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Machine Learning is a scientific discipline which focuses on automatically recognizing complex patterns and making intelligent decisions based on available data. This branch of study develops algorithms for computers to evolve behaviors for the same. If your business needs help with machine learning algorithms, you have come to the right place. You can hire expert freelancers with machine learning experience right here. Simply post your job today!

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    Hi, I'm currently learning Python and Keras! I tried to program a few things, but I got stuck and need someone to fix my code and tell me what I did wrong (e-mail communication is enough). If you have any questions please let me know.

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    As a part of my research project, I collected a lot of audio files in WAV, around 12-16 hours each (from LENA device). They are quite noisy. I need to have an easy and clear-cut pipeline in Python: from taking a raw audio file, to denoising it, detecting segments containing speech, and exporting them in a concatenated (WAV) file.

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    Train both SimpleCNN and QuasiAlex networks provided in the original implementations using your new data loader and the default parameters in the code for training and report test accuracies.

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    Train both SimpleCNN and QuasiAlex networks provided in the original implementations using your new data loader and the default parameters in the code for training and report test accuracies.

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    Machine learning 6 giorni left

    ML project assistance with some C coding

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    python + Facebook api 6 giorni left

    expert in facebok api and fb apps

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    Tech Startup is looking for a Python Developer with expertise on the following areas: Top Experience in Python programming. Top web data scraping developer with Ethical Hacking skills. Expertise on bypassing captchas. I pay 300 dlls per scraper. Remote work. Confidentiality. Python Linux Web Scraping Software Architecture Machine Learning (ML)

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    Spacecraft pose estimation project 6 giorni left

    Explore possible combinations of analytical dynamics and machine learning methods to estimate the pose of a satellite, based on monocular grayscale images

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    Machine Learning 6 giorni left

    My task is to install some requirements and play games using datasets. Can anyone help me please!!

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    My task is to play a game using datasets

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    help with knime project 6 giorni left

    data mining project using KNIME

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    I have a framework developed and would like to implement over the LMS data. Again, I would like to predict when the user will stop using the LMS based on the learner behaviour using Using Reservoir Computing. Big Data, Data Mining, Data Processing, Machine Learning (ML), Python

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    Machine learning Expert for Small project

    €6 - €19
    €6 - €19
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    görüntü işleme 6 giorni left

    görüntü işleme ile görüntüdeki eksikleri tamamlama inpaiting

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    The aim of the project is to acclimate you to the process of conducting research in modern machine learning or data mining: 1) explore and analyze large-scale datasets 2) understand and replicate existing literature in hot research areas 3) think critically about the existing work and discover their pitfalls 4) innovate on top of the existing work incrementally.

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    Task , read form excel , find text on screen and click on that ;3 task project

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    I want a 7 pages review that that talks about Artificial Intelligence in Transportation Engineering and it's applications and should contain practical and applicable ideas (Traffic Engineering, Pavement Design ... etc). More info in chat.

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    In primo piano
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    i want to secure an admission in a UK university to study a PhD in information science. My interest is in using machine learning to deliver information service to library users. I have 13 years experience working in an academic library and i am interested in theoretical machine learning.

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    Machine learning Expert for Small project

    €6 - €19
    €6 - €19
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    We are looking for an Expert in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

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    Looking for AI ML algorithm creators who want to join the AI revolution. Thank you so much for your interest - we're really excited to have people like yourself wanting to contribute to Smarter.AI. Our mission is to pool together the world’s finest AI creators in a single marketplace and remove the red tape that businesses face when trying to source AI solutions. With an innovative approach that allows anyone to create and access AI, we hope your algorithms, can help businesses solve problems, answer difficult questions and make you money while doing it. In short, we want to give you the opportunity to put your skills and ideas to use in the real world. We are currently operating the beta-programme so this is your chance to be a Founding Creator of Apply now to gain experie...

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    We have some Xray images from teeth in Tomeview format. We need a CNN algorithm via Matlab to denoise them and detect the lesions and measure the dental lesions.

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    Our project is to covert speech to text during a phone call in android in order to help deaf people using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Please refer to the video link given in the document to completely get the idea.

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    Our project is based on speech to text conversion during the phone call in android in order to help deaf people using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Please refer to the video link attached in the word document to breifly understand the project.

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    facial landmarks detection, headpose estimation , transfer learning

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    A Deep Learning Assignment 6 giorni left

    A Deep Learning based Assignment. I will share the exact project details over email. Budget is set to 2500 INR.

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    This is actually recommended suitable clothes by detecting face shape. First using mobile camera capture your face and detected what shapes of face. By detecting face shape analysis biometric data such as age, gender, skin tone according to result the system will recommend three suitable clothes for him or her. This is web based system.

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    Hello, we are automation solution company and we are looking for experienced ML Engineer, who can help us to develop, train and deploy a model for ongoing project. The task is described in attached file.

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    Flowchart for paper 6 giorni left

    The flowchart and graphical representation should be made through R studio , Python

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    Hi guys, my name is Alex. I'm a founder of MLStack.Cafe. is the biggest hand-picked collection of Machine Learning, AI, Data Science & Python Interview Questions and Answers. For the last 3 years, we've grown from 0 to 140k monthly visitors and have happy customers in around 100 countries. MLSC mission is simple - to help Data Scientists, ML Devs and Dat Analysts to never fail their ML and DS interview again. Right now we're looking for a person who would like to join our team to find, refine, check and curate machine learning ad data science interview questions for a variety of topics including Big Data, Regression, Tensorflow, Pandas, Clustering (K Means and other), Anomaly Detection, R, Python, Neural Networks, Data Mining... you name it! Working for MLSC is a ...

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    SCI level Research paper writing on Food security(Tentatively Crop disease identification at an early stage) using machine learning and deep learning

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    I would like to analyze the 10-ks files of companies (ex: Amazon's 10-ks file) and use NLP to classify the company as positive or negative or litigious etc., the reference project has all the code I just need one ipynb file that works on my machine () Deep Learning, Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language, NLP, Python

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    Looking for someone who can set up the NLP Machine Learning GPT-J 6b model on the cloud and train it (machine learning project) using the data we provide. You should be able to recommend the best cloud solution and all the tools we need to buy. Also, mention if you have done any work similar to this in the past. Can also use can also use huggingface library.

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    Language is Python Programming Language, and relying on openSSL for keys or some other part. Or can be done entirely with python and pyopenssl library 2) Database is up to us. We need to make the database, so it can be an excel sheet. From the start to the end.

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    A text-based cricket game where it will play using the ratings given to the players and using the trained ML model.

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    SLAM robotics python localization 5 giorni left

    implеmеnting a SLAM modulе and an obstaclе avoidancе systеm to guidе a dronе through a world. In this world (a forеst), thе dronе aims to navigatе around obstaclеs (trееs) whilе sеarching for trеasurе. all simulated in a pre built gui only slam needs to be implemented

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    In this assignment, W should be analysing a research paper and write an analysis. Research Paper Analysis: student will individually read a current, published (arXiv posting is OK) research paper (of their choosing, no less than 6 pages in length) in an AI-related field. You will write a short (3 pgs., double-space, stapled 12 pt. font) summary/analysis conveying the main ideas of the paper in your own words. The primary purpose in your summary/analysis is to successfully communicate that you have both read and (essentially) understood the main ideas of the paper. Please also include any follow-up questions you would care to ask the author, if given the opportunity; point out anything that wasn’t entirely clear to you in the exposition of the pape...

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    The input is from the datasets and output should be an image file representing the flow diagram. Ie, it should represent the flow as well as relationships between the datasets. Should use merge, groupby for forming new tables and show the flow for the new tables as well in the diagram. "the input is a python program that reads the dataset. the dataframe do some transformations and create new python program (.py) file will be the input to your program and you parse it to create the flow diagram."

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    Python Project. 5 giorni left

    I already have the values predicted in a basic way. I need you to implement some more modifications to get more precise predictions. are you familiar with predicting values using SARIMA? I have it done with neural networks I need you to implement SARIMA for it. I exactly need you to modify the code in the ipynb file to get appropriate results.

    €9 - €26
    €9 - €26
    6 offerte

    Cancer detection using image processing a basic project for pre final year mini project

    €120 (Avg Bid)
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    19 offerte

    Gpt-3 mandatory, Good dataset so that it is able to correctly write articles. Need it done in 2 weeks

    €283 (Avg Bid)
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    4 offerte

    We need a freelancer to create and train a model that can recognize certain objects with high accuracy using image recognition. Assets: - AWS account with 5000$ credit that you can use in this job - 100 objects that we need to work with initially, we have up to 2000 HD image from different angles for each Expected delivery: - Trained AI model that can be deployed over a server so it could connect later on with a mobile/desktop app

    €73 (Avg Bid)
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    Create Technical Ebooks 5 giorni left

    I am looking for some subject matter experts who can create Ebooks for engineering students in mentioned domains like Machine Learning, Data Science, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and many more.

    €7 (Avg Bid)
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    1 offerte

    Hello Urgently need small python project done with Colab development. Please apply ASAP if you are good with python Development Thanks

    €90 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi I am looking for an AI expert with experience on the vehicle classification and count,bike detection with other features. only with previous experience on vehicle classification, bid to this details and complete requirement will be discussed in chat. thank you

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    I am looking for experience person in ROS Gezebo who has worked on a drone model for path planning, Especially if able to reproduce the existing code from open source repo. Once we have a standard system we will modify to our requirements that I will inform to the person. For more information please mention your past experience and level of ROS Gazabo. Price for the project will very according to the work nature. However I would expect a reasonable counter offer. If you have any github or open repo to show please Citi your portfolio link for review. I will reply to the best person proposal. Thank you

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    I am looking for Data Science freelance/Full time trainer for my company. Class duration will be around 100 to 120 hours. The online class will be conducted on every Sat , Sun . if you are intersted please let me know

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    Looking for a tutor that helps me to tackle coding questions, explain to me the already existing code etc. Basically looking for someone who will answer my dumb coding questions lol So my main goals are to just get better at coding and machine learning in general, but primarily I need to focus on statistical natural language processing. Also I want to add I’m really bad at programming and have problems implementing all those statistical models. So I'm looking for someone who is skilled in: - Collocations Extraction - n-gram Models - Word Sense Disambiguation - Lexical Acquisition - Markov Models - Part-of-Speech Tagging - Probabilistic Context Free Grammars - Probabilistic Parsing - Statistical Alignment and Machine Translation - Clustering - Text Categorization Basically...

    €20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    attached pdf into electronic readable format and extract data from it. Structure data frame and export to csv. This can be done in Python or R attached US state level data plot geo maps for both companies. Analyse and provide insights with help of maps. we will expect a word document explaining solutions for each task and two R/Python codes as solutions for 1&2 tasks.

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    Data Science -- 3 5 giorni left

    We are looking for python data science expert for time series forecasting. Integration with c# code is required. Good backround in Azure Machine Learning and Azure overall is a plus.

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