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    1. Dataset: DEAP dataset 2. Convert 1D EEG to 2D images Algorithm: using short time fourier transform (STFT) (output: spectrogram) 2. Classification using deep learning a. Inception Resnet-V2 (link: ) b. DenseNet121 modified (link: ) Notes: looking for someone who has worked on EEG or signal processing projects

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    Hello Sir. Do you available now? Can you understand the code and the algorithm? I'm doing the work about network congestion control called the NVB-TCP algorithm. It is based on the Naive Bayesian distinguisher model and adapted the newreno method. I need to make an evaluation of the algorithm. And apply the algorithm to the software or Linux(I heard there have a line of code in Linux that could replace newreno with another congestion control algorithm) to measure 1. Average throughput 2. Accuracy 3. Fairness 4. Friendliness against models. And show evaluation results that this algorithm is better than Newreno or reno these old TCP congestion control algorithms. May I ask sir could you understand the algorithm and modify it to make sure it can work? I need it before July 13(The main. g...

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    This project aims to enhance MPPT using hybrid P&O and deep learning techniques using Simulation Matlab. the model is already simulated for the case study solar system but needs help with coding

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    urgent need of someone who is great at discrete maths

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    Hallo, ich brauche Hilfe in einer kleinen Programmieraufgabe. Für Leute, die C können, sollte die Aufgabe echt leicht sein, leider lerne ich erst C und habs nicht richtig verstanden.

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    numerical methods 6 giorni left

    i need someone to have numerical methods skills

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    I am looking for programmer with strong knowledge experienced and familiar with oscam who can make adaptions on oscam , and make full oscam functionality with nds and nagra cards .

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    Looking to code an options trading strategy, two-part job: 1. A selection script, which takes the premium, strike, chance of touching, and current underlying market value of available weekly options and runs them through a set of equations(already written, will be supplied) to determine eligibility. 2. A Trade to Cancel script that would set conditional trades to cancel when the underlying reaches a certain level relative to the strike, or when the cost of cancelation reaches a certain multiple of the original premium. 75$ an hour

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    Need somebody to build algo system based on simple renko chart strategy. It should be directly connected with brokers and execute buy/sell orders throughout the day based on time range provided

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    We have an X-ray dual energy system which need to differentiate between metals, mostly copper and aluminum. X-Ray source is absorbed by metals and X-Ray source can be detected by line detector. here is some paper and source code(this source code is not working for me)

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    Develop a simple UI and backend for a Algorithmic trading project

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    Iam working on a big project to simulate antenna by using matlab, Iam using nature based algorithms using any particle swarm optimization, Genetic algorithm, ant colony optimization to code and simulate optimize antennas linear arrays. If any researcher has worked on this then please bid.

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    Dynamic Programming 5 giorni left

    I want to solve a problem through dynamic programming. exact problem to be formulated taking inputs from the expert. Details need to be communicated later.

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    details will be discussed with the selected freelancers.

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    Convert nonlinear formulas to Algorithms

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    The main challenge is to implement a linear speed up

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    python vectorizing 4 giorni left

    I want to extract if data exists within a polygon. Unfortunately, I have big data; the speed is too slow. So I uploaded the big data to sharing drive. Please check the ppt file to understand better. I made a code. But, the code takes around 35 minutes, a very long time. So I made a function with vectorization to improve speed. I attached the code with the vectorization function. () By the way, I noticed that the value in the last row is replaced with the total seems to be an index problem, but I don't know how to solve it.

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    Create parallel implementation of A* algorithm

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    I need a parallel implement expert. EXPERT ON OpenMP API

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    risk prediction machine learning for stock markets with different factors to be calculated

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    Drawing with Objects 4 giorni left

    A drawing application allows the user to draw on a screen by: 1) tracking the movements of hand and fingers. 2) drawing with objects. The object is the drawing tool. The object is the brush

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    Drawing with objects 4 giorni left

    A drawing application allows the user to draw on a screen by: 1 – tracking the movements of hand and fingers. 2- Drawing with objects. The object is the drawing tool. The object is the brush

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    Nmerical study of a problem of optimal control of finite dimensional systems, using Matlab. More precisely, we will discuss

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    Data Scientist 4 giorni left

    Here is a summary of the kind of work you will be tasked with: 1. Machine Learning a. Build an ongoing understanding of current state-of-the-art NLU architectures, methods, and processes, and innovate networks that create actionable intelligence from text. b. Understand different media types (images, audio, video, etc.) and build networks that extract information and meaning from these media. c. Create networks that curate (and/or generate) media (text today, everything else tomorrow). Understand the problems that go into building these networks and innovate solutions to mitigate these problems. d. Understand patterns in time-series (and other) data, and create networks that evolve as these patterns do, using SOTA reinforcement learning techniques, Bayesian networks, and other methods. e. ...

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    Clustering analysis 3 giorni left

    Clustering observations based on K means- R studio

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    We're hiring a Data Scientist for a long term, on-going project on a part-time basis. You'll be joining an exciting data analytics project and help build it from the ground up. We can work on hourly basis or flat weekly/monthly fee. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Prophet Time Algorithm FB - Example 3 giorni left

    Create An Example - a real-life scenario on how and where can apply the Facebook Prophet time scale Algorithm

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    Looking for algorithm analysis specialist.

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    Convert nonlinear formulas to Algorithms

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    Based on Ready Matlab Model ( Intelligent design and trade-off processes of the Spacecraft Electrical Power System implemented by the practical design processes using GENETIC ALGORITHM) to be updated using Water Cycle and Spider Optimization Algorithm

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    Data structure and algorithm analysis

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    Build a matrix (2x2) 2 giorni left

    A binary algorithm that can place people in order they are signing in.

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    Hi. I have a trading strategy on trading view based on inducement. I want someone who has some experience in this to help me develop it into an indicator to alert me. You will only get a response if you have relevant experience.

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    Developing and analysing algorithm

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    The assignment is to implement the Dynamic Programming technique with 2d area to find the shortest path for an agent that will move from the initial point till the destination point, as it shown in the picture. - I have already done the main part of the assignment but still there are some adjustments...

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    I am an absolute beginner in Computer programming. I am looking to get a teacher to teach me from basics. basic programming, data analytics

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    We have an amazing intern opportunity at a fast-growing start up, it would require Machine Learning skills to create a pre-trained model

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    Need algo for try pin code 2 giorni left

    Hello HEXA DECIMAL = PIN If i have hexa decimal i need algo for try pin 28 38 4B F6 = 422482 15 38 B9 D7 = 287464 0B 38 65 5E = 652867 18 38 F1 3D = 278741

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    SianaGupta 2 giorni left

    I am using gradient boost regression tree algorithm to predict the new values from the trained model. But my model can not predict any arbitrary value. It only provides the results for the data applies for training the model. I need some consultation regarding this problem.

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    Omicron variant sentiment analysis using NLP technique

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    My project is based on communication engineering and i have eqns. And system model to be implemented in matlab.

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    Cryptography project 1 giorno left

    Hi , I need a cryptography expert

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    DFS Assignment 1 giorno left

    The depth-first search algorithm is a recursive algorithm that has an initialization piece and a recursive piece. A high-level view of the algorithm is: dfs(G) reset the graph, and set the timestamp to 0 for each vertex u in V(G) if is unvisited dfs_visit(u) dfs_visit(u) = in-process = ++timestamp for each v in Adjacent(u) if == unvisited = u dfs_visit(v) = processed = ++timestamp Implement this algorithm in the template in the like named methods. Notice that the main() function builds the graph using () with the initial values in main() creating a Graph object which has an adjacency list representation of the graph. main() calls the method assignWeek9() which in turns calls dfs(). After dfs() returns, the method allEdges() is called with a Callback instance. The method call() i...

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    I need MATLAB Code / Simulink witch determine Yak-52 stability derivates ( longitudinal + lateral). Especially i need aileron stability derivates.

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    Statistical analysis using MATLAB 1 giorno left

    Need help in the project related to event study methodology and portfolio sorting. More details will be shared over a chat

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    Simple EA strategy 1 giorno left

    Hello I would like to know if there is someone who can provide me with a strategy or EA to pass a prop firm account. that would be really helpful thank you :)

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    Cryptographic cipher dev 17 ore left

    Hi , I need someone to build a full app in cryptographic and create custom signature font and provide ability to decode other cipher . Dev must have 1 year exp in cryptophic alogarthim

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    I need a wavelet filter (preferably in Matlab, but Python can also be used) that can generate a good scalogram for a set of ECGs. In first example, the T wave is not captured by the filter that I used. In the second example, the wavelet filter captures all waves and it is perfect. I need something similar to the second example. You have some ECG tracings attached as well.

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    Xsanguinate 9 ore left

    Would like to input every MLB boxscore for last 4 years into a database, and extract out of that a starting pitcher to umpire correlation. I believe I have found an avenue to create the database. Just not sure how to extract the starting pitcher to home plate umpire correlation. Looking to create a comprehensive statistical analysis of how a pitcher performs relative to specific home plate umpires.

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