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A microcontroller refers to a small computer on a single integrated circuit consisting of a CPU, clock, ports and memory. These chips are designed for small or dedicated applications. They are used in engine control systems in cars, medical implants, remote controls, power tools and toys. Your business may need help with designing microcontroller chips. You can find such help in the form of freelancers willing and able to do microcontroller work right here. Simply post your job today to get started! Con 43625 valutazioni, i clienti hanno dato ai nostri Microcontroller Developers 4.83 stelle su 5.
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    Hello I need an expert in C++ for a Quadcopter design. Please apply I you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

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    I am using arduino mega right now which i would like to replace with arm which can be compatible with same arduino code.I need expert suggestion

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    Halloween project - have two 12v dc motors and a full H-bridge with PWM and current sensing. Need a program to turn each of the motors in the same direction for ~30 seconds and then each to turn in the reverse direction for ~30 secs. I think this is fairly easy to program but the delay command does not (in my hands) allow both sides of the H-bridge to function in unison. Thinking that millis(s) programming is needed. Can send more details on the H-bridge, although it is not well documented. Need the controller to operate independently and not need a manual switch to change direction. H-bridge description at:

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    Hello, I am working on automating my air conditioner by reading the signals from the Remote, which i would like to then send out later to turn the AC on and off. I have the following setup: - Raspberry Pi 4B - Breadboard - VS1838B Infrared receiver - 5mm 940nm IR infrared Emission (along with other require items) - hitachi remote rar-3n5-1 AC is: The problem is i am not getting any readings on the ir receiver device. I would like to do the following: - Read Remote signals - Check room temperature using sensor (this sensor is working) - Send on & off signal based on temperature I can provide more info on chat Thank you!

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    Tiempo real 6 giorni left

    Toma los datos de arduino de una sala y despues los deja en una base de datos y que llegen notificaciones directo al correo en caso de cambio de datos . los datos que se toman son humedad y temperatura.

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    Long Range mode Audio RX/TX – i.e. Coded PHY, 125 kbps Bluetooth 5.2 LE Coded – Need at least 2,000 Meter range, line of sight using skyworks amplifier The LE Coded PHY Hardware and Software/Firmware Project to deliver Duplex Audio Stream between two dedicated BLE devices with a minimum of 48 hour standby time and 6 hour talk time direct link between headsets

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    Simon dice -- 2 6 giorni left

    Necesito un código de arduino del famoso juego "Simon Says" con 10 niveles y que cuando se consiga, en un a pantalla Lcd de un código o contraseña en pantalla para abrir un candado.

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    we have to create an IoT-enabled device that recognizes the switch-type sensor for reading water flow and sends overflow information to the dashboard by Sim module Sim A7670C module and have to use NodeMCU esp8266 microcontroller.

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    Customized Timer Circuit Board 6 giorni left

    Need a customized timer circuit board fro home application. Please see the attached file for detail requirement and logic program.

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    PCB board design -- 2 6 giorni left

    PCB board design with ultrasonic sensor and RF tx

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    Build me a tool grinding machine 5 giorni left

    Convert 6mm carbide rod of 50mm to ball nose endmill 2flute cutting length 20mm with helix angle 45deg It should be like setup and do semi automatic. Hybrid servo motor is used for motion Any controller is fine (Arduino preferred) Requirements tool grinding machine only for 6mm ball nose should be minimal 3. Accuracy 0.05

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    The project description is to use Microchip Studio 7.0 and ATmega32A microcontroller to develop codes to build a digital safe application in both C and Assembler for six user combinations. At least 8-digits are required for one combination. The LEDs are used to indicate the entered digits and code-set. The EEPROM is also used for storing when the entered code is incorrect. After the code is set, it must be able to re-program (can change the password).

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    I want to control dc motor position with force feed back you can say if i will rotate motor by hand in one direction it should come back on its position. If i hold the motor in any direction motor should not be damage. After releasing the motor shaft it should return back on its actual position

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    Need Arduino code (sketch) Cyclic Timer with 2 output delay in between. relay 1 starts for set time then stops for set time.(delay) Relay 2 starts after stop time over. Then stops for set time(delay). After stop time over Cycle continues from beginning. Node mcu with TM 1637 display. Buttons for setting Set- to set 1 timing,delay,2 timing,delay Up-to increase time Down- to decrease time Display need only in min. P1:00 DL:00 P2:00 DL:00

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    Need Arduino code (sketch) Cyclic Timer with 2 output delay in between. relay 1 starts for set time then stops for set time.(delay) Relay 2 starts after stop time over. Then stops for set time(delay). After stop time over Cycle continues from beginning. Node mcu with TM 1637 display. Buttons for setting Set- to set 1 timing,delay,2 timing,delay Up-to increase time Down- to decrease time Display need only in min. P1:00 DL:00 P2:00 DL:00

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    We are looking for someone to write pieces of code to be used later in a program written in C++. The program will be written for an ESP32-MINI-1 microprocessor from Espressif. The ESP32 will have several interfaced components needing code written to control them. There will also be inputs and outputs such as buttons, an encoder, and piezoelectric buzzer. The device will be in deep sleep or light sleep most of the time. Code for some of the items listed below has already been written for a prototype device. This code can be used/modified as needed and will be provided upon request. Datasheets and part numbers will also be provided for each component upon request as well. The following is a list of the items we need. The chosen programmer shall provide an estimated time to complete each ...

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    I have designed a custom gaming keyboard with a wired USB interface, based on a PIC16F1459-I/SS Microchip controller. REQUIREMENTS:1) Develop a keyscanning routine to scan 41 keys, perform software debounce on detected key activity, and report key press/release by sending appropriate USB keycode to PC. 2) Develop code in C with MPLAB-X-IDE tool (free from Microchip website). 3) I have an MPLAB PICkit-4 unit for programming and debug. 3) My budget is $100.00 Thank you for your interest.

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    Sigillata NDA
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    Implementar, simular FFT en entorno aldec , bajo la plataforma Atlys Spartan-6. Simular e implementar FFT en dicha plataforma, desarrollar código VHDL y detallar minuciosamente paso a paso, tomar captures y realizar documento de word detallando cada paso la oferta es de 90 usdt. Se cuenta con la tarjeta en físico por lo cual se ofrece conexión remota

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    Programming Atmega Microcontrollers in C language

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    Need to code in Arduino, Buttons for motor movement. Up and down Press and hold button UP, motor goes up. Press and hold button DOWN, motor goes down As soon you release the button, motor stops. Need diagram, wiring and code DM542 steppe driver

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    Attiny13 C code 4 giorni left

    Small C code to control speed of motor for Attiny13.

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    Looking for a programmer that can create a program that will set the temperature of a device. The inputs are simple which is just up and down. I would like to have the ability to set the number of clicks. Initial idea on how the program works. 1) connect the hardware/device. 2) program will detect device. 3) program will input commands, up or down by the set number of clicks. 4) disconnect device. 5) Repeat steps 1-4 and the program will automatically start. Currently using a simple board. Pics attached.

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    esp32 wifi mqtt reconnect 3 giorni left

    I want an arduin esp32 code where it connects with wifi and sends data over mqtt. It will check the internet connecton, wifi connection and of any failure it would try to re-establish itself. We should not need to reboot the device from outside, it should get back online whenever the problem is solved. The machine may restart after a long time when it is needed ,but remember on any failure it should not keep rebooting.

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    HART pressure transmitters for configuration via a distributed control system (DCS) or HART communicator. HART pressure transmitters are compatible with the Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) communication protocol which is the most popular standard used with smart field devices by the process control industry. HART functionality enables the transfer of pressure transmitter data via an AC digital signal which uses the 4-20mA analogue output signal as a carrier, thus eliminating the need for extra wires and connectors.

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    Need to develop a simulator for the abm abstract machine. Simulator must support all instructions in the document. Need to use linux operating system choosing c programming language. Simulator must be able to execute any possible program written in the abm machine language.

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    The PCB thermostat needs to run on 220/230V 50/60 hertz, it needs to have two NTC probes one for measuring water temperature and one for safety (excess water temperature shutdown), rotary, measure from +/-1 0-40 degrees Celsius, it needs to have built in contact suppressor.

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    The Controller is PIC16F628A, more details will be shared in private chat.

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    Need an expert in Assembly Programming with AT&T syntax

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    I have a pinball machine with a suspected faulty PCM1755DBQ ship. I have the replacement chip but need it replacing on the MOU board. It’s a surface solder. This is a very small surface mount component that measures approximately 5 x 6 mm (including the chip legs).

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    electronic development on ethernet 2 giorni left

    Hi, I am looking for somebody who is experienced with the microchip VSC7514 to review electronic design and troubleshoot. We need somebody who is experienced with ethernet protocole. We currently have many items working but there is an issue as when the PC sends some frames to the VSC, nothing is answered. Thanks

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    To build a device, proof of concept to prototype.

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    arduino programming with analog channel and digital outputs

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    I'm working on IoT project. I'm not very technical. I need help to write a python code to allow raspberry pi to automatically connect two Bluetooth devices to specific serial ports rfcomm0 and rfcomm1. and then I want the python script to automatically start on reboot. would require Video call to show everything in details. I might not be very clear about this so please ask me any questions.

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    Raspberry and esp32 1 giorno left

    We have few sensors connected to esp32 and we would like to show the values in hdmi monitor via esp32. You need to establish uart, I2c or any other (not mqtt) connection between esp32 and I2c and make them displays le. You don't need to worry about sensors, your project will be only to connect esp32 and raspberry and display via hdmi port

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    Contact me immediately if you are an expert in MIPS32 assembly

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    Arduino Programmer 1 giorno left

    We are looking for an arduino expert to write code for arduinos. Experiance with actuator, servo, stepper motors, various sensors, key pads, LCD screens, batteries, and other electronic components is essential.

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    Hi, I want to develop 10Msps, 1MHz arbitrary waveform generator. The device should have a PCIe interface to connect to Raspberry CM4's PCIe bus. The following components must be used. CH368, STM32F4 or G4. 10Msps DAC. Deliverable: * Hardware design (EasyEDA, KiCAD, or Altium) * Linux Driver * Demo Python CLI application Timeframe: Until before Dec starts

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    I require a new pic chip programmed for a 240 VAC kwh meter, at present it only clocks up in one direction, I require it to clock both up and down depending on where the electricity is coming from

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    Need to know Mplab Programming for PIC16F628A. Compiler is CC5 x compiler. Details will be send by chat.

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    Need to know Mplab Programming for PIC16F628A. Compiler is CC5 x compiler. Details will be send by chat.

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    Our board is flashed linux kerel build and we can read & debug jtag, next steam is to create bootloader firmware file from the kernel enviroment 1st flash: (modified files) , , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , (doesn't include bootloader) - you can only detect jtag now; Create and install bootloader: example respitory how to create bootloader file, which files are required to adjust; bootloader/u-boot-2014.07/arch/arm/cpu/armv7/sun8iw17p1/ dram/ makefile - mmc/ mmc.c mmc.h mmc_bsp.c mmc_bsp.h mmc_def.h (mmc.c - has function to erase, partition mmc->erase_grp_size = 1; mmc->part_config = MMCPART_NOAVAILABLE;) - spl/ makefile clock_spl.c ctype.c debug.c eabi_compat.c gic_spl.c gpio_spl.c rtc_region.c serial_spl.c smc_spl.c smta_spl.c ss_spl...

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    i already worked on that project but not so much expert so plz guide me on team viewer or anydesk remotely at my system The job will consist of assisting me when I get stuck on code, some task during the development process till final output

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    Must know ST tool chain, GIT and JIRA workflow. Be intimately familiar with RTOS e.g. FreeRTOS. Know Linux and AWS. Proficient with memory management, sensors, controls, and various communication protocols (QSPI, ModBus, IP, CAN, BacNET, MQTT). Have had direct experience with control systems. Must know:STM32 with FreeRTOS In your application write 'RTOS' on top of your bid to avoid bot bidding Thanks, Link4

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    We want to convert Sound to electricity ,we must be able to store the sound energy into battery and light a led for 1-2 hours and track the Current and voltage using Aurdino

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    Need assistance on Assembly Programming Language TM4C123GXL Launch Pad

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    TAG Programing, Olimex - Arduino 23 ore left

    I'm seeking help setting up a process to upload our programing to an Olimex (Arduino) board using TAG. I have some "TAG" type hardware but I have not been able to connect all the dots. Freelancer must be available during USA business hours.

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