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    Cerchiamo un Salesforce administrator per: - fornire supporto a 500+ utenti - fornire training - aggiornare il manuale utente - scrivere e distribuire release notes - configurare (point&click) il sistema, rispettando il processo di rilascio (scratchOrg>UAT>Production) - creare report e dashboard su richiesta Tutte le attività sono relative a Sales Cloud e Salesforce Communities. E' richiesta una buona conoscenza dell'inglese. Richiediamo una disponibilità di almeno 3 giorni alla settimana, durante gli orari di ufficio (no week end).

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    Buongiorno, ho un file excel con un elenco di nominativi ai quali devo scrivere una email personalizzata. Vorrei avere un'offerta per creare un tasto a fianco di ogni nome (su ogni riga) che se schiacciato mi apra in automatico un browser di posta (Thunderbird o Lotus Notes) nel quale sia gia compilato il campo email principale (email che è sulla riga del file excel), oggetto (testo che è sulla riga del file di excel) e prima riga del testo/modello della email (anche in questo caso il dato è presente nella riga di excel). Vorrei avere delle offerte con il costo della macro excel. Mi paicerebbe trovare anche un sistema automatizzato per inviare tutte le email senza dover cliccare sul tasto per aprire il modello "compilato" di email....

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    ...only the corresponding questions are showed) - Change the order of the answers to each question Administrator should be able to: - create a questionnaire by defining multiple questions and answers (from 2 to 5), all with formattable text - modify a questionnaire - delete a questionnaire It would be good to have the possibility to chat on line and to have pages with contracts, legal notes etc. For dimensioning, consider a minimum number of questionnaires of 100, each with an average of 3,000 questions, and a number of 1000 users per questionnaire (these numbers are randomly dropped). Thanks to who will answer. ...

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    ...","end_dt": "2017-03-23T09:00:00-0400","all_day": false,"rrule": "","title": "RAGIONE SOCIALE","who": "OPERATOR","location": "location-sample","notes": "NOTES"}' =====OPPURE==== <?php $client = new GuzzleHttpClient(['headers' => ['Teamup-Token' => 'API_KEY']]); $result = $client->post('', [ 'json' => [ "subcalendar_id" => 730624, "start_dt" => "2015-06-17T06:00:00-0400", "end_dt" => "2015-06-17T07:00:00-0400", "all_day" => false, "rrule...

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    ...insert javascript (Googele Maps) into our PHP code for a desktop (but also smartphone) site. We must let Google Maps "dialogue" with our MySql database and the variables we obtain must be written for PhP, so that we can make our part. It's a 4-8 hours work for people skilled in Google Maps APIs, jquery, json, Ajax and, of course, javascript and PHP. We are in a little hurry, so let me have your notes asap. [Italian version] Ho bisogno di chi mi sviluppi la parte attinente javascript Google Maps di un progetto scritto in PHP/MySql. Ho bisogno di potere sia caricare mappe derivandole dal database sia di caricare il database con dati derivati dalle mappe (Lat, Long, NomeCittà, ecc.). Siccome la parte di gestione del database viene eseguita da noi in Php, &egrav...

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    Time tracker application Android application with sources (Delphi Rad Studio 10) with local database and remote database to sync with delphi webservice when reacheable. Remote database is Firebird/ interbase. - worker, job ,time(start, stop), notes, optionally Customer. -manage work breaks -manage break for a job for start a secondary work and then reactivate the first job

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    Lotus domino Programmatore notes x pages per ampliamento applicativi esistenti e nuovo progetto

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    ...to its resellers, to connect on-line to furnish and compose your bedroom to their final customer. Everything must proceed in a reserved area within which the dealer shall: - to achieve the plerimetrie of the room - position the various furniture chosen by the customer from a library put at disposal of the construction company (currently there are 350 items) - have a space dedicated to the notes (specific, outside measures, etc.) - instant quote as you choose items that remain in one town as they are completed - order confirmations and related notifications to the customer To get a better idea look at this link: Note: currently, the company has only a management with the name, description and sizes

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    To write a chapter of a Master's thesis on the following topic: "The special intelligence relationship between the U.S. and the UK". The chapter has to be written in FRENCH, from 15 to 20 pages long. High expertise in the field of Political Science, International Relations and Geopolitics is required. NO PLAGIARISM. You ca...le sujet. Le chapitre doit être écrit en faisant une COMBINAISON de tous les documents, à partir du document n. 1 nommé "The Intelligence Special Relationship between Britain and the United States" comme la base du travail. Construire le chapitre en cherchant à retenir les concepts des autres documents de manière linéaire et conséquente. Si possible, incorporer 2-3 publications récen...

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    Porting applicazione sviluppata in Notes R5 in ambiente xPages. L'applicazione è un Marketplace business to business che necessita di nuove funzionalità e per implementare una gestione di temi grafici. Particolare attenzione al sistema di autenticazione e di sicurezza. Manutenzione siti PHP+MySQL Gestione dello sviluppo anche da remoto.

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    Needing a customizable calendar template, would prefer auto dated at least the next 3 years. Fictional calendar will have 12 months and the same days in each month as o...same days in each month as our own real calendars do. The only difference is the names of the months and names of the days of the week are different. (You can just add "month 1" - "month 12" to the top of each calendar month page and i will change it later. Same for the days of the week. There are 7. Please add "day 1" - "day 7" so that i can change those later. Wanting to include a margin for notes about fictional holidays and references. Also wanting blank page where I can add each month's artwork, like a standard store bought calendar would have. Please make my calen...

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    I need to create efficient notes for CCNA Certification (Network Certification). The "example " is an example of the result that I want. If want you want to apply for this task, send me an example with highlights and a short doc of the "CHAPTER ".

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    Flutter app that renders, autoplay, preload, and cache videos lik...Android. - Swiping videos up and down should be smooth (no UI jank) on low resources devices (same as TikTok and Instagram reels). - Videos should be pre-loaded in advance while the user swipes and the player should cache the recently played videos to not reload them again, the goad here is a great UX and also save the user network data. Delivery: Running app with the Flutter full source code. Notes: - It's not required to implement any feature except the vertical videos (TikTok-like). - No need to make any network requests to get the video URLs, I'll provide HLS URLs (m3u8) for testing purposes and you could hardcode them in the source code. - No custom UI is required, a single video should fill the s...

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    Hi, we are working on a project around Filecoin using the lotus stack sw. Is this something you been working with earlier?

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    I am looking for a virtual assistant to provide cold calls to create leads. I will provide crm, scripts, training etc Virtual Assistant Expectations -2-3 Qualified appo...Expectations -2-3 Qualified appointments a day -Book Appointments -Follow up on Leads - Speak English with minimum accent -Cold calling - Sending Cold texting and emails in order to find motivated sellers. -Administrative tasks -Initiate outbound calls. - Answer seller objections correctly -Obtain seller information such as name, address, email address and call back schedule for an offer. -Input detailed notes based on the conversations with Sellers. -Create and forward a report to management of daily accomplishments. Pay starts at $4 per hour, and base pay will increase based on your results. Monday - Friday. We...

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    The platform will allow the user to initiate the video call. Once the user A initiate the video call, user B will join the video. There will be only 2 users per video. Users should be able to share files with one-another, chat, save notes, put off or on audio/video.

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    ...JavaScript CSS3 HTML5 What we are going to develop : *Review function : Student can review tutors / Tutors can check reviews of own. *Additional plan : 10days/15days/20days/every day 2 lessons per month *Additional Payment : PayPal (We already have Stripe) *Promotion code function *Notifications : For student, For Tutors, From Admin *Lesson history : Student side, Tutor side. *Tutor notes functions *Admin data insight +Fixing small bugs around 50~60 Design --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before award, we hope to discuss with you on Zoom. Before start

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    I need a powerful and passionate chorus part that is gospel-like. Only three sentences to be sung. If you are using more than one singer in your chorus, please separate the recording for each of the bass, middle, and treble notes. If you are recording alone, separate the recording for each of the bass, middle, and treble notes. Three takes are required for each part. Lyrics: Be stronger! We will be stronger! Set your heart ablaze! EXAMPLE: ・If your sample is not in your profile, please send it to us by message. ・Please sing in either a US or UK English accent.

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    I have scanned table containing latin name - local name, data attributes (7 columns) +notes, need to get this into a excel sheet. you need to be able to write nordig characters (å, ä, ö, Å,Ä, Ö). This shall be populated into the excel sheet, see attached 'vä' There are almost 500 lines to be added to the excel sheet.

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    I’m looking to hire a professional web designer that can deliver on time. I have a few designs I would like to get started with. Once I contact you, I will go over my notes and vision to see if this is a great fit. It’s important to be on time and deliver on deadlines. I will make sure I send you all details before awarding you. This is only Web Graphic Design. Not coding. Just Design

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    Before you bid, I need these features to be added within 5 hours. Budget will be discussed in chat. I have a Microsoft Visual Studio MVC .Net project where I want to add the following features to it: 1. I ...information by email. 3. I want to change the project header design: Just change the color of the menu text. 4. I want the admin to be able to add, remove or edit products, and I want those products to be shown in a separate page with search functionality. And when a user clicks on a product he will see the following: A. Product Image B. Product Name C. Product Description Notes: The project is created on Microsoft Visual Studio and connected to SQL Management Studio Locally. Note: The project is simple just to show concept its not a project to be used as...

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    Hello, I’m a university student, I type out all my lecture/inclass notes on word and cannot seem to get the hang of using the GoodNotes app on my iPad to handwrite my notes to make them more appealing. I struggle with handwriting notes as I can never keep up, but also find my typed notes boring and not very good for retaining information. I’m currently wanting to make a little pocket book of all my notes so that they are easily accessible whilst I am on my work experience placement. There is no need for research or anything like that, just have an artistic touch (and GoodNotes or similar I’m not sure what else is out there sorry hahaha) so that they are easy to read as well as appealing. Just message me for more information happy to ...

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    We're in need of someone to type 1- 25 Pages such as letters, Agreements, notes, books, etc

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    ...users from downloading the course materials 04- configure the apps to work with my airnotifier server The URL will pass to you after you will be hired 05- The apps are for Andriod and iPhone and windows 06- Implement the screenshot/recording script to prevent the users from doing that 07- you will make notes with all modifications you have done because the site will be used for different departments and each of them will have its own app. We need to do it by ourselves according to your notes and video instruction. 08- Get the big blue button the recorded list sessions and play the videos inside the app using API. 09- Add our privacy terms page You will assist us in how we compile and upload the apps to the play store from Google and Iso store. It's about as I have men...

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    I have pdf file . I need editable texts. This is urgent job. I need fast and correct typist. I need all notes from 1page to 12 page. Please check and bid

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    ...initially created by buyer and replied to by seller with wholesale prices, is used simply to make payment. We want a simple Stream-less process and if further changes needed or additions by client , the facility should be there to re submit to seller etc. IN THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS YOU WILL SEE “SAMPLE” OF HOW IT ARRIVES TO US CURRENTLY AND A SECOND DOCUMENT SHOWING HOW WE WANT IT FORMATTED WITH NOTES TO EXPLAIN. We need you to use and format the plug in to give what we need. Details of the Plug in are given. If you are selected for the project, we will than give you access to out TEST WEBSITE and Plug in to do the work. Actually, having purchased a plug in, we are capable with our current team to usually set up and format it to our requirements , but we need a separ...

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    I would like to have calendar for tax year including notes space for keeping track with all expenses ( petrol , materials, bills etc ) customers details, appointments etc.

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    ...NFT discord servers as well as getting whitelisted by targeting the projects on Twitter, we give you a list of servers, each server has its own pay per WL (meaning that whenever you get whitelisted, you'll get paid a certain amount) the pay is between 200 - 600$ per WL, depending on the servers you choose to work on, as some servers are more difficult to get whitelisted than others. Rules and notes: 1. We have a private server with many articles of tips and ways to get whitelisted much faster. the group has over 70 people around the world, that already work with us. 2. We pay only via ETH. we can send it to your Binance or other Ethereum wallets. 3. You only get paid when you get whitelisted. no hourly payments. 4. After getting whitelisted in project, you'll be requi...

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    ...- 600$ per WL, depending on the servers you choose to work on, as some servers are more difficult to get whitelisted than others. Our requirements: 1. Know the NFT world 2. Know how to navigate inside NFT projects' discord servers 3. Have a Twitter account 4. Know how to get whitelisted on NFT discord servers 5. Have at least 6 - 8 hours every day to work 6. Speak English perfectly Rules and notes: 1. We pay ONLY after you get whitelisted. no hourly payments. 2. We pay only via ETH. We can send it to your Binance or other Ethereum wallets. 3. When you get whitelisted, you give us your discord account login + the login to the email account associated with the discord. 4. You first give us the login, and only then we send the payment. WHY TRUST US? 1. We have a private gro...

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    Fixing minor issues with website 4 giorni left

    1. fix the problem in front 2. Update and remove all unneeded plugins These notes happens to show on the front: Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in html/wp-content/themes/envision/cloudfw/core/

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    *Notes on theme -Standardize all designs based on the red theme when developing the UI, including the design for all input, button, table, menu etc *Notes on Global/Shared component -Top & Side navigation menu to be fixed &static when scrolling the page/screen -Reuse shared component (eg Top & Side navigation menu) across all screen -Side navigation should not have "Login" menu -Current menu should be highlighted in Side navigation (as well as sub-menu) Refer to XD file -Logo in Top navigation menu is an image instead of label -Able to control the show/hidden flag of backdrop for a modal -For Table, able to: loop a list of records into the table based on the number of record in that list support word-break inside table for long content control the flag ...

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    I need someone who is an expert at piano to simply number a sheet music song for me .. rookie to easy intermediate level song.. I'm just looking for futiresake, someone who will simply put finger numbers to the notes of songs I want to learn. $5 per song

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    Geopolitical Analysis -- 2 3 giorni left

    ...diverse array of clients and various internal teams in written or recorded deliverables. * Conduct time-efficient international policy monitoring and updates.
 * Provide in-depth analysis on government policies, with focus on Great Power Competition, Cross-Strait Relations, UN Mandate, South East Asian Affairs, and Middle East Affairs.
 * Write, edit and proofread policy reports (reports, briefing notes, minutes)
. * Other Research or Event Support requested by the supervisor or higher leadership. 
 Qualifications: Education:  Bachelor Degree (or above) in Political Science, Public Policy or International Relations. 
 * Previous experience working in research institutes, think tanks, government sectors, NGO management, etc.
 * Capable of conducting...

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    ...equal or better quality to the videos on this channel, please apply! This is not a normal 'video editor' job, as we don't have any on-camera footage. You have to use a combination of stock footages, motion graphics, movie clips, kinetic typography, transitions, effects, sfx, music and more. Mention the word cold while applying. I would provide you with a voiceover file, script & some general notes/suggestions - but you would then have a lot of creative control to create a very engaging and creative video. I do not want to waste your time, so please only apply if you can create videos of equal quality or better (without needing training). You do not have to follow the exact same style (I want you to get creative with your own ideas), but it should be at leas...

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    I have a complaint against my solicitor where she dealt in a conflict of interest . The solicitor has months later provided digital case file notes saying she advised me of the risk of conflict in 2017 ( a complete lie) she has been using a downloadable software management program called I understand if you modify the date of your computer any software program will revert to the date you have tricked your computer into thinking it is. I need a report from a forensic it guy confirming it is possible

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    Subscription Management Subscription Operations Termed/Evergreen Subscriptions Trial/Gift Subscriptions Auto/Manual Subscription Renewals Self-Service Portal Profile Management Subscription Management Account Statements R...Redemption on Coupons Invoicing & Billing Invoice Automation Digital Invoicing (with Public Checkout Options) Advance Invoices (Projected Invoices) Recurring Payments Online Payment Modes Card Payments Bank Transfers Digital Wallets Offline Payment Modes Cash Cheque Wire Transfer Payment Gateway Integrations Stripe GoCardless Advanced Payment Options Partial Payments Refunds Credit Notes Payment Protection Auto-Charges Payment Dunning/Auto-Retires Fraud Protections Checkout Options Hosted Payment Pages Public Payment Pages (Digital Invoice) API Based Checkou...

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    We're looking for someone to research approximately 125 US professional goalkeepers from various US leagues (MLS, USL Championship,...etc.). Here's the information we want on each: - Link to LinkedIn profil...each: - Link to LinkedIn profile (if exists) - Link to Instagram profile (if exists) - Link to Twitter profile (if exists) - Links to any personal or related website, such as a soccer related business (if exists) - The city & state that they live - Their employer if they aren't actively playing - Whether they are still involved with soccer - The glove brand that they wear or wore - Any relevant notes (Ex. Owns GK glove brand) I completed 10 players and it took me roughly an hour to really dig into it. I've attached an image of what that looks like. We...

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    I am needing someone to overlook my work and do an editoral assessment and proofread. look over and make sure the book flows and is understandable. I need someone to edit grammar, redline and make notes that would improve this book to its fullest

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    Pendulum as a Service (PaaS) 3 giorni left

    Budget: $2500 NOTE: My team will be handling the majority of this project. My Team Will Provide: APIs, Databases, I...Tracking. * Notified When: 1) A New Ambulance Request Exists 2) Ambulance Arrives at Unit. 3) Ambulance Departures Unit 4 Ambulance Arrival at Hospital Ambulance Features * Acknowledge Request Received. * Acknowledge Dispatch. * Google Maps Directions * Acknowledge Unit Arrival * Acknowledge Unit Departure * Acknowledge Hospital Arrival * Notified When: 1) Ambulance is Requested. General Notes Hospitals are registered with their locations. Citizens are registered with their locations. Ambulances are dispatched to citizen's previously registered units' locations. All Tracking and Directions features must leverage google maps APIs. Hospitals in range ...

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    Miro workflow 3 giorni left

    Miro workflow - create a digital workflow in miro from paper notes.

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    I need a simple one page design for a wine tech sheet. These are used in the wine industry to give brief technical notes to potential buyers. I've included an example in the attached file. I will need this setup so that the bottle image and title and most everything can be constantly changed without using Indesign or other similar software.

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    I am currently working on developing a live streaming related software and I want opinions from a couple of experts in the field. Requirements are as follows: Being given a particular hardware configuration (computers, servers, phones, streaming devices...choices for the streaming protocol(s) (- RTMP, WebRTC, etc.), software (- libraries, frameworks- GStreamer, etc.), encoding/ re-encoding, etc. along with the explanations regarding why the technologies that you chose are better than other similar ones. You must have deep expertise in streaming and must have done many past projects using various technologies. If you don't, please do not apply. Notes: - There is no required software development or coding for this project. The deliverable is the report. - Automatic bids are ...

    €19 - €38
    €19 - €38
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    Create a Sign Up / Login page using Firebase (Auth). Create an app to add / edit data that contains , a picture, a location (address) and some descriptive information (name, notes) Again you can propose an web client angular, react, flutter, ionic, react native,

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    !!! Please do not place Bid if you are not worki...back yard. I have started to do some changes in the front yard and that is why I have it urgent to do some drawings. What i need is; 1. The Top view of the land/garden/landscape now 2. The Top view of the land/garden/landscape with the changes (pathway, wall change, land level change, which I will dig) 2. 3D Model of the suggested project Page 1 - 5 old drawings with dimensions Page 6 - 7 Hand notes whoch show the actual dimension of the wall in the front and some changes are marked with numbers Page 8- 21 pictures to see details some details you might guess because changes will be made Page 22-23 sugestion of plan and render I would like the the work to be done in sketchup, lumion, revit, autocad, so I can help in the process. ...

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    ...for new and existing vendors, their audits and self audit questionnaires. 3. Completing customer's self audit questionnaire for products supplied. 4. Specification control: creating specification for new products and revising existing specification if there is a change in any process, food safety, quality or legality aspect. 5. Maintaining PIFs for all products. 6. Destuffing reports and pallet notes. 7. Ensure the existing shipping instructions are updated when any changes are informed. 8. Maintain existing suppliers as and when required. 9. Send shipping instructions and bag labels to old and established supply chain, label review. 10. Supplier shipping docs/COA review, send to Tayper, Supplier docs review as and when need be inwards repot saving. 11. COAs to customers. T...

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    I need a project for capturing notes plus audio notes simultanously similar to Samsung notes at the moment. It would be project for taking notes for certain customers/clients, plus adding possibility of wireless triggering of recording by pushing the S-pen on android. Ideally adding tags to the recording, so that I can make some notes on specific times when recording. Also there would be a possibility od giving the recording and notes the storing system according to date, time, client, tags connected to the recording. Ideally also the posiibility of changing the tone of the recording for playing . Plus the list of all recordings/archive.

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    Job Vacancy-Home based job/online job. Inviting individuals for multi-role job as a kind of full time job as a freelancer for you. Required talented candidates for article writing/article rewriting/editing/ghostwriting/content writing And to make Notes or Summaries from written content like Academic or Research-on any topics/fields/areas/subjects (In English),& as a personal or virtual assistant, & online fashion modeling work if required & video editing's.(Rotational basis work) *Salary will be a maximum of 80USD$ or 6,000 INR Per-Month (7,000 INR/90USD$ only in case of Highly Talented ). Salary can be anywhere starting from 50-80USD$ Per month based on your ability, talent, capability & capacity of mind which will be checked during the Screening discussion. *...

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    PowerPoint presentation over Autism within the Workplace. Needs to have speaker notes. Attached are more in-depth instructions.

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    app movile pdf to voice -- 2 2 giorni left

    ...Pdf converted into English voice (second stage) - to listen to the pdf at the moment or save it for later, library type, I included an example photo for the layout (first stage up to 15 pdf) (second stage save unlimited pdf) - That people can choose various background layouts (second stage) - That you can mark sentences to highlight important sentences (something like that) (first stage) - That notes can be made that will be saved in the same pdf (second stage) -With keyword search within the pdf (first stage) -Q people with the app can share pdf between them (second stage) - That they can save audios (first stage) -That they can make audios and save them (second stage) -Save links, pages, courses, articles (first stage) -Various voice speeds (second stage) - *The first stage me...

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