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Database Programming is an essential software development skill that processes data and stores it in a database. Database Programmers store and handle databases, create, maintain and update them so that data is organized, secure, and easily retrievable when needed. Database programming relies on the manipulation of an underlying language, like SQL, through coding structure and automation of rules to ensure accuracy and enforce consistency.

Whether you’re in need of organizing a complex amount of data, validating data changes, or writing to multiple databases at once, a Database Programmer can be your best asset when it comes to optimizing and automating your current system.

Here's some projects that our expert Database Programmer made real:

  • Data Management - whether it’s relocating large files from one server to another or editing large chunks of data.
  • Seamless User Experience – extending automations for a better end user experience with less manual labor.
  • Security – tying all transactions for protection from cyber threats and potential malicious activities.
  • API Connections – Pulling real-time data with API calls to update various databases with the most updated information.
  • Optimization – Configuring underlying structures such as indexing algorithms that can be modified over time to match user demand.

Database programmers are highly specialized software engineers with expert knowledge in both backend development and databases themselves. They rely on a combination of inherently acquired knowledge through technical education or career experience to make sure data processing is secure, accurate, fast and consistent. With help from a Database Programmer, clients can easily optimize their systems so they are able to access information quickly while still keeping their businesses secure and up-to-date.

As a result, working with a Database Programmer on is ideal for those who need real-time solutions tailored to match their unique needs without compromising security or efficiency. No matter the complexity of your business’s needs and your data requirements, our freelancers are experienced in setting up the perfect custom-made solution for you. Post your project now and get started on your business’s journey today!

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    The project entails developing a Java-based BACnet network scanner and data storage system to discover and interact with BACnet devices across a network. The system will employ the BACnet protocol for device discovery, data retrieval, and storage of instance data into an SQL database. Network Scanning and Device Discovery: Utilize BACnet discovery mechanisms like Who-Is and IP range scanning to identify BACnet devices on the network. Implement mechanisms to retrieve device details such as device IDs, IP addresses, and other relevant information. Data Retrieval and Storage: Establish communication with discovered devices using BACnet protocol (UDP/IP or Ethernet). Implement functionality to read specific BACnet object properties (e.g., Analog Value, Binary Value) from each device using li...

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    database designer and SQL developer 6 giorni left

    looking for a skilled database designer and SQL developer to create a comprehensive database schema for as student rrecurtement webapplication. The request:-------------------------- Design a relational database schema based on the provided Figma design. Create an Entity-Relationship (ER) diagram. Write SQL code for table creation, including primary keys, foreign keys, indexes, data types, and constraints. Develop a Low-Level Design (LLD) document detailing the database schema, relationships, data types, constraints, and any necessary business logic. The Deliverables:---------------- Relational database model ER diagram SQL scripts for table creation Low-Level Design (LLD) document How to Apply: Provide examples of similar database design projects. Include your estimated timeline for co...

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    ChatGPT API Developer 6 giorni left

    We are looking for a talented ChatGPT API Developer to join our dynamic team. This role is crucial for integrating AI capabilities with our existing systems and extracting valuable insights from large datasets. Key Responsibilities: *********************** API Development: Develop, integrate, and maintain the ChatGPT API to enhance our applications. Database Connectivity: Ensure seamless connectivity between the ChatGPT API and various databases. Data Analysis: Analyze very large datasets stored in databases to derive actionable insights. Insight Generation: Utilize data analysis results to generate meaningful insights that support business decisions. Requirements: *************** - Technical Skills: Proficiency in developing and managing APIs, particularly with ChatGPT. Strong experienc...

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    Reach 360 API & Data Integration 6 giorni left

    I need a skilled developer to create an API that can connect all available data fields in Reach 360 and transfer them on a daily and as needs basis to a cloud-based database, preferably held in MS 365. This is a critical task to ensure seamless data management from our learning platform, and the data must be accessible for reporting purposes either via CSV or through SharePoint. Key Requirements: - Build an API that links to all available data fields in Reach 360 - Daily data transfer from Reach 360 to the database - Database to be preferably in MS Azure - Reporting capabilities including: - Customizable dashboards, - Predefined report templates, - Real-time analytics - Ability to upload CSVs of new users Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in API development -...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Excel expert to create a comprehensive and user-friendly project budget monitoring system to track and compare projected vs actual expenses on monthly base. Requirements: - The database should include features for data entry and tracking, graphical data visualization, and automated calculations. - The system should consist of two dashboards: - One for monitoring overall project progress - Another for tracking Department-wise progress - And third for expense breakdown The ideal candidate for this project would have: - Excellent skills in Excel, including extensive experience in creating complex automated systems - Strong grasp of budgeting and expense tracking principles - A keen eye for UI design, capable of creating a simple and minimalist user inte...

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    I am seeking a proficient database developer to create a robust relational database designed to manage content. Key Tasks Involved: - The database will primarily be focused on aiding in content management. - It needs to be compatible with Google Docs which will be the main platform used. Professional Skills Required: - Rich experience in relational database development - Proficiency in Google Docs is highly essential for the compatibility requirement of the project. This project requires a developer who can deliver an efficient, well-organized database that can effectively support the content management process.

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    I'm in need of an experienced T-SQL developer to help design a straightforward database using T-SQL 2019. This job involves: - Crafting a simple database structure (less than 10 tables) that is efficient and scalable. - Ensuring the database follows best practices and is optimized for future growth and maintenance. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience with T-SQL, particularly in version 2019. - A proven track record in designing databases, particularly simple structures. - The ability to implement efficient and scalable database solutions. - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Looking to eomploy on a permanant basis depending on applicablbility to role

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who is well-versed in Java and Oracle to develop a database management system. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Java and Oracle is a must - Prior experience with database management system development - Strong understanding of data reporting and analytics - Ability to implement user authentication and authorization - Knowledge of backup and recovery processes Please bid if you have the necessary skills and experience.

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me integrate data between two APIs. I need to pull data from one API and regularly push it to another one. Key Requirements: - You should have a solid understanding of API data integration. - The synchronization should occur on an hourly basis. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in working with APIs. - Experience with data integration projects. - Knowledge of best practices for data synchronization. - Ability to work on a project with regular hourly updates. Summary: I need to develop a system where I can pull certain data from one API set () save it to a system in the middle which I will host myself and then take that info and push it into another system via API ( ~1v2~1baseloads~1/post). My middleware portal must be devel...

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    I'm seeking a skilled SQL expert to assist with optimizing the performance of my server queries. This is a personal project, and the need is immediate. Key Requirements: - Expertise in SQL: You should have a strong command of SQL and be able to identify, troubleshoot, and optimize query performance issues. - Promptness: Given the urgency of my current situation, it's crucial that you're able to give this project your immediate attention and complete it within 24 hours. Your role will be to diagnose the performance bottlenecks in my SQL queries and implement optimizations to enhance query performance. Your ability to communicate your findings clearly and in a timely manner will be highly valued. Ideal Skills: SQL, Query Optimization, Performance Tuning, Urgent Troubleshoot...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can efficiently work with SQL queries to retrieve and manipulate data. Key Requirements: - Proficient in SQL queries and data retrieval - Competent in data manipulation techniques Additionally, I need a BI dashboard created specifically for data visualization using Power BI. The goal is to present the retrieved data in an insightful and concise manner. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in SQL - Proven track record in data retrieval and manipulation - Experience in BI dashboard creation using Power BI - Ability to understand and represent data in an easily interpretable manner. This is a one day task, so I need someone who is able to work quickly and efficiently.

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    Private Filemaker Hosting Setup 5 giorni left

    I'm seeking a Filemaker developer to set up a private hosting server for our Filemaker database. - Build a Private Filemaker Server with remote secure access as we dont want to pay a monthly fee to hosting companies. - Explain what kind of filemaker server license we should to buy (we have a regular Filemaker Pro 18 Advanced license) - Is that possible to install in a Contabo Server? (we got one) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with Filemaker database design and scripting - Familiarity with integrating Filemaker with other applications - Knowledge of secure hosting server setup - Strong communication skills to guide through hosting selection. Your expertise will be crucial in ensuring our Filemaker database is accessible and efficient for our team.

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    As an individual seeking assistance with my personal project, I require a skilled freelancer who can manage a database proficiently. - The main task for this project is data entry. The suitable candidate should be detail-oriented and comfortable working with a vast amount of data. - Expertise in database management is essential. The freelancer should be competent in organizing and storing information, using effective database solutions where necessary. - Knowledge in database software and data storage principles is a significant advantage. In conclusion, someone highly reliable and organized with excellent database management skills would be an excellent fit for this project.

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    I am in need of a skilled developer to create an all-encompassing Health ERP Billing Software for my healthcare facility. Key Features: - Patient Management - Appointment Scheduling - Medical Record Keeping (Patient Demographics, Medical History, Lab Test Results) - Billing (Generate Invoices, Track Billing History) The ideal candidate should have a strong background in software development, particularly in the healthcare field. Experience with implementing financial modules and a working knowledge of medical record keeping are crucial. Experience with HIPAA compliance will be a plus. Please make sure to include relevant examples of your previous work in your proposal. The ability to deliver a secure, user-friendly, and scalable software solution is vital.

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    Health ERP - Billing Module 4 giorni left

    I require a professional with expertise in software development to create a robust billing and invoicing module for a health ERP I'm currently developing. Key Features: - Creation and tracking of patient bills - Generation of invoices - Integration with the Patient Management system to ensure all billable services are captured - Simple reporting functionality - Multi-user access with role-based permissions to ensure data integrity Additional Requirements: - The module should be able to handle different billing scenarios, including insurance claims - The system does not need to support multiple currencies - At this time, there is no requirement for the billing and invoicing system to integrate with any specific accounting software Ideal freelancer for this project should have experi...

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    I need a freelancer to conduct an open source intelligence (OSINT) investigation based on a given phone number. I'm considering the possible use of phoneinfoga, inteltechniques, Python3, Pip3 and IPND platforms in the process, but I'm open to your suggestions for the most effective tools and methods. Key requirements: - Conduct a comprehensive search based on the provided phone number to gather relevant information. - Utilize OSINT tools and platforms to collect data efficiently and accurately. - Potential use of Python3 and IPND platforms for data analysis. - Prepare a detailed report or other suitable format that presents the found information in a clear and organized manner. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in conducting OSINT investigations and utilizing relevant ...

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    Wordpress Server Optimization 4 giorni left

    I'm looking for an expert in WordPress server optimization. My website faces high server resource usage issues, with CPU levels spiking up to 90% when the site is crawled. Otherwise my website has pagespeed score of 90 using LightSpeed Cache, my site's performance is still subpar. I am using VPS purchased from Hostinger. It's specification is 2 core CPU, 8GB Ram and 8TB Bandwidth. Note: I have hosted one PHP based web app on the same VPS where this wordpress website is installed. Monthly traffic is more than 25k when combined. Key requirements: - Identify and rectify the high server resource usage issue. - Enhance the website's speed and performance. - Implement effective server optimization techniques. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in WordPres...

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    I need an application integrated with Zendesk that retrieves specific customer data from an external system based on a given identifier from a Zendesk ticket. Short project, max 1 day. Data Required: • Customer information, specifically: - Contact details (Name, Email, Phone number, Address, Gender) - Purchase history These details would be retrieved from our external system and displayed for reference as needed. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Proficient in Zendesk app development/integration • Strong understanding of data retrieval and data handling with external systems • Adept with information security The main goal is to create a system that streamlines the task of accessing relevant customer data, increasing efficiency. This project demands a reliable, ...

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    Oracle PL/SQL Developer Needed 4 giorni left

    I am seeking an experienced Oracle PL/SQL developer to help with complex business logic implementation through stored procedure development and maintenance in our Oracle 19c database. Key Requirements: - Skilled in Oracle PL/SQL: You should have a solid foundation in Oracle PL/SQL, with a proven track record of developing and maintaining complex stored procedures. - Database Design Knowledge: While the focus will be on stored procedures, a good understanding of database design will be beneficial. - Performance Tuning: The ability to optimize queries and tune performance will be a strong advantage. Your main tasks will involve: - Designing, developing, and maintaining stored procedures that implement complex business logic. - Ensuring high performance and efficiency of the database. - ...

    €140 - €419
    €140 - €419
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    Phone Number OSINT Investigation 4 giorni left

    I need a freelancer to conduct an open source intelligence (OSINT) investigation based on a given phone number. I'm considering the possible use of Python3 and IPND platforms in the process, but I'm open to your suggestions for the most effective tools and methods. Key requirements: - Conduct a comprehensive search based on the provided phone number to gather relevant information. - Utilize OSINT tools and platforms to collect data efficiently and accurately. - Potential use of Python3 and IPND platforms for data analysis. - Prepare a detailed report or other suitable format that presents the found information in a clear and organized manner. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in conducting OSINT investigations and utilizing relevant tools. - Experience with phoneinfoga...

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    We are looking for senior experienced full time Oracle Software Developers who are able to undertake support and development in Oracle 19c using PL/SQL and SQL. IMPORTANT : Only those who can work from home on a full time, dedicated basis for our project may apply.

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    I have a tour & travel based Website. Here I have a section like a - review section - blog section - latest tour package - live daily "flight and train booking" facility - contact section This is my requirment can you fullfill it then contact me i will hire you urgently! Thank you

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    I'm looking for an expert in constructing efficient databases. Building one in Microsoft Access is my priority, which will be primarily used by my company's administrative staff. Here's what I need: - Data Entry & Storage: The database will handle less than 5 tables. It needs to cater to not just data entry, but also its secure, organised storage. - Report Generation: The capability to generate comprehensive, customizable reports is essential. Please ensure the interface is user-friendly. - Automated Calculations: Also, I require the feature of automated calculations within the database. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in constructing Access databases. - Proven record of creating user-friendly interfaces. - Strong understanding of data privacy and ...

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    Quiero hacer un servidor de SAMP, pero no sé programar. Necesito programadores para editar gamemodes y el servidor en general.

    €9 - €10
    €9 - €10
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    I am looking for a coder specialist who also has experience in designing websites. Our nonprofit, Latinx Therapist Project, is looking to make a webpage that has a "database" of all of the local universities in Colorado and has data for each university that would be manually inputted most likely as I am not familiar with how else this information would be inputted. Looking to hire someone who can guide me in the design aspect of this database/website coding and them making it come to life. The point of this database would be to help interested students decide what school and program would be best for them. We currently use wix to host our website but the database doesn't necessarily have to be hosted on wix. Ideal skills and experiences for this job include: -Ability ...

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    I am in need of an experienced PL/SQL developer for my Oracle database project. What I'm looking for: - An expert in database design and optimization. I need the database to be structured in the most efficient way late for smooth workflow. - Competency in writing stored procedures and triggers. Your work will involve creating intricate stored procedures for our project. - Proficiency in query performance tuning. I need someone who can minimize the response time of our database interactions. Database Size: - The database size for this project falls in the medium category (100 MB - 1 GB). Requirements: - Experience with Oracle database systems. - Strong knowledge of PL/SQL. - Excellent problem-solving skills. - Attention to detail. - Strong communication skills. I'm looking fo...

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    I am currently seeking an expert in migrating databases from DB2 z/OS to DB2 LUW. The ideal candidate should have deep knowledge and extensive experience with both DB2 z/OS Version 11 and DB2 LUW. Your task will involve migrating a database less than 500GB in size. No specific issues or challenges are intended to be solved through this migration, the main task is just the successful transfer of the database. Key responsibilities will include: - Planning and designing the migration strategy - Implementing the migration without losing any data - Ensuring the smooth execution of the database in its new environment Your Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in DB2 LUW - Experience in DB2 z/OS Version 11 - Data migration expertise Prepare a document to list out the difference...

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    We are seeking a CiviCRM expert to assist with setting up CiviCRM for our organization's database management on wordpress. Key Tasks: - Configure CiviCRM to cater to our management needs, including importing a database of 9,000 members into CiviCRM. - Ensure smooth integration and functionality within our existing WordPress systems. - Personalize the CiviCRM interface to meet our specific needs. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in configuring CiviCRM within WordPress. - Strong understanding of CRM systems and their customization to suit specific organizational requirements. - Familiarity with web interfaces and user experience design is a plus. If you are skilled in CiviCRM and understand the nuances of membership management, I encourage you to bid on this project.

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    Description: We are seeking an experienced SQL expert with advanced Excel skills to help us prepare data from our ERP system and make necessary changes in SQL queries for our AI prediction model. The ideal candidate should also be familiar with QlikView (BI Tool) and have an understanding of manufacturing processes and supply chain management. Key Responsibilities: Extract and prepare data from our ERP system to the required format Modify and optimize SQL queries as needed for our AI prediction model Utilize advanced Excel functions and features to manipulate and analyze data Work with QlikView for data visualization and reporting Collaborate with our team to understand data requirements and ensure accuracy Qualifications: Strong proficiency in SQL Advanced Excel skills (including func...

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    I'm looking for a TALLY ERP expert to help me sharpen my skills further. Key Requirements: I am not from commerce background. I am from Art's background. - You need to be well-versed with TALLY ERP; my current expertise is at an advanced level, so I need a tutor who can match that. - I am open to both in-person and online tutoring, so feel free to bid if you can offer either of these options. Ideal Freelancer: - Proven experience and expertise in TALLY ERP. - Excellent communication skills and a knack for teaching. - Flexibility to offer both in-person and online tutoring sessions. - Previous tutoring experience would be a plus.

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    MS Access Coder Needed Tasks: - Database design and creation - Importing existing data into the new database Preferred timeline: Less than a week Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in MS Access - Expertise in database design and creation - Proficiency in query design and optimization - Experience in form and report design We are looking for a skilled MS Access coder who can help us with database design and creation. We need someone who can import our existing data into the new database. The project needs to be completed within a week. The ideal candidate should have a strong knowledge of MS Access and expertise in database design and creation. Additionally, proficiency in query design and optimization as well as experience in form and report design are desired.

    €6 - €31
    €6 - €31
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    With an existing Access database at hand, I'm on the lookout for a detailed-orientated programmer with extensive knowledge of configuring the connection to the database. I am still not certain whether it needs to be set programmatically or if it needs to be prepped for a specific software application, hence your expert advice will be much appreciated. Given that the database will be primarily dealing with customer data, it will be critical for the ideal candidate to exhibit a firm understanding of database security features, competent in formulating measures that protect customer information. Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge in Access Database - Prior experience with different method of database connections - Proficiency in ensuring data security - Good communication ski...

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    I'm in need of a proficient PowerBI specialist to assist me in creating a comprehensive financial dashboard and solve problems I cam across with the dashboard Key Requirements: - You will be required to determine and incorporate key financial metrics for the dashboard. These can be Sales Revenue, Profit Margin, Expenses, or any other relevant metric you believe should be included. - The dashboard should connect to various data sources. These sources may include Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, or Online APIs. Please suggest these sources based on your expertise and the best practices for financial data integration. - The frequency of data updates is an important factor. Depending on your expertise and understanding of financial data, you should be able to recommend and implement an...

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    I want a Tableau expert to create a comprehensive sales data dashboard for me. Unlimited, raw data is available through a database connection which I'll provide. In light of that: - You should have a solid understanding of Tableau for dashboard creation. - Experience dealing with sales data is key. - Dexterity in managing data from database connections is a must. A dashboard that intuitively visualizes sales data will enable us to gain insightful perspectives for decision making. If you can pull this off, I'd be keen to discuss more projects with you.

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    I am seeking a freelancer with vast experience in Microsoft Access and Data Management to create a comprehensive database for my small residential cleaning company. The database should include: -Job Site Details: This includes capturing data on the date and time of each job, its specific location address, and the customer's name. Detailed site specifics such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, windows, closets, doors, kitchens and other areas cleaned, the time taken to complete each task, as well as projected and actual labor hours should also be included. -Customer Satisfaction: An efficient system to measure and record customer satisfaction levels is also necessary. This will include ratings on a scale of 1-5, feedback/comments, specific areas for improvement, and th...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Microsoft Access and VB programmer to help with upgrading a legacy Microsoft Access 95 database to Access 2010 or above. The primary goals of this project are to enhance the database's performance and stability, improve its functionality, and ensure its compatibility with newer versions of Access. Key Responsibilities: - Upgrade the legacy Microsoft Access 95 database to Access 2010 or a higher version - Ensure the upgraded database is capable of improved performance and stability - Enhance the functionality of the database, if possible - Guarantee compatibility with newer versions of Microsoft Access - Sage Export/Import Functionality Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Microsoft Access - Strong experience in VB programming - Previous experience...

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    I'm in need of a proficient freelancer who can assist with a Word PDF data typing project. The main goal is to systematically input data into an Access database. Key Responsibilities: - Complete the data entry task from Word PDF documents - Ensure accuracy and consistency in data input - Organize the data in a way that is conducive to database entry - Handle a considerable amount of data The ideal candidate should have: - A proven track record in data entry - Proficiency with Access database - Excellent attention to detail - Strong organizational skills - Ability to manage and process a large volume of data Please note that the final deliverable should be in Access database format to facilitate easy integration with our existing systems.

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    I am seeking a seasoned SQL expert to analyse, clean up and optimise my large SQL database, which is over 5GB. The database has more than 100 tables and is experiencing performance issues. Ideally, you will have: - Proven expertise in SQL optimisation techniques - Experience in dealing with large databases - Practical knowledge to handle complex database with extensive tables Current Issues: - Slow query response - High CPU usage - Our shopping cart back office operations are slowing down due to these issues Your task would be to identify, and optimise the database to enhance the speed and efficiency, resulting in efficient business operations. I look forward to your proposals. The shopping Cart is Prestashop 1.6.24 one of the table = 95% of the entire SQL database by all accounts ...

    €610 (Avg Bid)
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    85 offerte

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