JSON, short for JavaScript Object Notation, is an open-standard file format originally used for representing structured data based on JavaScript object syntax. It can also be used independently from Javascript and is currently supported by different application programming interfaces. Files on the JSON format are characterized as text-based, hierarchical, lightweight, and can be edited using a text editor.


JSON has become a popular alternative to other formats due to a variety of reasons. It provides a simple notation that allows developers to adopt quickly. Being lightweight, it also leads to better Web user experience due to reduced performance bottlenecks. JSON also allows for easier data transfer due to its data being stored in arrays.

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    At phase 1, develop the client-side interface in such a way that could access the system via web browser while the system administrators should access the system via a java application. Ensure that the following tasks are properly provided: For student users 1. After a successful login process the student should be able to view all his groups. The members, groups and associated resource ids are, previously saved as JSON file(s) in the server, should be retrieved and displayed. For system administrators: 1. After a successful login process, system administrator should be able to view all available groups. 2. System administrator should be able to add, delete or modify groups and their members and resources. 3. System administrator should be able to search for groups, members and res...

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    I want someone can help to create a secure connection between phplaravel on Cpanel and any other website via API or XML or json type of data : text

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    I have an attached JSON file that I need a JavaScript Function where I can pass an id and get back an JSON element such as: Pass in 45 and get: { "type": "Feature", "id": "45", "properties": { "name": "South Carolina", "density": 155.4 }, "geometry": { "type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [ [ [-82.764143, 35.066903], [-82.550543, 35.160011], [-82.276696, 35.198349], [-81.044384, 35.149057], [-81.038907, 35.044995], And then filtered again to get back the coordinates. I need both steps.

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    Developer should have experience working with Token, SQLite and JSON Code

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    Hi there, I have an e-commerce project that uses the famous Square Web SDK and php sdk for payment and checkout. It's php and js - there are about 4 small files that make up the script and I need help modifying them so we can run some other built-in functions and show messages or success screens based on if those functions execute successfully or not - like checking a save credit card checkbox for example. There are lots of results and responses all over the place and the script hands off some variables to a js file which then posts them to a php file. It's sort of confusing for me to understand how to inject a couple of functions in the process that won't mess it up but will also be easy to see if the function worked or not (ie success, true, 1, etc). I want to get this d...

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    The project consists of developing with python the necessary code to read data from a database and send this data to an external system. The external system receives the data through a Restfull API, a post method must be created to send the data according to the Restfull API requirements. Restfull API specifications are attached.

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    Modify Smart Health card QR code 4 giorni left

    Modify Smart Health card QR code

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    API Manger Configuration 3 giorni left

    We require assistance with setting up multiple API configurations, this is a minor job and shouldn't take more than an hour to complete. Our budget is $20 for this project.

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    Need to join two API responses and then insert the merged data into a table. I have everything set up apart from the merge and insert.

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    Mobile-App creation 3 giorni left

    We are looking for a mobile-app developer for our university project. The project entails building a workout social media website. Part of the project is to outsource the development of an app version of the website. We will be developing a full stack project and provide API. We will need you to make the mobile-app based on the endpoints that we provide from the API. We will of course provide further information if you are interested. Feel free to send us a message. Best regards

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    so i am working on a project which i have a 3d holographic fan and i want to display some images but also control the switching between the images that are being displayed by inputing a text. for example an image of a lion is up on the fan , i want to inpute "elephant" and the image switches to the elephant image that i have. the requests (input) that is going to be sent to the holographic fan should be done using APIs i guess and i need someone to do it.

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    the attached files needs to be translated to Arabic and send back exactly in the same format that the original file is please check the files first and it have to be a human translation only translators with an Arabic background are welcome if you don't speak Arabic please do not bet on this project

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    I have a Java Script code in Zapier that gets data from Hubspot using the API Hubspot no longer supports the API process and switch to Private Apps 1. 2. This is the code to fix: ----------------------------- const emailPayload = { "engagement": { "type": "EMAIL" }, "metadata": { "from": { "email": "", "firstName": "Lior", "lastName": "Lustig" }, "to": [ { "email": } ], "cc": [], "bcc": [], "subject": , "html": } } const emailResponse = await fetch("", { m...

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    google places api website 1 giorno left

    Looking for google places api website. More details on Message board

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    Hi folks, do you want to make a cross-platform app in the Flutter SDK with Dart for Android and iOS? I've been dreaming about developing an app for a while now. And now I thought I'd get started and just get some help. As yet, there is only a concept with user stories and a description of the app's aims. So I'm looking for someone to start from the very beginning with me. The plan is to proceed in small milestones and spread the costs out over a longer period of time so that I can afford the project. To do this, we jointly define a milestone and determine the costs. Payment is made when the milestone goal is reached. It is intended to release the app under GPLv3. This is part of the reason for the following guidelines: - follow the Flutter Performance best practices...

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    Good day, I need someone who can update the JSON in my Zapier app integration so that the returned API result values are converted to an array. Here is a screen shot of the error I am receiving. As you can see the API call is successful. But Zapier wants the result in an Array . Current returned result is: {"request": "getinbox","status":"success","inbox":[{"id": "1","from": "+19176749329","to": "+17185212468","message": "Hi test","date": "2022-11-18 09:10:37"}]} Please only reply if you understand the error in the provided screen shot. An experienced Zapier freelancer will know how to solve this issue in just a few minutes.

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    - Bitcoin payment integration to get paid after user registration. - Update database on successful psyment. - Complete crypto payment solution.

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    WhatsApp messaging integration 7 ore left

    Hi I want to integrate whatsapp to a cloud-based taxi booking system with an open API. Currently the booking system sends messages by SMS via an integrated android app I believe it uses web hooks to do so. These SMS are triggered by different actions made on the booking system. These messages vary depending on the on these triggers/actions. For Example- When booking is made, a booking confirmation is sent with clients name, system generated Booking ID, Booking Time. When driver arrives another message is sent with driver detail tracking link and so on. I want to redirect those messages to be sent through WhatsApp rather than SMS. Send SMS only if WhatsApp is not available. The booking system has an open API which I believe it straight forward to integrate, I can send you the lin...

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