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    Build a Website Terminato left

    ho bisogno di clone boonex "dolphin versione premium"

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    Cerco sviluppatore che legge/scrive in italiano per personalizzazione piattaforma Dolphin. La personalizzazione consiste nella configurazione della piattaforma, l'applicazione di un tema da creare a partire da file PSD e la scrittura di funzioni PHP per la gestione di alcune procedure custom. L'obiettivo è realizzare una piattaforma di matching tipo Freelancer, ma in ambito totalmente diverso

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    I need a 2D animator Terminato left

    Hi, Im looking to have 4 characters created for a brand me & my peers have created. The characters are animated music artists. They happen to be animals (Delightful Dolphin, Slow Sloth, ambient Sheep & delightful dove). Im going to upload a reference image, the only difference in the image is we'd like for the characters eyes appear more human like. Similar to a manga characters. the characters will need to be 2D and would have to be suitable for a moving visualizer & video formats. Also for merchandising (clothes, coffee mugs, manga comics etc) Not really sure what our budget is at this moment, so that would be upon request Look forward to seeing your response

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    Hi, I need 3d models created for an NFT project. The artwork is inspired by artist Tierry Poncelet and involves different fish/whales dressed in clothes. I have found one reference image that gives an idea of the sort of output I modelled and each model should be wearing 10 different clothes. So 100 variants. Eg a blue whale in a suit. A blue whale in a sweater. Etc. Clothes and figures need to be separate layers so they can be easily mixed. I am interested to know if you have created similar looking artwork. Initial project will be for one animal and two sets of clothes. A dolphin in a suit (business dolphin) and a dolphin in a sweater (relaxed dolphin). Please mention my dog, Princess Leia in any communication so I know you have read my pro...

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    Trophy icon Logo for Bond Air Cargo Terminato left

    Hello, We need a logo for small U.S. based airline, the concept we would like to follow is from the popular James Bond 007. Our airline designation code is 029. Instead of a gun, please incorporate an airplane. We need a quick logo for our real-estate development company called Inter-Dolphin LLC. Attached are some sample logos we like.

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    Custom background and shirt

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    Company Purpose: Product based company Website: Company Name: dofin tech private limited Must in logo: Elegant Dolphin picture must be the part of the logo

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    The webpage that I want to update is: First I want to replace the image in the header with the slider. Second I want to expand the info tabs and make them below each other. And last I want to change the design of the booking form. I would like to have the same design/functionality as this from the link below: https://www.f...want to update is: First I want to replace the image in the header with the slider. Second I want to expand the info tabs and make them below each other. And last I want to change the design of the booking form. I would like to have the same design/functionality as this from the link below:

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    Building a merchandise store for gamers. I am looking for a logo and art that can be used on a website. Also be used for social and printing. It is called: Merchii Hoping to have a cartoon that fits and something that is appealing to 18 to 30 year olds men. But must be ok for woman and kids. I would like to the cartoon for the logo to have a bit of attitude or maybe funny. Colour...30 year olds men. But must be ok for woman and kids. I would like to the cartoon for the logo to have a bit of attitude or maybe funny. Colours of the website will be dark purple and blue.. would be nice if the logo sticks out. Company name: Merchii Slogan: You Mint It, We Print It! Its a bit of a water theme website that will be built. Logo is first Ideas: maybe a gaming animal shark, dolphin...

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    Bosch + Dolphin Terminato left

    Hello VJ , this is for the Bosch & Dolphin which consist of 116 items of products that needs listing on our website.

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    properties we discussed

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    NFT Dolphin Traits Terminato left

    two custom dolphins (background new arm and traits

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    ...June and then the runners have 24 hours to run as many laps as they can. The race has an international touch with for example Brazil and the Netherlands represented in the starting list one year. There is a festive atmosphere at the club house where laps are counted and timed. There is a barbecue, audience and music playing. The most persistent runners gave parts of the track names such as the Dolphin Climb, the Bolivia Hill and the Norwegian Slopes. At night, one runner was attacked by a badger but survived unscathed. There is only one runner ever that has completed the full race of 10 laps in 24 hours!!! The fastest single loop has been completed in 1.00.42 and we are still awaiting a runner to complete one lap in under 1 hour. In summary, The Alpaca Race is one big party w...

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    Custom Dolphin NFT Terminato left

    custom dolphin biker, jacket, hat, and background

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    DRC PXI BIT Terminato left

    ...echolocation from ambient noise, normalizes the 15 inputs and then plots where the most likely strongest point of echolocation in the grid is. Then the software will convert that to a screen coordinate, and plot a mouse click on that location on the screen. Resources: We have a consultant, Josefin Starkehammer, who has written a paper on doing this exact thing, who can provide advice and information on dolphin echolocation frequencies to help cancel ambient noise that is not echolocation. We have the hardware needed to start a proof of concept, with 4 hydrophones. We can record and provide the wave files of recorded echolocations in our environment. We have a PXI card for the purpose of recording input, and the ability to push the sounds out through output. The idea is for debu...

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    ...attached format and includes the following icons/doodles (but others are welcomed); 1. Orlando - yes, just the name, but the O is an orange 2. Alligator - a green one 3. Sunshine - in the sky 4. Sunglasses 5. Sunscreen bottle 6. Flip flops 7. Palm trees (maybe a couple different to scatter around) 8. A Badge or plaque stating 'Theme Park & Attraction Capital Of The World'. 9. A lake with a dolphin jumping out of it leading to a river w/an airboat in it 10. A street with the name 'International drive', maybe a few buildings and a big ferris wheel on the street 11. Water slide with someone going down it 12. Tall black wizard hat 13. A mouse (not mickey), maybe with his hands up in the air, like 'welcome' 14. Roller coaster - wrapped thro...

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    Custom Dolphins Terminato left

    2 custom dolphin and background

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    Need a picture turned into a caricature. I want the man to have a slightly bigger head compared to the body. The man needs to be riding on a big Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish). The man also needs to be holding a WHITE CLAW beverage. I would like the man to keep the same hat from the picture, everything else will be up to the artist. Not concerned with specific colors. Final will img will need to be used as a PNG format for a tshirt.

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    In primo piano
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    Dolphins drawing Terminato left

    I would like a image that I can create a 3d Model with.I would like a picture of a carton like dolphin with a Jersey on.

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    Hi Ali, this is the brief for the Wahoo and dolphin fish, and then the boat one with the Tuna we will do separate

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    Trophy icon Sea Island Excursions LOGO Terminato left

    Name of business: Sea Island Excursions. We need a logo design for a boat charter based in Charleston, SC. It is a ecoology focused boat tour in the salt water marsh and to nearby barrier islands serving an affluent clientele. Our goal is for the logo to include the a ecoology focused boat tour in the salt water marsh and to nearby barrier islands serving an affluent clientele. Our goal is for the logo to include the folowing colors: blues, white, greys, black with an image of the boat (please see pics, it is a small luxury motor boat for 6 passengers, please do not include large boats, or sail boats) and somehow incorporates the wildlife we may see, *dolphin* Don't want too busy, prefer refined/classy. If a boat image is used it should be the same style as actual ...

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    Hi there, I am starting a Pet Business and need a graphic designer to make patterns. The first pattern I would like is a dolphin pattern: - I would love for the colors to be bright pastel blue - I would like for the design to not be too cartoon-looking, I like slightly more realistic patterns - Below I have attached an example of a dolphin pattern on a dog harness that I really like (however obviously this cannot be copied) There will be lots of opportunities after this design to make more patterns. Thank you so much, Michaela

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    4th Voxel Project Terminato left

    Hi Friend. Please use the following name for this one - "dolphin-cow"

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    Trophy icon Fish Cartoon Art Work Terminato left

    We would like to have action cartoon art work for a collection of fish. we have provided samples to resemble and mimic. We would like the mahi-mahi (dolphin dish) to be chasing a flying fish. and having part of its body / top fin breaching the surface of the water, while chasing the fish flying. the file (Mahi 4) is the cartoon style we are looking at and the action of file (mahi 1) other files are to provide ideas.

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    I need expert illustration for wallpaper which is gonna print can you create this type of artwork we want to print it for wallpaper? (check attachment) Mermaid is looking at dolphin jump out , the dolphin is jump out from sea because of mermaid playing harp music , it’s radiating to each other we need angle like mermaid which will look more realistic and healthy right now its too skinny and remove rocks and mermaid playing harp and seeing the dolphin enjoing the music in nightit will be print out as wallpaper sticker size 102 x 241 inches mermaid color is up to u ~ but my lounge bar is quite dark environment, u see can how to adjust it. halthy and angel like mermaid which is realistic playing harp and watching towards dolphins I need as soon as you can provi...

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    Properties we discussed.

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    Dolphin Traits Price List : List we discussed.

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    openstack engineer Terminato left

    We need OpenStack expert on an hourly basis. Long term project (infrastructure architects/administrators, configuration manager, etc) creating and automating methods to scale OpenStack compute, control and storage within and across data centers Automate the backup, failover and disaster recovery procedures of an to answer how certain cloud functionality will solve business challenges. Ninja level communications skills. Many times, OpenStack and cloud architects have to present ideas, designs and solutions all the way up to the executive level. Sometimes a candidate might even need to bring a customer up to speed from the very beginning of cloud technology. Trust me, it’s like speaking martian to a dolphin sometimes, but it’s the architect’s job to transl...

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    ...created by php developer. React native developer have to work with php developer to Integrate api into the app and create app for android and ios. Requirement for PHP Developer: ---------------------------------------------------- API based on existing service calls for each module. Below is sample api. -Example of API is available here Wiki page on api creation: Few more documentations over here Support: ------------- 1. App testing takes time. So we will require support for around one months. Milestones: ------------------- 1. Milestone will be divided into Phases. 2. Phases will include development, app launch in app and ios store, support duration (one

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    Its is different and attractive logo for your Service... Please accept Thanks

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    We want beautiful landing page by webGL and/or https://admirea...landing page by webGL and/or We want something similar to this, (of course, much simpler) Key actor: animated dolphin that serves as the insect/car in the above examples -- its movement leads the user's focal point on screen to different locations that contain the website's information dolphin file will be provided later, can first use any 3d animated object as replacement. Replacement objects can be found at Background will be cloud, we will provide you. The dolphin should travel forward in a fixed path (like the insect/forest version)

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    M1J Project Terminato left

    Hi, hope all is well. This is a mermaid tent for our next project. Link to the files is below. Let me know if you need better photos or anything else. Ro example if you need better images of the 3D dolphin. Thank you!

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    Hi Website Specialist, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    website on magento Terminato left

    looking for developer expert in Magento to undertake the following website Sales & delivery with Saudi Arabia – free delivery inside Riyadh, Jeddah & Khobar Online payment One way integration with Dolphin Online Stock updates several times a day Include a tab on our existing website to redirect to the online shop Website language English/Arabic

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    Trophy icon Design my eco-friendly LOGO! Terminato left

    I am looking for a logo to place on my biodegradable products. Since the theme is eco-friendly/biodegradable, I want my brand "Sea The Change" as a font logo in addition to a graphic design logo. I would like the graphic to be of a sea animal, such as a whale (preference for whale), dolphin, turtle, or sea lion. I prefer minimalist style, and I am especially impressed by clever designs. Feel free to use one or two colors. I look forward to seeing the creative entries, thank you for your efforts!

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    Hi Emily, Can you please accept my project of writing content for 5 landing pages? Thank you

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    We are looking for experienced php developer who can create an PHP API for our website module/features which is running php script. This api will be use by mobile app which will be developed in flutter or react native. Requirement: -------------------- API for each module as per below sample api. -Example of API is available here Wiki page on api creation: Few more documentations over here 2. Refer to excel sheet in attachment for website feature's/modules (the one mention in pink is module and others are features part of module). 3. Comment should be properly written in code along with code quality check. Support: ------------- 1. App testing takes time

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    ...non-developer - configuration based to change video's/images/order of video's which can be easily with basic php and configuration files. Sample code available for this part. ---------------- There will be 7 pages as described below. Menu - top right HOME WORK ABOUT CONTACT - When you leave the home page, then the title across the top shows my logo for Ben Dolphin Pages: 1. HOMEPAGE - similar format to this page: I will supply images and video content. - HOME Page Video plays on Landing and has Audio Options Button to play. 2. WORK - Look like this: - play on mouse over - full screen on clicking a video - multiple videos on the site - ability to easily add and

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    Dolphin Logo Terminato left

    Please make a top silhouette of a Dolphin. It should be symmetrical. The whole dolphin should be in one color but please provide file in multiple colors such as navy blue white and black. Please look at the top silhouette of a bird as inspiration.

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    Project for Emily S. Terminato left

    Writing 3 articles for Dolphin

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    Trophy icon Illustration - Cocktail French kiss Terminato left

    ...healthy pounds. He is leaning in towards Olive. The two lovers are just about to kiss, completely in love and in bliss of their relationship. If we look at them carefully, we can trace out a heart being formed by their arms (or Olive’s umbrella). It is discreet, but visible to the alert eye. The scenario is dreamlike. On the beach, the beautiful ocean in the background, we might even perceive a dolphin jumping out in the background. The beach isn’t too crowded, the lifeguard, upon his high chair, is busy guarding the beach. The rest of the brief is in this file : OWG __ The visual inspiration is in this file : Inspirations - Cocktail label.jpg...

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    In primo piano Garantito Sigillata Concorso top
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    Trophy icon I Need A Logo Designer Terminato left

    LIGHTHEARTED clothing co We’re looking for a unique logo for our streetwear/hype clothing brand. Something fun, big and bold with Supreme, BAPE, Pink Dolphin, & Obey vibes (to be honest, I don’t have a particular design in mind so I’m open for you to use your creative freedom within those boundaries) We aim to create a fun & empowering streetwear brand that anyone can rock. Something that everyone can relate to. We all have someone (or something) that we’re hustling for, that driving force. Whether it’s for your parents, grandparents, kids, your best friend, whoever: our main goal is to motivate our customers to find their passions and commit to them with their heart, mind, and soul in order to get to that next level. Build for the future.

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    Trophy icon Design Logo for dropshipping website Terminato left

    Hello I need logo for dropshiping website. The site title is "Awesome Dolphin". Thanks

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    Hi Ghulam Mustafa A., working on the "Female Taft Family Crest" It's modern and has many symbols, but we need to fit it in with colors, and this is a sketch design. A modern version of a coat of arms that also is about intelligence, logic, media, building It has the buildings/towers, white/pink tiger, dolphin, chess pieces/greek pieces, hearts, rescue hearts, yacht, director's icon, and genius/smart city icon... There's also the crown at the top with a jewel, wings, roses, embellishments, statue of liberty (which should be gold). Theme colors are gold, white, burgundy, mahogany red, royal/deep colors, coral, orange. The flowers held by the statue of liberty: might change to Genius Icon or Technology, not sure. I couldn't edit it to work with it. Bu...

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    Hi RajShree Pvt Ltd, As we discussed on chat. We Need complete SEO for this website: on monthly basis at 5000 INR/month.

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    Photo editing Terminato left

    ISO Someone that can remove the trainer and lady out of the photos that I took from my daughters dolphin adventure. I would like to have the two girls and dolphin left in the picture but the lady on the side and the trainer in the back removed from the photos.

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    ...use “Video” for video storage c. Copy contents of “Video” to “Video” d. Verify contents of “Video” showing up on upnp 3. a. Verify that Kodi with Bingie skin is displaying videos from b. Configure Dolphin emulator to run correctly with installed video card (May require older version) c. Configure Wii controllers to work with Dolphin 4. a. Change to static IP b. Verify that Kodi with Bingie skin is displaying videos from 5. DaPhile Linux through a. Verify clients can play music from “Music” b. Verify Squeezer

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    # MUST-READ DISCLAIMER This project should be very simple for someone who is experienced. A competitive bid will lead to future work [we have need for HTML Content Formatting on a regular basis]. To avoid automatic bidding, please include the word “Dolphin” in your bid. This lets us know you're a real human, not blindly posting bids, and can follow simple instructions. # OBJECTIVE We need you to publish five (5) product review articles onto our website using basic HTML formatting. # SUMMARY We will provide you product review articles in common formats [e.g. DOCX. RTF, OR TXT format]. Using Bootstrap 3 standards, we need you to format these articles and publish them onto our Drupal website. # DETAILS We will provide the winning bidder a short video tutorial of ...

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