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120 best free fonts for designers

Who says all free fonts are boring? We've put together a list of the best free fonts that'll make your design look both prestigious and delicious.
11 set 2019 • Lettura di 30 minuti
Aggiornato il 5 mag 2021 da Ruchi B.
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We know how hard it can be to find the perfect font, so we've put together a list of 120 for you to use
Choosing a suitable size, colour and style of your font can be a great way to change the tone of your messages and guide your readers through your content, whether it be on business cardslogos or icons.  
We've compiled a list of 120 fonts for you to use, divided into the most popular font categories: Sans Serif, Serif, Script and Decorative type style. The best part? They're absolutely free!


Sans Serif is one of the most common categories for your font. This style adds a modern touch to your work and its defining characteristic is simplicity. The following 30 styles are ideal Sans Serif fonts for your writing.

01. Audrey

 Audrey Font 
Created by Cristina Pagnotta, Audrey is an elegant font inspired by Audrey Hepburn and is available on Behance. It combines straight and curvy lines to gracefully display all your messages. It is available in two styles, regular and oblique with the option of a regular, medium and bold weighting. Cristina Pagnotta has described its utility as ideal for paragraphs, headlines and typographic compositions.

02. Bavro

Bavro Free Font 
Designed by Marcelo Reis Melo, Bavro offers a minimal free style and is available on Freegoodiesfordesigners. It’s clear design makes it suitable for any reader. It provides a clean finish and neat format to capture the reader. The font is ideal for posters and headlines.

03. Alcubierre

 Alcubierre Free FontThis minimalistic and geometric Alcubierre font was created by Matt Ellis and is available on Behance. It makes for a clean and basic font which can work well to legibly display any content. It works well for content, logos and posters for both commercial and personal purposes.

04. Moderne Sans

Modern Sans Free Font 
Modern Sans was created by Marius Kempken and takes inspiration from 1920’s typography. And yet it offers a modern and clean feel to the text and is available on Behance. It can be found only in one bold weight and is based mostly on upper case letters but also offers fonts in letters, numbers and some alternative letters. 

05. Arcadia

Arcadia Free Font 
Designed by Manh Nguyen, Arcadia offers a balanced and feminine finish. It has a light stroke, slim size and presents soft fluency and delicacy to its text. The free font is ideal for magazine titles, logos and modern texts.

06. Mohave

Mohave Free Font 
Created by Gumpita Rahayu, Mohave is an all caps display typeface and is available on Dribbble. It has a constant and smooth size, making it ideal for large point settings. It has three weights of regular, semi bold and bold as well as availability in italics. The font is ideal for headlines, posters and titles of any sort.

07. Simplifica

Created by Kaiwa, Simplifica is a fine and clear option to display your text and is available on Freetypography. It is characterised by a uniform and thin line width and its simplicity promotes easy legibility. The free font’s high reaching caps adds height to the text and creates a neat tone.

08. Stellar

Stellar Free Font 
This Stellar font is designed by Mathieu Desjardins who states: “it was designed to give purpose to your ideas, galactic or atomic.” This typeface is characterised by its tall x-height and its condensed style. It can be found in four weights of light, regular, medium and bold. 

09. Alegreya Sans

Alegreya Sans
Alegreya Sans was created by Huerta Tipografica and is available for download on the designer's website. The calligraphy-inspired design creates fluidity throughout the letters and a dynamic feel, which makes reading long texts pleasant.
It can be found in seven different weights and matched with italic and small caps options. The free font is ideal for books and articles and will create a harmonic paragraph for smooth reading.

10. Biko

Designed by Marco Ugolini, Biko is a geometric and sturdy style and is available at Dafont. It has a neat and tidy finish, providing a clean tone to the text. It can be found in four weights of light, regular, bold and black. The free font is ideal for display, copy, text and logos.

11. Bonn

120 Best Free Fonts for Designers

 - Image 1 
Created by Villa Studio, Bonn provides a tight yet clear depiction of the words and is available at Fontsforfriends. It is a simple geometric font that is available in three weights of light, medium and bold. It is ideal for big words and texts such as logotypes, headings or posters. Bonn has capital and small letters, numbers and some punctuation.

12. Qanelas Soft

Qanelas Soft Free Font 
This Qanelas Soft font, designed by Rodamir Tinkov, is a modern text with geometric influence and opentype features. It can be found in twenty different weights such as ultralight, medium and extra bold and in ten uprights with matching italics. It is ideal for multiple purposes such as web, signage, corporate and editorial text designs.

13. Aileron

Aileron Free Font 
This Aileron font designed by Sora Sagan provides a clean and classic feel to the text and can be found on Tipotype. This neo grotesque style is similar to helvetica but uses a multiple master and diversity throughout its style. It can be found in 16 different weights varying from ultralight to black. Due to its versatility it is ideal for a range of texts including headings, bodies and slogans.

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14. Sk-Modernist

Sk-Modernist Free Font 
Sk-Modernist is designed by Sean Kane and provides a modern tone to any text. It combines geometric shapes and modern grotesque shapes to create a legible text. Each letter has been designed using a mathematical system rather than the traditional typographers eye. It can be found in four weights of light, regular, bold and monospace. The free font is ideal for any digital expression as Kane states: “it has been designed specifically for the digital age.”

15. Arciform

Arciform Free Font This Arciform font designed by Matt Ellis offers a soft, rounded lettering, which creates an endearing tone to the text and is available on Behance. The styling maintains geometric spacing, which complements the curves finishing off each letter. It is available in one weight in lowercase, uppercase, numerals, accents and some symbols.

16. Rhetoric

Rhetoric Free Font Designed by Tshepo Mosoeu, Rhetoric is inspired by 19th century to early 20th century designs of grotesque and is available on Behance. Its rounded figures, squared off at the ends makes it a soft design and pleasant to the eye. This free font is only available in one weight, but it’s clear style makes it ideal for headings and texts.

17. Leto Text Sans

Leto Text Sans Free Font 
This Leto Text Sans font designed by Glen Jan takes inspiration from traditional font styles to produce an innovative modern style and is available on Behance. It comes in four weights of light, regular, medium and bold with their italics. It can be found in nine styles of capitals, ligatures, small caps, superscript, subscript, numerators and denominators, case-sensitive forms, oldstyle and stylistic alternates.

18. Kiklo

Kiklo Free Font 
Kiklo is designed by Marios Balaskas to produce a modern and structured style and is available on Behance. It’s slim and elegant structure works well with both big and small lettering and is ideal for everyday designs and texts. It adds a tone of sophistication to your message. This free font can be found in english letters as well as Greek and Latin characters, numbers and a few symbols.

19. Dozer One

Dozer One Free Font Designed by Aaron Amar, Dozer One is a heavy weight design with thick bold lettering and is available on Dafont. This styling makes it ideal for posters, logos and headlines to grab the reader’s attention. It’s curved edges complemented by its sharp finishes provides a neat and clean representation to your words. It can be found in upper case, lower case, numbering and other characters.

20. Rometri Sans

Rometri Sans Free Font 
This Rometri Sans font is designed by Thomas Richardson who takes inspiration from neo classic styled architecture. Available on Behance, the font fuses old and new trends to creatively integrate modern angles and geometric shapes of circles and triangles. Each letter displays three horizontal lines which are directly influenced by the Roman style pillars. The purpose of its creation was for the Wellington City Gallery and its artistic depiction represents the fusion of old and new trends.

21. Pier

Pier Free Font This Pier font was designed by Mathieu Desjardins and boasts modernity and structure. Desjardins states his purpose: “was to create a slightly off geometric font that would look as good big or very small.” This versatility makes it ideal for everyday designs and texts. It can be found in four weights of regular, italic, bold and bold italic and is available in lowercase, uppercase, numerals, glyphs and accents.

22. Arkhip

Arkhip Free Font 
This Arkhip font, created by a variety of designers carries with it a Russian soul. The lettering of the Russian alphabet is clearly represented through this style. Its natural wavy characteristics, flowing through its script creates an idiosyncratic style that will intrigue your readers. 

23. Bakersfield

Bakersfield Free Font 
Designed by Osama el Khalfaoui, Bakersfield is an elegant geometric styled script and is available on Dafont. It was created with inspiration from 1920 fonts with the primarily goal of legibility. The kerning between the letters are well spaced with maintained precision. It can be found in 22 different weights with their matching italics. It’s clean style makes it ideal for texts both online and in print.

24. Cornerstone

Cornerstone Free Font This Cornerstone font, designed by Zac Freeland is labelled as a “no-nonsense modular font” and is available on Behance. It’s high-reaching counters, rounded at the edge makes for a modern touch and provides a clean and neat tone to the text. It is an all caps style available in one weight and is ideal for headlines and catchy slogans.

25. Locksmith

Locksmith Free Font Designed by Kenji Enos, Locksmith is a sleek script designed to create a sophisticated tone to  text and is available on Behance. It is available in five variations of light, regular, small inline, medium inline and double inline. The inline feature of the font creates a gentle idiosyncratic alternative to add character to the text. This makes it ideal for headings and slogans complementing soft settings and images.

26. Oswold

Oswold Free Font This Oswold font, designed by Vernon Adams is a remodel of classic gothic sans serif styles and is available on Fontsquirrel. Its slim clean design provides easy legibility to all readers. This enhanced traditional text offers a better alternative for on screen texts and is ideal for web and digital devices such as tablets, computer screens, laptops and cell phones. This free font can be found in three weights of light, regular and bold and their complementing italic characters.

27. Manifesto

Manifesto Free Font 
Manifesto, designed by Tomaz Leskovec, draws inspiration from the “Italian rationalist movement” and is available on Behance. It’s slender figures offers a sleek and sophisticated tone to your text. The shortened arms and the extended lettering offers a modern characteristic to the available lettering. The simplicity of the design enhances legibility and is ideal for eye catchy headlines, posters and titles.

28. RBNo2

RBNo2 Light Free Font 
Designed by Rene Bieder, RBNo2 is a geometrically straight alternative for a modern text and is available on Fontfabric. It is inspired by late 19th century industrial fonts and depicts a strong German influence. In addition to its regular design, the alternative version provides shortened characters, creating a softer and more contemporary tone to the text. Both versions are available in four weights of light, regular, bold and black.

29. Moon

Moon Free Font
This Moon font, designed by Jack Harvatt, is a simple, rounded design and is available on Behance. The smooth curves of the lettering creates a space-like influence to the text. The well structured lettering creates easy legibility and the soft nature of the text makes it ideal for both headlines and text bodies for posters, websites and slogans. It can be found in two weights in thin and bold variations.

30. Delicate

Delicate Free Font Delicate, designed by the team at graphic design studio, FAAK&PAAT in Bordeaux, offers a contemporary alternative to your text. The blank spaces located across most letters creates a quirky and modern design. The unusual nature of the words will intrigue the reader. The strong alignment of the letters ensures suitability for any design project. This free font is available in three versions; rounded, bold and strict.


Serif typographic styles are characterised by a small line attached to the end of a stroke in the letter or symbol. This style is renowned for its legibility and has dominated the book realm for the majority of its history. The following 30 styles are ideal Serif fonts for your writing.

31. Droid Serif 

 Droid Serif Free FontDroid Serif, designed by Steve Matteson, offers a simple sophisticated tone to the text and is available at Fontsquirrel. It has been designed for comfortable reading on any screen whether its tablets, computer screens or cell phones. The letters have been slightly condensed to allow greater display on any screen. This free font is available in two weights of regular and bold.

32. Rokkitt

Rokkitt Free Font This Rokkitt font, designed by Vernon Adams, is a slender alternative to create a modern tone for your text and is available on Fontsquirrel. It is inspired by late nineteenth and early to mid twentieth century geometric slab serif fonts (originally called Egyptians). Due to its simplicity and slenderness it is ideal for headings, which was the ultimate reason for its creation. It is available in two weights.

33. Arvo

Arvo Free Font
Arvo, designed by Anton Koovik, is an example of a geometric slab serif typeface, also known as Egyptians and is available on Fontsquirrel. Arvo, in Finnish, means number, value, worth, reflective of the programming involved in its creation. The monolinear styling of the letters creates a visually balanced font enhancing legibility. This free font is available in two weights of regular and bold and their complementing italic fonts.

34. Musket

Musket Free FontThis Musket font, designed by Bu, is a solid text ready to present a bold message and is available at Behance. Its curved finishes and rounded counters complement the robust bodies of each letter. It is an example of a slab serif that has been slightly condensed to additionally suit smaller sized letters. However, it is ideal for headings and larger print and can be found in two weights of regular and bold.

35. Tertre

Tertre Free FontThis Tertre font, published by Paragraph, provides uniform and well structured figures apt for a solid text and is available at Dafont. The thickness of each letter is identical, both in capital and lowercase. It takes its name from Place du Tertre, a square located on Montmartre, a hill overlooking Paris. It is ideal for a variety of texts, ranging from signage to menus and pricelists, branding and packing to publishing. It can be found in six weights from extra light to black.

36. Citizen

Citizen Free Font 
Citizen, designed by Joel Felix, provides a vintage feel to the text. Its shadowed and 3D effects add character to the words and create intrigue. The designer states: “Inspired by a recent trip to Boston, which stirred up a strong feeling of patriotism, I wanted to create a typeface that honored the days gone-by but was still relevant in today's design world.”

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37. Eczar

Eczar Free FontDesigned by Vaibhav Singh, Eczar is a quirky alternative that adds a contemporary tone to text and is available at Fontsquirrel. It’s crooked curves and flicks are well aligned to add flair to the lettering. The designer states: “Eczar was designed with an intent to bring liveliness and vigour to academic books.” This font supports over 45 languages including Latin and Devanagari scripts and can be found in five weights from regular to extra bold.

38. Elsie 

Elsie Free FontElsie, designed by Alejandro Inler, provides a soft feminine touch to the text and is available at Fontsquirrel. The gentle curls of the lettering adds a tone of sensitivity and personality. Each letter and symbol contains an expressive feature that will intrigue the reader. It is ideal for texts commemorating glamour, fashion and femininity. It can be found in two weights and their complementing caps.

39. Geotica

Geotica Free Font 
Designed by Jos Buivenga, Geotica is an artistically modern alternative to your writing and is available at Fontsquirrel. The open wire frame can be filled or left open, creating variety in the style. The combination of bold and thin lines throughout the letter adds character to the symbol and creates an intriguing tone to text. It can be found in four different line thicknesses, which makes it adjustable to your needs.

40. Immortal

Immortal Free FontImmortal, designed by Apostrophic Labs and available at Dafont, provides a gothic touch to the text, yet maintains modern qualities. The cuts and drips scattered over the words adds personality and emotion to the lettering. The soft curves of the letter’s body adds a gentle tone and enhances the character. It is available in uppercase, lowercase and some symbols.

41. Soria

Soria Free Font  
This Soria font, designed by Dani, creates a gentle contemporary tone to the text and is available at Fontsquirrel. The style has been created with influences from art noveau and didot fonts. The combination of the accentuated flick of the letter’s crossbar and the rounded ball terminals of each letter combines to form an interesting composition.

42. Spinwerard 

Spinwerad Free Font 
Designed by Gluk fonts, Spineward is a classical choice for your text and is available at Dafont. The combination of the thin frames contrasting with the filled frames adds a tone of sophistication. Spinwerad comes in two variations, an all small caps, SpinweradC and Spinwerad Bold. Both are ideal for headings, slogans and paragraph texts. 

43. Znikomit

Znikomit Free Font This Znikomit font, designed by Gluk fonts, offers a slender and creative style to your writing and is available at Dafont. The artistic curve added to the tails and shoulders of the letters adds character to the word and the extended flick creates interesting diversity. It is available in a range of variations such as small caps, standard ligatures, contextual alternates, fractions and more.

44. Gist Light

Gist Light Free Font
Gist Light, designed by Ryan Martinson fonts, is a slab serif that creates a contemporary vibe for your text and is available at Dafont. It’s slight cursive styles are highly adjustable and ideal for creating ligatures, alternates and swashes for additional character. This double lined style can be found in twenty different weights and come with line layers which can be used to add colour to the inline areas.

45. Bullpen

Bullpen Free FontThis Bullpen font, designed by Ray Larabie, creates a sturdy masculine tone to the text and is available at Dafont. The bold variations both filled and coloured, and those with shadows and without shadows, all maintain a strong figure across the text. It can be found in seven weights and is ideal for headlines, logotypes and larger print.

46. Abril Fatface

Abril Fatface Free Font
Abril Fatface, designed by Type Together, is an elegant text with a strong presence and is available at Fontsquirrel. The combination of its thin and filled frames creates a contemporary tone to the work. This style has been inspired by the heavy tilted fonts used in advertising posters in 19th century Britain and France.  This free font is ideal for headlines and as its clean curves and high contrast will attract the reader.

47. Dubiel 

Dubiel Free FontDubiel, designed by David Rakowski, is an elegantly condensed serif and is available at Fontsquirrel. The extended flicks of the letter’s serifs and the combination of thin and filled frames creates a sophisticated tone for both headlines and body paragraphs. Each word and symbol has a slight oblique kerning creating character to the text. It is available in two styles of Dubiel Plain and Dubiel Italic, both apt for multiple use.

48. Draconis

Draconis Free FontDesigned by Pixel Sagas, Draconis is a tall, bold serif and is available at Dafont. The designer acknowledges it is “based loosely on the title logos of Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition game line.” This heavy font has narrow counters which accentuates it’s pronounced letters. It is available in two weights and their corresponding italics.

49. Inknut Antiqua

Inknut Antiqua Free Font 
Inknut Antiqua, designed by Claus Eggers Sorensen, creates an intriguing and easy to read text and is available at Fontsquirrel. Inknut is a nut-like fruit that is used for ink making and claims to cure blindness. For this reason and the full coloured letters, this font is ideal for low-resolution screens. It is available in seven weights ranging from light to black.

50. Snow White

Snow White Free Font 
Snow White, designed by Alphabet & Type, has an uneven design creating an appealing structure and is available at Fontsquirrel. The even kerning complements the uneven baselines and adds character to the text. It is ideal for headlines and slogans as the variation of shortened and extended arms creates modern intrigue. It is available in one weight including caps, lowercase, numbers, symbols and diacritics.

51. Espacio

Espacio Free FontDesigned by MuraKnockout Media + Design, Espacio creates a cute and soft tone to the text and is available at Dafont. The thin lines and unfilled titles of the ‘i’ and ‘j’ adds an artistic touch and fills the text with personality. It is ideal for a range of texts such as logos, signage, slogans that wish to portray a simplistic yet creative message.

52. Obcecada Serif

Obcecada Serif Free Font
Obcecada Serif, designed by de Fharo, is a geometrically condensed serif with well rounded curves and is available at Dafont. It’s wide counters complement the style’s rounded finish to create a gentle and cute tone to the text. The shortened ascenders and descenders add character and similarly soften the vibe of the words. It is available in two weights of regular and bold.

53. Chrome Yellow

Chrome Yellow Free Font Chrome Yellow, designed by Nick Font’s, is a wide stretching font with a bold message. The open crotch of the letter creates an intriguing arc to the text and the shortened arms of adds character. This text will offer a modern, interesting touch to your work. 

54. Jander Closer to Free

Jander Closer To Free Free FontDesigned by Kimberly Geswin, Jander Closer to Free uses accentuated serifs to create its artistic style. It is available in only one weight, bold, which adds to its strong character. The circular nature of the ball terminal of each letter complements the creative nature of serif. This style is ideal for a fun piece of writing and lighten the mood of your readers.

55. Capital Regular

Capital Regular Free Font Capital Regular, designed by Carlos Matteoli, uses a geometrically square style to create a straight text. It’s squared serifs add to the rigidity of the lettering and the slightly expanded width of each figure promotes a tone of digital modernity. It is available in one regular weight and is ideal for headlines.

56. AC Big Serif 

AC Big Serif Free Font
AC Big Serif, designed by Adrian Candela, uses both thin frames and thickly filled serifs to create an intriguingly elegant text. The filled bracket joining the thin stems and bars with the big, thick serifs adds character to the word. There are two variations available of this style, one with minimal blending between the stems and serifs and one with bolder fills, both creating a modern tone to the text.

57. Janda Quirkygirl

Janda Quirkygirl Free FontThis Janda Quirkygirl font, designed by Kimberly Geswein, reflects its name in providing a quirky style to the text. The combination of thin frames with thicker filled areas adds character to the word. The extended curls of the descenders adds a touch of femininity and a tone of amusement. This style is available in one weight and variation but is ideal for headlines and fun texts.  

58. Love Ya Like A Sister

Love Ya Like A Sister
Love Ya Like A Sister, designed by Kimberly Geswein, is a fun, playful serif style. This alternating baseline font is available in two variations, one with solid colouring and the other leaving scattered white spaces throughout the filled lettering, creating a handwritten and self drawn effect to the figures. Geswein states the font was designed in honor of her friendship with her sister: “as children, we signed notes to each other with ‘Love Ya Like a Sister’.

59. Futurex Slab

Futurex Slab Free Font 
Designed by Apostrophic Lab, Futurex Slab pays tribute to its name in providing a futuristic text. The rounded curves of each letter and the shortened arms complement the warped shape of the letter. The counters are constructed with both straight and curved lines, creating an intriguing shape. It is only available in the regular style but is a part of a futurex family of fonts with greater variation.

60. Jobbernole

Jobbernole Free Font 
Jobbernole is designed by Uddi Uddi and is a fun and well-rounded font for creative use. The thickness and rounded corners of each letter creates bubble like figures. This font is available  for download in both caps and lowercase.


Script is based on the fluency and strokes natural to handwriting. There are two variations with formal scripts based on the lines produced with a quill, while casual scripts represent the motions of the pen in hand. The following 30 styles are ideal Script fonts for your writing. 

61. Angel Tears

Angel Tears Free FontAngel Tears, designed by Billy Argel, imitates the stroke of a brush to create soft lettering. The addition of thinly framed letters enhances the legibility of the text and complements the thicker brushstrokes. This free font is ideal for a range of

ose from headlines to slogans to larger body paragraphs.

62. King Basil

King Basil 
Designed by Missy Meyer, King Basil offers a brush-like fluency to your work. The soft curves of the letters and open counters creates a gentle and feminine tone to the words. It is available in both caps and lowercase, making it ideal both onscreen and off, for fonts needed with stationery, posters, slogans and headlines.  

63. Oleo Script

Oleo Script Free Font
This Oleo Script font, designed by Soytutype, provides a cursive flavour without joining the letters. The designer describes the script as being “flowy yet legible” as it’s simple style creates simple to read flair. It is available in two weights of regular and bold and is great for a range of purposes such as captions, packaging, cards, invitations and advertising.

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64. Little Days 

Little Days Free Font
This Little Days font, designed by West Wind Fonts, is a thin and petite script. The thin lines composing the letters enhances legibility. The small loops flowing from the descendants and the flicks of the letter’s ends allows a fluency to subtle join the letters. This font is available in one weight and is ideal for varying purpose including body texts, cards, packaging etc.

65. Anke Calligraphy

Anke Calligraphy Free Font
This Ankle Calligraphy font, designed originally by Anke Arnold and updated by Fontgrube Media Design, provides a modern combination of casual handwriting with calligraphic influence. It is a smooth flowing script with ample kerning and is available in one regular weight. The varying width of the letter imitates the print of a quill categorising this font as formal script.

66. Honey Script

Honey Script Free Font 
Honey Script was designed by Dieter Steffman and offers a simple handwritten style. The fluidity and natural curves of the text create a soft tone to the text. The thin lines add simplicity and legibility to the cursive nature of the writing, making it ideal for body paragraphs, cards, messages and invitations. This free font is available in two weights of light and SemiBold.

67. Allura

Allura Free Font
Allura was designed by TypeSETit and is a stylised script. The curls and loops integrated through the lettering creates an artistic cursive design without distracting the reader from the message. The thin strokes of the characters maintains legibility within the design. The font is available in one weight and ideal for body paragraphs, slogans and headlines to infuse sophistication.

68. Dancing Script

Dancing Script Free FontDancing Script, designed by Pablo Impallari, pays tribute to its name in offering a lively text. This casual script offers diversity as capital letters dip below the baseline and provide a sense of movement to the message. It is only available in regular weight and is ideal for any display message wishing to evoke a playful tone to the lettering.

69. Aguafina Script Regular

Aguafina Script Regular Free Font
Designed by Sudtipos, Aguafina Script Regular is a narrow yet elegantly structured style. The slenderness of the letters allows more space for more information while legibility is maintained with the long ascenders and descenders. This style is ideal for product packaging, glossy magazine work and book covers.

70. Peach Sundress

Peach Sundress Free Font
Peach Sundress is designed by Teagan White and offers a cute tone through it’s a double lined style. The single-lined loops curling off ascenders and descenders complement the double lined frames of the letters to evoke a gentle femininity. The upright nature of the style makes it ideal for larger texts and headlines.

71. Quigley Wiggly

Quigley Wiggly Free FontDesigned by Nick Curtis, Quigley Wiggly is a retro calligraphy. It maintains an organised brush-like nature with its combination of thick and thin lines. The integration of arcs and curves creates a funky nature which can perk up the style of your message. This free font is available in one weight and is ideal for both onscreen and off screen texts and products.  

72. Rhumba Script NF Font

Rhumba Script NF Font Free Font 
Rhumba Script NF Font is designed by Nick Curtis and is a light-hearted, unlinked cursive script. The gentle curl of the ends of the letters are accentuated by the space between each character and provide a soft tone to the message. This free font is available in one weight and is ideal for both formal and casual occasions.

73. Riot Squad NF Regular