Design a form/template for a EM-Scratchcard game!

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We need someone to design a form for a EM-scratchcard game for our bars. (the game is called "(2016)RUBBL EM")
The Idea is, every time you order something you get a scratchcard for free. Either you win one of the 5 prize categories or you lose/win nothing. The design-theme should rember you of the Soccer European championships, which are held in France this year but you are NOT allowed to use the official logo of "FIFA" or "UEFA" or similar because of copyright claims. Attached are the Scratchcards we used for the world championship 2014. The overall design is completely your choice, including the orientation of the form (landscape/portrait). The form has to be "8.5cmx5.5cm" in the end so the actual size has to be "8.7cmx5.7cm"(300 dpi) as our printing shop needs the file slightly larger. We need two different versions of the frontside and only one version of the backside.
On the backside there has to be tha winnings table with the following text:
1:0= 1x Shot
2:0= 1x 0,3l Löwenbräu
3:0= 1x 30l Fass Löwenbräu
4.0= 1x Wiesnbesuch in München
5:0= 1x FullHD Fernseher"
[smaller text] "Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen, eine Barablöse ist nicht möglich! Einzulösen bis 11.11.2016"

Now the frontside:
We want to have the following text:
"Feld freirubbeln und mit der Gewinntabelle rückseitig vergleichen!
Now we want a Box sized "2.5cmx1cm" in two variations:

First variation is winning and we want to have the box filled with the words" TOR! :0" but make sure there is space infornt of the ":0" as we need the write a number from1 to 5 in there ourselves. It would be appriciated if you could add something creative in the field as it states "GOAL!". So maybe add someone scoring a goal (Take a look at the scratchcards from 2014 again) For you information: Afterwards we want to glue scratch-stickers on top of that box for people to scratch, thus scratchcards.

The second variation is losing / getting a blank:
Just get creative with the earlier mentioned box. There is no specific text for this one, it just has to be clear that you lost.

One last thing:
We want our 3 sponsor logos to be present on the scratchcard. Frontside or backside doesn't matter aslong as all 3 logos are on the same side.

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“thank you for your great work”

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    BE VERY CAREFUL!! This user (Kapilkkc) is stealing my designs of my shares and placing them as yours ... and was reported to staff freelancer

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