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Data Science is a multidisciplinary field that deals with extracting insights and patterns from raw data to facilitate informed and strategic decision-making. Data Science Experts possess advanced skills in computer science, mathematics, statistics, and domain knowledge essential for interpreting data and solving complex problems. They can help you harness the power of data-driven analytics to make improvements to your business strategies, IT systems, or product development processes.

Here's some projects that our expert Data Science Experts made real:

  • Machine learning algorithms development for personalization and recommendation systems in mental healthcare
  • Custom dashboard creation for seamless integration with accounting platforms like Xero
  • Neural network optimization for image recognition or natural language processing tasks
  • Data analysis and visualization using tools like PowerBI for comprehensive reports
  • Federated learning techniques implementation for secure and efficient data processing across organizations
  • NLP-based applications development such as sentiment and emotion analysis of audio content in multiple languages
  • Water leakage detection systems using advanced data analysis and predictive modeling techniques
  • Assistance in formulating research ideas and implementing projects for data science publications

If you're looking to take advantage of the wealth of information hidden within your data or leverage the power of AI and machine learning to drive smarter, more effective decision-making, then look no further than Freelancer.com. Our talented community of Data Science experts is here to transform your ideas into reality.

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    ML/DL Expert in Python Needed 6 giorni left

    I'm in need of a machine learning and deep learning specialist who can assist me with a number of tasks. These include: - Data preprocessing and cleaning - Model development and training - Performance evaluation and optimization - Application of various ML/DL models to four different datasets The datasets in question are a mix of structured data in formats like CSV and Excel, as well as time series data. Your experience in working with similar data types will be crucial. My ultimate expectation is for these models to deliver high accuracy. This will require you to not only develop and train the models effectively, but also to optimize their performance. Ideal skills and experience: - Previous experience in data preprocessing - Proficiency in Python - Demonstrable experience with...

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    data science 6 giorni left

    I'm looking for a freelancer or firm that can offer an opportunity to work on their data science project. will explain more details in chat

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    Social Media Text Data Mining 6 giorni left

    I'm in need of a skilled data mining specialist who can help me analyze textual data from various social media platforms. The goal of this data extraction is to perform a detailed audience analysis, providing valuable insights and understanding to help shape our marketing strategy. Key Responsibilities: - Extracting and collecting text data from social media platforms - Analyzing the data for key insights - Providing a comprehensive audience analysis report Ideal candidates should have: - Proficient knowledge and experience in data mining - Proven expertise in working with text data - Experience in conducting audience analysis - Strong analytical skills and attention to detail - Excellent communication and reporting skills This project requires someone who's not just a data e...

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    My project requires an expert who can accurately extract text data exclusively from multiple PDF files. - Extraction Process The task involves concentrating on text data while leaving out images, tables, or any other non-text elements present in the file. I have a number of PDF's that I need to work with. Therefore, someone with good attention to detail is desired. - Data Format After successful extraction, I would like the data to be arranged into an Excel spreadsheet. Confident Excel proficiency is an essential skill for this job. Knowledge in handling data in spreadsheets and accessibility to Microsoft Excel software is crucial. - Data Analysis Once the extraction is done, I am interested in a comparative analysis of the extracted data. Someone proficient in carrying out detail...

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    I'm looking for a data science expert who's flexible for teaching live to students. You'll be working on predictive analytics, data visualization or natural language processing as per requirement. I didn't specify the type of data to be used as well, hence your approach should cater to structured data, unstructured data or even streaming sensor data. Ideal Skills: - Strong knowledge in Python or SQL. - Ability to work with various types of data. - Proficient in predictive analytics, data visualization, and natural language processing. Experience: - Proven experience in data science tasks is a must. Good understanding of different data and problem-solving flexibility is key. If you believe you're a good fit, please bid.

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    I'm looking for a proficient chatbot developer who can create a chatbot that caters to the healthcare industry. The chatbot should support the English language and be capable of handling various patient queries and providing medical information, among other healthcare-related functions. Key Requirements: - Develop a chatbot designed specifically for the healthcare sector. - Ensure the chatbot is proficient in English. - Implement functionalities such as patient query resolution and provision of medical information. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in chatbot development, particularly in the healthcare industry. - Strong understanding of natural language processing and artificial intelligence. - Previous experience in developing chatbots that provide medical information or ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled data scientist who specializes in machine learning with a focus on text data for a sentiment analysis project. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a machine learning model for the purpose of segment analysis - Implement and fine-tune a model specifically designed to work with tabular data Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in machine learning techniques - Experienced in working with tabular data - Proven track record in segment and classification analysis Please include any relevant experience or projects you've worked on previously in your bid.

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    Sequence Prediction Using Integers 5 giorni left

    I need a machine learning expert skilled in sequence prediction with a focus on integer data. - Task: The main goal of the project is to apply machine learning in sequence prediction to foresee future integers based on the provided input. - Input: The model will be working with integer data. Proficiency in cleaning, analysis and preparation of this sort of data is crucial to the project. - Output: The model should be able to predict future integer sequences accurately. Potential freelancers must be proficient in machine learning, with a particular emphasis on sequence prediction. Prior experience with sequence and pattern recognition projects will be viewed favorably. The input source data will contain between 293 and 298 values (1 through 13) in each source and the output target data...

    €229 - €687
    In primo piano Sigillata
    €229 - €687
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    ML Research on Market Data 4 giorni left

    We're looking for a machine learning enthusiast who can delve into our dataset, apply techniques like PCA, Market Bucket Analysis and K-Means, and provide a comprehensive analysis. Key Tasks: - Apply Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Market Bucket Analysis and K-Means to the data - Generate insights and patterns from the data - Create a detailed report on your findings Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in data analysis - Experienced with application of ML techniques like PCA, Market Bucket Analysis and K-Means - Able to translate complex data into simple, actionable insights - Excellent report writing skills

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    I'm looking for a skilled data analyst with experience in ecological studies to assist me with a complex analysis. I've collected information on various bird species and their associated traits, which I'd like to explore in relation to specific landscape predictors. Key Points: - I'm interested in analyzing the associations between the landscape predictors (patch area, core area index, nearest neighbor distance, % of cover of matrix) and the following bird traits: Size, Behavior, Body mass, handwing index, diet, habitat. - Ideally, the analysis should include the use of statistical methods like Regression and Correlation Analysis. Additionally, I'm particularly interested in employing the Fourth Corner Analysis technique, or similar, to get a comprehensive view o...

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    I am in need of a skilled professional who is proficient with Kafka for real-time data processing. Key Project Details: - I have a specific data source that requires processing in real time - The primary objective of this processing is real-time analytics - The volume of data to be processed is expected to be less than 1 TB per day Your responsibilities will include: - Setting up and configuring Kafka for real-time data streaming - Designing and implementing data processing pipelines - Ensuring data processing is efficient, reliable, and scalable - Monitoring and troubleshooting data processing issues Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Kafka and real-time data processing - Experience in setting up and configuring data pipelines - Strong understanding of real-time analytics and its associat...

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    Project Overview:** We are seeking a talented freelancer with expertise in AI, computer vision, and software development to build a next-generation AI-powered video analytics tool for workplace safety. This AI tool will leverage computer vision and machine learning to analyze video footage from existing security cameras and identify potential safety hazards, unsafe work practices, and environmental concerns within workplaces. **Project Goals:** * Develop a system that accurately detects pre-defined objects, actions, and events within video footage (e.g., workers not wearing PPE, unsafe lifting techniques, environmental hazards). * Generate real-time alerts for identified safety risks and violations. * Provide insightful reports to improve safety awareness and compliance within the work...

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    Se propone crear una aplicación en la nube para empresas grandes (mas de 100 personas solo en mantenimiento), con acceso de licencia por numero de usuarios. que administre la gestión del mantenimiento (correctivo, preventivo y predictivo) en 5 subsistemas base: * Mantto. Preventivo Planeado por fechas * Mantto. Preventivo Planeado por eventos * Logistica de partes, equipos y herramientas * Costos y presupuestos * Mantto predictivo funcional y estadistico Se requiere integrar algoritmos de IA que ayuden a optimizar el desempeño y facilitar la toma de decisiones

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    As a leading expert in the tech industry, I'm keen to create a comprehensive, advanced level training course that focuses on crucial aspects of Deep Learning and Power BI. Course Content: - The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of Neural Networks, with a keen ability to deliver advanced content in an easy-to-understand format. - Given the complexities of Data Visualization, I'm looking for video presentations that are clear, accurate, and insightful. - Based on the nuances and need for precision in Predictive modeling, the course must be structured to provide in-depth training in this area. - For Power BI, I expect the trainer to have expert-level knowledge and hands-on experience. Module Duration: - Each video module should be between 20 to 30 minutes, conci...

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    Aspiring for a specialist well-versed in Microsoft Purview, who can contribute to two primary aspects: data classification and data governance, with emphasis on the latter's quality. The successful freelancer should: - Expertly handle Purview for data categorization, organizing data to meet our project's standards and requirements. - Concentrate on improving data governance specifically data quality, with the view to offer crystal-clear and dependable data. - Develop a standard for measuring data quality through consistency, ensuring our data is consistent across all platforms and domains. Ideal candidate would demonstrate rigorous experience in Microsoft Purview, data governance and classification, with special emphasis on improving data quality through consistency. This job...

    €645 (Avg Bid)
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    14 offerte

    I’m seeking expert HR consulting for my startup, specifically in the area of recruitment and hiring. I am in the process of building my team, without preference for full-time or part-time contracts. Key Responsibilities: - Scanning and filtering potential candidates applicable to the roles and responsibilities - Assisting in the process of interviewing and hiring Ideal Candidate: - In-depth knowledge and understanding of startup culture - Proven experience in recruitment and hiring - Versatile and flexible in recruitment for varying job roles - Familiarity with both technical and administrative roles - Willingness to work with both full-time and part-time potential hires Those with a startup background are strongly encouraged to apply. Building a diverse and qualified te...

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    I am seeking an experienced computational biologist to carry out expert-level data analysis on proteomic data. My prime focus is to specifically understand protein-protein interactions and how they impact biological systems. The successful freelancer should have the following skills and experience: - Strong background in computational biology. - Proven experience in analyzing proteomic data. - Proficiency in developing and implementing suitable data analysis methodologies. - Good understanding of protein-protein interactions and the ability to extrapolate meaningful insights from the data. Your primary responsibility will be interpreting my proteomic data to identify and explain protein-protein interactions. This analytical work is integral to my broader project, so I will highly value ...

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    Resume Parser to Excel 2 giorni left

    I need a resume parser that can extract contact information, skills, qualifications, and work experience from resumes in PDF and Word format and populate this information into an Excel spreadsheet. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience with: - Resume parsing software or tools - Advanced Excel skills - Understanding of PDF and Word file formats - Data extraction and manipulation skills Since the parser will need to handle multiple resumes at once, it should be able to process each document efficiently and accurately. The ultimate goal is to have all relevant details from the resumes organized and accessible in a structured Excel format that can be easily reviewed and analyzed.

    €69 (Avg Bid)
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    In need of an R Shiny Programmer for a simple app development project. I would need your help with executing the job and providing a detailed report of the code and and outcome. 1 day deadline!

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    About Us: We are a forward-thinking company working on an innovative project that combines advanced machine learning techniques with complex data handling. Our goal is to develop a state-of-the-art recommendation system that can accurately predict user behavior based on historical transactions data. Job Description: We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Machine Learning Engineer to join our team on a project basis, with the potential to transition to a full-time role in the future. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in machine learning, deep learning, and data engineering. You will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing machine learning models. Key Responsibilities: - Design and develop machine learning models for predicting user behavior. - ...

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    In this exciting project, I am looking for a skilled data analyst familiar with text data, especially within media archives. I am specifically interested in three core analytical elements: - Sentiment Analysis: To gauge the general sentiment conveyed in the text data, focusing on identifying both positive and negative sentiment. Your expertise in understanding and interpreting language nuances will be crucial here. - Theme Detection: The end goal is to unearth prevalent themes across the archived text data. Proven experience in employing advanced analytics to retrieve themes would be greatly beneficial. - Topic Modeling: I aim to understand and cluster the underlying topics within the text data. Experience in using machine learning techniques for topic modeling is highly desired. The p...

    €429 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a machine learning expert to develop a model for sentiment analysis. The key components of this project are: - Sentiment Analysis: The model should be trained to analyze the sentiment of various sources of data, including social media posts, online reviews, and survey responses. - Data Sources: The model will focus on sentiment analysis of natural scenery and landscapes, meaning the data sources will contain discussions and descriptions of these settings. The ability to differentiate between positive, negative, and neutral sentiments is crucial. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in sentiment analysis, preferably in a natural language processing (NLP) context - Strong knowledge of machine learning algorithms and deep learning techniques - Proficiency in wo...

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    26 offerte

    I need a seasoned data engineer who is proficient in Google Cloud Platform's suite of tools, encompassing BigQuery, Dataproc, Composer, Pubsub, Dataflow, GCS, and BigTable. Key Requirements: - You should have extensive experience in implementing data ingestion and processing pipelines with the Google Cloud Platform tools. - A strong understanding of data modeling, transformation, and database design is essential. - Experience with GCP's various storage solutions like GCS and BigTable. The ideal candidate should be able to work independently and proactively to help optimize our data processing and storage systems, making them more efficient and scalable. The goal is to improve our overall data management and processing capabilities. If you're skilled in these areas and ca...

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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