...

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    I'm seeking a skilled app developer to design a comprehensive social media application that can be used on iOS, Android, and Web. Key Features: - User profile creation: Users should be able to create and manage their personal profiles. - News feed: The app must support a dynamic news feed that displays content from various users. - Messaging: Allow private conversations between users. Additionally, users should be able to authenticate their accounts using either their email and password combo or via phone number verification. Ideal Skills: Proven experience in app development across different platforms (iOS, Android, Web), a keen understanding of various user authentication methods, and previous experience in developing social media-like apps or implementing their key features....

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    The success of this project hinges on the creation of a compelling and functional lottery application. This app should be compatible across iOS, Android, and Web platforms, to ensure maximum user reach. Key Features: - It's critical the app facilitates a streamlined Ticket Purchasing process for users. This process needs to be simple, secure, and swift to engage a broad user base. - The second must-have feature is Number Selection. The application has to offer an intuitive interface where users can comfortably select and pay for their lottery numbers. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Experienced in multi-platform app development, particularly iOS, Android, and Web. - Proven excellence in creating secure digital transaction systems. - Previous work in developing applications for th...

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    Apple Account ready. Code ready. No issue. JUST UPDATE OF THE APP, NOT SUBMIT AS NEW Need immediately

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    Hello, I need help to build a simple Xcode project that is in GitHub.

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    Instagram like app 3 giorni left

    Instagram like app , should be able to almost have all functionality that Insta has. More details: Which operating systems should the app be compatible with? iOS, Android, Both Will users be able to sign up and create personal profiles? Yes What key functionalities should the app have, like Instagram? Photo/Video upload, Story posting

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can build an engaging and user-friendly app for my online business. The app should include the following features: - Cross-Platform: The app needs to be accessible on both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a wide reach for my customers. - Video Calling/Meeting and chat: This is the core feature of the app, and it's crucial for effective communication and interaction. - Vendor Accounts: The app should support vendor accounts, enabling businesses to participate and engage with individual customers. - Signup: A straightforward and easy-to-use signup process is important for user acquisition and retention. - Payment Gateway: A secure and reliable payment gateway is necessary to facilitate transactions within the app. Ideal skills and experie...

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    I need an app developer with a knack for creating marketplace apps on a budget. I am aiming to develop a platform akin to Turo, focusing on peer-to-peer car rentals. Here are some key features I want this app to possess: - User registration and login - Car listing and search - A seamless booking and payment system This project requires the app to be developed for both iOS and Android platforms. While we haven't specified a preferred programming language as of yet, we're open to suggestions from potential freelancers. The perfect candidate for this job will have prior experience in developing marketplace apps, particularly those that cater to car rentals. Having worked with small budgets before is an added advantage.

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    I have a website which allows customers to order food online but need to make an app from it for Android Google Play and Apple IOS Hybrid seems to be the most cost effective choice NO RIP OFF MERCHANTS PLEASE I CAN SMELL YOU FROM ANDROMEDA GALAXY NO MIDDLEMEN SCAMMERS I WORK DIRECTLY WITH DEVELOPERS ONLY DO NOT BID ON MY JOBS IF I HAVE REFUSED YOU BEFORE No time wasters Serious skilled workers only a meeting call will be absolutely essential to go over the details of the job. Note i have multiple apps needing done but all follow the exact same website structure only the name /address and icon will change basic details

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    I'm seeking an experienced and efficient app developer to create an innovative social networking application for iOS platform. Details about the target audience are currently confidential. Since the completion timeline is unspecified, I appreciate patience, consistency, and timely communication. The ideal candidate should possess: - Extensive experience in iOS app development - Prior work in social networking app creation - Strong understanding of app design and functionality - Ability to maintain confidentiality - Strong communication skills - Adaptable to timeline changes Interested freelancers, kindly provide a quote, project approach, and estimated timeline.

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    I'm currently developing a rummy app and I need an iOS developer who is well-versed with Apple's guidelines, especially in terms of user privacy, data handling, app content, and gameplay restrictions. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Apple's app store policies, particularly concerning card games like rummy - Experience with ensuring user privacy and data security in compliance with Apple's guidelines - Familiarity with developing multiplayer modes in mobile applications - Capability to implement a random matchmaking system for online players in the multiplayer mode The main tasks will involve: - Guidance: I need guidance on how to ensure my app is compliant with Apple's guidelines around user privacy, data handling, and gameplay restrictions. - Development: You ...

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