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    use the "Zennolab capmonster2" software integrated into an existing Python script. Capmonster will replace the use of to resolve the ReCaptcha. Better if with Audio ReCaptcha and using rotating proxies

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    Ho un bot che utilizzo per comprare scarpe su siti che utilizzano shopify e ho bisogno di configurarlo in modo che possa essere sicuro che funzioni bene. Ho bisogno di confifguare sia i proxies che i captcha.

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    ...tecniche, giornali web etc etc, estrapolando tutti i dati presenti in rete ed integrandoli successivamente con ns. banche dati: (Protesti – Fallimenti – Catasto), generando quindi un unico Report autocostruito. Ecco alcuni siti dove poter raccogliere i dati: Registro Imprese (riferimenti aziendali) Partita Iva (verifica della PI) Google Map (riferimenti geografici) Google Flickr Facebook YouTube MySpace ZoomInfo Pagine Bianche, Pagine Gialle (riscontri telefonici) Raccolta google info generiche Raccolta ritagli di informazione Forum generalisti e tematici Testate e riviste on line Blog / Forum Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, ecc.) Stampa nazionale/locale, generalista/specializzata Motori di ricerca vari……(valutiamo alternative) e tanti al...

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    ...sito web dove l'ha trovato. E' importante che il monitor sia il più veloce possibile, che faccia uso di proxies, che riesca a passare il redirect di certi siti che usano ad esempio cloudflare, e che passi i captcha. Facoltativo: Se è possibile con certi siti, mi piacerebbe avere un "auto-checkout" del prodotto o un "aggiungi al carrello" con le credenziali. [ENGLISH] Hi, I need a very fast monitor that check from different sites. Once a new product is found or is restocked. It will check the item's name for certain keywords. If found, it will alert the user via Discord using WebHook with date, time, item name, and link. The monitor need to be very very fast and connected with a proxies, need to bypass site with redirect...

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    Local SEO Spec...Our goal is to help local clients achieve top search engine rankings and maximize their online presence. Responsibilities: Create and implement CTR campaigns Develop and execute backlink strategies Set up and manage tracking tools and Google Search Console Generate and maintain SEO reports Independently improve our SEO strategy Manage mobile proxies Requirements: Proven experience in Local SEO Expertise in CTR campaigns Knowledge of mobile proxies Analytical and structured work approach Self-motivated with strong initiative Good communication skills in English What We Offer: Long-term collaboration Flexible working hours Opportunities for professional growth Application: Please send relevant certificates, and references including local heatmaps, ranked G...

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    ...Requirements & Knowledge *I will use this program on an RDP based in California, as Instagram's HQ is based there, and it will give me a lower ping compared to my competition. *You will need to find a way to bypass Instagram's 14 day username swap hold. I think this can be bypassed by using an browser that Instagram does not natively update, e.g an older Firefox version. *This program shall not require proxies, The programmer NEEDS to find the endpoints for the Instagram 'username swap' API, and test how many times I can make a username swap request before timeout, however, this program should run effectively 24/7 without timeouts or delays as it will be running of Instagram's endpoints. *Example of older turbo and username swap programs working, thi...

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    I am in need of USA proxies specifically for web scraping purposes. These proxies will need to provide anonymity and rotate with each request. Key requirements: - USA-based: The proxies should have US IP addresses to effectively scrape US websites. - Anonymity: They must be anonymous proxies to keep my scraping activities confidential. - Every Request Rotation: The proxies should rotate with each request to avoid detection and bans from websites. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in proxy management - Experience with web scraping - Knowledge of USA proxy service providers - Understanding of anonymity levels in proxies

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    Hi There, I do have a business which especially has a big chunk of revenue from ISP Proxies. Right now, I'm working as a reseller but want to know more about ISP Proxies and create my own subnet sort of thing. Anyone here to help is appreciated. Once everything is clear, we'll proceed towards the project.

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    My solution enables me to monitor a Facebook group in real time. My primary goal is to be able to receive real-time notifications of activities within the group without Facebook booking me. The tool shou...goal is to be able to receive real-time notifications of activities within the group without Facebook booking me. The tool should freely help me collect data and analyze community engagement without blocking Facebook. Please note that I haven't specified any requirements for integration with my software. The ideal freelancer for this job would have experience in: - have good experience with proxies and IPs and deal with sites like I'm open to suggestions and recommendations on the technical aspects to ensure the tool is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

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    Hi There, I do have a business which especially has a big chunk of revenue from ISP Proxies. Right now, I'm working as a reseller but want to know more about ISP Proxies and create my own subnet sort of thing. Anyone here to help is appreciated. Once everything is clear, we'll proceed towards the project.

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    I want to implementation an Integration between WHMCS and Proxy-Seller API to automate the process of proxies allocation as well as cancellation, renewals, etc.

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    ...techniques to avoid detection by platform security mechanisms. Scalability: Ensure the system can handle the creation and management of hundreds of profiles. Maintainability: Provide a structure that allows easy updates and maintenance. Key Features Profile Creation Automated form filling. Randomized data generation (usernames, emails, passwords, etc.). Verification bypass (email/phone). Use of proxies/VPNs to simulate different locations and IP addresses. Chat Initiation Automated message sending. Predefined conversation scripts. Randomized response times and patterns to mimic human behavior. Detection Evasion Use of AI/ML techniques to understand and mimic human behavior. Frequent data and behavior pattern changes. Anti-bot detection mechanisms. Scalability Efficient resour...

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    ...local storage, scroll, and click patterns to mimic human behavior. Session and Data Management: Use of SQL database to store session data including cookies, local storage, and user interaction patterns. Capability to save and recall sessions for continuity and varied behavior in subsequent runs. Proxy and IP Management: Integration with rotating proxies for IP diversity, including both desktop and mobile proxies. Configuration to use specific proxies based on geographic locations for optimized ad interactions. Activity Simulation: Software should perform varied activities such as visiting random websites from a list, performing searches, and interacting with content before visiting the target site. Use of AI to generate different activities for each instance to e...

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    Key Features: AI Integration: Use OpenAI GPT API for human-like activities. Realistic Interaction: Emulate human mouse movements and clicks. Ad Interaction: Detect and interact with ads on web pages and YouTube videos. Cookie Management: Maintain session continuity. Proxy Integration: Rotate through a pool of proxies. Session Storage: Store session data in an SQL database. Advanced Browser Features: Utilize Puppeteer for browser control. Requirements: Proficiency in JavaScript and Node.js. Experience with Puppeteer. Knowledge of integrating APIs, particularly OpenAI GPT. Familiarity with SQL databases. Experience with proxy services for IP rotation.

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    I'm seeking a proficient developer to perfect and enhance a website testing platform. This tool should be able to run with 300 threads simultaneously and function cost-effectively without causing lag or glitches. Key Features: * Multiple proxy support * Specific page visit capability * Adjustable visit duration * Random features including referring ...once cost-effectively for a website Automation and testing, the initial software has already been built in Python need a programmer who is fluent in Python and any other programming languages that may assist need to create a mass version of the software that is perfected current version of the software is about 80% done and would like a complete version of the software should be able to work with proxies and performs all tasks ...

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    ...extraction services that can support various operational and strategic needs. **Services to Highlight:** 1. **One-Time Web Scraping:** - **Starting Price:** $20. - **Description:** Suitable for clients requiring single instances of data extraction from websites. - **Pricing Notes:** The final price may increase based on the website’s complexity, security measures, and the need for proxies. 2. **Recurring Web Scraping Services:** - **Daily Maintenance:** Starting at $50 per site per month. - **Weekly Maintenance:** Starting at $30 per site per month. - **Monthly Maintenance:** Starting at $20 per site per month. - **Pricing Notes:** Similar to one-time scraping, monthly fees may vary depending on the complexity and specific requirements of ...

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    I'm in need of a Chrome extension that will allow me to create fixed proxies directly from AWS. The extension should have the following features and requirements: - **Proxy Creation**: The main functionality of this extension will be to allow me to create fixed proxies. I need these proxies to be established directly from my AWS account. - **Fixed Proxy Configurations**: The extension should allow me to set up the proxies in a pre-defined way. I do not need dynamic configurations or user-defined settings. The focus is on consistent and reliable proxies. The completion timeline for this project is flexible, so you can focus on delivering top-notch quality. Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Proficient in Chrome extension developmen...

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    Scraping and Automation: - Develop a script (preferably in Python or JavaScript) to automate the login and promo code claiming process on the target website. - The scrip...code claiming process on the target website. - The script should handle multiple user accounts. 2. Captcha Bypass: - Integrate a solution to bypass Cloudflare CAPTCHA challenges encountered during the promo code claiming process. Management and IP Rotation: -Implement IP rotation to ensure each account operates from a different IP address using proxies 4. Server Setup: -Set up a server (preferably on DigitalOcean) to host and run the script. 5. API Endpoint: -Create a secure API endpoint to trigger the promo code claiming process.

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    I am looking for a talented developer to create a clientside SDK for a bandwidth sharing tool. The SDK needs to connect to a websocket service and listen for messages. Depending on the m...Agreement - Ideally, you should join our Slack, so we can cooperate there - Please end your response with "tree" to prove that you actually read this description. Anything else will be disregarded. - I want to focus on Desktop applications first, then later branch into other OS's Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in JavaScript, Python, .Net or alternative suitable languages - Experience with websockets, proxies and TCP connections - Ability to develop SDKs that are flexible and can operate across multiple platforms - Prior work with mobile platforms, with a specific focus on Android, wo...

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    ...all necessary actions (login, data input, etc.) that are required for managing these accounts. - Account Management: The focus here is to ensure that the accounts are maintained efficiently and effectively. This includes activities such as login, password update, and any other required account operations. - Proxy Management: It's crucial that the system is capable of handling proxies automatically. The use of proxies is essential for this project, and they need to be managed seamlessly in the background, without any manual intervention. I am looking for a professional with the following skills and experience: - Proficient in Anti-Detect Browser API - Extensive experience in web automation - Previous work in setting up account management systems - Familiarity with Chr...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer who can provide me a monthly updated list of proxies, alongside their respective ports. Key project details: - The format required for this list is a text file. - The list of proxies must be updated on a monthly basis. - 860000 unique proxies per list (1720 kb) Need 100 lists no duplicates to other lists, tested Ideal qualifications: - current database of proxies - Experience with proxy management - Familiarity with the type of proxies required (preferably USA and residential SOCKS5) - Ability to provide a continuous, monthly service See examples of format. No bullets or numbering.

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    ...verticals and new geographies. Join us at this exciting growth stage. Objective The ideal candidate must have extensive development experience with Python, JavaScript, Node.js, and other API technologies. In addition, they should know the installation, configuration, platform operations, and troubleshooting of API products. Besides, they should also have experience in API design, BaaS, Advanced proxies, Analytics, Developer Portal, and creating RESTful API patterns.  Job Responsibilities  • Analyzes, designs, develops, codes and implements programs in one or more programming languages, for Web and Rich Internet Applications.  • Supports applications with an understanding of system integration, test planning, scripting, and troubleshooting.  &bul...

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    I am seeking an expert VB .NET programmer to update my Pinterest automation scheduler, which has not been updated for approximately two years. The update process will involve using the existing error logs to resolve issues and ensure the software is fully operational again. Key Details: The software is developed in VB .NET. It allows users to enter Pinterest accounts and proxies. Users can select boards for pinning. The software scrapes images based on provided keywords and posts them to the chosen boards. I will provide a download link to the software code for your reference. Given your expertise, this project should be straightforward. Please let me know your availability and estimated timeframe for completing this update. Best regards, Craig

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    I need an experienced server administrat...https://localhost is opened, it should display the page from This setup includes: Ensuring SSL is correctly configured. Adding necessary CORS headers. Troubleshooting and resolving any issues. Providing detailed error logging. Documenting the configuration steps. Requirements: Flexibility in using any tools or methods to achieve a working solution. Expertise in configuring reverse proxies. Experience with SSL setup and CORS headers. Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to static assets not loading. Previous Experience: Please share examples of similar projects you have completed. Specific Issue: When I was using Nginx, I faced issues with static assets not loading. Your task will include resolving t...

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    I'm in need of an NGINX or Squid expert who can help configure my web application for access through a forward proxy. The goal here is to significantly enhance the security of the platform. Key requirements include: - Implementation of a forward proxy setup...single system. All users should access the application by connecting to ProxyServerIP:8443. No other direct access should be allowed. - Considering the expected load, it's crucial that the solution can efficiently handle over 50 users. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Profound expertise in NGINX and web server configurations. - Prior experience with setting up and managing forward proxies. - Strong understanding of network security principles and best practices. - Proven track record with high-traff...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer with solid experience in network administration, particularly in the setup of reverse proxies. Your successful application should focus on showcasing your relevant experience in this field. Tasks: - Setting up a reverse proxy on the TR-069 server. This task needs to be completed with the highest attention to detail, ensuring that the reverse proxy is fully functional and secure. A profound understanding of network protocols, particularly TR-069, and the ability to implement security measures, will be crucial for the success of this project. Please Go through the attached file to understand project Goals. Please apply if you have knowledge of working with Genie ACS and reverse proxy.

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    I need a custom browser extension developed to facilitate proxy switching on Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Key Features: - The extension must allow for seamless proxy switching across all three supported browsers. - A user-friendly interface is paramount - I want a hassle-free experience when selecting proxies. - The extension should be compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is a multi-platform project. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in browser extension development, particularly with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. - Experienced in proxy switching and networking would be highly beneficial. - Familiarity with software that supports multi-platform compatibility.

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    ...for an experienced and knowledgeable freelancer to coach me through the process of setting up a system that allows me to click on competitors' ads on Amazon without being detected. This project requires an expert in web anonymity, proxies, and anti-fingerprinting techniques to ensure that our actions remain untraceable. Project Requirements: Proxies: Guidance on selecting and setting up reliable proxies to hide our IP address and location. This includes understanding the differences between different types of proxies (e.g., residential, data center, rotating proxies) and choosing the best option for our needs. Anti-Fingerprinting: Detailed coaching on how to implement anti-fingerprinting techniques. This involves using tools and methods to prev...

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    Reddit Operations VA Terminato left

    I'm seeking a Virtual Assistant 'VA' to streamline our operation routine for Reddit account management. You won't be posting on reddit. You will only be handling accounts and transferring them to our clients. Key Responsibilities: - Managing Reddit accounts following a specific process. - Change and manage proxies for account connections. - Monitor and track the status of accounts. - Update and maintain account details in a spreadsheet. - Change and update proxies as needed. Benefits: - Flexible working hours. - Potential to earn extra income through account sales. - Opportunity to grow with the company. (Instagram and other areas) Requirements: - Basic understanding of proxy management for changing account connections. - Excellent communication and int...

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    ...consistent and reliable source for a fast proxy list containing 10GB of data per month, mix of countries but mainly US, provided in a .txt file. These proxies will be used primarily for testing purposes. Key Requirements: - Acquisition: The chosen freelancer needs to have the ability to fetch 10GB of proxies per month. This could involve utilizing public proxy servers, scraping proxy lists, or through private proxy providers. - Format: The proxy list must be presented in a .txt file without any other characters, and each on their own line. - Frequency: The acquiring process must be able to provide a fresh 10GB list on a monthly basis with working proxies. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in proxy acquisition and management - Familiarity with automated ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled PHP developer to create a command line based web spider with AI capabilities. Required technologies: PHP, curl, mySQL, ChatGPT (we will provide the account), rotating proxies (if needed to access the spider targets) We need a command line spider in PHP with the following specification: The spider should work through the command line. We will need a web interface for it later. The following steps should be activated in separate functions and should be available to be started separately through the command line. For example: -getTrends -language=de -getBooksonTrends -language=de The spider should work in different languages. For example (our main target) = German (de). Functions: 1. Get trends Use ChatGPG API (connected to Bing) to get

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    ...are seeking a skilled freelance developer to create a robust website scraper specifically for a particular selection of real estate platforms. The primary objective is to systematically capture all active listings (there are about 700k active listings) as well as relevant agent information, and image links. This will need to deploy a strategy that integrates a large (scalable) number of proxies to mitigate the risk of IP blocking. The ideal solution will be able to be ran daily for up-to-date data, but we can be slightly flexible on this. *** This is NOT a 5 minute Scrapy/Selenium job so please think before applying *** *** PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR FURTHER DETAILS ** We are flexible in the implementation language and systems used to accomplish this goa...

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    I have a dedicated OVH server with a block of 64 IPs. I'm looking for a professional who can help me create a list of 64 proxies in the format IP:Port. Please note, I want to utilize both HTTP proxy and SOCKS5. Key Requirements: - Configure 64 proxies on a CentOS 7 server with a block of 64 IPs - Establish a mix of HTTP proxy and SOCKS5 - Ensure the list is easily accessible and can be integrated for different use cases Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in working with OVH dedicated servers - Experienced in configuring proxies on CentOS 7 - Familiar with HTTP proxy and SOCKS5 settings - Capable of delivering a neat and comprehensive list of proxies for various applications Please ensure you have the necessary skills, access, and time to complete this task e...

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    I'm looking for a Python developer who can create a script for verifying the validity of Roblox audios. Here's a breakdown of what's needed: - Validity Check: The script should be able to determine whether a given Roblox audio is valid or not. - Log File: In case an audio is found to be valid, I'd like the script to log these results in a text file. - Text Format: The log file should be in a...for web scraping and file handling. - Experience with Roblox's API and audio verification process would be beneficial but not necessary. Your deliverables will include: - A functional Python script that can accurately verify Roblox audios. - A well-structured and correctly formatted text log file containing the details of any valid audios found during the script's execu...

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    ...available - Simultaneous requests : send multiple requests at once to increase chances of securing tickets - Queue management : handle queue-it system's virtual waiting room effectively, maintain session and user states to handle queue redirects - Human Simulation : mimic human behavior to avoid detection (randomized request intervals) - Technical requirements - use session management and different proxies/ips, implement captcha solving techniques or third-party captcha services if there is any available captcha yet to be solve, ensure scalability to handle high request volumes - Session tracking : the bot should extract and log the link for any session that successfully passes the queue The bot should be smart enough to navigate through the ticketing process of these platf...

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    I am on the lookout for a tech whizz who can streamline and boost our Squid and Linux configuration to more efficiently handle a large quantity of proxies, potentially using a /48 ipv6 for each, amounting to a massive number (~65k for a /32 and 512k for a /29). Currently, we are facing: - Proxy connection issues - Resource utilization problems We are working with an enormous number of proxies, way more than 50,000. Our current server is running on Ubuntu 20. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record with Linux (Ubuntu) server management - Thorough understanding of Squid protocols - Expertise in managing high-volume proxy servers - Solid capability to optimize system resources We need someone who can provide a smooth and superfast experience to our users by re...

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    I'm seeking a specialist to locate a VPS/VRoot server that can...task encompasses: - Identifying the server with the lowest possible ping based in Europe. - The server should run on a Windows operating system. - The ultimate objective is to improve user experience by minimizing latency. Ideal freelancers for this job will have a robust understanding of server locations, operating systems and how they interplay with website latency. Experience with Cloudflare proxies, Windows-based servers, and in-depth knowledge on achieving optimal latency is distinctly beneficial. The website would be and I require the lowest ping when buying an item on the sites trading page. Ping can be checked with the green icon top left on or any other methods you know.

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    I need a browser extension to help me set up and disable proxies. - The extension must run with the proxy disabled on the first run.

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    I am looking to establish a long-term relationship with a talented person to scrap thousands of dating profiles from popular dating websites. This person should have years of experience dealing with the various countermeasures these sites will employ to discourage scraping. The use of proxies may be needed to achieve satisfactory results. The end goal to to have a system capable of delivering 20K - 40K profiles per day.

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    I'm in need of a SOCKS Proxy server as my ISP has closed port 25, which is essential for email services. Key requirements: - Set up a SOCKS Proxy server: The server's primary function will be to suppor...SOCKS Proxy server as my ISP has closed port 25, which is essential for email services. Key requirements: - Set up a SOCKS Proxy server: The server's primary function will be to support email services. - Implementation: The server should be configured to support my email client. - Security: Ensure the server is secure and reliable. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in setting up SOCKS proxies. - Expertise in configuring services for email clients. - Knowledge of network security standards. The project might involve more tasks depending on the specific n...

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    I have a solo law practice that focuses on estate planning and probate only. As an attorney in need of a paralegal who can draft basic estate planning documentation, I'm requiring a freelancer who can tackle a variety of documents with confidence and with a basic understanding of those documents. The deliverables will include: - Wills - Trusts - POAs - Health Care Proxies - Deeds to Trust Ideally, the selected freelancer will have a legal background, particularly in estate planning, and is efficient in drafting these documents. Your tasks will involve drafting the needed documents. Strong written communication skills and expertise in legal writing are expected. Attention to detail is crucial, as these are sensitive documents pertaining to my clients' needs. For more i...

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    We are seeking a skilled freelance developer to create a robust website scraper specifically for a small selection of real estate platforms. The primary objective is to systematically capture all active listings, relevant agent information, and image links, deploying a strategy that integrates a large (scalable) number of proxies to mitigate the risk of IP blocking. The ideal solution will be able to be ran daily for up-to-date data, but we can be slightly flexible on this. *** PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR FURTHER DETAILS ** We are flexible in the implementation language and systems used to accomplish this goal. We anticipate that this project will take around a month. Successful candidates will message us outlining their specific thoughts on the project.

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    Project Description: The project involves developing a system for analyzing Colombia R...testing to ensure the quality and accuracy of the system. Additional Details: - A detailed document with functional and non-functional requirements of the project will be provided. - The desired delivery time is approximately 5 weeks from the start of the project. - Positive consideration will be given to the ability to propose efficient and scalable solutions. - Experience in handling proxies or techniques to avoid blocks during queries will be valued. How to Submit Proposals: Please submit your proposal including a detailed description of your relevant experience, examples of similar previous projects, your approach to addressing this specific project, and an estimate of costs and ...

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    Project Description: I need a developer to create a... Additional Details: • A detailed document with all queries to be performed will be provided as a reference for the project development. • The desired delivery time is approximately 8 weeks from the start of the project. • Ability to propose efficient and scalable solutions for querying and structuring data from multiple external sources will be positively evaluated. • Experience in handling proxies or any technique to avoid possible blocks due to the high concurrency of queries will be valued. How to Submit Proposals: Please include in your proposal a detailed description of your relevant experience, examples of similar previous projects, your approach to addressing this specific project, and an estimate o...

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    ...required to ensure everything runs smoothly. The admin should be able to troubleshoot issues, optimize performance, and make necessary adjustments as the need arises. Deploy applications to AKS clusters using containerization technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Container Registry Familiarity with Azure CLI & PowerShell Set up a 2/3 tier application on Azure. VMs, web apps, load balancers, proxies, etc Well versed with security, AD, MI SPN, firewalls, Linked Service/IR (Self-hosted/managed) Please note that the project needs to be completed ASAP. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience with Microsoft Azure - Proven track record in designing, deploying, and managing Azure infrastructure - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities - Excellent time management s...

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    ...sensitive situation, and I need to uncover the identity of this cyberattacker. Key Requirements: - **Investigation**: You will be tasked with identifying the origin of the slanderous content and false accusations. This will require a thorough examination of our internet activity, identifying any unusual patterns or sources of information. - **Expertise in VPNs and Proxies**: The cyberattacker is potentially using VPNs or proxies to hide their identity. You should have experience in hacking into these services to identify the true IP address or location. - **Privacy and Legal Compliance**: It's crucial that you respect privacy laws and follow ethical hacking guidelines. This investigation will be used to take legal action against the cyberattacker, so maintaining evid...

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    Looking for a Virtual Assistant who is fluent in English and has some basic system administration skills. An ideal candidate would understand the following or has experience with: - Understands how to use VPNs, SOCKS proxies, and virtual machines on a PC. - How to send at least 500 emails daily via webmail, SMTP and a desktop mail software. - How to edit basic HTML or WordPress text content. - Significant experience working with various software and CRM systems. Please only apply if you meet all of the qualifications listed above. The budget mentioned is for one month of work of at least 5 hours per day.

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    I'm looking for a skilled data scraping professional to assist me with a project. I had a working script in Python using an API, but the company implemented a Cloudflare protection that is always blocking me. You would need to find a solution how this could be circumvented (e.g. proxies) and large amounts of data be scraped. If you are interested, I am happy to provide more details privately.

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    python chrom headless script which will visit given list of URLs/websites aftear each config delay in seconds. script will use different ip in each iteration of list urls visit. it will keep running untill ip list end and start from 1 again. You will suggest from where i will buy rotating ip proxies which not blocked by the urls. Purpose of this script. visit given list of urls with different ip proxies. rotating ip proxies will be fine these are example urls: one is this link :

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