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Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, is an aspect of computer science that deals with creating intelligent machines that function and react just like humans. AI is designed to handle activities such as Problem solving, planning, learning, reasoning, speech recognition, perception, ability to manipulate and move objects, etc.

Artificial Intelligence has grown to become an essential part of the technology industry today, and functions carried out by AI are highly specialized and technical. Introducing common sense, problem-solving, and reasoning power in machines is a very tedious and difficult task.

A major field of AI is Robotics, which requires intelligence to execute tasks like object navigation and manipulation. AI is used in machines, automobiles, and even on the webs like chatbot.

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    Computer Vision -- 2 6 giorni left

    I need someone who are really expert in Computer Vision

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    Source code of the app will be our property. You can not ask for more money than decided amount, otherwise a legal action will be taken against you. Payment will not be made in advance. You will have to handover fully functional source code, only then full payment will be released. We will make the payment in milestones. We are looking for an Android Application where users will register online...

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    Lorawan performance optimization 6 giorni left

    I need to write an research article about LoRaWAN optimization performance. The main research is about how to optimize LoraWAN performance (maximize throughput, minimize latency/delay, minimize sensor power consumption, and maximize network coverage). I have an idea using adaptive spreading factor. I need help in searching the algorithm and simulate it in network simulator. You can use MatLab, NS2...

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    Automatic summarization software 6 giorni left

    Building a QUALITY summarization software. This includes having experience with machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence. I can provide the existing code for the entire project if you need use it or refer to it. However, I would like an improved version of whatever code I can provide. Please give me specific response as to what your expertise are and why you’d be suitab...

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    machine learning knowledge 6 giorni left

    hi need a person who have good knowledge in machine learning and python, and its a urgent work too

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    We are looking for an AI/Text-to-Speech expert to help an interactive web program, similar to Google How To Pronounce page - see the screen shot of the example.

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    I want a Whatsapp chatbot to build my business.

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    Chatbot using AI 5 giorni left

    I need a chatbot prototype for ecommerce project using Artificial Intelligence(AI). Language -Python DB - Anything AI/Algorithm - Anything Output - Should be on Front end

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    AI tool for marketing 5 giorni left

    I am looking for someone who is skilled in building AI tools. The task would be to build a tool for Facebook Ads. The purpose is that this tool would allow me to generates ad copy, product descriptions, sales copy, blog paragraphs, video scripts more. It would do this by using machine learning to browse through thousands or millions of similar keywords or similar marketing ad's and find simil...

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    Payment Platform Mobile Apps -- 3 5 giorni left

    We are building a payment platform that uses AI. The AI part is already developed, and we need to build the mobile apps in flutter for iOS and Android. Since this is a project involving different skills, we are only considering agencies. Please, if you don't have expert skills in UX/UI, engineering, architecture, databases, flutter, API integration, merchant solutions, payment platforms, and ...

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    I need a chatbot prototype for ecommerce project using Artificial Intelligence(AI). Language -Python DB - Anything AI/Algorithm - Anything Output - Should be on Front end

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    NOTE: Please check the 'ProjectPDF' to see every detail. In the recent times there have been a surge in the amount of lecture videos being recorded by the universities with the pandemic being one of the driving forces. These lecture videos enable the students to use the videos whenever they want to study a particular topic. Since the lecture videos are lengthy, students face difficulty g...

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    [R] Bellman ford algortihm -- 3 4 giorni left

    Hello everyone, I will need an experienced professional to implement Bellman ford algorithm for some wighted graph in R language. I will give you exact description in chat. Deadline: 17/6 Budget: $45 USD Best

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    Cloud AI and video computing Oracle 4 giorni left

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can help setting up Automatic video editing, Like Slowmotiong and ZOOM functions similar to those possible doing with FFmpeg and other editing tools. AUTOReply is ignored. Write XMOUSE in the initial bid. Best regards Odni

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    E-commerce Website with the virtual trial room - Try Before You Buy - person will input basic data such as height and weight - Users will able to mix and match clothes - check the fit (not only size suggestion but also how bigger/smaller sizes will look) - Personalizing your Avatar with skin tone, hairstyle, and others

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    I need someone professional in AI by matlab

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    I have a historical dataset for an engine with it's shutdowns. we need to detect the following patterns and classify them before the shutdown start. What type of solution / Machine learning Analysis can you suggest. ?

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    What you have to get ready: 1) Download and install the app (ios:DTRecorder, Andorind:we could give u directly). 2) Once you enter the app ask me the TASKID and GROUPID 3) Follow the app introduction. Record will be sentences by sentences.(Don't read the words in brackets) 4) Once u have done recorded ,REMEMBER to UPLOAD and Feedback the screenshot. 5) 8$ for 1 person. It's an eas...

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    face recognition attendance system on android device. Can enroll staff, update staff info, record attendance base on face recognition, produce attendance report.

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    Build model for object detection 3 giorni left

    I need someone to help me to do object detection using faster rcnn

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    I need to develop a solution that allows me to compare several images of a type against other images of the same type, more details in private message.

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    Hello, I am looking to change my career from mechanical engineering to information technology/computer science - machine learning and artificial intelligence. I need a mentor with a minimum of 5 to 8 years of experience in AI/ML who can guide me in this transition process.

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    Voice/Telephone Bot developer 3 giorni left

    Looking for a developer that can create a phone bot for restaurants. Customers will be able to call a restaurant and place an order by talking to a bot. The bot will take the order and send it to the pos system of the restaurant.

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    Build me a chatbot 3 giorni left

    We want to develop chat bot for our business

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    the flowchart attachment I need represent this flowchart in Matlab by using Artificial intelligence

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    Looking for freelancer expert to develop a tool to detect hate speech in Arabic social network Submit the solution with your proposal and previous similar work Deadline: 3 days Data Set Deep Learning Welcome to 0 reviews but experience

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    We are developing a project for a client that provides supplies for swimming pools and is interested in exploring the Mexican market. We want to evaluate the possibility of identifying existing pools in certain geographic areas of Mexico using google maps and AI or other types of technology. We are looking for someone who can help us on this task

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    Tuning gpt neo 1 giorno left

    Hi im searching someone who want tuning a gpt model, i had a scientific dataset to tuning the model. the tuning model will be able to produce a output according what it receives in input, in particular after the tuning i will give in input a value of rilevation. All program will be wrote in python using colab .

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    The file which is attached contains sample project soo that the person reading this might get the idea for my actual project

    €22 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We need to develope web application for an automatic transcription, captioning, and voiceover platform that allows to automatically turn audio and video files to desired format. Reference website Maestra [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] We need to integrate automatic AI processor will transcribe, caption, or voiceover files and send them back to us incredibly fast. Edit videos in advanced an...

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    Multi tenant Voice bot application 1 giorno left

    I want a multi tenant voice bot application which can be connected to both Amazon poly and google voice as we want to make sure the query is answered. We also want our NLP engine and all feedbacks should be saved in our database so in future if another query is raised, it gets answered with our own database and if no answer then only it should goto Amazon or google. You can check Slashrtc dot com ...

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    Python programming - Determine prediction by using ANN

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    Using CCTV cameras, like to identify a sick patient who is falling down in a hospital

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    I would like to create a web application that allows subscribers to signup and get stocks/options/forex/crypto trading signals. The application should use AI/ML technology to determine trading signals to the end user via the application as well as to a discord channel that i will setup. The application will have the ability to use AI/ML or some intelligent scrapper type of functionality where it c...

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    Preciso de um robô que opere no IQ Option, e que possa ser configurado via Telegram. O robô deve ler a lista de sinais, catalogar usando inteligência artificial (via rede neural ou outra) aprendendo o gráfico, filtrar esses sinais através de alguns indicadores dos pares de moedas, tais como: EMA, SMA, RSI. E analisando os gráficos, identifique as oportunidad...

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    Text to Speech Ai software 10 ore left

    I need an Ai expert who can develop a text to speech software for Nigerian accent and languages

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    I'm wanting to make an ai code generator in rapid miner using a dataset of binary that I have and make it run in the cloud. I want to try to make the code generator update itself. I'm wanting to use this code generator I found online and adapt it to work with the ai model in rapid miner. [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] Help would be appreciated.

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    Publicly traded company specialized in blockchain and crypto currency mining is looking for a full time and long term software coder and developer. High blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge is required. High compensation if the right candidate.

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    I am looking for a professional who can lead and implement artificial intelligence based website, which is parameter driven (keywords, company, country, location, website sources)

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    I am looking for someone who can lead and implement AI based website search, which is parameter driven (keyword,country, source, company names) etc.

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    AI Expert required 5 giorni left

    I need a artificial intelligence expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

    €5 - €10 / hr
    €5 - €10 / hr
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