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Game Development is the process of building and coding games for PC or other gaming consoles.

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    AR game project 6 giorni left

    Hello! we have an AR game project for which we are looking for developers. Please respond if you are available. Thanks!

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    We are looking for a developer to help us with in-app purchases and the development of other features of a mobile puzzle game (iOS and Android).

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    Super secret roblox game 21 ore left

    I’m obviously in need of a developer on Roblox that has a very good understanding of Roblox we would need to evaluate your skill level. An applicant would have to provide proof Of their work they have done on Roblox. We will be looking for UI development Round manager knowledge. Implementing weapons pretty much a to z development wise. The project is 98% finished just need to touch up some things add new game modes fix some bugs and we’re good. But will be looking for someone that can work full-time. Anyone who is picked for the positional have to fill out one of my companies standardized NDA

    €236 - €709
    Urgente Sigillata
    €236 - €709
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    I am working on a Turn Based tabletop game in Unreal Engine 5 and need to hire someone to create the attacking system for it. The attacking system has several components. The system is to be Quadrant based, with 360 degrees around its center being broken up into the Front Rear Left and Right Quadrants. Each of these quadrants will be 45 degrees. Each quadrant has between 0 and 4 weapon choices each with their own ranges. It should work by selecting your character, choosing a quadrant witch should create a visual showing all enemy characters within the quadrants range. If you then select an enemy character that is within range of the weapons and within the quadrant, if there is un-interrupted line of sight then the server should accept that as a valid target. Provided is an example photo sh...

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    Unreal engine UI design 6 giorni left

    I’m looking for a unreal engine UI development

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    Hello, I want to make a multiplayer game The game will be the same as the game below (different gameplay and content). different interface should be designed. There will be 3 modes in the game. real money will be used in the game so security is important. log of actions for the game should be recorded (log)

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    Digital technologies are also creating new opportunities for citizen participation, for taking on board the knowledge, ideas and suggestions, as well as the concerns of citizens in projects, and for entering into dialog. These include, for example, virtual formats that provide a different and new insight into the planning of projects. How can we imagine the use and handling of virtual formats? What insights do they provide and do they offer an optimal complement to the tried and tested dialog formats? Your Order: Order: Create a digital space (community center) where people can participate with different human avatars. From voting to making signs with emojis.

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    Right now, I am trying to direct and create mods for a game called Barotrauma. The scripting is pretty straightforward, it is in XML but there is a LUA for it as well (which may or may not be better?) I can help with the coding though my own knowledge in scripting is not perfect. Anyhow, right now, I am looking to partner with someone to create a gun set mod that will add about 50 or so new guns with their own magazines and a variety of ammunition to the game that will directly work with a economy mod I have already worked on. The process itself is rather straightforward and most of the work is going to be copy pasting template code and editing values to differentiate the items. (This includes accurate gun recoil and reload animations where applicable.) I will attach below an image ...

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    Please bid if you have experience with unity PS4

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    Unity Expert 6 giorni left

    The project only needs you to create a UI that display the clear text in a CJR font, this project is not to build a UI

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    Unity Developer -- 2 6 giorni left

    We are looking for a Unity developer. It would be great if you have experience with the Space graphic toolkit.

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    Game Development Project 6 giorni left

    I need a game developed for an online web-based interface. The user must play in Augmented Reality using a laptop/desktop camera. The idea is to recognise human body/hand gestures & interact with balls dropping from above. See the below link for reference, this is precisely what we need in the gameplay. Thanks,

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    Game Foundation 6 giorni left

    Chess Kingdoms intends to integrate chess into a strategy game where players can build their own environments, form and join kingdoms to battle in daily wars where the members of the winning kingdom can win lots of in-game resources and rewards. The spotlight of Chess Kingdoms is the play-to-earn clan battle tournaments where multiple clans win rewards by placing top in respective tournaments that can be cashed for real-time money.

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    Unity Developer 5 giorni left

    We are looking for a Unity developer. It would be great if you have experience with the Space graphic toolkit.

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    Arena Games 5 giorni left

    I want to build a game that has something for everyone. King of the hill, Jump in some metal caged ball and try to knock each other off a platform, Jet boat racing arcade-style, Tron type cycle battle. Roller derby, Vehicle weapon battles, & races. Free for all and team-based options. I have been working in Unreal 5 on my own looking to bring a few people on to develop players and animation.

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    Must have previous experience with casino slot games on and cocos2d. Please don’t apply if you don’t have experience. Long term work is guaranteed if you have it in you

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    We are a digital banking products company providing variety of Mobile / Internet banking products to Institutions globally . We want to create a VR experience as an enhancement to our portfolio. Customers should be able to have a gamified experience in accessing their account and perform transactions in the V world like real life. We need someone with active experience in VR and AI to start with . Secondly , creating digital Non fungible Identities of customers , assets will be the added requirement . We need a partner to work with us on the POC.

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    Quiero crear un juego para movil de decisiones múltiples tipo chat como Mystic Messenger, Sara is missing, A Normal Lost phone, etc

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    Multiplayer Game Development 5 giorni left

    I want help to build a multiplayer PC game in a 3D environment. The game can be either 1st or 3rd Person perspective. I want it to be an RPG with Dungeons and Dragons style character development and skills, but act as a shooter game akin to Tom Clancy's 'The Division' where it is predominantly player vs environment/non player characters. I need random loot spawns of various levels of rarity as well as some recourse for dying, possibly some rogue-like elements where each progression through the game is different and death resets your items/load out. However, I would like to retain all stats/level ups even after player death. Possibly some kind of class system that each level independently and not synchronous across all characters. This games needs to be at minimum single play...

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    let me know if u r good in game dvelopmnt with GMS2/ Gamer Maker Studio more discussion on chat

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    Game Development 5 giorni left

    GMS2 / GAME MAKER STUDIO 2 DEVELOPERS ONLY We are looking for a Game Maker Studio 2 developer to help implement multiplayer technology into our existing game. The game is a virtual world MMORPG isometric tile based game. When you message, please briefly explain which technologies you would use to implement these systems and if you have any examples of previous work that is advantageous. Please note, people who message who do not meet the requirements will be instantly rejected.

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    Nous recherchons un développeur de jeu mobile capable de reproduire un jeu similaire à TempleRun dans le game play

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    I'm looking for a game designer who can create an app which allows the user to hunt and capture monsters in real time - utilising real time mapping. Key features need to be. : - Game must also have semantic segmentation to visually identify and mask different elements in the world around the player to inform how virtual content reacts or is placed in the space. -Will need real time depth estimation and occlusion to allow for characters to be hidden and then revealed. Also will need the player to be able to interact with the monster both through the smart device mic and through messages. - The monsters will need an intelligent AI system to move around the real world space and be able to be captured by the player. - Monsters will also need to be able to be created to be added to the...

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    Unreal engine 5 developer 4 giorni left

    looking for an Unreal Engine 5 developer who is capable of scripting the autonomous setup

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    Developing a multiplayer real money mobile gaming app for multiplayer and tournament mode. The UI/UX design for the Whot card game is ready and the requirement of the project will be discussed extensively. This app will have multiple games in the near future so the result of this MVP project will open up more opportunities to work together over and over again.

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    Unity developer Needed urgently 4 giorni left

    Need to animate the character with the animation data in the format of json file provided. the deadline is Max Monday morning. Only if you can do please ping or else thank you for your time.

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    I am looking for a game developer to build a taycoon game

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    Design a card game 4 giorni left

    This is a conversation game for couples. I have all the story etc. but I need someone who can work with this to design a compelling game mechanic, that will keep people coming back and playing this again.

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    One year experienced in Unity Gaming Software is required. Indian origins will be more preferable. Interested contact urgently.

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    Roulette Game(Solidity SC) 3 giorni left

    Hello, We need a roulette game with excellent graphics, in solidity, with smart contract. Mobile based or responsive. Best Regard's VG

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    I want to find someone who can build ipa file from Unity project. I'll share apple account to build.

    €9 - €28
    Sigillata NDA
    €9 - €28
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    Horse Racing Game 3 giorni left

    Hi, I've purchased this source code & add like to do some tewaks to it. I'd like to create a Super admin portal where I can have different intances of the game running for different " locations " I'd like to tweak the random character win % ratio's etc by still maintaining control of how much % the house wins. Would you be able to do this ? If so , how long & how much ?

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    Unity Mini Game 3 giorni left

    Create a mini unity game that has and end game. It does not have to be hard game, simple game also can, but not too simple.

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    Medium scale Roblox community- Monetized Interactive mini games with playtime tallied for achievements and levels. 7 interactive play areas on map Drivable Roads and boating waterways connecting the community

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    I need a senior unity developer. I have a unity game on android platform. And it uses library. It runs on mono, but when I build, not run on android device. Please contact me when you can handle this.

    €20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, We are looking for UNREAL ENGINE programmers and developpers to create our current video game. Before going into details, we would like first you give us an estimate price about the project, to see if it fits our budget as we don't want to do it in our country since price is too high and I am personnaly sure you and your team can do same quality of work. As I said, we need a full game developmment, here you can find some information about the game: - Cartoon style like "Fortnite"/"Roller Champions" for assets. I think we can do a mix of creating/buying assets so price wont be too expensive by creating every asset from scratch. You get my point ? - Third Person Shooter - 2 modes: Battle Royale mode (1 big map like Fortnite with 100-150 players) and Classi...

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    Expert Phaser Developer Required 3 giorni left

    We need to build the following using Phaser 3 - Create snake player exactly like (skins). Create a demo scene which renders more than 20 snakes with length >500 each. It should run smoothly without losing FPS.

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    Expert Phaser Developer Required 3 giorni left

    We need to build the following using Phaser 3 - Create a snake player exactly like (skins). Create a demo scene that renders more than 20 snakes with lengths>500 each. It should run smoothly without losing FPS.

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    Unreal Engine Artist 3 giorni left

    Hi, I'm looking for a couple of People with high advance Unreal Engine knowledge. That can work for the developer of games and Metaverse

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    Hi there, I am looking for a game developer. I need at least 4 html5 games monthly. (Simulation, Sport, Running, Driving, Shooting, Room escape games, or other popular games) 1、 High-quality graphic design: Button, Background, Skin, etc. All elements in games. I hope Graphic Design can similar to this style: 2、Exclusive license, you can't sell the work to any other. 3、I need the source code of this game 4、Website logo and thumb-related are needed in this game. 5、Our H5games SDK needs to be embedded in the game. The price is for each game. Looking for long-term cooperation! any questions, please let me know, thank you.

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    Ahoy There, We are looking to build an HTML 5 Game for marketing, the idea behind the game is to play in our 80s brand design, and we would like to create a dungeon and dragons turn-based game. The game is a choose-your-own-adventure; there will be roughly 20-25 questions with 1. question per screen, with one answer progressing you through the game, the wrong choice to your demise. We want successful winners to get a coupon code emailed to them, which is how we will secure prospect emails. 10% if they lose emailed to them 50% if they win emailed to them. The team and I have put together 4 example screens to sell the idea for quotation purposes, hopefully. Welcome screen example Introduction to story screen Choose your path screen You win! (email capture) Love to ge...

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    I will Provide source code of the game and you need to setup in-app billing and fix bugs if there's anything and build the game to upload game to app store. playstore version:

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    Unity 3d game 2 giorni left

    This is not a big or time taken project. very simple. I want unity 3d game developer. game is all ready and that game designed by me. but I need to add buttons and make that game into android application like which we can play in mobiles, tablets, ipads also. can anyone do that. Project already taken by someone... thank you for the response to all freelancers who are showing interest on my project.. thank you

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    I want to hire Unity Developer who can do Facebook login on my Unity Project.

    €9 - €28
    Sigillata NDA
    €9 - €28
    4 offerte

    Hello, We are looking for developpers/programmers and graphic designer for the development of our current video game. If you are: - A developper/programmer who can work on SOURCE or UNREAL ENGINE. - A graphic designer who can work on assets. Please contact us. Thank you

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    Racing game 2 giorni left

    I need experienced or non-experienced freelancers. To make a game for low end mobiles. The game will be racing types and one career mode and one free race mode. With two currency Gold and silver coins. The game needs to be free to play and play to win. Not pay to win .

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    I am looking for android app for just 2 games... Ander bahar & dragon tiger... I need it fully graphical and with great UI & Completely scalable without any hanging issues.

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    VR AR XR engineer and designer -- 3 2 giorni left

    Project: 1. Designer and XR engineer will form a team for this project 2. Unity 3D realtime platform 3. Occulus Quest, Vive pro 4. C# When successfully accepted, we will split 1,200USD/month for 5 months among members and complete our project. requirements; you need to be a certified Unity expert, or C# guru with Unity portfolio for designers; a photoshop + Occulus + Aero + 3D max and should be able to deploy to Twitcher or Youtube. This is a part of projects under KOCCA, which provides tools, facilitators and money for 5 months to turn your initiatives into projects during this period and will showcase your work in public places. I have applied in two areas of sports and MICE.

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    Indi developers welcome only. No companies! Multiplayer game to be made with photon fusion. Base game is ready, modifications need to be done. It is a Battle Royale game. We will test your skill level for unity and photon fusion. Please bid only if you are skilled. If you are skilled with unity and multiplayer games and believe you can learn photon fusion from documentation, that is also fine.

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