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    Storia del Bitcoin Terminato left in January 2009, allowing anyone to participate in the network. The identity of Satoshi remains unknown to this day, adding an air of mystery to Bitcoin's origins. Bitcoin Mining To facilitate transactions and secure the network, Bitcoin relies on a process called mining. Miners use powerful computers to solve complex mathematical puzzles, and in return, they are rewarded with new bitcoins. This process not only creates new coins but also validates and records transactions on the blockchain. Over time, the mining process has become increasingly competitive and energy-intensive, leading to the development of mining farms and specialized hardware. Bitcoin's Limited Supply One of the most distinctive features of Bitcoin is its limited supp...

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    ...distribuito che registra tutte le transazioni su una rete di computer. Ogni transazione è raggruppata in un blocco e aggiunta alla catena, creando una cronologia cronologica che è immutabile e trasparente. Questa innovazione elimina la necessità di un'autorità centralizzata per convalidare le transazioni, rendendo il Bitcoin resistente a frodi e manipolazioni. Mining e Fornitura di Bitcoin I Bitcoin vengono creati attraverso un processo chiamato mining, in cui potenti computer competono per risolvere complessi puzzle matematici. Il primo computer a risolvere con successo il puzzle ha il diritto di aggiungere un nuovo blocco di transazioni alla blockchain e viene premiato con nuovi Bitcoin appena coniati. Questo processo, noto come meccani...

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    ...the Bitcoin network was launched with the mining of its first block, known as the "genesis block." The fundamental technology behind Bitcoin is blockchain, which is a distributed ledger that records all transactions across a network of computers. Each transaction is grouped into a block and cryptographically linked to the previous one, creating a chain of blocks. This chain of transactions is immutable, making it resistant to tampering and ensuring the integrity of the data. One of the key aspects that sets Bitcoin apart is its limited supply. The total number of Bitcoins that will ever exist is capped at 21 million, a feature designed to mimic the scarcity of precious metals like gold. This fixed supply is achieved through the process of mining, where p...

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    ...blockchain operates on a peer-to-peer network of computers, known as nodes, ensuring transparency, security, and immutability of data. Each block in the chain contains a set of transactions, and once validated by the network, it becomes a permanent part of the blockchain. Mining: The Backbone of Bitcoin The process of adding new transactions to the blockchain and verifying them is known as mining. Miners, equipped with powerful computers, compete to solve complex mathematical puzzles to validate transactions and add blocks to the chain. This process not only secures the network but also incentivizes miners with newly minted bitcoins and transaction fees. The mining difficulty adjusts automatically to maintain a steady flow of newly created coins, ensuri...

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    cerco un programmatore che sviluppi un sito web per minare cryptovalute in cloud mining di bitcoin

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    esercitazione weka Terminato left

    cerco un esperto data mining weka che possa aiutarmi con una esercitazione

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    Ricerco una persona in grado di creare una estensione o plugin con capacità di minare Bitcoin attivandolo tramite Google e scegliendo la potenza di mining. Che si attivi ad ogni avvio di Google.

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    Richiedo una rete di Mining interconnessa per minare la criptovaluta o più criptovalute.

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    Richiedo un browser con rete di mining simile a CriptoTab ma valida per Ethereum

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    Salve sono alla ricerca,per un progetto a lungo termine,di programmatori che siano in grado di creare da zero una altcoin su blockchain personale, con pos ,no mining,simile a waves,con wallet ed altre specifiche che elenchero' agli interessati dopo contatto.

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    Ricerchiamo esperto addetto realizzazione mining pool.

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    Build a Website Terminato left

    I have some problem to get the index page of my mining pool. all seems works propertly but I can't get it

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    Data mining in several languages: English, Italian, Romanian, Croatian, Bulgarian , Slovakian, Slovanian, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Polish,Greek, Finish, Swedish.

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    Vorrei creare un archivio per mining FTC con neoscrypt sia per 32 bytes anche 64 bytes, perro vorrei che il processo e anche il archivio che non prende il kill or delete da qualcuno. Che il processo funzionera al infinito. Che nessuno non puo da kill al processo. Grazie, aspetto che qualcuno puo da una mano.

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    Progetto per l'Estrazione del LTC tramite Free Cloud Tale iniziativa scaturisce da una proficua prova sperimentale che hanno intrapreso Rob Ragan e Oscar Salazar, dimostrabile tramite l'estratto presente su: In breve essi hanno creato un Botnet (per altro legale) scaricabile da: , che per ogni Account su Free Cloud generava nell'estrazione di LTC tramite CPU Miner 0,25$ nell'arco di 24 H, vedi l'opuscolo illustrativo scaricabile da: Successivamente hanno generato 1.000 Account ricavandone potenzialmente 250$ al giorno. Su tali premesse Vi richiedo un preventivo per l'attuazione delle

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    €28 - €235
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    Progetto per l'Estrazione del LTC tramite Free Cloud Tale iniziativa scaturisce da una proficua prova sperimentale che hanno intrapreso Rob Ragan e Oscar Salazar, dimostrabile tramite l'estratto presente su: In breve essi hanno creato un Botnet (per altro legale) scaricabile da: , che per ogni Account su Free Cloud generava nell'estrazione di LTC tramite CPU Miner 0,25$ nell'arco di 24 H, vedi l'opuscolo illustrativo scaricabile da: Successivamente hanno generato 1.000 Account ricavandone potenzialmente 250$ al giorno. Su tali premesse Vi richiedo un preventivo per l'attuazione delle

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    €28 - €235
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    I'm in need of a skilled website scraper to collect pricing information from various technology product websites. The specific websites aren't yet defined, providing opportunity f...scraper to collect pricing information from various technology product websites. The specific websites aren't yet defined, providing opportunity for shared direction and collaboration. Key Tasks & Experience Required: - Data scraping expertise - Familiarity with technology product websites - Proficient in data extraction tools - Experience in data cleansing and categorization - Expertise in populating website with extracted information Your role will be central in aiding price comparison capabilities, making this an ideal project for those experienced in intelligent ...

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    I require detailed leads for commercial real estate properties located across the UK. My main priority is to have extensive information on property types and their respective locations. Here's what I'm looking for: - Detailed specifications on different types and their respective locations. Here's what I'm looking for: - Detailed specifications on different commercial properties. - Comprehensive information about the property's location. Please note, the specific region or city in the UK has not been prioritized, thus, a wide scope of area coverage would be desirable. Freelancers with experience in real estate lead generation, data mining, and data entry will be highly considered. A good understanding of the UK's commerci...

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    We are seeking an experienced data mining professional who can provide old leads from various marketing campaigns promoting any type of online courses. The number of leads we are aiming for is less than 100000. As such, the leads provided should only be relevant and of high quality. Main Duties: - Find and provide old leads strictly related to online course marketing campaigns - Ensure that data is reliable, organized and can be easily utilized by our team Ideal Candidate: - Having prior experience with lead generation or data mining will be highly useful - Familiarity with the online education market is a plus but not a requirement - Ability to work in a timely and efficient manner While we regret not providing specific details about the information...

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    I am pleased to present my proposal outlining information on the cost of renting an industrial area in Abu Dhabi ranging from 500sqm to 1000sqm suitable for your Crypto mining facility and the cost of electrical consumption of a 250KVA load when running 24/7 for a year. My proposal includes different real references for plot prices, and all the hidden rent fees allowing for a comprehensive comparison of prices, in addition to detailed electrical calculation to give you clear picture of the cost of the yearly electrical consumption. I am confident that this proposal meets your requirements, and I am fully prepared to address any clarifications or additional needs you may have. Thank you for considering my proposal. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you. Be...

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    I need a proficient data specialist to compile a comprehensive database of Romanian companies. - Compatibility: The database must be compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. - Specific Details: Every company's record in the database must contain the company's name, phone number, and email address. - Extent of Database: Aim for a sizable database that contains information about 100,000 companies. Ideal candidates will have experience in data mining and database management, and an understanding of Romanian market dynamics. Strong accuracy and attention to high-quality data is a must.

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    I'm in search of an experienced graphic designer t...experienced graphic designer to design a logo that fully encapsulates the identity of my data mining and scraping company, This project will require creativity to align the logo with the brand's modern tech essence. Your tasks will involve: - Creating a unique, eye-catching logo design - Ensuring the design matches with the identity of a technology startup in the data realm - Providing files suitable for websites, social media platforms, and databases Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in graphic design software - Previous experience in logo design - Knowledge about tech startup aesthetics and branding - The ability to align the logo with the purpose and spirit of , reflecting its dat...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned expert in the crypto field, particularly with hosting and hardware expertise. The ideal freelancer should have a wealth of experience in the crypto space. I'm looking for someone with a deep understanding of mining setup and hardware maintenance. Your role would be setting up and maintaining crypto mining hardware for my project. Please, when submitting your proposal, include your relevant past work. I'm looking to see what you've accomplished in the field.

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    ...experienced Data Scientist who is particularly adept in R studio. The project involves approximately 3.5 million entries from an accounting firm's datasets and should follow the CRISP-DM framework. Responsibilities: - Data cleaning and preprocessing: Ensuring data is correctly formatted and that outliers, missing values, or inaccuracies are dealt with. - Exploratory data analysis: Extracting insights from the datasets, visualizing trends and discovering correlations. - Model development and evaluation: Carrying out predictive modeling and anomaly detection. Specifically, identifying potential financial transaction anomalies. More about the project: The goal is not predefined and can range from predictive modeling to anomaly detection based on what is...

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    ...crawler will be to accept a list of keywords of any length and return specific data about those products. Here's what I need in detail: • Find top hot selling products at any given time • Crawl eBay and AliExpress for specific product data based on entered keywords. • The data retrieved should include product names, quantities sold and locations of sellers, images, • The crawler should be capable of providing this information for a variable timescale, ranging from 1 to 30 days in the past. • The results should be sortable. Php or python preferably The task would best suit a freelancer with previous experience designing similar crawlers and a deep understanding of web scraping, data mining, eBay and AliExpress...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can ...from a website that I will share with you. This data should be filtered according to specific product details. Key Requirements: - Retrieving product information including SKU, Category, Sub-Category, Color, Gender, Age, Material, Sleeve Length - Implementing a filtering mechanism to sort and organize the scraped data - Attention to details for accurate data scraping The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Experience in web scraping and data mining - Strong understanding of data sorting and filtering - Proficiency in managing and storing large sets of data - Excellent communication skills to understand and address any queries regarding the project Looking forward to working together ...

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    ...Proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge AI and data mining technologies to derive insights from news articles and other reliable sources is desired. The ideal freelancer would have proven experience in financial analysis, sentiment analysis, big data, machine learning, and AI. An understanding of stock market dynamics and the impact of news sentiment on stock movements will be highly beneficial. Your ultimate goal is to develop a working robust prediction model that provides early warnings of market fluctuations, helping take preemptive measures. The model needs to give buy/sell and hold suggestions on a daily/weekly manner in order to maximise the portfolio returns. The project will be tested and evaluated on old data i.e 20 year daily stock market dat...

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    I urgently need an expert in data mining to execute a machine learning project using the RapidMiner tool. Two different algorithms that we have covered in the course are to be used in order to ascertain the optimal model. Key Tasks include: Task: Perform supervised machine learning/data mining using TWO different appropriate datamining algorithms learnt in the course and determine the best model. You can use either XLMiner OR RapidMiner tool. Procedure to be followed: A. Select a dataset having minimum 500 rows of data and should have at least 6 predictors (after cleanup). - Implement Supervised Machine Learning/Data Mining - Work possibly with Numerical Data, Categorical Data, or Textual Data. Further clarification wi...

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    Website Text Data Extraction Tool 5 giorni left

    ...who can build me a data grabber. Ideally, you should have experience in creating software that retrieves specific text data from various websites. The tool should be capable of grabbing data from one page per site, no need for multiple page crawling. Your experience in web scraping and data mining would be advantageous, as well as having: - Profound knowledge in programming languages suitable for web scraping (Python, Java, etc.) - Familiarity with websites structure and HTML - Experience with data extraction tools and software - Proven background in creating custom data grabbers Your role will not only involve the creation of the tool but also ensuring it functions well without crashing or skipping important data. If you can d...

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    As a realtor, I am specifically looking for leads regarding potential buyers in the local area for residential properties. The perfect candidate for this job can proactively identify, engage, and deliver high-quality prospects while possessing the following skills: - Proficient in lead generation and data mining - Familiarity with real estate industry - Local market knowledge and insights - Effective at identifying potential buyers Present your strategies for lead generation and development in your proposal. Proven experience in similar projects is preferred. We are looking for free lancers those are well versed with gurgaon real estate market and have prior experience of lead generation.

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    My project requires a detailed listing of homeowners within the saginaw texas area. I am particularly inte...Homeowner's name and contact information (specifically phone and email) - The condition and age of their roof. - Confirmation of home ownership (not renting). I'm anticipating that the list will involve more than 500 homeowners. My preferred method of communication with these prospects will be via email. A freelancer who is ideal for this job will have proven experience in lead generation, data mining, and accurate information gathering within the property sector. Excellent attention to detail and timeliness in delivering this vast amount of information is vitally important. Additionally, any insight into the roofing industry would be a useful but not ess...

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    I'm seeking a skilled web designer to create a modern, functional eCommerce website for my business, which primarily deals with electronics, but also caters to special requests for a variety of items including mining equipment, trucks, cars etc. Key Features: • Product Catalog: This should include a wide variety of product categories, given the range of items we offer. • Special Request Form: A dedicated section where customers can request prices for special items not commonly listed in our catalog for example a 3 ton excavator to be shipped to Grenada. • Customer Reviews: A feature where customers can review our services and products and the reviews are listed below the items listed or a slide-over section that says reviews and a star rating out of 5...

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    Looking for someone to create designs for mining workshop teams. photos attached of jumpers designed last year, wanting same type of designs but for different workshops, [DIGGERS, ANCILLARY, TRUCKS, DRILLS, TYRE BAY, SUPPORT, FAB/WELD SHOP AND AMS] Large designs on rear of jumpers/shirts and small logo for front .

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    In view of capturing a comprehensive B2B database, I am seeking an experienced web scra...particularly in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Task Essentials: - Collate business data including the Business Name, Business Address, Phone Number, and Email. - Scraping must be performed on specific websites that I will provide. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Expertise in web scraping - Exposure to B2B data collection - Familiarity with the Building Material Supply/Lumber Sales industry - Knowledge of ethical web scraping practices. Your sound abilities coupled with your effective communication skills will be the beacon for this project's success. I look forward to interacting with insightful professionals that are keen to display their skills in ...

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    In this project, I am seeking an expert in data mining who is proficient in using Python libraries such as BeautifulSoup. Your task is to scrape names and contact details from numerous business directories. Ideally, you will have: - Experience using Python for web scraping, especially with BeautifulSoup. - An understanding of different business directory structures and the ability to adapt your scraping methods as necessary. - Exceptional attention to detail to ensure all data scraped is accurate and relevant. - Respect for the privacy and ethical standards associated with data extraction. Your role will involve: - Identifying key data on business directories: primarily names and contact details. - Creating efficient, reusable, and reliable Python co...

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    I'm in need of a skilled and experienced website developer who can build a cryptocurrency hosting website. The purpose of this website remains undefined, providing an opportunity for creative licence. However, you should keep potentials functions such as wallet services, mining solutions, and ICO hosting in mind. Please include the following in your application: • Your past experience, particularly in relation to cryptocurrency and website development. • A detailed project proposal, outlining your recommended approach for this project. This project will require extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies, web development, and security measures associated with hosting digital assets.

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    I'm set to launch a website catering to individual miners, mining farms, as well as mining equipment distributors, where I'm focused on selling ASIC Machines. I am looking for an expert who can begin with SEO efforts as the website is launched to optimize visibility. While the specific content isn’t determined yet, expect it to be skewed towards product selling. Key Skills Required: - Strong SEO experience, particularly in e-commerce environments - Understanding of the mining equipment sales sector will be advantageous - Familiarity with product-focused SEO techniques - Proven ability to improve website visibility

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    I am seeking a resourceful LinkedIn lead generation specialist, able to identify and target potential leads across different sectors. Having expertise in areas including IT, Healthcare, and Financial services, you should have: Industries: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Mining Automotive & Aviation Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Construction Consulting & Professional Services Consumer Goods, Food, Retail & Wholesale Energy, Oil, Gas & Utilities Government, Non-profit & Education Healthcare Life Sciences (Bio-tech, Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals) Manufacturing (Discrete & Process) Software and Technology Staffing, Recruiting and Human resources Telecom, Media & Entertainment Travel, Transportation & Logistics with ...

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    Website Text Data Mining into Excel 3 giorni left

    I'm looking for a professional with advanced skills in data mining and excel to extract specific text information from a website into an excel spreadsheet. This job requires an understanding of website data scraping. The successful candidate should have: - Proven experience with Web Scraping. - Expert knowledge in Data mining and Excel. - The ability to handle large sets of information efficiently and effectively. - Accuracy and attention to detail. - Knowledge of and web scraping ethics. The task primarily involves text data mining, here are the specifics: - Extract exact information from a website. - The exact text data to be mined will be communicated to the successful candidate. This opportunity is ideal for someone with...

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    As a part of my marketing campaign, I'm seeking a professional who can meticulously gather the contact information of celebrants in the entire South UK. The final output should be in a convenient Excel spreadsheet format. Key Responsibilities: - Data Mining: Cover all regions in South UK to get a comprehensive list of celebrants. - Accuracy: The data should include celebrants' name, location, phone number, and email address. I want 500 celebrants listed. Please bid to complete this project. Do not message me to have a chat further or look to increase a price posted. This is unfair on the people following my instructions and bidding.

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    I need a freelancer with proficiency in data collection and Excel to handle a minor task for me. The project is straightforward, with only 28 rows of data that need to be collected. I'll need the following information included in each row: - 12 columns of data - Each row will contain Text, Dates, Phone numbers, Links, etc. - Other miscellaneous data related to my project requirements that need to be captured. The ideal candidate for this position is skilled in Excel, organized, and pays great attention to detail. Prior experience in data mining will be a huge plus.

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    ...unstructured data. Below are some key details: - Data Types: The primary data types I am interested in are text and image data. This means the ideal candidate should have experience in handling these two forms of unstructured information. - Data Sources: The data will be collected from a range of places including social media platforms, website scraping, and user uploads. Previous experience in these areas would be highly advantageous. - Data Analysis: I have not yet defined an analysis strategy for the collected data, but prior experience with natural language processing, image recognition, and data mining will be considered a bonus. Ideal skills and experience for this job includes: - Proven experience with unstru...

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    As someone urgently in need of specific data collection, I am looking for an expert in Web Research, Data Mining and Scraping. The task at hand requires collection of the following information: - Names - Designations - Contact details From a total of 35 selected websites. As the project is of high priority, it is essential to note that I require this project completed ASAP. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficient in Web Research - Outstanding attention to detail - Proven experience in Data Mining and Scraping - Ability to deliver results promptly

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    Only those freelancer bid who will be cost effective and bid amount will be final project amount as its starting of project only. I'm in need of a proficient flutter developer, capable of integrating user activity-focused push notifications into an application designed for both Android and iOS platforms. The specific notification type includes updates relating to new messages and followers. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Flutter Development - Experience with Push Notifications - Android & iOS App Development - UI/UX Artistic Sense Even though the target demographic was left unspecified, I'm looking for developers that can create a user-friendly interface that can efficiently deliver the intended notifications. This is a vital part of the project, as such, prior experience...

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    I am looking for a specialist in data mining and machine learning, tasked with handling a medium-sized dataset ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 records. Key Responsibilities Consider the water tank system shown in the following figure. The tank has an input, a water tap, which can add water to the tank and increase the water level. Water level is measured by a level sensor. The goal is to use Kalman filter to estimate the level of the water in the tank using the noisy measurements coming from the level sensor. Assume that the dynamics and the measurements are modeled by the following equations: ?(? + 1) = ? ?(?) + ? ?(?) + ?? ?(?) = ? ?(?) + ?? Skills and Experience - Proficiency in different types of data mining and machine learning. - Broad experi...

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    I am in need of an experienced data miner to help me gather information on businesses to drive sales for thermal paper on my website. Key Requirements: - Target Audience: The primary focus of the marketing campaign will be businesses, therefore, I need data specifically about businesses. - Data Format: The data should be organized and presented in a Google Sheets document. Specific Data Points: - Contact Information: This includes names, emails, phone numbers, etc. - Purchase History: Information on previous purchases or interest in similar products. - Industry Type: The businesses' specific industry or sector. The ideal candidate for this project would have prior experience in data mining, particularly with a focus on B2B marketing....

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    I need a skilled individual proficient in skip tracing, product research, and marketing to help me generate a ...However, if you can deliver quality leads and demonstrate consistency, we can scale this up to 500-1000+ on a monthly basis. Target Industries: - The US Accredited Individuals we're targeting should ideally be from the Finance, Technology, Oil & Gas, and Crypto/Crypto Mining sectors. Ideal Candidate: - Previous experience in generating lists of this nature is a huge plus. - Strong research skills are essential. - Proficiency in contact sourcing and verification. - A good understanding of the Finance, Technology, and Crypto/Crypto Mining sectors would be advantageous. This is a vital task for my business, and I'm looking for someone who can deliver...

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    29 offerte in the field of social media analytics, I am seeking a proficient Data Mining Specialist to assist in my newest project. The focal point of this project revolves around the design and execution of advanced data mining algorithms specifically aimed at extracting data from Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Key responsibilities for the role include: • Developing algorithms that can efficiently gather user profiles and engagement metrics on the aforementioned platforms. • Ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the extracted data, for the purpose of social media analytics. An ideal candidate would possess exceptional problem-solving skills, a strong understanding of social media platforms, and substantial data mining...

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    I'm looking for an expert in Bitcoin mining with ASIC Miners. I already have the hardware required, but I need help to set it up. Key responsibilities are: - Assisting with the miner setup process - Configuring the miner to work with my chosen mining pool The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Extensive experience with Bitcoin mining - Experience setting up ASIC miners - Knowledge about effectively joining and configuring miners for a specific mining pool Your guidance will greatly contribute to the success of this mining operation. I'm excited to learn from your expertise.

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    Electrical Engineer Kuwait in Need 1 giorno left

    I'm seeking an experienced electrical engineer to assist with the design of a Bitcoin mining facility in Kuwait. Key Requirements: - rental cost of land (a empty lot) suitable for bitcoin mining - cost to install a 250kva transformer at the land - power cost per kilo-watt hour - local guide to assist our personnel in the area Experience: - Prior experience with electrical circuit design is a must. Experience with large scale facilities and power distribution is preferred. - Familiarity with Bitcoin mining facilities is a plus, but not a requirement. The project is currently in the initial planning stages. The ideal candidate will be able to work independently and provide innovative solutions to help optimize the facility for the future.

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