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    ...external link, my idea is to search for useful articles and share them with my followers. At the same time, however, I would like to do a regular thing without anyone being able to tell me that I use someone else's articles, for this reason it has been conceived in this way. I will then enter for each new Post a different photo from the one used in

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    16 offerte the role is appreciated Confidentiality is required in work and in the dynamics of bargaining. Ability to work in a team. Preferably Automunito. The candidate must be able to bring new customers into the business to be paid, as the role will be commissioned (excluding a reimbursement of expenses incurred), all the tools necessary to achieve the

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    ...gratuitamente, oppure a pagamento nell'area privata. Hi, I have to build a website where every user in their profile can upload their own photos and videos. The user will be able to see them for free, or pay in the private area....

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    ...mettere mani su questa installazione o una nuova, al limite anche in PHP5 e risolvere i problemi, utilizzando le proprie competenze e eventualmente il forum. We need someone able to fix several issues on our VTiger instance on our server. One of the issues is not sending emails. It could be better have everything done in PHP7, but also PHP 5 could be

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    ...should be able to: - create an account - view (even without logging in) a catalog of titles and descriptions of questionnaires (with the possibility to search) - choose one or more questionnaires and (logging in) buy the chance to run the tests, paying online (via paypal? bank? Both?) - once the payment has been made, the user should be able to access

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    Details (1) Looking for someone to build a replica of roomertravel/cancelon. (2) Should be able to take care of both frontend and backend (3) It will be exactly similar to roomertravel/cancelon but with a small change in the details of an entry. (4) Planning to do payment integration with Stripe/Cardinity. Project milestones: Phase1:

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    ...can have individual profiles to communicate with each other as in a social network, where each vendor has its window and a control pannelino to change . The windows must be able to be broken down by category and listabili on a map. Ability to add tab in the control panel of the vendors, to create custom post and custom field. I would also have a theme

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    Looking for a writer able to to write 10 articles in italian (2000 words each). Every single article need to be uploaded on an italian blog about Graphic Design and InDesign (Graphic Design software). We don't need articles 100% written, but it's more important synthesize, searching what the best web sites offer to us. Here a couple of tips that can

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    Desidero la realizzazione di un clone dell'applicazione esistente SnapTee che permette all'utente di creare la grafica per le proprie maglie... I want to build a clone SnapTee existing application that allows the user to create the graphics for their T-shirts by uploading your photos to pre-set templates and to be able then purchase ( e- commerce ) .

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    ...with users in their phase of purchase of the product or site visit? Users will have convenient and flexible payment system secure SSL, and no request for registration, will be able to make the payment; the product will be shipped via mail or unlocked immediately. The site will provide support through forums, email, social networks, and the achievement

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    Salve, abbiamo un sito e-commerce, abbiamo g...Potete darmi la soluzione per risolvere il problema in tempi brevi? Questo e' il messaggio di errore Hi. This is the qmail-send program at I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

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    ...problem: the freelance I engadet to build it is not able to operate in joomla css. So every plugin installation was a problem to me and my project. Now I've bougth several joomla tools and can't use as well. For example Hikashop business version, Chronoforms, Docman and so on. Now i need a partner able to use the tools Preferably Italian speaking freelancer

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    ...they have alwys presented me proposals highly focused on SEO and low focused on the strategy. so for the kind of idea I have, I know thta I mainly need CONTENTS and someone able to define with me a "buyer persona" in order to address all the contents in a definined way so I basically need someone who gets competences in web marketing strategy, salesfunennel

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    Write software for arduino mega. Control servos via Arduino & PCA9685 16 Channel 12-bit PWM Servo motor...position of servo Must have 12 push button control. push one servo moves right, push again servo moves left speed must be able to be altered in the code address of PCA9685 must be able to alter within code Must be able to show working demo

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    Hello, we seek a freelance who is good and capable for a small work of accommodation on site with Wordpress CMS on Wordpress Theme already set. The candidate shall be able to do these things in a few hours: - Create the main page in full-width with the list in the rectangle categories (3 for each column Compatible Desktop and Mobile) with the

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    Hello, we seek a freelance who is good and capable for a small work of accommodation on site with Wordpress CMS on Wordpress Theme already set. The candidate shall be able to do these things in a few hours: - Create the main page in full-width with the list in the rectangle categories (4 for each column Compatible Desktop and Mobile) with the

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    ...look for people who work in the advertising industry! You can be a staff, or a person who working alone, the important thing is that it has the capacity and resources to be able to advertise on the web, advertising will be a global level, concentrated in Italy and Spain for now. Buscamos personas que trabajen en la industria de la publicidad! Puede

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    We seek a professional who is able to target bloggers and writers to publish articles in various categories present and integrate with new, on an already existing website. Bloggers, of course, will have to sign up and publish for free. In italian: Cerchiamo un professionista che riesca a indirizzare blogger e scrittori a pubblicare articoli di

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    We are looking for a freelancer for the construction of a new web portal where users should be able to upload videos and share them on any social network. Youtube style, Daylimotion, vimeo. Cerchiamo un libero professionista per la realizzazione di un nuovo portale web dove gli utenti devono poter caricare video e condividerli su tutti i social

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    Un aiutante che insieme a altri miei collaboratori riesca a c...riesca a completare il nostro videogioco che è ancora soltanto agli inizi. Per ulteriori informazioni contattatemi per email. A helper who along with my other colleagues will be able to complete our game that is still only the beginning. For more information please contact me by email).

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    ...messages recorded at the time and file (pdf, zip,rar...); 4. The application must provide the geolocation with the ability to see where the other guy; 5. Each user must be able to invite all contacts (the contacts will be automatically recognized from the app) and the app must riconsocere all contacts who are already using the application. The logo

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    ...videos, audio files and audio messages recorded at the time; 4. The application must provide the geolocation with the ability to see where the other guy; 5. Each user must be able to invite all contacts (the contacts will be automatically recognized from the app) and the app must riconsocere all contacts who are already using the application. The logo

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    GamerSaloon Clone Terminato left made like of [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] . I want users to have their own profiles which can be modified to their likening. I want users to be able to deposit and withdraw money easily using paypal. Users should be able to rate each others after there matches and their results should be available on their profile. Money should automatically be paid to the

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    ...particularly Southern Italy. It would be appreciated if the logo could elegantly and tastefully feature the website title in both languages (with the Italian more prominent). I will be able to provide a link to the website template, as well as link to other logos of similar websites for inspiration. Cerco un professionista per la realizzazione del logo e del

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    Translate Something Terminato left

    Hi, I am looking for someone able to translate the following lyrics (377 words) from Italian to proper English. Scriviam la nostra storia usando biciclette, inseguendo la memoria su strade molto strette, su per le salite senza avere una borraccia, giù per le discese con il vento sulla faccia. Perché la bicicletta non importa dove porti

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    [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] 1:geo locate 2: offline &online 3:Ios android development 4:able to push notifications

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    ...rimborso s been cheated by a person on the internet, I paid the money through paypal to a person, that person is gone now who can make me aa recover the money paid? person able to find pasword paypal crook for reimbursement...

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    1 offerte li for each reult. If there are no results it return a text string. If there is an error it return a text with the error response. Project will be assigned to those who is able to indicate the number of results on the basis of four variables provided. The code will be provided in clear and compiled....

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    ...single house, an apartment and at what level it is. It must say if it has animals and write the weight. It must say how many outer walls has its home. In this way it must be able to configure, alone, an alarm system for his home. After entering all the information, the site shows a map of his home where he can observe where they are going to position

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    >Registrati o accedi per visualizzare i dettagli.

    In primo piano Sigillato NDA
    Costruire Siti Web Terminato left

    This project concern the creation (development) of a website that make users able to join to specific videochat rooms in broadcast live streaming or in private videoconference sessions. This platform will provide some tools for different accessibility/interactivity such as common social network functions or on-demand services with credit/debit

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    ...CSS/ MySQL Database/ SEO mandatory (PHP, ASP, Java, Perl, o C++ programming are welcome) -At least 5 years of experience in design and realization of user friendly websites able to attract and engage users -Effective assignment planning with several check points (milesones/ intermediate releases required) in order to verify the quality of the output

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    Script per Adwords Terminato left

    I would like to develop a script for Adwords, able to check the landing pages of the ads and be able to provide a report with errors. The script must be done at both the MCC level and at the level of single account. I already have a basis on which to work (a script that did exactly that), but no longer works. Vorrei sviluppare uno script per Adwords

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    ...effettuato. Non è necessario che seguiate la traccia. ENGLISH I need a banner for a photography website. the image should be something relevant with the site and i should be able to insert text somewhere. The banner should be creative as a cover for a book so it's necessary creativity and a smart use of colours. Starting from 10 euro, if the banner

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    ...automatiche analizzando segnali e dati disponibili sul sito Netdania ed Optionweb. Non fornisco ulteriori specifiche. I am looking for a freelancer who can develop a system able to interact with the market signal available on [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] and accoording to the bollinger balance and other specific tool that are on the analysts graphic calculate the exact

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    ...eBay auction of fashion clothing products. The template will need being inserted into M2E Pro module configuration which is installed in our Magento platform and should be able to show the relevant data of the product on sale, and its images. A complete ebay shop graphic make up is needed, where auctions will be graphically aligned to. Please ask

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    5 offerte The images will then be reproduced by drilling, and then there is a job of simplifying the images to be reproduced with the perforated plates. The hard part is being able to use the right image and emotional, because it is also reproducible with the drilling of sheet metal. Some images have to be designed to cover the buildings. More details

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    an App for childcare Terminato left

    ...features: User side 1) research and vision of nursery within the selected area. 2) vote of asylum resulting in insertion of a comment (style advisor) 3) be able to get the asylum 4) be able to request information and contact the nursery directly Administrator Side 1) integration of kindergartens 2) modification of the comments and moderation

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    We're looking for someone able to draw a logo for our rap crew, named Goodfellaz. We need something simple but at the same time with a strong communicative meaning, easy to recognize from any eventual supporters. Cerchiamo qualcuno che possa disegnare un logo per la nostra rap crew, che si chiama Goodfellaz. Abbiamo bisogno di qualcosa semplice

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    13 offerte and is able to customize it. I'll give each and every detail when I'll find someone really interested in this kind of activity. The highest amount that I'll pay for it is not necessarily in the range of prices that goes between 30USD-250USD. It can be even more than 250USD (reasonably), as long as the person is prefectly able to do the job

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    Costruire Siti Web Terminato left

    Cerchiamo una persona in grado di analizzare il nostro sito web e individua...persona in grado di analizzare il nostro sito web e individuare e risolvere alcuni problemi che ne impediscono l'indicizzazione su Google. We are looking for a person that is able to analyze our website and find out and solve some issues that prevent its indexing on Google.

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    ...but now I need to optimizate it to the italian language, because the website is just copy from the Spanish one, and we translated just the posts. So yes, I need someone able to optimizate my italian website for [accedi per visualizzare l'URL] If you need to contact with me in italian dont worry, I understand it (but write on italian is a different thing) Send

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    ... always at his side. It must therefore be a showcase elegant but designed for a diverse public, with the function of promoting personal services. Also: The user must be able to enter into a section of the site protected by personal credentials to fill out questionnaires. There must have landing pages because it will all be online marketing (adwords

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    ...freelancer or Team to answer inbound call. Language: italian Time shift: 22:00 to 7:00 italian time 7 days a week Need to have pc internet connection headset Need to be able to solve easy issue on computer This is an only 3 month project but with many possibilities to become a fulltime project. You will get few inbound calls becouse the project

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    English version: I need to create a simple management for my sales on ebay, this script will be able to login to various ebay account, download the sales details (customer name, phone number, item purchased, shipping status, etc.. ) and upload them to a mysql database, all'd happen via https. I hope I explained myself in the best way, if not, please

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    Help manage our 3D Furniture library Responsibility - Help organise files - To be able to use our 3D assets, extract them, convert them into different formats - Touch up and recommend better ways to display

    €1318 - €2636
    €1318 - €2636
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    I have a website in Java. I am not able to connect Mysql database. Tomcat is in docker container.

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    Build me a mobile device app 6 giorni left

    I own a...Inspection Report" button and a generated PDF will be emailed to previously entered email addresses /// I have also included a sketch of the company logo we will be using. If you are able to convert this into a usable logo - will be attached to stationary, business cards, vehicle signs, etc - I would be interested in discussing this as well.

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