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    This project listed is for the background removal and add mirror affect of 61mixed photos DETAIL OF THE PROJECT: 1. Remove background from photo 2. Add mirror affect, see example. 3. Centre mirror with 90px margin/border 5. JPEG saved in the same original file name. 5. All images will be available from Dropbox

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    Migrating from Magento to Shopify on September 28. We need assistance on Google/SEO related setup to make sure that we dont loose any traffic and the migration will be smooth. Our main concern is we want to change our Item ID on Google Merchant from SKU to Shopify Product ID without loosing traffic. The reason we dont want to use SKU is sometimes we change SKU and as per google it will affect traf...

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    EasyKey is a one handed keyboard with an older app version available on Google Play, based on US Patent 5,006,001. There have been many improvements since then. Presently I am looking for a simple modification on the output of a number pad to make the cursor movement more useful (to slightly change the arrangement and make use of unused keys) and not be stuck with the limitations of the archaic l...

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    Hello, Please read this project brief in full. I am looking for someone to build a WordPress site from a PSD. I am looking for a competent, professional, and most importantly reliable person that can work with us on more projects. You need to be a very accomplished WordPress developer and be able to make suggestions to improve the project. You must also be able to work with child themes and ab...

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    We need a web based screen capture app created that will work with other tools that we use It essentially needs to be able to import an image then allow the user to record a video (with voice audio) over the image. The process will be as follows: - Import an image from another service via API (eg: Gsuite) - Position the image on the video canvas if necessary - Record a screen capture of the i...

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    The whole purpose of Microsoft Word is to let you type text and make it look pretty so you can print or send it for other people to read. ... In every document, Word displays a blinking cursor that points to where your text will appear if you type anything. To move the cursor, you can use the keyboard or the mouse.

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    Using google maps, we need to create a page where the user can find their address, and measure their driveway. The user will draw lines on the google map, and it will tell the user the measurements of the lines. We will then put this information, as well as a screenshot of their current map view into a form. I have a visual example that I can send to you when requested. You need to be 100% VERY...

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    Vanilla forums 2 giorni left

    1) I want to make it so that vanilla forum admin can add HTML and script into post (Discussion) 2) Make a pocket show code base on the discussion topic from admin area {If $category .name == "general"} {Pocket name = "foo" } {/If} And make it so it won't affect future upgrade the the site

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    1. Explain the role of HR and the link to business management in differing types of organisation /sectors. You should include the following major factors and their impact on the role of HR: • The economic situation • Demographic and technological changes • Globalisation and the international issues currently being faced • The impact of government ...

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    About This Assignment In this course you've learned about global supply chain networks, the principles of Total Quality Management, costs of inventory control, and factors that affect global distribution. Drawing upon this knowledge, in a 2,500-3,000 word paper, please respond to the prompt below. Prompt EcoWorld is a manufacturer of enclosed, decorative environments. They are composed of a...

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    About this Assignment In this course, you learned how to analyze consumer behavior, use technological tools for marketing, set prices, create advertising campaigns and understand trends in the industry. For this assignment, you will need to analyze a struggling hospitality company and propose and new marketing strategy to their team. Choose a hospitality company such as a restaurant, hotel, them...

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    Infrared technology 1 giorno left

    We are working on a project in which infrared technology is used. We want an ir Lazer pointer range upto 500 meter and it do not affect any person if it hit on them. And ir receiver receives signals within the radius of 1.5 meter. And able to send signals directly to mobile phone wirelessly.

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    Hi, we want New Google articles for our new website. [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] WE WILL PAY $1 PER ARTICLE OF 500 WORDS x31 = $31 (READ THIS BEFORE RESPONDING) CONTENT SHOULD BE FREE OF PLAGIARISM AND SEO FRIENDLY (WE HAVE MORE THEN 1000 ARTICLES TO BE WRITTEN IN NEXT 2 MONTHS) Blog Topics 1)Are lab created diamonds real diamonds? 2)Where can I buy the highest quality&nb...

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    Spring Boot Security – Thymeleaf I need a small project modified. The project currently has Spring Security setup and uses Thymeleaf for the front end. On the current index page there is a table of users. I want the table to include of all registered user’s info including role. All users will be assigned as ‘’ROLE_USER; to begin with. From the table I want to be ab...

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    Zlecę wykonanie krótkiej prostej prezentacji / animacji multimedialnej – filmiku reklamowego – Serwera Plików w Chmurze Cloudea. Serwer Plików w Chmurze Cloudea to unikalne rozwiązanie: - umożliwia podłączenie nawet 100 TB w chmurze do komputera lub serwera - dla Windows, macOS i Linuxa - wykorzystuje przesyłanie strumieniowe - najszybszy dostęp do plików ...

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    Trophy icon Design a different logo Terminato left

    I need a logo designed. My brand name is ‘N£V£R BR£AK’ - i would like this writing how it is ( you dont have to copy the image this is one if my other designs) If someone can take those words and be creative and add a ‘broken’ affect to the wording as if pieces are breaking off If possible to have ‘£’ signs DRIPPING off the logo too

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    Hi, i want web application which i want you to make , as website is going to be input and output I need is video along with mouse cursor moving and scroll up and down.

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    We are looking for a Graphic Designer on a project-basis. Designs to be created per project: -> Logo x 1 -> 3D CD images x4 -> 2D Cover Art images x4 -> Product Box x1 -> Product Compilation Image of all 4 CDs and Product Box x2 -> 550 x 280 Upsell banner x 1 -> Order Form Header (994 x 250) x 1 -> Guarantee Certificates x 2 ---> Designs required in .psd or .ai and ....

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    [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] (Fixed Budget for Project is $600) Seeking a Learning Solution Architect experience with Cognito Learning Solutions and operates on a cognito learning solution platform years of experience in learning consulting working mostly with Corporate/Government and International Multicultural Institutions. The freelancer will create an interactive e-Course which the c...

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    Rename Can Files Terminato left

    T READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BIDDING OR YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO FREELANCER FOR SPAMMING AND MAY BE PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM FREELANCER. This is a simple project that requires renaming files: 1. Download this zip file. [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] It has 709 pdf files in it. 2. your task is to rename the files inside and to return the files to me, correctly renamed. renam...

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    I have a website that contains products that are configurable, such as mugs and posters. I am wanting the customer to be able to configure this as per my template. Mug Colours - Customer should choose between a set of background colours or choose their own custom colour. Expectation is mug changes colour when colour has been selected Text - Customer can add text which will only display in a se...

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    *I need a report about 4 pages about ((non-functional requirements)) of a University database system that implemented to reserve facilities in the university like Halls/classes/Library. - Write about the Non-functional requirements (security- usability- Availability - scalability- performance -reliability) definitions. And Discuss why the database will be affected by each one of the previous non...

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    I need to count the persons using jetson nano for establishments with accuracy > 95%. I want to detect the person's by head. I am seeking someone who can help me. ##Important## The algorithm must be valid for multiple stores without the need to pre-train. Will be tested in Jetson Test and Jetson Store. How to evaluate that the counting algorithm exceeds 95% accuracy ?. I propose to record...

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    - Task details: Read the attached case first. You are expected to prepare a support plan which includes discussion and demonstration of support for decision making principles. You are Linda’s key worker and her advocate. Your plan should include the steps you will take in ensuring that Linda’s rights are upheld, she has an opportunity to actively participate in decision making processe...

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    should identify, describe and analyse a contemporary and/or emerging issue and/or opportunity that has the potential to affect the case company’s supply chain strategy. Case study of 7 Eleven Also Provide a word file which have Bullet Points of PPT.

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    I need some changes to an existing website. •I designed a pop up newsletter promotion that looks great on desktop but for mobile they simplified it. If you can make the desktop style one pop up on mobile as well •import my products & store information from Wordpress to squarespace. Including all products/prior orders/store data •delete the blank footer space on the bottom o...

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    About two guy who is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. And it is a movie. Script here. Josh: today I am going to teach you how to survive,a zombie apocalypse!. Jerry: bro you believe in does stuff. zombie bees don't exist they are just trying to get more money and fame and more friends. Josh: oh really?. jerry: Yes really. Josh: then why did kwebbelkop make a video about meeting one a...

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    Backend stuff Terminato left

    The project will start on October, want to find a suitable developer currently. Looking for the developer who have experience in developing production applications. Need to start from scratch for a (Golang REST/Graphql Postgres Docker AWS) stack project - Custom role permissions - Internationalization - Authentication and Authorisation - Daily mail delivery - Reporting - Real time statistics - ...

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    We need to display a Video (About 7 MB) on landing page. We dont want it to affect the page load time, so we need the Video to load progressively (like video Streaming). Video is streamed from our own server

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    Turn based Quiz game based around a deck of game-cards and a bank of 1000 questions. 200 questions in each of the following categories: Cinema / Music / Famous Lives / Events / Celebrity. BASIC DETAILS 2-4 players. Each quiz match consists of 5 quiz rounds consisting of 5 questions. Each of the 5 rounds focuses on one of the 5 categories. The answer to every question will be a figure from 0-9. ...

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    Dear sir We are looking to modify this php script. It has this braintree payment option which we want to skip as we are not registered with the app. Also there could be small modification like text and stuff so that it is more suitable for the prcess. Also the number of words needs should not affect the calculations. Regards

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    Project As a JavaScript developer, your role will be to create a UI Widget that allows users to create dynamic/scalable images based on content entered by the customers. The ‘content’ rules must be defined inside an HTML/CSS template. The UI Widget must be architected in a way that it is easy to migrate it into a WordPress plugin. Qualifications: Strong Experience with HTML5, CSS/SA...

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    im a bit tight on budget, so this will go to the lowest bidder who can style an existing angular project to a mockup I have. Its currently under development just modify the parts that wont affect some functionalities. its a very easy design and mockup. You need to: -Have familiarity with Angular, HTML and CSS -Your PC can run a .ai file.(Adobe Illustrator) and be able to take elements from i...

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    Effect of heavy metal from rainwater on drinking water. I want to simulate or generate results of how heavy metal to affect the quality of rainwater harvested from 3 different a rooftop. 1- Green roof 2- PV roof 3- Conventional roof.

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    Tenemos un Wordpress con la plantilla DIVI. Al instalar Divi se instala también un componente que se llama Proyectos en el administrador del Wordpess . Estos se cean de una forma similar a un post y se agrupan en cateogorias que luego pueden ser mostradas por un Módulo de Portafolio Divi en forma de rejilla. En la rejilla se muestran las Imagenes Destacadas que elegimos en cada pro...

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    Je voudrais créer un CV vidéo d'environ 1 minute. Je voudrais une vidéo professionnelle reprenant des extraits de la vidéo de présentation Apple "Don't blink". J'ai quelques exemples de vidéos et également des fichiers after affect à transmettre, je voudrais un montage et le fichier source, tous les textes seront cr&e...

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    Project As a JavaScript developer, your role will be to create a UI Widget that allows users to create dynamic/scalable images based on content entered by the customers. The ‘content’ rules must be defined inside an HTML/CSS template. The UI Widget must be architected in a way that it is easy to migrate it into a WordPress plugin. Qualifications: Strong Experience with HTML5, CSS/SAS...

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    Project As a JavaScript developer, your role will be to create a UI Widget that allows users to create dynamic/scalable images based on content entered by the customers. The ‘content’ rules must be defined inside an HTML/CSS template. The UI Widget must be architected in a way that it is easy to migrate it into a WordPress plugin. Qualifications: Strong Experience with HTML5, CSS/SAS...

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    Using google maps, we need to create a page where the user can find their address, and measure their driveway. The user will draw lines on the google map, and it will tell the user the measurements of the lines. We will then put this information, as well as a screenshot of their current map view into a form. I have a visual example that I can send to you when requested. Note: the yellow circle ...

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    1) I will like to make my home page sliding, ( sliding images will be adding through the admin panel ) 2)the daily limit should affect bills and airtime ( my daily limit does not affect bills and airtime so I want it to join ) 3) bitcoin payout ( i already have it in my Cpanel, but is not responding when the admin panel call ) 4) To add Paxful API for deposit and withdrawal 5) marketing mail in...

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    Shopify store build. Terminato left

    Im after a professional to build me a fully functional Shopify store. This website has to be sleek and minimal but also having the affect to catch someones eye. Less is more. it will be an online clothing store as well as blog. The products will include embroidered mens hoodies, t-shirts, hats and some accessories like tote bags and hats. Having a huge Hospitality background, I also want to add...

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    Need an article (1000-1200 words) advocating for increasing the budget allocation for elderly welfare schemes by the government of Bihar state (India). Whether the current budget allocation from Bihar government for the welfare of old-age people (I'll provide the stats) is enough and is it fair. I want the article to be sort of advocacy paper as to how the budget allocated is very less for t...

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    Source code and demo Links: Record feature: [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] Sound Wave feature : [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] Source code is available in github. But I need the below features. Same track record option : From the example ([accedi per visualizzare l'URL]) Each time when we hit the record audio, a new track (wave form) is added as a last track. But We need the ...

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    I have a source file to convert an mp4 video into a cartoon affect. I now need 600 + videos rendered with the source file. Attached is a demo of how the videos will look after being rendered.

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    The Regional Gardens Board is considering the following strategic proposal: They plan to retain their data centre solely for archival and long-term data storage. This would entail updating their data storage infrastructure, and moving all other infrastructure into the Cloud. They plan to implement a multi-cloud strategy to prevent vendor lock-in and provide the ability to take advantage of price...

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    Shopify Tweaks Terminato left

    A list of tweaks and improvements on website to reflect brand colours and fonts - Shopify. - Reduce space between heading and product images - Incorporate drop down | tab option for product page to include: Info, Shipping & Returns - Password Landing Page: Reflect branding and re-arrange sections, include "Spread the Word" then have social media icons (this section to be after people...

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    Hi All, we are looking for someone who can review the code of our Webshop (html, css, js) and improve the page speed, especially for mobile users (our shop has already a respnsive design). It is important to know, that our shop has been built with the cloud e-commerce plattform branchbob (similar to Jimdo) and access to hosting servers (for htaccess editing etc.) is not possible, therefore we are...

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    I am looking for an individual or team that can promote my video call website. Our goal is not to focus on business but rather everyday people to chat iOS to Android for free. Currently there is no social media presence. I am not looking to bot drive traffic to the site, I am looking to gain actual users and true interest in the platform. I am open to all ideas as far as marketing tactics but I ne...

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