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    ...involves solving complex mathematical puzzles, ensuring the security of the network. Diverse Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Since Bitcoin's inception, thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies, often referred to as "altcoins," have emerged. These include Ethereum, Ripple (XRP), Litecoin, and many more, each with its unique features and use cases. Ethereum, for instance, introduced "smart contracts," self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. This innovation has paved the way for decentralized applications (DApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi), creating a new paradigm in finance and technology. Ripple focuses on facilitating cross-border payments for financial institutions, aiming to make international mone...

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    ...all-time high of nearly $20,000 per Bitcoin in December of that year. This meteoric rise attracted mainstream attention, but it was followed by a significant correction, leading to a prolonged bear market. Despite the volatility, Bitcoin's adoption continued to grow. Major companies and institutions began accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, and several financial products, such as futures contracts and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), were introduced, making it easier for traditional investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency. Critics of Bitcoin often highlight its price volatility, lack of regulatory oversight, and association with illicit activities. The anonymity of Bitcoin transactions has raised concerns about its potential use for money laundering, tax evasion,...

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    Prototipazione e progettazione software basto su blockchain e smart contracts. Maggiori info in privato se necessario.

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    ...concern: ENGLISH VERSION Our IT company based on Barcelona, it is working for launching a platform in Italy after having obtain success in France. Our platform allows private citizens and companies to download and fill in the documents/contract depending on their needs. We are looking for some freelancer lawyer or someone with a solid background of Italian's law, in order to revise around 40 contracts to understand if they meet the italian's law. ITALIAN VERSION La nostra compagnia IT con quartier generale a Barcellona, sta attualmente lavorando ad una piattaforma da lanciare in Italia, dopo il successo ottenuto in Francia. La nostra piattaforma consente sia ai privati cittadini che alle aziende di scaricare i contratti/documenti che necessitano e di compilarli secon...

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    ...are deleted and only the corresponding questions are showed) - Change the order of the answers to each question Administrator should be able to: - create a questionnaire by defining multiple questions and answers (from 2 to 5), all with formattable text - modify a questionnaire - delete a questionnaire It would be good to have the possibility to chat on line and to have pages with contracts, legal notes etc. For dimensioning, consider a minimum number of questionnaires of 100, each with an average of 3,000 questions, and a number of 1000 users per questionnaire (these numbers are randomly dropped). Thanks to who will answer. ...

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    We are currently seeking a talented Web3, Smart Contract, Solidity developer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have experience developing on the EVM chain and a strong understanding of blockchain technology. Responsibilities: Design, develop, and test smart contracts on the EVM chain Implement and deploy decentralized applications using Web3 technologies Collaborate with team members to design and implement new features Keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the blockchain space Requirements: Proficient in Solidity programming language Experience with and other blockchain development tools Familiarity with Ethereum and other EVM-based chains Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail Excellent communication and teamwork skills If you are ...

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    I am looking for a skilled professional conversant with Cosmos SDK and Solana blockchain platforms. Your primary roles will entail: - Building smart contracts - Setting up blockchain nodes - Implementing critical security protocols The ultimate goal is to develop a stellar decentralized application (dApp). An ideal candidate should have extensive experience in Cosmos SDK, Solana, and proven track record in dApp creation. Understanding of blockchain security protocols is a must.

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    I am in need of a developer with experience in deploying contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Specifically, I want to deploy a polygon contract on Ethereum as soon as possible. example contract Key Points: - I have a high urgency requirement, the project needs to be completed ASAP.

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    Expert TON Smart Contract Creation 6 giorni left

    I'm searching for a stellar developer who can construct smart contracts on TON. The ideal candidate for this job is someone who understands FunC language like the back of their hand. Key Task: - Develop smart contracts on TON for staking propuse. Preferred Skills & Experience: - Extensive experience in coding with FunC language - Familiarity with TON and its smart contracts - Understands best practices for smart contract development and security This project offers the right candidate the opportunity to show their creativity and problem-solving skills, as there are no set requirements or reference examples to follow. We are ready to hire you right now, and can hire for more project with long time relation. Thx you.

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    Job Title: Blockchain Architect for Gaming Innovation Job Description: We're seeking a talented blockchain architect to lead the creation of a pioneering blockchain network tailored for gaming. You'll design and implement smart contracts, collaborate with game developers, and optimize performance for a seamless gaming experience. Requirements: Proven experience in blockchain architecture and development. Proficiency in smart contract development (e.g., Solidity). Creative problem-solving skills and a passion for innovation. Strong communication and collaboration abilities. Gaming industry experience or a strong interest is preferred. Additional Information: Freelance position with flexible hours and remote work option. Compensation based on experience ...

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    I am looking for a skilled professional conversant with Cosmos SDK and Solana blockchain platforms. Your primary roles will entail: - Building smart contracts - Setting up blockchain nodes - Implementing critical security protocols The ultimate goal is to develop a stellar decentralized application (dApp). An ideal candidate should have extensive experience in Cosmos SDK, Solana, and proven track record in dApp creation. Understanding of blockchain security protocols is a must.

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    I am looking for a skilled professional conversant with Cosmos SDK and Solana blockchain platforms. Your primary roles will entail: - Building smart contracts - Setting up blockchain nodes - Implementing critical security protocols The ultimate goal is to develop a stellar decentralized application (dApp). An ideal candidate should have extensive experience in Cosmos SDK, Solana, and proven track record in dApp creation. Understanding of blockchain security protocols is a must.

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    ...stock market. The site should feature: - Historical Analysis: Capabilities to assess past market trends and options performances. - Technical Analysis: Tools to facilitate an in-depth statistical study predicting future activity. - Fundamental Analysis: Feature to dissect financial statements towards determining a stock's fair value. - Option Chain Analysis: A comprehensive review of option contracts for a particular security is required. Moreover, I want the site to include the following functionalities: - Real-Time Data Updates: Keep users informed with real-time data on the stocks. - Option Chain Analysis: Equip users to analyze market possibilities. - Portfolio Tracking: Let registered users track their portfolios' performances in one place. - Trading Alerts: Kee...

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    I am in need of a professional with expertise in Japanese language and legal contract redaction. Workload will vary between 2-20 pages. The primary goal is to accurately redact (mask) sensitive information within these legal contracts. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Fluent in Japanese language - Experience with legal documents in Japanese - Strong understanding of legal terms and jargon - Knowledge in handling sensitive information - Proficient in redacting documents without altering the context - Professional discretion is highly valued Please include examples of similar jobs you have done, if they are available. Looking forward to seeing your bids.

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    I'm seeking a professional with ample experience in smart contract development. We're not just looking for a freelancer, but a pro who can showcase past accomplishments in this domain. Key responsibilities will include: - Creating and implementing smart contracts - Validating and updating existing contracts Preferred Attributes: - Proficiency in Solidity, JavaScript, Python - Demonstrable expertise in smart contract development - A history of successful projects To be considered for this project, you should detail your experience in smart contract development. Include tangible examples and discuss how your expertise can benefit this project. Please note that applications without this information won't be considered.

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    As a business actively providing dedicated IT resources, I'm in need of a Business Development Executive with comprehensive IT staff...a Business Development Executive with comprehensive IT staffing sales and marketing experience. Key Responsibilities: - Prospecting and approaching potential clients in the Technology, Healthcare, Finance sectors. - Developing and executing marketing strategies to attract new business and retain existing clients. - Establishing a steady pipeline of potential clients and ultimately securing contracts. Ideal Candidate: - Proven track record in IT staffing sales and marketing. - Excellent negotiation and communication skills. - Experience prospecting in multiple regions (Europe, United States, Middle East, South Africa, Australia) would be highl...

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    I'm in need of someone who can create a small college project based on blockchain technology. I'll provide the codes and other stuffs required. The person just needs to debug some errors and do some front end and back end work. Key Requirements: - Capa...someone who can create a small college project based on blockchain technology. I'll provide the codes and other stuffs required. The person just needs to debug some errors and do some front end and back end work. Key Requirements: - Capable of using Remix, CSS, and Java Script for the project. - Understanding of blockchain fundamentals, including user authentication, data encryption, and smart contracts. Please feel free to share your past work and experience related to blockchain, along with any detailed project ...

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    Government bidder Sam gov 5 giorni left

    Looking immediately for someone with experience submitting to Sam gov to write, prepare, research and win contracts off Sam gov. The focus is on the food industry, so you should have experience or at lest know how to procure this information regarding food related bids. When I say food this is in reference to food services. A huge focus is being able to seek the price guidelines for food service based bids. You must be able to secure past price information submitted by incumbents.

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    I'm in need of an experienced blockchain developer who can create a dapp and smar...project based on the Ethereum network. The focus of the project will be collectibles NFTs. I would also need a marketplace system integrated within the project to facilitate the selling of these NFTs. Required skills and experience: - Proficient in Ethereum blockchain development - Experience in NFT technology, particularly for Collectibles - Proven track record in creating dapps and smart contracts - Knowledge of creating NFT marketplace Your main tasks will include: - Developing a smart contract - Building a dapp - Implementing a NFT marketplace for collectibles Ideally, you have successfully completed similar projects in the past. Please provide samples or references when bidding o...

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    The client seeks a skilled professional proficient in Cosmos SDK and Solana blockchain platforms. Responsibilities include building smart contracts, setting up blockchain nodes, and implementing security protocols for developing a decentralized application (dApp). The ideal candidate should have significant experience in Cosmos SDK, Solana, and a proven track record in dApp development, along with a strong understanding of blockchain security protocols.

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    I am looking for a skilled professional conversant with Cosmos SDK and Solana blockchain platforms. Your primary roles will entail: - Building smart contracts - Setting up blockchain nodes - Implementing critical security protocols The ultimate goal is to develop a stellar decentralized application (dApp). An ideal candidate should have extensive experience in Cosmos SDK, Solana, and proven track record in dApp creation. Understanding of blockchain security protocols is a must.

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    I'm seeking a skilled legal professional to address a service contract breach. The primary task will be drafting and sending a formal demand letter ...specific obligations that were not met by the other party. - Requested Remedy: This section should detail what we are asking the other party to do in order to rectify the breach. - Deadline for Response: It's imperative that we set a deadline for the other party to respond to the letter. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in contract law, particularly with regards to service contracts, and a proven track record of successfully resolving similar disputes through demand letters. A thorough understanding of the negotiation process is also crucial. Your ability to communicate in a clear and professional ...

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    ...server contained files of last week** ## If you're one of the 86+ victims on the list: You likely ran the game using "npm start," which downloads attacker payloads and runs them on your computer while you are inspecting the program/game. The attacker then initiates FTP connections to steal your files. They're specifically targeting cryptocurrency wallets, passwords, server passwords, and solidity contracts, although they try to download pretty wide range of file extensions (ie.: PDF / DOC / XLSX / .ENV / TS / JS / ZIP, JPG.....) and sort it out later. ## Removal steps: To remove the vulnerability, search for a running python process from a well-hidden folder (in my case, "/home/{USER}/.n2"). Note that the process opens a sub-process, so make sure...

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    AI-Driven Custom Contract App 5 giorni left

    ...a web-based application that uses Artificial Intelligence to allow users to easily create custom contracts for various needs. The app will provide predesigned templates while also allowing customization. Key Features: - Template Creation: The application should include a feature for creating predesigned templates. - Template Customization: The users should be able to modify the templates as per their specific contract requirements. - Electronic Signature: Included should also be a feature for electronic signing of contracts. - Multi-user: The app should support multiple users at the same time. Types of Contracts: The application needs to support the creation of more than 10 types of contracts. Skills and Experience: The ideal freelancer for this project s...

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    I'm starting a paralegal business, and I need a proficient freelancer to help with some essential legal services. This will encompass: ...processes required to properly establish a business. - Drafting and reviewing contract agreements; precision and a keen eye for detail is a necessity for this role. - Safeguarding my intellectual property; a thorough knowledge of trademarks, copyrights, and patents would be ideal for success in this position. Also, part of your role would include the delivery of numerous legal documents like: - Contracts - Court documents - Notices An understanding of process serving would be a great advantage. Suitable candidates should have a proven track record in paralegal services and a comprehensive understanding of corporate law. I look forward...

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    With expertise in, I'm focused on creating a sophisticated staking platform that fully utilizes the power of smart contracts. I’m specifically interested in the effective management of staking pools. To achieve this: - The ideal freelancer would be proficient in the design and implementation of smart contracts that expedite transactions and agreements. - Experience in developing decentralized applications and immutable records is also key. - Demonstrated experience in creating and managing staking platforms. - Prior work with implementing procedures for staking pool management is especially advantageous. The goal is to build a reliable, automated, and efficient staking platform using smart contracts. Experience with similar past pro...

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    ...implementation quality control. Our clients are typically agencies, consulting firms, medium and large enterprises who use Google Analytics, Adobe Anaytics, and they are highly data driven and involved in digital marketing operations. Our platform is highly competitive from a price point of view compared to our market competitors and we want to start with a 50% commissions referral program. Our contracts are billed quarterly with the following subscription tiers: - $100 (you earn 50% of $300 quarter term = $150) - $500 (you earn 50% of $1500 quarter term = $750) - $1000 (you earn 50% of $3000 quarter term = $1500) - 50% of any unlimited for custom enterprice pricing sale How does it work? - You sign up to our platform and create your referral link - You share your referral lin...

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    Crypto scanning/scraping solution 4 giorni left

    Hi, I want somebody to build an alerting solution that will send me an email instantly each time a crypto project creates contracts on more than one of the following chains. With the same contract address. BnB ETH Sol Arb Avax Base Optimism I also want the data to output to a spreadsheet also in real time. In addition I want alerts and emails sent when; 1. liquidity is added to one of the contract addresses that meets the above criteria 2. Liquidity is removed from one of the contract addresses that meets the above criteria. I would like the routine to run regularly.

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    Ethereum MEV Bot Developer 4 giorni left

    ...-Excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and ability to work independently or in a team environment. -Effective communication skills and the ability to explain complex technical concepts to non-technical users. Preferred Qualifications: -Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field. -Certifications or courses in blockchain development, smart contracts, or decentralized finance (DeFi). -Contributions to open-source blockchain projects or participation in blockchain hackathons. -Knowledge of MEV extraction strategies, transaction reordering techniques, and front-end development for blockchain applications. Duration: This is a freelance contract position with the potential for ongoing collaboration based on project re...

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    Hotel Management advisory services 3 giorni left

    We are seeking a freelancer to assist with our hotel management consultancy project. The ideal candidate will help us select a qualified consultant with expertise in hotel management. Responsibilities include providing market research to select management companies, drafting RFPs and RFIs, defining selection criteria, drafting business cases, and reviewing contracts and commercial terms. Strong communication and project management skills are essential. Experience in the hospitality industry is preferred

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    Trophy icon Minimalistic Business Logo Creation 3 giorni left

    I'm seeking a skilled and creative graphic designer to develop a unique, minimalistic logo for my business. Here are a few critical details regarding the project: • **Logo Design Style**: Emphasis on minimalistic design. The logo should be simple but impactful. I am a finance broker, the logo will be used on website & socials as well as business cards and loan contracts/various documents. • **Logo Elements**: My preference is to have an arch shape, to signify the support structure we offer juxtaposed as an entrance into a trusted business relationship and a space where financial dreams and goals are achieved. However, I'm also open to your creative interpretations and would love to see your unique ideas. I also like the look of circular 'stamp' typ...

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    I'm in need of a proficient developer who has strong experience in Ethereum blockchain and web3 decentralized application (dapp) development. Your responsibilities will entail the following: - Frontend development - Backend development - Developing and testing solidity smart contracts You should be comfortable using Reactjs and Angular although I have no particular preference on the frontend framework. Understanding the intricacies of Ethereum as a blockchain platform is a must for this project. I'm looking for a talented developer who can bring my concept to life, and I'm excited to work with someone who shares my enthusiasm for blockchain technology.

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    ...Dubai who can provide a range of professional services to help me advance my acting career. Key Responsibilities: - **Audition Assistance**: I need someone who can help me prepare for auditions, whether by providing feedback on my performance or helping me navigate the specific requirements of each casting call. - **Contract Negotiation**: As my agent, you will be responsible for negotiating contracts on my behalf. This includes ensuring that I receive fair compensation and that all terms and conditions are in my best interest. - **Networking Opportunities**: It's important for an acting career to have a strong network. I'm looking for an agent who can provide me with valuable connections and introductions in the industry. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven exp...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer with specific expertise in blockchain and wallet integration. The project involves building an ICO presale website o...Requirements: - Deploy a presale contract on the Polygon blockchain - Implementing a locking mechanism in the contract - Ensuring that tokens are sent only after the presale ends - Make sure only virtual balances are visible; actual tokens are not sent Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in blockchain development - Proficient in working with the Polygon blockchain - Prior experience with ICO presale contracts and wallet integration - Familiarity with MetaMask and WalletConnect - Attention to detail to ensure the proper implementation of the locking mechanism and token visibility settings. i have white paper , all needed hy...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer who can handle my registration and subsequently manage my profile. Key requirements include: - Handling initial registration: Since my primary goal is to apply for federal contracts, I need someone who can ensure the initial registration process is completed accurately and efficiently. - Ongoing management: Beyond the registration, I require someone who can monitor and manage my profile on an ongoing basis. This includes updating information as needed, ensuring compliance with regulations, and keeping the profile up-to-date for potential contract applications. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience with : A strong understanding and experience with the system is crucial for this project. - Detail-oriented: Given the importance

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    ...prospective clients, and close deals successfully. If you have a knack for understanding client needs, navigating market dynamics, and achieving sales targets, we would be eager to welcome you to our team. Responsibilities: Proactively identifying and targeting potential clients and project opportunities. Engaging with prospects to gather requirements and present our capabilities. Negotiating contracts to secure projects at favorable terms. Building and maintaining strong relationships with new and existing clients. Requirements: Excellent communication and negotiation skills. A solid track record in business development, particularly in project acquisition. A well-established network of industry contacts and potential leads. Self-motivated with the ability to work independent...

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    As a blockchain expert, I am looking for a seasoned developer with specific experience in developing on the Cosmos SDK. My goal is to create a new blockchain, incorporating smart contracts functionality and custom token creation. Ideal Skills: - Strong background in blockchain technology, particularly in the Cosmos SDK - Proficient in developing custom tokens and smart contracts - Proven experience in creating new blockchains - Familiarity with decentralised applications is a plus You need to have a good understanding of blockchain concepts, and have a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to handle similar projects. Please provide a brief overview of your previous experience with Cosmos SDK and new blockchain development in your bid.

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    I'm seek...must have a thorough understanding of how to integrate wallet services into the Cosmos SDK. - Develop Blockchain: Experience in developing blockchains using the Cosmos SDK is essential. You will be responsible for creating a robust and secure blockchain. - Deploy Smart Contracts: Your expertise in deploying smart contracts using the Cosmos SDK will be crucial to this project's success. Deliverables: - Seamless integration of wallet services - A well-functioning and secure blockchain - Successful deployment of smart contracts You should have a robust portfolio that demonstrates your competence in these areas. Please include a detailed proposal in your application, outlining your approach to this project. I prefer communication through instant mess...

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    As a Blockchain & Web 3 Developer, you'll lead in crafting, coding, and rolling out decentralized applications (DApps) Your expertise in blockchain tech and decentralized systems will be pivotal in driving innovative projects across various domains. You'll collaborate with diverse teams, design robust architectures, and keep abreast of cutting-edge developments in blockchain and Web 3.0 realms. Primary responsibilities: 1. Architect, code, and deploy DApps on blockchain platforms. 2. Execute smart contracts and blockchain protocols for secure transactions. 3. Work closely with product teams to translate requirements into tech specs. 4. Integrate blockchain into existing web apps, unlocking new features. 5. Research and assess emerging blockchain tech f...

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    As a legal services company, we require an automated system specifically designed to generate real estate contracts. This project aims to streamline our services and optimize the overall contract generation process. Our need is a system that can efficiently and accurately generate contracts cater to the real estate field. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing automated contract generation systems - Familiarity or background in real estate or legal services would be advantageous - Proficiency in developing secure systems to protect sensitive contract information - Strong understanding of both front-end and back-end web development. In your proposal, please include examples of similar projects you have completed and any strategies or unique feature...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned developer with experience in the Solana blockchain, preferably one who has previous experience in creating Solana SPL NFT contracts. I have already prepared the art works and meta data. The main components of the project include: - NFT Contract: The main request is the creation of a Solana SPL NFT contract. Understanding of SPL (Solana Program Library) contracts is crucial for this role. - Minting Website: The website should cater to both public and pre-sale minting. Experience in developing and integrating wallet functionality for such purposes is highly desirable. - Design: I'm looking to achieve a minimalist and clean design for the minting website. Past works that present a similar aesthetic would greatly improve your chances of suc...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to build a blockchain launchpad with web3 integration. This project's focus is more on functionality than aesthetics, and you will primarily need to integrate a smart contract into our existing frontend. The essential requirements for this project are as follows: - Ability to integrate smart contracts with a frontend application. - Proficiency in working with Base Sepolia Test Net. - Familiarity with web3 blockchain development. Though not necessary, any prior experience in building launchpads or similar projects would be a significant plus. This task requires in-depth knowledge of blockchain development, so I expect all interested freelancers to have a strong background in this space.

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    Seeking Senior Blockchain Engineer 1 giorno left

    ...cryptocurrency markets. o Proficient in programming languages such as Python, Node.js, or Golang. o Experience with cloud-based services and APIs. o Strong problem-solving skills and ability to work in a fast-paced environment. o Passionate about cryptocurrency and a strong desire to make an impact in the crypto market. - Nice to Have: o Experience in crypto trading. o Knowledge of smart contracts and DeFi. o Active participation in the crypto community. - What We Offer: o Competitive salary package. o Remote work with flexible hours. o Opportunity to work in a fast-growing industry and a passionate team. o A chance to make a significant impact in the crypto market. I attached requirements and project source code. Please check them and reach out to me with your...

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    ...performance. Previous experience with Podio would be ideal, along with expertise in CRM automation and data management. Some details: - No monthly recurring fees for the package; one-time price for setup and installation - I will pay for any additional subscription services on my own (phone, email, sms) Features should include, but not be limited to: - Basic KPI Tracking - Create Offers - Contracts, letters, email templates: generate from Podio (word, PDF formats) - Automated Contract Sending - Create Appointments - Follow Lead from Cold Lead to Closed Lead - Connect phone service - Team & Campaign KPI's - Create & Send Drip Campaigns - Bulk Send Emails/Messages to Sellers/Buyers - Integrate Website Forms and Other Third Parties - KPI Dashboard - Connect Dialer -...

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    ...Real estate-related research - Analyze expected appreciation of a particular market - Complete various administrative projects - Communicate with clients and vendors via email, phone, text - Help establish rock-solid processes and standard operating procedures - Conduct real estate-related research and compile data to prepare reports and documents for review - Social media management - Draft contracts - Video editing REQUIREMENTS: - At least 2 years of real estate experience - College degree - Fluent in English both written and verbal - Preferably from the Philippines COMPENSATION: Negotiable salary depending on skills and experience. HOW TO APPLY: 1. When applying, put "Your Future Real Estate Assistant!" in the title. 2. Write a compelling paragraph of why I should...

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    Polygon Smart Contract Audit 1 giorno left

    We are looking for an expert in smart contracts, specifically those deployed on the Polygon blockchain. Your application should include past work that demonstrates your experience in this field.

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    ...creating smart contracts on the Ethereum network, or what I refer to as the base network. The primary objective of this project is the automation of financial transactions. This smart contract should be proficient in not only automating these transactions but should also possess the ability to interact with other smart contracts for the seamless execution of transactions. Possessing a keen understanding of the technical aspects involved in swapping one type of token for another, and staking and unstaking tokens would be beneficial but it's not a requirement for this particular job. IDEAL SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: - Extensive experience in developing smart contracts on the Ethereum network - Proficient in Solidity programming language - Ability to interact with...

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    I'm seeking to thoroughly understand the concept of blockchain, particularly smart contracts, tokenization of assets, and the blockchain ecosystem. I currently have intermediate knowledge, and am eager to elevate it further. To clarify my needs: - Proficiency in one-on-one teaching, ideally involving complex technical content. - Expertise in blockchain technology, with a specific emphasis on smart contracts, tokenization of assets, and the blockchain ecosystem. - Ability to communicate properly and comprehensively through video conference. - Patience and understanding, considering my intermediate level of understanding. Applicants need to exhibit a deep understanding of the content and present it in an easy-to-understand format. Impress me with your approach and we mig...

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    I'm looking for a Full Stack Developer experienced in blockchain technology and game development to ...these features? It could be MetaMask, Coinbase, TrustWallet, Rainbow. Please check our current codebase. - Blockchain Technology: Implement blockchain technology to enhance user experience and security. - Node.JS: Utilize Node.JS for server-side scripting to ensure a smooth gameplay experience. - Wallet Integration: Integrate Ethereum wallet to facilitate in-game transactions, NFTs, and smart contracts. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of blockchain technology and experience in developing web-based games. Proficiency in Node.JS, Ethereum, and wallet integration is essential. Your role will be crucial in delivering a user-friendly, secure, and engaging b...

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    I'm seeking a blockchain expert with proficient knowledge and practical experience in Ether...(DApp) with the aim of serving the voting industry. Key Responsibilities: - Develop, design and test the Ethereum DApp - Ensure the application is secure and user-friendly - Maintain and improve the application constantly - Deploy the DApp on Ethereum network Necessary Skills: - Extensive knowledge of Ethereum blockchain, as well as related tools and technologies - Experience in coding Smart Contracts - Proven experience in creating DApps, ideally in the voting or related sectors - Excellent problem-solving skills - Detail-oriented with strong analytical skills If you have a keen understanding of the challenges linked to blockchain deployment and a drive for innovation, this proj...

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