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    Ho bisogno di creare un disegno aziendale usando il logo già pronto, per la società che eroga servizi di misura e Reverse Engineering, nell’ambito della metrologia dimensionale mediante l'utilizzo di strumentazione metrologica, quale: Laser Tracker, Bracci di misura, Laser Scanner, Laser Radar, Fotogrammetria, CMM e Tomografia. Il disegno verrà usato per i ...

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    Ho necessita' di configurare centealino voip con programma free pbx + Software virtual weather exchange

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    I need a android demo app with MVVM and reactive approach with kotlin flow and coroutines. In the app, you should put a city weather list from api.

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    INTRODUCTION ------------ We are looking for a mobile developer with mobile HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills who can develop a simple mobile cross platform (Android and iOS) app using the React Native Framework. This app will help users learn language verb conjugations in various languages. The first phase of this project will be to concentrate on the app logic, basic skeleton look and feel, and com...

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    Need custom firefox css override for personal weather station website. These blocks take up to much real estate. Would prefer them to be 200 x 200. [accedi per visualizzare l'URL]

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    Alpr the idea is i need a camera and a screen and something to run the software on and a screen like a raspberry the camera will be mounted on the car i needs to capture all trafic accuratley and fast i want it to logg all captured plates on the screen in text format camera will have to capture licenses off standing vehicles and also moving vehicles while im moving/standing with my own car ...

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    Csgo league coder 5 giorni left

    Im looking for someone that can make me a coded cheat that bypasses esportal or faceit (I do not need alot of features) -aimbot -Radar/soundEsp I have bought from coders in the past.

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    We have a Microsoft Sharepoint site. I need someone to customize it with 1 video, company directory, pages with contacts, page for Onedrive, daily weather, RSS feeds with real time news, link with microsoft teams. Need a clean Modern look for our company.

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    I require a weather app that stores data input into arrays.

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    Iot based wifi weather station 4 giorni left

    Iot based weather station using bme 280 sensor and wemos d1 which is esp8266 [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] from the weather station must be displayed through blynk application and thingspeak cloud.

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    Advertising copy on website update 4 giorni left

    We are seeking a copy expert to review our current website and update the copy to better describe what we are selling to customers. We want our website and copy to stand out among the sea of others. In your response please specifically tell us about your experience in doing this for other website with examples if possible. To separate yourself from bots, tell me the weather in NYC today.

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    Perform a patent search on automotive radar system (ADAS)

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    Briefing for TAXi-AD Webshop: Desciption: The page is already done and responsive. We are using Wordpress with Elementor. Your job ist o add a shop into the website. There is only one product: digital taxi advertising This is just a service, advertisements are to be sold on taxis. The prices vary depending on the contract period. There should be different minimum contract terms: 3 months, 6 month...

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    I need a very simple demonstration example of SendGrid API code that sends personalised emails. Personalisation to include data from a 3rd party API : [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] node.js, localhosted web form to capture name, email & location for 5 people standard email template, includes name and weather summary for their location To simplify SendGrid setup, all emails sent to...

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    Trophy icon Design my logo! 1 giorno left

    I am looking for a logo design for my reformer Pilates business. I operate in a small rural Australian town, and wish to incorporate that atmosphere into the design. The name of the business is White Cottage Pilates. Atop the cottage is a rooster weather vane. I would like this to be the emblem, with White Cottage Pilates Est. 2020. I want the logo to be clean and simple - something that is reco...

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    Radar Readout Display Fix 12 ore left

    i have an app code that is reading the speed from a radar gun. the problem is the app display jumps and is not properly displaying the reading from the gun. It IS getting the reading but the display is jumpy and cannot be read. !!!!PLEASE REVIEW THE VIDEO TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!! 1. i need the reading from the gun recorded 2. i need the reading to be displayed in the app I am FULLY concer...

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    I would like a field deployable data acquisition system (preferably using something simple like arduino) that will record a fluxgate magnetometer for days in the open air. If you want to look it up, this will be used for geophysics, one use will be to be a base magnetometer, placed on the ground, which will remove for the magnetic changes due to solar storms and the second will be placed on a dro...

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    I am a programmer but not familiar with Tensor or Python. I have search online for this but it seems my lack of the appropriate key words is not narrowing down the answer. I need alterations to a Tensorflow script written in python. The script can be found. [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] And to run the code found here [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] Alterations needed What I need...

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    We have a dental directory https://www.smyleee.com. We need to create listings in this directory. For now we will add only dental clinics which you can search in Google and other online resources. You can Add Dental Clinics from the Following Cities only: Beverly Hills Boston Colorado Denver Dubai Edinburgh Edmonton Houston Idaho Kanata Las Vegas Los Angeles Nelson Bay New York Noida Oklahoma Chi...

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    Hi everyone, Keplar Agency is currently looking for a freelancer that can assist us in creating a set of icon animations. The set of icons we want you to work with is weather-related and basically, we just need them to animate slightly. For example: when it's raining, the drips should drip down from the cloud etc. Additionally, we want the attached client logo to animate into something s...

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    The Exotogg is an award-winning innovative outdoor product, initially targetted at the motorbiker market. It also works well for hikers, skiers, campers, or anyone who finds themselves stuck outside when the weather is colder than expected. I'm looking for a proactive salesperson with established industry contacts to generate sales on a commission-only basis. (Ignore the hourly rate)

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    task: use an ldr glued to the red lamp of a red light for determining the red interval, and find a way to send out red light gps data, interval and 3 color distances, and tell me what device (preferably navi ) can receive and display the data (seconds to red, meters that will still pass on green phase). so i am looking for someone being familiar with the opendatacam project or equivalent systems...

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    Build me a website Terminato left

    Data Visualization Dashboard You can visualize data using examples given below. It has to be either same as below examples or even better than them. Develop any creative visualization that you like most from the example below. Remember, it has to be either similar to below example chart or better than them. Example Dashboard 1 Link: [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] Example Dashboard 2 Link...

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    I want to make a weather forecast in python (Jupyter) I need help about the forecast and which ML method fits most to my data. The dataset is time series and I have researched that Arima(Arimax, Sarima and etc) fits best. Data set format: Date Time Temperature 01/06/2018 00:00 12.24 I want prediction based on my dataset for date inserted by me. (or for next week)

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    FMCW radar simulation in simulink

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    Fitness brand Logo Terminato left

    I am a new fitness brand starting up and am looking to refine my logo. I like the idea of the logo I already have but it just needs something a little different weather it’s the font or the layout I just can’t put my finger on it! I would prefer to stay away from a complex logo but wouldn’t be against a simple but bold design to go with the worlds.

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    i wrote a white paper about a traffic signaling system where a camera on top of a red light measures the traffic speed and congestion in order to estimate the probability of passing on green, and sending the "green phase" distance directed towards the traffic line including gps position and analyzing direction, pic attached. this concept will work with [accedi per visualizzare l'U...

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    weather monitering using satellite data

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    weather app Terminato left

    i want a good javascript + PHP developer. I need to finish a weather app assignment today.

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    The home page of the live site: [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] is currently not displaying correctly. The video in the revolution slider is no longer displaying full width on an HD monitor and the three black bars (address, email and phone) used to show overlap the top of the video. The map and weather widget should appear directly below the video section. The video should run with audio...

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    Civil Unlimited Case -ProSe litigant, Need a California Based Attorney! I have a scheduled hearing date for next week for a demurrer. I didn't get properly timed notice of the continued date of the hearing due to covid19, I had to put together opposition pretty fast, lacks pretty important details. I am under the weather and cannot appear by telephone due ear infection issues at this time I ...

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    Reference URL: [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] Here is the Scope of work (Only frontend modules/elements/pages need to be replicated from the above reference url) 1. Login/Register/Forgot password - three types of users: admin, data entry and end user 2. There are restrictions around Age and Location, Geo location is necessary. - the real money wallet is either available or not depending on...

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    I need a dashboard to weather station for connect database mysql with data (humedity, temperature, wind, rain and address wind ) equals to: -[accedi per visualizzare l'URL] -no develop (Forescast, Map, Stations, FAQs, Support, Log In, Metar, Search for location or station, frame Nearby Stations) -develop --- frame Latest Observation --- frame Map ---...

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    Hi, I need 7 day activity screens and a Weather app to existing Apps. Thanks. Eric

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    100% exellent -- 2 Terminato left

    My bill is in PowerPoint and is talking about the weather and hi is in the french langue.

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    I need someone write small javascript application to predict the weather of next 4 days and show this in beauty ui

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    I am looking for this to be small in size and can be powered by external power from vehicle battery but also an internal battery so when the truck is off, there is still trickle power to send GPS pings every hour. The board needs to be housed in a weather proof cover. Needs to have GPS module, LTE module to add 4g simcard to it, small digital screen, USB ports to take a keypad, camera. Board needs...

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    The exercises comprises of little task which are : 1) GeoQuiz 1 & 2 2) Threads and Async Task 3)Display location, Phonecall 4)Services 5) FirstSensorApp, SensorList 6) Environmental Sensors:Regulating Screen Brightness/Light Sensor, Using the Proximity Sensor,Weather Station. 7)OrientationSensorExample,PositionSensorsApp 8)Motion Sensors 9) GeoQuiz (second version),Activity Lifecycle The litt...

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    The theme is going to be patriotic. I want to see the a old route sign like the graphic I submitted. I would like to see a rustic / weather design of the Sign. I preferably would like Route US 1776 to be on the inside of sign, with a few bullet holes in the sign. "UNAPOLOGETICALLY PATRIOTIC" I would like rounded underneath the sign. Please provide 2 or more ideas to be chosen from. Desig...

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    I have a NetCDF file with weather data for Sweden in an European extent and a .csv file with coordinate points across Sweden. What I want to do is to overlap both data so I can analyze the weather for each point. However, it does not matter which coordinate system I use I cannot seem to make both files to overlap properly. I tried to use the extent of the points to adjust the netcdf, but althou...

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    We need to develop an IOT device which can monitor various parameters of a Tower Crane and send the data to remote database. Monitoring required for below Parameters: 1. On and Off duration of the Crane. 2. On/Off time of Hosting motor, Slewing motor, Trolley motor. 3. No. of lift (Load and unload). 4. Load lifted in KG. 5. Load and unload distance for Slewing and Trolley. 6. Weather conditions mo...

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    Project for Light B. Terminato left

    We need to develop an IOT device which can monitor various parameters of a Tower Crane and send the data to remote database. Monitoring required for below Parameters: 1. On and Off duration of the Crane. 2. On/Off time of Hosting motor, Slewing motor, Trolley motor. 3. No. of lift (Load and unload). 4. Load lifted in KG. 5. Load and unload distance for Slewing and Trolley. 6. Weather conditions mo...

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    This poultry App is going to make your daily activities a lot easier and business much more profitable if you own any business related to poultry (Backyard chickens). Whether you are a poultry farmer who produces eggs and chickens to sell, or a trader who supplies poultry products to retailers, or a retailer who sells eggs or chickens. This app can help you thrive successfully in the poultry marke...

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    I was working on a weather app but couldnt complete it so i need a weather app built from scratch with help of OpenWeatherMaps api.

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    Weather App Terminato left

    Hi, My name is Manisha Khadanga. I am looking for someone to build me an android weather app for the European Region.

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    Introduction ------------ We are looking for a mobile developer with mobile HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills who can develop a simple mobile cross platform (Android and iOS) app using the React Native Framework. This app will help users learn language translations in various languages. The first phase of this project will be to concentrate on the app logic, basic skeleton, and communication with t...

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    Hello, i need some help with writing c++ code for a project i am working on. My goal is to use an arduino uno to collect weather information such as wind direction, speed, rain. At this same location i have a set of 12v relays that are also controlled by the arduino. These relays then control the irrigation valves that they are attached too. Then using an ESP-8266 12E that is also connected...

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    I am a network engineer consultant, and I have a few customers that I want to send automated emails every morning. Basically, I would like my server to ping a few known hosts, then report all systems are up or what systems are down in an email. I also want this email to pull a snippet on weather for the day. Example: Good Morning, Your current network status: Pelton is up and working Miller...

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    Trophy icon New logo for WeatherProtect Terminato left

    We are looking for renewal of our logo. Weatherprotect is building inflatable tents, houses and other products who are prodtecting you, and your belongings from weather. This will be a part of renewal of logo website etc in the long run. Attached you'll see todays logo

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