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Illustration is a fundamental of visual communication and a powerful tool of expression. An Illustrator is a special type of artist who creates imagery and artworks to help bring stories and messages alive. A skilled illustrator can create the perfect visual narrative for any product, idea or story that needs to be told.

Illustrators are an invaluable asset for businesses, comics, books, magazines, animations, advertising campaigns and websites. Their job is creating visual composition that evoke specific emotions from their audience utilizing the elements of line, shape, color or forms. Illustrators often use a combination of traditional methods such as pen and ink; some specialize in digital media such as tablet and computer technology. With the perfect blend of traditional media and digital tools, Illustrators create distinct visuals to carry out their client's creative projects.

Here’s some projects that our expert Illustrator made real:

  • Logo design
  • Vector tracing and re-drawing
  • Cover designs
  • Caricature work
  • Whiteboard animation visuals
  • Image superimposing and manipulation
  • Coloring book creation
  • Characters design

Whether you need a simple logo created or a series of intricate illustrations, our skilled designers make unique visuals specific to your project. With the help of our dedicated professionals you can get the result you’re looking for in no time with impressive speed and great expertise. Our specialists can bring your ideas to life in no time with amazing efficiency and professionalism. With Freelancer by your side you can hire an experienced illustrator from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. With us you can make your vision tangible with professionalism delivered directly to your inbox! Get started today - post your project in and find the perfect Illustrator for your creative project.

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    I'm in urgent need of a logo design for my organic frozen food brand. My products are garden fresh vegetables, fish, and more. Here's what I'm looking for: - A color scheme revolving around green, representing the freshness and organic nature of the products. - As for the design, I haven't decided on a specific style, so that's where your creativity comes in. Whether it's minimalistic, abstract, or mascot-based, as long as it conveys our brand's value and appeals to our customers, it'll be considered. - The project needs to be completed ASAP. Ideal Qualifications: - Experience in brand identity creation - Proficient in color theory - Ability to work under tight deadlines - Strong portfolio demonstrating a variety of logo design styles.

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    I'm looking for a talented meme artist who can help me bring my vision to life by creating a brand new meme character. The character will be based on "Fred The Lion," but I'm looking for a fresh, new take on this existing meme. The style should be distinctly cartoonish, capturing a balance between whimsical and expressive. Key requirements include: - Ability to take inspiration from existing memes and create something unique - Proficiency in creating expressive cartoon characters - Understanding of popular meme culture and the ability to craft content that resonates with this audience - Willingness to make revisions based on feedback The final output should be a series of cartoon illustrations that capture a happy and surprised emotional range. I'm open to your...

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    I'm in need of a creative designer who can bring my concept to life. The main goal of the project is to create an engaging and eye-catching 16:9 aspect ratio thumbnail that effectively showcases the theme of 'GARGANTUAN. PETS. ARE. HERE!'. Key Requirements: - Conceptualization: The thumbnail must focus on showcasing the concept of oversized pets in space. This will require the creation of a semirealistic space background with a galactic theme including planets and moons. - Attention to Detail: The characters (CUBE PETS), a cat, dog, and axolotyl, should be depicted in spacesuits. These suits should feature crowns and gold chains with bling, which are to be worn outside of the suits. - Composition: The thumbnail should feature the caption "GARGANTUAN. PETS. ARE. HERE!&...

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    My goal is to get a high-quality, unique logo design that embodies specific elements. I ask that you: - Incorporate warm colors including red, orange, and yellow. - Integrate specific symbols: a sun, electricity, solar panels, Mt. Hood, and Columbia River. - Bring creative flair to harmoniously unite these elements into a cohesive, eye-catching design. Ideal freelancers for the job would have: - Clear comprehension of design symbolism. - Proficiency in color psychology. - Expertise in creating logos for the renewable energy sector. Your previous experience in the said area will be highly appreciated. Can't wait to collaborate with the right professional to bring this idea to fruition!

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    I'm in need of a Corel Draw specialist to help with a very specific task - changing the colors of certain elements in pictures. Key Responsibilities: - Change the color of specific elements in various pictures using Corel Draw - Ensure the edited elements blend seamlessly with the overall image Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Corel Draw - Strong grasp of color theory - Previous experience with color editing is a plus - Attention to detail is crucial - Ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines Please note this is not a typical graphic design project - it's all about color editing. Let me know your experience with similar tasks and how you plan to approach this job. Please see attachment. Would need to change the the red color to one other color. About 30 ima...

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    Trophy icon Traditional Text Tattoo Design 4 giorni left

    I'm in need of a seasoned tattoo artist to design an intricate, Traditional tattoo for me. I intend to get it inked behind my left shoulder. I want the phrase "Non Dvcor Dvco" in a minimalist way (see referece) but feel free to come up with creative designs. Artistry with fonts and lettering is critical. Accompanying embellishments of traditional style ink would add an extra layer of personalization. Ideal skills and experience: • Must have prior experience with traditional style tattoos • Proficient in transforming text into visually appealing tattoo design • Ability to tailor make a design to fit appropriately on the back.

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    I'm looking for a creative and experienced cartoonist to take my song, "Own Your Own Mind" by Lynn Fox, and turn it into a fun and light-hearted and maybe a bit sarcastic cartoon strip. This strip should provide a humorous example of what it means to own your own mind, or the opposite. It could demonstrate why it is important. Some key details: - Style and Tone: This could be light hearted or even a little bold. The song is a sit back and listen sort of song. - Colour: The final cartoon strip should be in colour, not black and white. - Panels: I envision the cartoon strip to have 3 to 5 panels to be used in a post on instagram and facebook. Credits will be given if you have a social account I can tag. I'm looking for someone who can bring this creative vision to life...

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    Modern Realistic 2D Icons Design 6 giorni left

    I'm looking for a skilled designer to create a set of realistic 2D icons for a resource management game. The setting of the game is modern, and I need about 50 icons to be designed. Key Requirements: - Realistic Design: The icons should be designed in a realistic style - Quantity: I require about 50 icons Ideal Skills: - Proficient in 2D icon design - Experience in realistic design - Knowledge of resource management games is a plus. I have attached some examples. Deliverables: - 512 x 512 pixels PNG with transparency for each resource. They will be on a grayish background, we don't want any highlighting or outlines. Please see examples for reference.

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    Trophy icon Realistic Black & Gray Tattoo Design 3 giorni left

    I'm in need of a skilled tattoo designer to create a new tattoo for me. Your design should align with these specifics: - Style: Realistic - Color Palette: Black and Gray Ideally, I would like it to be an exact replica of this specific tattoo: Exceptional attention to detail, drawing skills, and experience in realistic black and gray tattoo designs is crucial for this project. Please ensure your portfolio includes similar works so I can verify your abilities.

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    I am seeking an artisan who can masterfully create a medium-sized handmade beaded bracelet for me. Here is what I am looking for: - Beads: Please use a combination of glass and gemstone beads. Your choice should lean towards the unique with interesting shapes or facets, which will add a touch of exclusivity to the bracelet. - Color Scheme: I am particularly drawn to pastel colors, but I also appreciate bright and vibrant selections. The bracelet should be a mix of these color palettes to create an eye-catching accessory. - Size: The final product should fit well on a medium-sized wrist. The ideal candidate would be someone who has a keen eye for detail and has professional experience in handcrafting jewelry, especially using glass and gemstone beads. An understanding of color theory and...

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    I'm looking to commission a couple portrait in a vintage style. The portrait needs to be colorful and set against an urban/cityscape background. This is a wedding gift, need by 5/20, or shipped to Tahoe, CA by 5/24. Key Requirements: - Vintage style: The portrait should have a vintage feel, capturing the essence of a bygone era. - Color: The portrait needs to be in color. - Urban/cityscape background: The couple should be placed in an urban environment. This setting is crucial to the overall theme and aesthetic of the portrait. -Textured 3D: Prefer a canvas piece that is textured, acrylic painted or combination is okay, too. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating vintage-style portraits. - Proficiency in using color to enhance and bring a picture to life. - Ability t...

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    I'm in search of a talented sketch artist who specializes in realistic depictions of people. I want to commission a series of sketches for personal use.

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    Trophy icon Unique Logo for 3C's Total Catering 13 giorni left

    I'm in need of a skilled designer to create a cute yet unique logo for my food catering business - 3C's Total Catering. The design should be modern, incorporating bright summer colors. Be creative - include a balance of abstract and clear representation of the food catering concept. Ideally, I would love to see some kind of '3C' icon, merged with some elements of a chef hat or cooking utensils, but still keeping the design clean. A background in food business branding would be beneficial.

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to assist by reproducing an image with medium complexity, such as an animal or a person, via vector tracings. Key tasks: - Detailed reproduction in a cartoon-style vector tracing - Moderate complexity in the image content The ideal freelancer will have: - Proficiency in vector graphical design - Ability to replicate images in cartoon style - Previous experience in converting images of moderate complexity into vector format Your job would involve turning an original image into a cartoon-style vector graphic while maintaining the detail level of the original. I need the names in the shield to be swapped. Bear in mind this job requires mastering vector tracing and the ability to handle medium complexity elements. Need this completed As soon a...

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    Trophy icon Sweet 16 Masculine Logo Design 20 ore left

    I'm in need of a masculine, yet striking logo to celebrate a sixteenth birthday. Should say JACOB 16 simplistic / modern logo Color Scheme: - Blue: This should be the primary color in the logo; a blend of different shades or a single prominent blue shade can be explored. - Black: To complement the blue color and add depth to the design. - white : This could be used as an accent color, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall look. Please keep in mind that the design should be tailored to suit a male audience while reflecting the celebratory and youthful spirit of a sweet 16 event.

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    I have just written a children's storybook and im looking for an illustrator who loves the project that I can afford. My book will have 7 spot drawings, 6 double page spread and 18 full single pages. Total illustrated page count including cover - 34. 36 including 2 non illustrated pages rear matter. Style: Lush, evocative, somewhat impressionistic and dreamlike. A sense of movement. Not cartoony. I prefer not IA unless its been worked on at least 50% by you. Trim is 8x10. Target 4-8 year old. Story is of a super cute little fly who disobeys her momma and on her way home from school gets trapped in a book. She dreams great adventures and eventually returns home having learned some important lessons. Its warm and loving and maybe even a tear-jerker. Written in rhyming verse. T...

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    In a critical moment of my life, my wife passed away while trying to get up from her hospital bed to use the restroom. This is a scene that I want immortalized in an illustration. Here's what is needed for this project: - Drawing Style: Your artistic style should lean more towards realism. This isn't a joyous, cartoonish scene, nor is it something abstract. It needs to convey the stark reality of the situation in an appreciable way. - Main Focus: As you go about the illustration, the suddenness of the event should take precedence. Yes, there was emotional turbulence and physical struggle, but it was the abruptness of the situation that stood out. That's what I want emphasized. - Essential Elements: For maintaining authenticity, crucial elements like hinting at the hospita...

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    Seashell Color Transformation 6 giorni left

    I am in need of an artist or designer who can alter the color of a seashell. I currently have a blue seashell, and I want it to be transformed to golden, metallic. The texture finish is yet to be decided, and could be either matte or glossy. Your job will be to provide me with a sample of both finishes so I can make a decision. Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in color theory and finishes - Experience in color transformation of unusual materials - Excellent attention to detail - Ability to create both matte and glossy finishes

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    Trophy icon 2 Logos needed 8 giorni left

    The two company names are Verella Brickwashing Wash For You I want you to incorporate a guy using a pressure washer with the logo. Can be cartoon style or silouette style. Make it creative.

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    I require a skilled and creative photographer to orchestrate an intimate, casual-style photoshoot for 1-2 people at popular tourist locations throughout the beautiful city of Taipei. Key Project Details: - Location: Various tourist spots in Taipei. - Photoshoot Style: Casual. The photos should ideally capture relaxed and genuine moments, rather than appearing rigid or overly formal. - Participants: 1-2 people. Due to the small group size, I'd prefer a photographer skilled in capturing dynamic and intimate portraits. Prospective freelancers should have: - A deep understanding of Taipei's landscape and best photo spots. - Excellent portrait photography skills. - A knack for capturing candid and casual style photographs. - Good interpersonal skills to put the subjects at ease. - A...

    €28 - €236
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    I'm seeking a skilled graphics designer with experience in minimalistic, illustrative logos. The logo needs a professional mood, it should communicate reliability and competence effortlessly, yet maintaining simplicity. Ideal Skills: - Neurodivergent artists preferred - Mastery in minimalist design - Proven experience in crafting illustrated logos - Understanding branding and logo implications Your portfolio demonstrating previous works in this style will be highly considered. I am looking forward to your creative proposals and constructive approach towards creating a logo to truly capture my brand identity.

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    Trophy icon Abstract Green Logo Design 29 giorni left

    As we launch our new website, The Compassion Project , we are in need of a unique abstract logo. ( can also have text) The color of focus should be primarily dark green. The design should incorporate a particular symbol that will represent our brand. Our new website : Ideal Skills: -Experienced in abstract graphic design. -Aptitude for creating distinctive symbols. The emblem should not only be attractive, it must also carry a meaningful connection to our brand. We anticipate a logo that can speak volumes to our audience about who we are at a glance. We look forward to receiving your innovative ideas. Attached are shapes we would like to be incorporated into the logo

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    I'm in need of a unique logo for my bakery as I am opening a storefront after years of being a home-baker. The logo should incorporate pastel yellow, pastel pink, possibly sprinkles, a honeybee, and perhaps a whisk or cartoonish cupcake/cake slice. Key details for the logo include: - A simplified, stylistic honeybee. Please avoid giving it eyes or a face, keep it simple with maybe a bee-trail. - Optional elements of a cupcake or whisk if it fits creatively with the design. - Having a strong artistic insight and understanding of sweet aesthetics in design would be advantageous. -Cutesy-font that is still easily readable is preferred but open to other options. -Would be ideal to turn into a sign for the outside of a business building(no single round logos) -The logo should incorporate...

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    I'm looking for creative and professional animators who can design engaging cartoon characters for marketing purposes. These characters should also have the capability for multiple voice-overs. Ideal Skillset: - Proficiency in creating lively and appealing cartoon-style animations - Experience in character design with a marketing focus - Ability to create characters with distinct personalities - Voice-over capabilities for these characters Please provide me with a portfolio of your previous work, especially any marketing or cartoon-style animations you've created.

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    I'm looking to commemorate a unique milestone - my graduation from two different universities - with a combined realistic painting. Key Requirements: - I seek a single painting that captures the essence of my academic journey at both universities. - The painting should be in realistic style, ensuring that the details and likenesses are accurately represented. - It should symbolize the unity of the two experiences in a visually appealing way. Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in creating realistic paintings, with a portfolio that demonstrates skill in portraiture and/or landscape painting. - Able to incorporate multiple scenes or elements into a cohesive composition. - Comfortable with collaborating to ensure the final product meets my vision.

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    I am in search of a logo for my physical therapy clinic, "Renewed Strength Physical Therapy, LLC." This logo should reflect a unique, feminine, vintage yet minimalist design. KEY REQUIREMENTS: - Color Palette: Mauve, Eucalyptus, and Sky or Opal room blue should be prominent. - Incorporation of Symbols: The logo should incorporate a Christian cross or a Christian fish. - Unique yet Vintage-Style: Although I'm aiming for a vintage minimalist style, the design should also be unique and not too simplistic. IDEAL SKILLS: - Logo design experience - Knowledge in vintage minimalist style - Past experience with healthcare or wellness industry is a plus - Understanding of Christian symbols in design Deliver a design that aligns with my brand's message and positioning: stre...

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    I'm in need of a vintage-style logo design for my business, The Center Tagline Events at Torbay. The ideal logo should be colorful with a sophisticated touch, incorporating the color black. Key Points: - Vintage Style: I'm particularly drawn to vintage-inspired design. I'm looking for a unique, yet sophisticated, vintage concept for my brand. - Use of Color: While I'd like the design to be colorful, it should definitely incorporate black to give it a sophisticated edge. - Included Elements: The logo should include an icon or symbol that fits the vintage theme, as well as the business name 'The Center' and the tagline 'Events at Torbay'. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating vintage-style logos is a definite plus. - A strong under...

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    Trophy icon Woodbrick - 16/04/2024 02:46 EDT 29 giorni left

    Woodbrick is a home building, investment, holding company and trust Key specifications: - The design style should be modern and minimalist, yet striking enough to create a lasting impact. - Predominant colors to be used are free to be chosen by the artist Please feel free to use these creatively to render a modern feel. - Even though I've skipped the specification for any specific symbols or icons, I am open to your creative inputs. However, the logo must remain crisp and professional. Ideal candidate: - You should have a solid background in graphic design, particularly in logo designing. - Should have an approach that is modern and minimalist. - An eye for detail and a knack for using colors in an impactful manner will be highly appreciated. To apply, please provi...

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    I'm seeking an experienced illustrator to create engaging cartoon-style illustrations for a picture book targeting children aged 4-8 years. The children portrayed in the book are twins and want to have some ethnicity Key Details: - Illustration Style: The illustrations are for children and should be age appropriate, with vibrant colors and lively characters to captivate young readers. - Number of Illustrations: The picture book will feature around 20 illustrations in total. Preferred Skills: - Proven experience with children's book illustrations, particularly in a cartoonish style. - Ability to create captivating and expressive characters that appeal to the target age group. - Strong understanding of color theory and composition to ensure the illustrations are engaging and vis...

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    I'm seeking an expert pinata maker to create a large, round-shaped pinata themed around the planet Mars. Key Requirements: - Large Size: The pinata should be sizeable to hold a good amount of goodies. - Round Shape: The pinata should be shaped round, closely resembling the planet Mars. - Attention to Detail: The pinata should be well-crafted with all the intricate details of Mars. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous Pinata Making Experience: Prior experience in making pinatas is a must. - Creativity: Ability to bring the theme of Mars to life in the pinata design. - Attention to Detail: Ensuring that the pinata is not only visually appealing but also sturdy and able to withstand the activity of being hit.

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    Trophy icon Logo for a new fashion brand 2 giorni left

    We are looking for a logo for our new fashion brand "silent.“ 
The logo should be simple but memorable. No flourishes or embellishments. It’s an elegant street wear brand based in Berlin. Black on white and white on black, please. We’re also looking for a good designer to work with longterm in the future, so send us your best ideas. Thanks in advance!

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    I'm looking for a talented illustrator to create a series of cartoonish caricatures. These will be used as party favors at my upcoming birthday celebration. Key Requirements: - The caricatures need to be cartoonish in style, capturing a fun and light-hearted essence - They should be engaging and easy to understand, suitable for a wide range of ages - They should be appropriate for a birthday party setting, meaning nothing too controversial or edgy Experience and Skills: - Proven experience in caricature illustration, particularly in a cartoonish style - A strong portfolio demonstrating your ability to create engaging and humorous characters - Experience in creating illustrations for party favors or similar events would be a plus. - Strong communication skills to understand and inco...

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    Clean Line Art of Pokemon 6 giorni left

    I'm looking for a talented illustrator to create a clean and simple line art of two Pokemon characters: Scizor and Tyranitar. Key Requirements: - Expertise in creating clean and simple line art that can be used for cut lines for silhouette cameo - Proficient in drawing Pokemon characters - Pokemon should be drawn from a side profile in a stand off against eachother ready for battle - no color, no shading, Black lines only - Ready to cut DXF or vector file Please, include samples of your previous line art work in your proposal. Experience with Pokemon art is a plus.

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    Greetings, I urgently require a professional and engaging portfolio that will truly reflect my design prowess. The main focus of the portfolio is to showcase my impressive range of design skills. Key Notes: - Your project proposal should be detailed, capturing your clear understanding of my needs and exactly how you intend to represent my skills in the portfolio. - Useful concepts and ideas for the portfolio would be highly beneficial, as my main goal is to demonstrate my craft to potential clients, partners, or employers. Ideal Applicant: - Experienced in crafting captivating design portfolios. - High attention to detail is important. - Creativity and innovative execution of ideas highly desired. - Understanding of the design industry and the best ways to represent design sk...

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    I'm looking for an experienced graphic designer to create a minimalist YouTube thumbnail for me. The design should be sophisticated and appealing, aimed at attracting the attention of an adult demographic (25-54 years). The thumbnail design needs to be predominantly text-based. Your creativity in converting my video subject into an intriguing text thumbnail is central to this task. Ideal qualifications: • Proven experience in graphics design • Portfolio with relevant designs • Knowledge of YouTube's curve and standards • Ability to design minimalist, text-only images that engage adults Your proposal should include a rough design approach and estimation of the time required. Let's ensure my YouTube thumbnail stands out in a sea of visuals!

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    I'm seeking a proficient artist who can design a lively, cartoon-style illustration of the Oberlin College white squirrel in the classic "Heisman" football pose. The illustration should radiate playful and happy emotions and be set against a realistic football field. The ideal freelancer for this project would hold: - Significant background in vibrant and colorful cartoon illustration - Ability to portray expressive and emotive characters - Knowledge or ability to effectively research Oberlin College's iconic white squirrel and football field scenario Creating a piece that marries both the fun nature of the squirrel and the rigorous spirit of the sport is the goal. please use the photos as a guide. it is basically just a meld of the squirrel and the heisman pose pho...

    €283 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a skilled digital animator to create a short, engaging promotional video for my upcoming Kickstarter board game. The Animation Style: - The animation must be in 2D, with a digital aesthetic. - It should have a fun, cartoonish style to match the spirit of the board game. - The duration of the video should be between 5 to 8 seconds. The Emotion: - The primary emotion I want this video to convey is excitement. It should be energetic and captivating, aiming to generate enthusiasm and interest in the viewers. Voice-Over: - There is no need for a voice-over. The animation should be able to convey the message and excitement without the use of voice acting. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in digital animation is a must. - A background in creating promotion...

    €244 (Avg Bid)
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    Create an astronaut helmet logo similar to the style of the logo attached. Please show how your logo looks on a white background and on a black background.

    €74 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a talented illustrator who can bring my children's book to life with vibrant and engaging cartoon illustrations. - Style: The illustrations should be fun and silly. - Experience: I would like to see examples of your art, but no specific experience required. - Communication: Good communication skills are essential. Ability to take on feedback for revisions is a must. If you're skilled and passionate about creating captivating illustrations for children's books, I would love to hear from you.

    €841 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking an experienced graphic designer to create an adventurous and eye-catching logo for my kayak ecotour company. Key aspects to include: - Color scheme: The desired palette includes shades of blue and yellow. - Symbols/Icons: The logo must incorporate a kayak, water waves, and an astronaut. - Mood: The logo should convey an adventurous spirit. Ideal Skills: - Experience in logo design and brand identity - Proficient in Adobe Illustrator or similar software - Creativity in incorporating multiple elements into a cohesive design - Understanding of color psychology Your portfolio showing previous logo designs in a similar vein will be highly appreciated. I have attached several AI-generated examples. They obviously need some work but I think show what I am trying to get at. ...

    €73 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Cartoonish Crypto Meme Short Clip 2 giorni left

    I'm looking for a talented artist to create a series of crypto-themed meme art pieces. Key Requirements: - Style: Cartoonish - Usage: For social media content Ideal Expertise: - Strong command of cartoon art style - Creative flair for creating engaging meme content The art will be associated with crypto culture, so familiarity with the latest trends, memes and/or iconic figures within the crypto space is a huge plus. The final pieces must be eye-catching and suitable for sharing on various social media platforms. If you have a knack for humor and can blend it with crypto themes, this project is perfect for you.

    €94 (Avg Bid)
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    As a restaurant owner, I am seeking an experienced graphic designer to update our existing logo. We're looking to streamline its design while retaining its fundamental style. Your challenge would be to modernize both the typography and imagery while ensuring it still feels familiar. The new logo should embody the following elements: - Modernized design with a nod to the existing logo - Bold and contemporary typography What you need to maintain from our existing logo: tie with existing color scheme (not line) Think "Friendly and inviting" as the emotion we want the logo to evoke. The new logo should echo our brand’s welcoming spirit. We will need the logo provided in the variety of file formats, etc. needed for various uses. I'm excited to see originality, c...

    €313 (Avg Bid)
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    I am seeking a skilled graphic designer to create a logo for my pressure washing business. The logo will contain a Rhino as our "mascot" and the business name "Gentle Giants Home Services". Logo examples will be attached. This job would be an excellent fit for someone who has: * Experience in creating engaging cartoon logos, particularly animal-themed ones * Ability to translate client inputs into creative and playful artwork * Strong skills in modern graphic design * An understanding of how to embody emotions into design, in this case, playfulness. Primary Objectives: * Design a vibrant and engaging animal cartoon logo * Implement a playful and fun style into the design * Create a logo that is memorable and stands out. Please include previous examples of cartoon-bas...

    €94 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for someone to design a custom game board for a teenage audience. The game will be centered around the theme of Strategy and Mind game. Key requirements: - The design should be engaging and suitable for teenagers (13-19 years old). - The theme of the game is Strategy and Mind game. The board design should reflect and enhance this theme. Ideal skills and experience: - Prior experience in board game design. - Strong understanding of teenage audience preferences. - Creative and able to bring the theme of Strategy and Mind game to life in the design.

    €246 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for an experienced brand designer to help with the creation of an elegant branding for my cosmetics company, primarily focused on a female audience. The branding should capture the essence of sophistication and femininity. - Primary Colors: The main colors for this project are white and silver. Please incorporate these colors into the design in order to maintain consistency with the rest of our branding. - Target Audience: The branding should appeal to women. The design should be chic and feminine, portraying a sense of refinement and elegance that would appeal to our target demographic. - Brand Image: The desired brand image is "Elegant". Therefore, all elements of the branding should exude a refined, polished and sophisticated feel. Freelancers with experien...

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    Logomarca de uma relojoaria e joalheria, fazemos consertos e vendas. Nome: JOIA RARA Atualmente as Cores Amarela e fundo marrom. Desejo algo mais moderno e que retrate o cuidado com nossos clientes.

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    Trophy icon Steampunk Fantasy TCG Artwork 29 giorni left

    I'm aiming to create a unique, collection-oriented trading card game (TCG) set in a fantasy steampunk universe. We need a team of artists to bring this world to life, thereby enriching the player's collecting experience. ##Requirements: * Create 50-100 unique card illustrations. Please see examples of our Pre-art release. Every art piece that qualifies for our quality standards and we choose to acquire will pay £500,- Multiple winners and multiple wins per artist available. This is a big budget project and we are making a contest to find talented artists to work with. ##Art Style: * Fantasy-scape aspects should be prominent but still maintain a sense of realism * The atmosphere portrayed needs to fuse fantasy elements with steampunk aesthetics ##Themes: * City impressi...

    €585 (Avg Bid)
    In primo piano Garantito Concorso top
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    Trophy icon Hand-Drawn Bermudian Flag Logo Design 2 giorni left

    I'm looking for a unique logo for my company, Slandtrodderz Entertainment. The logo should feature a hand holding a Bermuda flag, slanted through the middle of the company name, Islandtrodderz. Key Details: - Logo style to be a distinct blend of hand-drawn and professional elements - Main Colors: Black, White, Red, Yellow - Consider incorporating a paint drip effect or using a color scheme of gold and black - The final design should be suitable for use on various media, including digital and print. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Strong graphic design skills, particularly in logo creation - Experience with creating unique, eye-catching designs - Ability to understand and translate a creative vision into a polished design.

    €28 (Avg Bid)
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    Seeking a talented designer with a firm grasp on creating engaging non-fiction book designs. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in designing informative illustrations. - A strong understanding of minimalist design principles. - I want it designed in Microsoft word The project involves developing illustrations that will enhance the clarity and overall appeal of the book. Experience with illustrating scenarios and ideas in a minimalist, informative manner is crucial for this role. Personal style, creativity, and originality are highly valued for this project. Your ability to work on a tight schedule will greatly influence success. Let's create something great together!

    €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €6 / hr Offerta media
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    Objective: To create an innovative and modern design for composing a slide that clearly conveys information about Quick Wins/Actions, Responsible Parties, and Expected Results for both the Process Improvement and Project Studies areas. Attached is an initial slide that serves only as a starting point. The team is encouraged to make necessary changes in mode and design to meet the project specifications. The development team should seek inspiration from current slide design trends. It is important that the slide is visually appealing and clearly conveys the necessary information for both areas. Slide Specifications: Division by Areas: The slide will be divided into two main areas, with Process Improvement occupying 2/3 of the slide and Project Studies occupying 1/3. Each area will have i...

    €94 (Avg Bid)
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