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    Esperto tecnico per Server dedicati con installazione Apache CentOS 7.9 aggiornamento PHP 7.4 / 8 da verificare cosa manca (moduli Perl ecc....) per il corretto funzionamento di siti web installati. Attualmente ci sono dei problemi sul caricamento e visualizzazione delle immagini ecc.... Da sistemare.

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    DBA Oracle Terminato left

    Ciao, per importante progetto a Milano siamo alla ricerca di un DBA ORACLE con almeno 5 anni di esperienza da inserire all'interno del team "Database Services". Il ca...esperienza da inserire all'interno del team "Database Services". Il candidato parteciperà a progetti internazionali e avrà la possibilità di influenzare le scelte tecnologiche di implementazione attuali e future. Gradita esperienza anche con altri RDBMS: SQL Server, MySQL, Postgresql o SAP Hana. Buona conoscenza di alcuni tra i principali linguaggi di riferimento: SQL, PL/SQL, TSQL, Shell Scripting, Perl Powershello Phyton. Richiesta conoscenza dell'inglese fluente. Completano il profilo proattività e passione per l'IT. il lavoro si svolger&agra...

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    Basato su perl dancer2 con mongo db e SQL, ui jquery e famiglia

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    ...un REMOTE-PROXY per i VIDEO di GOOGLE DRIVE. Google drive si occuperebbe di tutto, storage video, conversione ecc. Sappiamo già che questo ci comporta un uso di banda sia totale sia mb/s altissima, ma per questo non abbiamo problemi. Abbiamo bisogno di una persona che si occupi della programmazione di suddetto script. Attualmente non sappiamo quale linguaggio sia meglio usare, se php perl o altri tipi di linguaggi, ma speriamo in un consiglio ed una dritta da un'esperto. Cordiali Saluti Eng: Hello, I need to create a remote proxy for videos of google drive. I'll explain: The company I work for, wants to create a hosting video in HD, but does not want to spend too much on software that makes uploading, conversion of video and all pr...

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    ...a crystal clear, easy and effective website. Short description of website structure/feature: -The website will be a repository link/ of relevant contents for the users. Further details on the initiative will be shared during following steps of the recruiting process once signed the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Skills required: -HTML/ CSS/ MySQL Database/ SEO mandatory (PHP, ASP, Java, Perl, o C++ programming are welcome) -At least 5 years of experience in design and realization of user friendly websites able to attract and engage users -Effective assignment planning with several check points (milesones/ intermediate releases required) in order to verify the quality of the output -Reliability and passion in his/her work -Timing/deadline matching -Knowledge of eng...

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    ...efficace. Breve descrizione della struttura/caratteristiche del sito web: -Il sito web sarà un repository di link/ contenuti rilevanti per l'utente. Maggiori dettagli sull'iniziativa verranno rivelati nei successivi step del processo di selezione una volta siglato apposito NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Qualità/competenze ricercate: -Padronanza HTML/ CSS/ MySQL Database/ SEO/ PHP, ASP, Java, Perl, o C++ -Esperienza nella disegno e nella realizzazione di siti internet user friendly capaci di catturare l'attenzione e l'interesse del visitatore -Organizzazione del lavoro in fasi sequenziali (milesones/ rilasci intermedi) che consentano di verificare la qualità dell'output prodotto -Professionalità e passione nel pro...

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    Stiamo cercando un collaboratore/partner per sviluppo in ambiente Linux (piattaforma Centos), per prodotto di sicurezza. Si richiede ottima conoscenza della bash e del funzionamento dei demoni di networking in ambiente Linux (iptables, squid, openvpn, openswan, ecc.). Si richiede affidabile conoscenza del bash Scripting e possibilmente del perl. Conoscenza dei RDBMS (Postsgresql in particolare) e linguaggio php per interfaccia web.

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    Personalizzare un software open source basato su "LAMP" | c++ | perl | php | CSS | html disponibili per eventuale incontro / chiarimenti anche telefonicamente

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    Sto cercando risorse con competenza OTRS (Open-source Ticket Request System); si tratta di un sistema open Source per la gestione di ticket basato su Perl e Javascript su database MySQL.

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    We need a dockerfile for a container that does the following: - uses any linux flavor - supports wkhtmltopdf with patched qt (e.g. default installation on debian has qt issues) - supports perl cgi calls - uses any web server - should support this call: http://my_docker/ looks like this: #!/usr/bin/perl use CGI; `wkhtmltopdf -nT 22mm param('infile') param('outfile')`; print "Content-type: application/pdf; name=nn"; open(F,"<","/tmp/") || print STDERR "cant < $!";; while(<F>) { print }; close F; exit; (edit the wkhtmltopdf path to whatever you need) is located here: download and store in /tmp/ in docker for testing purposes output PDF

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    Strong proficiency in C++ 11/14 in a Linux server-side environment. -Development experience in object-oriented programming and working with mixture of new and legacy systems. You might also have: (nice to have skills) -Perl / python scripting, databases.

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    Hello, I need a PERL & Payment Gateway Integration expert that can help me integrate Coinpayments into my website.

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    Support CGI-Perl web site 1 giorno left

    A website is hosted at Uses a flat text file as a database. Services will include adjusting permissions to scripts and data files (.htaccess), upgrading the PhP software, current is 5.5, creating a backup, possible other troubleshooting and extensions. The developer will be available in ET time zone. When bidding specify your experience with old CGI

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    We require a regular regular expression developer to solve some requirements which need a matching in regular expressions Target php perl java javascript

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    We are looking for a PERL developer to write a plugin for CPANEL () . This involves writing a plugin to Synchronize the DNS zones of our cPanel systems with the POWERDNS DNS infrastructure via the APIs (). Once installed and configured, the plugin immediately propagates all DNS changes to POWERDNS taking into account our overwriting rules.

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    Thi...the inverter firmware available, as well as the EEPROM and we will send that firmware to interested parties. The firmware is running on a Infineon TriCore CPU. The end goal of this project is to write a documentation on how can we controll the inverter using serial commands. If there is any CRC checksum involved the winner will have to send the crc generation algorithm over written in a Python/Perl/PHP Also if anyone has the software available we can pay for the software (you can inquire about the software used in private) Here is a made up example on what we expect (eg: 1. set COM port to 9600 8N1, 2. send "@$#PWD_AUTH0000@8888" 3. send "@@GET_V_U@7777" ## Returns the Voltage on phase 1 (everything here is just made up just so people know what...

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    DESIGN NOTES Overview: Website OUTPUT showing listings of dat...PayPal transaction. Technology: • NO Javascript • NO PHP • NO CSS • NO MySQL Only use: HTML and PERL (5.8.8 or earlier) Database: FLAT FILE ONLY .csv or .txt sorted by folder paths. Transaction gateway: PayPal Output: SORT by CITY alphabetically, and then oldest first if same city. Suggestion: Save file as CITY-ORG-DATE in folder Home>State>Region>License Paypal: INPUT requires recurring monthly charge. IF recurring charge successful THEN Listing shows in OUTPUT. IF recurring charge canceled THEN Listing removed from OUTPUT. Method: Develop on your server. Use a PayPal sandbox. Supply files to me. I will review the files (I speak HTML and Pe...

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    A Perl Developer with at least 4+ years of experience and strong Postgre SQL skills is required. Part Time-WFH (Paid on hourly basis)

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    Hello Russian developers, hope you're all doing well. We are looking for an experienced desktop application developer (C++, C#/.NET, Perl) who will join us in long term to help with a large-scale telehealthcare service product that is actively used in the United States and many other countries all over the world. A video interview will be required at the beginning stage so please not apply if you're not able to do that. Looking forward to seeing great proposals from you soon!

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    ...methodology Strong knowledge and experience with the following technologies: o Jenkins (on Linux) o GitHub o Infrastructure as code with Ansible o Windows, RedHat o Shell scripting and/or Python/Golang o HashiCorp tools: Consul, Terraform, Vault o Physical and virtual server provisioning o Suse Open Stack Cloud (SOC), VMWare, Kubernetes Familiarity with the following technologies is desirable: o Java, Perl, Python, Ruby o Fitnesse, Selenium o HA proxy and Nginx o Container pilot, Consul-template o Agile Central • Experience in Agile methodologies, experience of having worked in Agile projects and usage of tools like Agile Central, Confluence • Good relationship management skills • Leadership ability including coaching • Strong oral and written communicatio...

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    ...quidelines with static code analyzers - help to identify how and which parts of existing code shall get unit / automated tests - help to tidy up existing code as good examples to developers - help non perl developers to understand some perl "read written and forgotten code". As a Quali-question answer the formula in this bid - you help developers to have a local docker environment to be able to execute all above named steps your workplace? - chat - calls - video calls with desktop sharing tracking and management in our gitlab repo (we share to you after award) q-formula 24/8 target environments runs on perl 5.30 and later docker ubuntu 20.04 / 22.04 Budget? will not be disclosed, place your best bid to get considered Workload & project runtime? W...

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    We are looking for an experienced AWS cloud engineer with Cloud Migration expertise to join our team. In this role, you will be respo...• Performing infrastructure upgrades and updates to maximize system efficiency while minimizing downtime. • Deploying applications in AWS using EC2 instances and Elastic Beanstalk. • Creating blueprints using CloudFormation templates for common workloads. • Maintaining, testing, and implementing disaster recovery procedures. • Implementing automation using scripting languages (e.g., PHP, Python, Perl) to manage AWS services. • Building tools for deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting of system resources in an AWS environment. • Developing software components in PHP/Python that interact with AWS cloud services ...

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    I cannot find a solution to use LWP to retrieve a web page. I have a PERL script that has worked since 1995 (with updating as needed) to retrieve weather data and display it for windsurfers as a public service on my CORGE,com website, until 2 weeks ago when the National Weather Service made a change causing an access problem I cannot get around with my script. I think it is a proxy or https problem because the page is a public page and the format is unchanged. I need an example of a working PERL script to retrieve the web page at I will incorporate the example/solution into my script that posts on demand the hourly weather from weather stations in the Columbia River Gorge. If the script works to get the page at

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    ||| Apply only if you have knowledge of any Programming language |||| The following is desirable: * You are a member of , or any other programming platform where you have been posting OR *You already have a programming blog OR *You have written programming content earlier for anyone and have samples to show. New freelancers are welcome. We are an on-demand website where hundreds of programming-related topics need to be covered every day. We are seeking programmers (Students/Freshers) who can perform writing on programming problems and topics. We will provide Topics/Keywords to write upon. All programming languages are welcome. This project for: Programmers (students/freshers) Who are willing to learn and contribute to the community and want to build their profile and earn a good revi...

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    Requires coding in a language dedicated to string handling (Perl, Python or Ruby). The goal is to create a .csv list of possible variations with an alphabet of 11 characters placed within Words whose length goes from 2 to 8 characters starting with 2, then 3 up to 8). There are filtering rules for what must be rejected from the list: 1. Words only made from the same character (AAAA) 2. Rotations (ABC = BCA), only the first occurrence is retained (ABC) 3. Sequences that contain a finite repetition of a sub-multiple sequence (AB within ABABAB) 4. The combination of rules 2 and 3 (AB within BABA) To allow importing in Excel in a reasonable size, the list should be made into several consecutive .csv files.

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    BRM Senior Developer Terminato left

    ...Hands on Experience on OCOMC Customization and cartridge development Hands on Experience on Pricing configuration from PDC Experience in developing custom FM and opcodes, DM (data manager), EM (Extranal Manager) Experienced in configuring usage charges based on zones, APNs, tiered pricing, volume pricing, etc Good understanding of BRM architecture and data models. Should have experience in Shell, Perl or Java Experienced in BRM JCA or BRM web services for integration. Should have good BRM/OCOMC upgrade experience Having ECE experience is added advantage Should have very good understanding HA/DR architectures Good hands on configuration management tools and Using the latest devops (bit bucket,GIT etc) Main Responsibilities BRM Opcode, OCOMC cartrdge deveoopments Pricing configura...

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    Must have a minimum of 5 years of actual working experience. Excellent Coding skills in PERL and PHP. Database Proficiency. Hands-on experience with backend programming language. Experience with third-party libraries and APIs. Ability to handle payment integrations Has development best practices and DevOps trade-offs Understand emerging web and mobile development models High scalability projects involving cloud-based infrastructure design and implementation Working knowledge of object-oriented design and development skills Good understanding of Web Services protocols such as REST, SOAP and API design for extensibility and portability Ability to use version control software such as GIT Experience writing SQL queries for SQL Server or another Relational Database is required FAST learn...

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    Upgrading A website Terminato left

    Looking for a web Developer Who is familiar with Perl & Armadillo c++

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    ...travaillez en partenariat avec les développeurs, les chefs de projets et les dev Ops. Vous êtes fortement impliqué et autonome dans vos missions. PROFIL De formation Bac +3 minimum en Administration Système Linux, vous bénéficiez idéalement d'une expérience similaire de 2 ans. Compétences requises : - Maîtrise de l'environnement Linux (Debian et Centos) - Programmation, script et automatisation (perl, php, bash) - Maîtrise de l'environnement Web (Nginx, Apache…) - Maîtrise serveurs de bases de données (MySQL & PgSQL) - Maîtrise de Postfix, Dovcot, Spamassassin, Bind, pureftpd .. - Bonne connaissance des environnements de virtualisation (Lxc, KVM) - Bonne connai...

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    your task is to develop following steps: - use a provided XML with n of <searchgroup>-nodes, containing the sub-nodes; - name - regex - matchType (e.g. gmi for global, multiline, insensitive) see attached a sample XML provide a perl script to - parse xml into (preferably class/instance way) in a sub: parseXmlFile - read a text file into a string in a sub: readContentFile - pass the string of the text file into a new sub: searchRegExs - output found matches to console in sub: outputConsole searchRegExes does iterate over all named searchgroups and executes the regex value of the given node against the read text file create a value class FoundRegExValue containing the fields: - name - regex - matchType - matchedValue - matchedLine on match, create a instance of Fou...

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    el trabajo consiste en arrglar un bug en un script de perl

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    Hi, We have an image hosting website which is made of Perl and HTML. We want a person who can make a minimalistic template for this website.

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    This is an web-based learning and testing application for the professers and students. The application will have a three key modules: 1. Users management (users that will access the learning tools and keep their scores) 2. Cases management (dental cases that user will evaluate with related imagery and questions) 3. Main Working view, where users from 1 above will go throu...the learning tools and keep their scores) 2. Cases management (dental cases that user will evaluate with related imagery and questions) 3. Main Working view, where users from 1 above will go through and review each case from 2 above and answer several sets of questions, then get graded up. And there are several projects if you have good skills. Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Vue.js. Java Script, Perl, Laravel, ...

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    Perl/cgi Developer Terminato left

    Need a developer to to quote a “per screen” rate. If you can’t write Perl or can’t quote a per screen rate, please don’t reply

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    .../usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/532/bin/perl Command Line (often faked in exploits): spamd child Network connections by the process (if any): tcp: -> udp: -> udp: -> tcp: -> Files open by the process (if any): /dev/null /usr/local/cpanel/logs/spamd_error_log /usr/local/cpanel/logs/spamd_error_log /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/532/bin/spamd /home/eds/.razor/ /var/cpanel/locale/ /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/532/lib/perl5/cpanel_lib/Net/DNS/Resolver/ Memory maps by the process (if any): 00400000-00402000 r-xp 00000000 09:02 1349599744 /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/532/bin/perl 00601000-00602000 r--p

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    Hey everyone, I am looking for some help in collecting publicly available e-mails from government websites in germany for a running newsletter. Due to the frequent change with every legislative period this process should be automated for a possible rerun. Everything according to DSGVO (Data privacy laws) of course. Could use Perl or other already available services. Open to other technologies. Best regards Gerrit

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    ...(very important) • Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP,php7 Additonal preferred skills: • QA Management - performing roles as a QA Manager, leading a test team for projects and interacting with peer groups including the business users and developers • Test Driven Development (TDD) along with integration and user acceptance testing • Testing concepts (SDLC, STLC & Defect Life cycle) and Software testing tools (Unit Tests), test automation and UI tests (Selenium) • Web services Testing (SOAP, REST) - writing automated Web service tests using well-known tools (SoapUI) • Familiar with frontend development technologies: HTML5, CSS3 (Bootstrap, Foundation), JavaScript (jQuery, Anguar) • Good knowledge in one of following programming languages: PHP, P...

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    .../usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/532/bin/perl Command Line (often faked in exploits): spamd child Network connections by the process (if any): tcp: -> udp: -> udp: -> tcp: -> Files open by the process (if any): /dev/null /usr/local/cpanel/logs/spamd_error_log /usr/local/cpanel/logs/spamd_error_log /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/532/bin/spamd /home/eds/.razor/ /var/cpanel/locale/ /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/532/lib/perl5/cpanel_lib/Net/DNS/Resolver/ Memory maps by the process (if any): 00400000-00402000 r-xp 00000000 09:02 1349599744 /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/532/bin/perl 00601000-00602000 r--p

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    Perl short-term Terminato left

    Perl Problem with getting info from previous webpage. Used print qq~

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    AWS Cloud Engineer Terminato left

    Good working knowledge of Bash,Powershell,Python,Perl Admin of windows server,RHEL,Ubuntu 16+ systems,IAAC Terraform, Ansible, Aws cloud formation Good working knowledge: servers, storage, networking, databases and data centre (Backup / redundancies) technologies in AWS

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    Hello, I need a custom TradingView script made based on the TD Trendline indicator by Tom Demark. This rule can be referenced from Chapter 4 (page 91) of the PDF manual by Jason Perl (attached below for reference). There is an existing script for TD Trendlines already available on TradingView which I currently use, with the name "TD D-Trendlines" by Alex_2072. Link below: I need you to replicate this script and the eventual finished script to display the SAME lines as this script. These lines are ALWAYS changing based on ongoing price action. However, instead of just the lines being drawn, I need additional features to be written in the script. . They are namely the three conditions (ie. qualifiers) for entering a buy, and three

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    Contents of input vs output: - tbody becomes dl - row becomes dlentry #- id within dlentry is combination of 1st entry [Term 1 = Term_1_TERM] - 1st entry becomes dt - 2nd entry becomes dd

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    Adobe AIR Developer Terminato left

    ...newest release of the application, and later on, you will focus on fixing any issues raised by the customers and/or testers prior/past release - You will take part in future development scopes once the upcoming release is considered a "steady" release Requirements - At least two years of commercial experience - Good knowledge of Adobe AIR / Flex SDK, Action Script is a must - Good CSS knowledge - Perl / MXML familiarity - Git knowledge Nice-to-haves - Preferably, you have both MacOS and Windows machines in order to build and test the builds on both environments - Since we are working in the EDT time zone, it would be great if you are available at least until 2pm EDT if needed for day-to-day communication as well as releasing hotfixes - Build automation and releasing t...

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    We require in depth Perl expert developers with lots of experiences in Perl development your tasks will be to implement plugins/extensions of Znuny 6.x (former OTRS) you are a master of using docker to run, develop and debug perl? if you do not know Znuny, let us know this. you can quickly install Znuny via docker (takes about 10 mins of your time + 30 mins download time) follow the instructions here the proof of your perl + Znuny expertise will be to implement a simple Znuny extension Delivery: - in git (we will share you a git repository) - tested on your docker + a clean docker init instance - you share a script in git, which can create the for installation into OTRS Payment goes in Milestones on predefined estimates This is a hourly project but you h...

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    Hello: We need a passionate Asterisk based Fusionpbx/Freeswitch etc specialist with programming skills. We have tested and used different forms of Asterisk and we want you to collaborate with us to make or customize a new GUI. So its not just a system installation but a new or modifying a GUI. PHP is a good program as many GUI use it including Isabelle but we are open to Python, PERL, or any other language. It can be a long term project but lets start it small :)

    €688 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello: We need a passionate Asterisk based Fusionpbx/Freeswitch etc specialist with programming skills. We have tested and used different forms of Asterisk and we want you to collaborate with us to make or customize a new GUI. So its not just a system installation but a new or modifying a GUI. PHP is a good program as many GUI use it including Isabelle but we are open to Python, PERL, or any other language. It can be a long term project but lets start it small :)

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    Hi All, We have a project in which we will need help of a Golang / C# developer. The developer must have following skills:- 1. Knowledge of OOPS 2. Well experienced in Golang/C# 3. Experience with scripting (Shell/PERL) 4. Experience in application design using design patterns. 5. Javascript, SOAP, REST Webservices, or Microservices. 6. Experience using Git. 7. Knowledge of DevOps practices.

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    Please see attached files where descriptions are provided more in detail.

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    iRedMail Experience Terminato left

    Looking for someone who has experience with iRedMail and writing python or Perl external scripts

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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